Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy for Joint Pain

| Modified on Apr 09, 2024

Apple cider vinegar is a simple, inexpensive and popular natural remedy for joint pain. Our readers have been reporting this cure to us for over ten years! Oftentimes, our readers started taking apple cider vinegar for another reason (to assist weight loss, for example) and suddenly find that their chronic joint pain has disappeared! Knee joints, hip joints, ankles and shoulders have all been helped by this easy-to-take remedy.

How Do I Take Apple Cider Vinegar for Joint Pain?

Some readers just add a splash of apple cider vinegar to each glass of water they drink during the day. (Plenty of water itself can help with joint pain; dehydration makes pain worse.) Others take between 2 teaspoons and 2 tablespoons in a glass of water each day. Some add honey or blackstrap molasses. Adding 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, per tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, will greatly reduce the acid taste of the apple cider vinegar tonic and assist in balancing your pH to a more alkaline level. Apple cider vinegar can be added to apple juice or apple cider if you do not care for the taste. These juices really mask the taste of apple cider vinegar.

Since each person is different, you will have to figure out how much apple cider vinegar your body needs to keep you pain free. It is best to start with a small amount (1 teaspoon) and increase the amount slowly over many days or even weeks to make sure that apple cider vinegar agrees with you.

Apple cider vinegar capsules are another option if you do not care for the taste of apple cider vinegar. You will need to experiment with dosages to find the amount your body needs. Start with the minimum recommended dosage according to the manufacturer and go from there depending upon your symptoms.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar

Some consumers find that apple cider vinegar can cause side effects including headache, stomach upset, diarrhea, and dizziness. It is possible that side effects are caused by a detox reaction in your body (one reason you should start slowly!) Poor quality apple cider vinegar could also cause a reaction. Look for a brand that is raw and organic.

Have you tried apple cider vinegar for joint pain? Please send us some feedback! Read on and you will find reader stories of the apple cider vinegar cure for painful joints.

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Posted by Erin (Calgary) on 05/15/2021

I've taken Apple Cider Vinegar for 30 years. Took a break for 2 or three years, I just always felt amazing. Lately, I've been super stiff. Joints, body, etc. Groaning when getting up, all that stuff. I started using Apple Cider Vinegar on my fish sticks and fries (I like salt and vinegar on fish and chips). I use like 6 or 7 cap fulls at a time on it. A couple capfuls per stick. Of course, after like 3 days of doing that, I'm magically, completely NOT stiff anymore.

I don't like drinking it in water, but I will. I prefer to just put it in a shot glass and shoot it if it's not on fish or french fries. ACV doesn't care if it's mixed with food. It's not picky. But wow, does it work.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mia (Muriwai Beach, New Zealand) on 03/12/2015

Hello...Over the last week, the joints of my fingers have become quite swollen, hard and sore. I would like to try the ACV cure, but am a bit confused as to when to take it..can some one advise me...should I take it before, after or with meals, and is it best to start with 1 tsp or 1 tbsp. Also what is the best amount of water to use. If anyone has had this same issue, did you include the Baking Soda or just stick with the ACV?

Replied by Iowama

Dear Mia, I think apple cider vinegar tea was the first Earth Clinic cure I ever tried and I did so because of the redness and swelling in the joints at my finger tips, as you now have. I believe the recipe I found here was to put 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a cup. Then I added 1/4 tsp. baking soda and watched it until the fizzing stopped. Then I poured hot water over it to fill the cup. I had to use a little honey until I got used to it. Try a cup a day in the mid morning and see if your fingers start to look and feel better. Don't be afraid of this tea. If you aren't seeing a difference, try another cup late in the afternoon. I didn't drink it with food, but not for any particular reason. Vinegar is acid, but it turns alkaline in the body and you will want to start reading about alkalizing your body if you are dealing with arthritis pain. Another writer mentioned it can damage enamel over time. I always kept my lips pressed against the front of my teeth as I sipped and rinsed with warm water. I gradually quit using it and changed my diet to be more alkalizing, but it was very effective for me.

Replied by Mia
(Muriwai Beach, New Zealand)

Thank you so much for such a thorough reply, very helpful and I will definitely add the baking soda as I have been reading about it on the Mark Sircus site also..How are you going now with the inflammed joints, have they settled and did you discover anything else that was really helpful.Thanks again.

Replied by Iowama

Mia, I don't actually drink the vinegar tea for my arthritis much anymore because some dietary changes I made have helped tremendously. Quitting gluten, dairy, soy, and sugary sweets all on the same day helped in short order. If you have to pick only one to try, choose gluten.

Replied by Mia
(Muriwai Beach, New Zealand)

Yes, I am pretty good with my diet, but need to be stricter at the moment with total elimination of some things.Thanks so much again, for taking the time to give the advice...makes the world feel a good place!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lori (Glendale, Az, Usa) on 10/14/2011

I started ACV to try to take care of heartburn... It has worked WONDERS on my aching hands, feet, joints... After just one week I can feel an amazing difference in how I feel when I first get out of bed in the morning. My Mother has had severe RA for over 20 years and I was starting to worry that I was in route to RA. Hope this helps someone who has MAJOR pain in joints... Especially in the mornings...

Replied by Naila
(Glendale, California)

This sounds great. Can you please let us know the combination of all that you mix with your ACV? I've taken ACV different ways for different symptoms. Thanks for your suggestion.

Replied by Lori
(Glendale, Az)

Hi! I drink a LOT... And I mean a LOT of water everyday probably about a gallon or more through out the day. I don't measure... I just splash some in each time I refill my cup. I feel it's better as a constant rather than 2 tbsp's downed in one shot. That's just me though and other people here have amazing results w/ the 2 tbsp's in 8 or 16oz water up to 3x/day. Also... I've had RI to remove my thyroid so I make sure I don't injest any ACV for at least 4 hours after I take my Levoxyl. That's just in case you are on any thyroid meds... Good luck to you, I do hope you feel better... Feeling crappy is the pits! Take care :)

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Andy (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 09/11/2011

This is my first ever post/question.

Please would someone answer this question ASAP.

I have been using organic ACV with the mother, dosage at 1 tbsp to about 10 ozs alkaline water with 1 tbsp of unsulphered organic molasses in the morning on an empty stomach and then the same again, 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar 10 ozs alkaline water only 1 tsp of raw honey late at night just before bed. Been doing this for a few weeks, nearly finished my second 32 oz bottle. Taken a couple of 2 day breaks from the ACV, but not done that for about 2 weeks now.

I am now every day waking up with achy joints, usually the hips and maybe the feet, the odd twinge in ths shoulders, but never the knees, plus just feeling achy, at times all over during the day.

I drink a lot of commercially "made" alkaline water during the day plus some herbal tea made with alkaline water. I started doing the ACV because after I had tennis/computer elbow for a few months, which has now complete healed, my left elbow began getting stiff and achy. The elbow aching has largely gone, but some stiffness/pain is still there, but it's slightly reduced after the ACV and other natural remedies. Like magnesium oil. I have just obtained some quality Oil of Wild Oregano for inflammation.

I have had a very ocasional touch of gout, just really one bad attack several years ago when I started on an rx BP medicine, but now it seems to only come on once a year in mid December, when it first gets really cold here. Copious amounts of water seem to get rid of it, and mercifully I have found ACV seems to instantly stop any attack. Cherries don't work for me.

I fully realise that the uric acid and calcified deposits etc have built up over the years. I check my urine during the day with PH strips. The achy joints in the morning seems to coincide with more acidic urine @ 6.0/6.2. And this slowly gets more alkaline - usually back up to 6.8/7.0 during the day as I drink the alkaline water ... And after the ACV drink. But the achiness comes and goes all day.

MY QUESTION IS THIS ... Should I endure the achiness for a while longer, as the ACV leaches out the years of deposits, or should I take a break for a day or more every week? Or should I dilute the ACV a bit more? I'd rather not take the baking soda because of the high salt content. My BP is completely normal with the BP pills with not even a hint of any side effects.

My elbow, the reason I started with ACV, is still stiff. BUT obviously I don't want to damage my joints using ACV. I have read many "testimonials" and other posts on EC and other sites, but very few seem to explicitly cover this area. I obviously understand that everyone's biochemistry is different, and that the leaching out takes a while. I also take krill oil capsules late at night too, which is the best time to maximise the effects.

I understand there is NO "set period" to be free of this, but normally after the ACV leaches out the deposits one is supposed to feel much better - right?

Does one usually need to persevere over a few weeks, or can it take months for some people? No one ever seems to be specific about this on the web sites. You usually just read, it worked for me - or not.

I have also sent this directly to Ted, in the hope he will have a few minutes to respond.

Thank you, Andy

Replied by Aeiver
(New Braunfels, Texas/usa)

Hi Andy, just wanted to mention that when my son took the krill oil his joint pain got worse. As you mention, everyone is different, so this may be a possibility. For me 6 to 8 oz of aloe vera juice daily helps with my joint pain. I quit taking it for awhile and suddenly hips, knees and ankles were hurting again. Also, more achy when I ingest sugar.

Replied by Mary
(San Diego Ca)

Andy, I have joint and inflammation problems too. Ten years ago, when my problems were much worse, I retreated to a raw-food community which was sort of like an elimination-diet opportunity, and I could observe what went haywire when I ate certain things after a few weeks all-raw.

To try to maybe shed some light on answers to your questions... One, I did go through Herxheimer reactions... so you might be experiencing some of that.

Two, I found my inflammation and pain would subside almost completely if I ate no sugar, not even fruit sugar, and intensified within about 15 minutes if I did. Even watermelon. I've given up "sugar, " including fruit. I mean the stuff that's obviously sugar, and the stuff with fake names that are also sugar, and fructose, and the other -ose/s that are on ingredients labels. And the sugar alternatives like agave, HONEY, MOLASSES etc. etc. etc. I mean I really have given it up. It has been one of the most important things I've done (of several) to get rid of most of the ailments I had.

But "sugar" is also potatoes, yams, rice, right? I've mostly managed to wean myself of potatoes (that was the only thing that was hard to give up: potoato chips! Harder than giving up chocolate, to my surprise), but you do have to have carbs, and I still eat "sugar" in the form of yams, rice, garbanzo/chickpeas, squash...

Years later, I stopped denying that meat was a problem. I still eat fish, but eating almost no meat for over a year was beneficial. I've done that from time to time in the past, with the same benefits, but I was in denial and really wanted to be like the people around me who can eat and drink anything and claim they feel fine. Boy, do I ever envy those people.

Years later, I also realized that I have to give up gluten as well.

I know it seems like this leaves almost nothing, but I focus on what I can eat that I love... Squash, beans, could add lentils which I always forget, avocados, vegies, fish, nuts, vegies, vegies, vegies... You can make wonderful soups and bean/squash meals. Load up on the spices (be sure they're gluten-free; many are not). I can no longer remember what was the big appeal of the flavor sweet. So many other flavors are so much better.

I stay very positive in spite of the inconveniences. Just wish I could gain back some lost weight. I don't like being so thin. Having to cook and being unable to grab food on the go makes it even harder to keep from losing weight.

Replied by Graham

I know exactly you feel, with all that you are going through I've had to do the exact same thing. You may want to get tested from systemic candida or yeast over growth just to eliminate that as a problem.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, US)

You might add some coconut oil to your diet, it heals the gut and kills yeast and makes parasites lose their grip. Kefir is also good bacteria for aiding in digestion of foods. For the inflammation you could also try a topical castor oil, I just noticed the tips of my fingers are shrinking and been putting on dabs of castor oil once a day for one week. I heard one person hurt his finger badly and it was swelling up and throbbing and he put it in a glass of castor oil to soak for an hour and it was back to normal. Other healing helps would be a charcoal tablet at bedtime to soak up gut toxins while you sleep . Take supplements in morning to replenish your system. Oil pulling for 5 minutes in your mouth first thing in the morning might also heal your digestive system.

Lots of water does help but in the books by Dr. Batmanghelidj, he tells of the importance of seasalt with our water

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Happy (Atlanta, Ga) on 02/20/2011

I just wanted to mention that I have wanted to try the ACV treatment for joint pain, but could not drink it for the taste. Then I realized that I LOVE warm apple cider. So, I have decided to start drinking 2 tsps of ACV in a cup of warm Apple Cider (morning and night). You can hardly taste the ACV. I believe I will be able to do this. I can't wait to see the results of using it regularly.... Though I am a little worried about my teeth and my esophagus (because it burns my throat). Should I really be concerned about these things?

I also want to mention that I love EARTHCLINIC. It has helped my family so much! Thank You!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Natural Girl (Somewhere, Nc, Us) on 04/19/2010

ACV for joint pain

Ok, I've finally gotten up the nerve to make a post on EC. I stumbled across EC in my desparation to relieve a really bad flare up of joint pain & inflammation a couple of months ago and I haven't had my nose out of this site much since! I started with adding a splash of ACV to my drinking water (I try to get my 8 glasses a day). Thought it can't hurt to try it. Was really surprised at how much relief it provided. Don't think I'll ever be without it now. Wish I had some idea what causes these flare ups. I suspect food allergies and have eliminated things like wheat and corn. I don't have what I call 'stressers' in my diet because I don't have processed food, don't eat out unless we're on vacation. Been pretty much a health nut my whole life. I enjoy cooking. Have one meal a day that is raw food, the rest consist of grains, nuts, fruits & vegies, organic chicken, fresh eggs and raw milk cheeses and well I think you get the picture. Really don't understand why I have the health problems that I do and I have a host of problems. I'll spare you the details on these till another time. For now though, I think every 'body' needs a little ACV daily! Good health to YOU!

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT..your eating good stuff.BUT.. our bodies run on electrial currents, according to the book I read from time to time. Our cells are little generators.. the main mix of our cells is potassium and a little salt. If you eat too much Salt it pushes the potassium out and we have joint Pain and back problems. From what I see is on your diet..No food that has potassium. BUT your lucky.. you discovered Apple cider Vinegar, which is loaded with potassium.. Drink daily 3 or 4 times a day.. say 2 tea or two tablespoons.. your pain will be gone shortly and a lot of the other challenges you have.

Stay well.. your living in Nowhere. Sounds like Heaven.

Replied by Natural Girl
(Somewhere, Nc, Us)

Thanks Alfred for your feedback. I will certainly keep plugging away with the ACV. My pain is so much reduced that it's almost like not having any! I've also noticed a big reduction in seasonal allergies. So I definitely think the ACV is something that I've needed.

I do have a question and this is for anybody out there. I was born with problems, can someone who started out life with a hormone imbalance correct it in the course of a life time? I can't seem to find info on this subject. Just want to know if I'm fighting a loosing battle or not.

Replied by Tricia
84 posts

I believe you can - if the hormone producing glands are not physically damaged. If the parts have just shutdown they should restart with the right kind of trigger however if glands are missing or not formed correctly then it's a case of 'nothing to restart'.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Natural Girl,

I'm not sure what you mean by "born with problems" but I for one, give that a resounding "Yes!" to turning problems we are "born with" around. I was a very sickly child born with a heart murmur, severely anemic through my childhood, plagued with bladder and kidney infections, in and out of drs. and "specialists" offices, excruciating pain coursing through my legs when they got "a cold" of which the drs. could give no explanation, bouts with as many as 30 canker sores in my mouth at a time of which again, the drs. would give me a "chicken pox" vaccine for! Well, when I left home and begin to live on my own, I began to explore health and alternative healing, herbs, dietary lifestyles such as macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan, etc., spiritual/energetic healing/avenues, meditation, past life work and so much more which turned my life around. I am one of thousands who were willing to take the lesser traveled/known path believing there are answers that the mainstream medical field wasn't giving/didn't know and I was right. It sometimes saddens me that so many people just take diagnoses as "the absolute truth". They give it like it's a life sentence and one you must live with forever yet truly, there are so many answers but you have to search and sometimes it can be a trying search. I am always willing to learn more and believe the world is full of possibilities. One must always know there are answers- hope will also carry you through adversity and keep your spirits up which keeps our body stronger.

Keep searching for your answers- post them more specifically here on EC or keep googling with different words/phrases because different sites show up. I believe there is a Divine Power that you can also ask for help from also. I found my answers beginning here when I tried to learn more about the mini beet protocol after trying everything that people recommmended on here! That led me on a journey I never would have dreamed of! So, don't give up! Our health is worth the effort!

Best to you, Lisa

Replied by Natural Girl
(Somewhere, Nc, Us)

Thanks for all the feedback, it's encouraging to think that there are others who think I can beat this. I've worked at it for more then 30yrs now. For a brief back ground of myself: I was born premature, my mother gave birth to 7 lbs of very heathy fibroid tumors and 4 lbs of me. I was put in an incubator and my mother was told not to expect to take me home. Well, guess what, I did eventually go home. Been anemic most of my life, can't take iron, have ear infections, damaged eardrums and hearing loss. Use to catch every cold, flu or virus that blow past the door. Have bodyaches and pain pretty much all the time. Have a thyroid that works when it wants to. I was on medication for it but after fighting with my endocrinolgist for 2 years over it and coming to the conclusion he was an idiot. He got my level to just barely within the normal range and was happy with that (do you have any idea how big that 'normal' range is???) I took myself off the medication. I figure if it's not helping me feel better then I don't need to be taking it just because he prescribed it. That was 7 years ago. Started taking kelp and coconut oil and since doing this haven't gained any more weight. Think it's the first time in my adult life that I haven't gained weight. Have no hope of loosing it though and I have a lot to loose. The thyroid issues I'm pretty sure stem from birth, I think it was stuck in producing RT3 hormone which is what's producted to keep us alive during famine. My body just doesn't know that it's not in any danger. I stay tired but I'm pretty good at pushing myself. However, the older I get the harders it's getting to push. Part of me has wanted to give up this pursuit and learn to live with the measure of health that I have but I'm tenacious. Happy to now have the internet to do research, sure makes it easy and frustrating. I'll try to keep posting results and looking for feedback. Thanx again. Good Health To YOU!

Replied by Alfred
(Bangkok, Thailand)

Nature Girl.. Did some checking in my Library.. Some Info in the OWNERS MANUAL BY OZ..Keep in the back of your mind..Hyaluronic Acid.. each pill 35mg or more.

I think the Best contact TED..He is one smart person.. Level with.. what you needs are. what your concerns our. Be open with him. What does he suggest. He has a direct line from Earth clinic.. He has gotten a Second wind.. and is answering e-mails lately.

Replied by Elsaeasterly
(Elsewhere, Ca, Usa)


I am wondering if your bladder and kidney infections were just during childhood or did they continue into adulthood? Do you think one specific thing put an end to them or was it a total lifestyle change? Is it true that your health transformation just started a few months ago?

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Elsaeasterly,

I would say, for the most part, most of my bladder and kidney infections were through my youth and as I said, when I left home and began to find a new way of life through diet, they never returned. I started as a macrobiotic, then a vegetarian. Eventually, I returned to adding in chicken and later beef back into my diet but I have always maintained eating "close to the land" meaning staying away from fast food, junk food and processed food. It had served me well but then when I was 48 I suddenly started getting bladder infections again and also tooth infections. I would try to get rid of them through natural means which sometimes worked, sometimes not. Then I would have to resort to antibiotics. That was frustrating for me. There would be a demise in my health which, I believe, was a virus that attacked my joints and sent unbelievable pain radiating through my legs. I tried all sorts of paths- Chinese medicine, Aryuvedic, chiropractic, healers, massage therapy, I was open to it all. Just not pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, the same weaknesses from my childhood revisited me at near 50.

I discovered Earth Clinic in my ongoing quest to restore my health in October 2008 and proceeded to try lots of remedies from this site. I saw changes occur and improvements but nothing really, really noteworthy. That was until I tried the mini beet protocol and then onto juicing daily and a high raw diet back in October 2009. Then, lots changed and significantly! Within 2 days my body pain ceased and the bloating that I had dealt with for about 3 years disappeared as well. I lost about 10 lbs. My hip pain improved dramatically (although admittedly, I still have some) and wrinkles around my eyes disappeared. The melasma that had increased as I got older disappeared as well.

So, to answer your question, my health transformation began a little over 8 months ago! I am a great believer that food is our best medicine and I have seen what it can do for us through my personal experience. Honestly, I believe we can turn anything around through diet.

The most recent change I have added in, which began about 2 months ago and has also made a difference, is cultured veggies, drinks and food. I eat kimchi, fermented soybeans, young coconut kefir and cultured veggies. The last two items I make myself. What all of that does is re-colonizes our gut with lots of good bacteria which is where our immunity health lives.

Anyway, if you have questions about turning your own health around, know that it is absolutely possible! I hope this info helps you and maybe even inspires you!

The very best to you, Lisa

Replied by Natural Girl
(Somewhere, Nc, Us)

Joint Pain update

It's been a over a month now since my last post. In that time I continued with ACV and I started Hyaluronic Acid. The ACV helped me through the worst allergy season ever and I don't gerenally have allergies. The HA is amazing though. Other then the arthritis that's been in certain fingers for years and the new arthritis that settled in my feet a couple of years ago, there is significant improvement everywhere else. Anxious to see how things are going to turn out in the future with this stuff.

I also started h2o2 therapy 6 weeks ago. I'm up to 20 drops am/pm. This has been tough! Doing this for yeast, arthritis and detox. Haven't had any ill side affect from it but it's hard to take, I can shudder anytime of day just thinking about it! As far as it working for me, guess I'll just have to wait and see on this one as well.

After reading so many post by all the wonderful folks here at EC, and how their energy and overall health improved with many of these same things that I'm doing, I'm a little discouraged and concerned that I haven't as yet hit on what I need to be giving my body so that it can help itself. Maybe more time is need for me. Oh, just remembered something, I have been sleeping ALOT better, 8 to 10 hours a night. This has caused me to think about something my mother told me as a kid when our family dog was sick. She said, 'He sleeps so he can get better, just like you sleep when you are sick'. Due to circumstances related to severe stress and anxiety, I'm probably more sleep deprived then anything else. Hopefully, one day I'll wake up, spring out of bed and be ready to attack the day... GOOD HEALTH TO YOU!

Replied by Jeannie
(St. George, Ut)

No doubt about the miraculous benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. I learned about this website and about apple cider in my local health food store. But after reading about your issues and your diet and your healthy history, may I recommend two books: (1) The China Study. It WILL change your knowledge base. And (2) Outsmart Your Cancer. I know you don't have cancer, but the brilliance inside the book that crosses over into other health concerns cannot be overstated. One recipe to eat daily is this:

6 Tblspns Low Fat, Organic Cottage Cheese
3 Tblspns Cold Flax Oil
Blend thoroughly with hand mixer (takes 1 minute)
Add 2 Tblspns Flaxseeds freshly ground at home. Don't buy pre-grounded flax ever. Mix. This is the core food. Then you can add 1 cup of berries or fruit or veggies or whatever you like. Personally, I add fresh raspberries and blueberries. It costs a little more, but not nearly as much as a prescription drug. In addition to your ACV, this flax diet will solve more than just inflammation and is highly recommended especially with your diet. Feel free to google up on this diet and Dr Johanna Budwig. Here's to your happy, healthy lifestyle. Jeannie

Replied by Self

I got hypomanic when I tried the Budwig diet. Flaxseed oil alone caused me hypomania in the past. Its a rare side effect for a minority of users.

Some online surfing confirmed this

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, Bc) on 03/10/2010

Painful joints

I took glucosamine sulphate for my joints for many years because it helped. Then when I had frozen shoulder, I took a supplement in the hopes that it would help. It made me feel young again, except for my shoulder. However, I found it to be too expensive for me, so when I read about ACV on this website, I decided to try it. I only take 1 tablespoon a day with a glass of water, but that is enough for my joints to feel ok. Sometimes I add 1/4 t. baking soda, esp. if I feel like I'm "coming down" with something. Then I might make a tonic of a couple of tablespoons ACV, lemon joice, and honey, mixed in a mug of hot water. Every week I skip a day or two, as that was recommended somewhere on here.

Replied by Suzanne
(Abbotsford, Bc Canada)

An update to my post: after using ACV for a couple of years, I began to experience episodes of tingling lips after eating certain foods. At first, it was rare, then occurred more often, and I began to have sores in my mouth frequently. Finally I stopped taking the ACV, thinking that maybe my body was getting too much and reacting to it. Anyway, I haven't had the sores or tingling since. My joints (hands esp. ) were still stiff, even with the ACV, so I'm still looking for a good, reasonable remedy!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Jean (Los Angeles, CA) on 05/23/2009

Wow was I skeptical after reading some of the outrageous claims for apple cider vinegar. I thought I would try it for weight loss. Since December I have been taking a teaspoon in the morning and another in the afternoon. I sort of cup my tongue and place a teaspoonful there and then take a swig of water or coke or anything else I have and swallow both together. My objective here is to try to keep the straight ACV off my teeth and off my throat. ACV has been a total failure for weight loss but a miracle in curing my joint pain. It used to be so painful for me to stand up after sitting in front of a computer screen for 20 minutes. Now I can sit for a couple hours with no pain upon rising from a chair. (It works much better than MSM without the side effects and doesn't cost $30 a month.) I use Trader Joe's brand.

I also have iron-like toenails that require all my strength to cut them. It is hereditary I think as my mother has the same problem. I soak my feet in a solution of 2 or 3 parts water to one part white vinegar. This vinegar is about $2 for a gallon and lasts a long time. It doesn't matter what kind you use, buy the cheapest. Soak your feet in this solution for 10-20 minutes, then trim. We were amazed, you will be too.

Please post your results if either of these solutions work for you. Thanks.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by JABEEN TAJ (BANGALORE, KARNATAKA) on 04/07/2008

I use Apple cider vinegar daily in the morning before meals, the quantity is of about 2 table spoon. I had a problem of hairloss and joint pain.I am of only 35 years old.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by saman (sharjah, UAE) on 01/05/2008

where to find BS molasses in sharjah? apple cider vineger for water retention and now i am free from bloating and also joint pain.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Suresh Nambiar (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 11/27/2007

I was having tremendous pain on all over my joints for the last 3 months and I felt that it was increasing every day. Had lot of medicines and none gave me any relief? Then I searched on the net and came across your site, tried ACV and you won't believe that all these 3 months pain vanished in few hours. I thank all the people who submitted feedback in this forum.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carolynne (Cordova, Tennessee) on 06/24/2007

I have been drinking apple cider vinegar for about six years. What I noticed right away was I don't have any of joint stiffness and pain. When I stop using it for more than 4 days, the pain returns to my back and neck. I also noticed that my weight is always perfect for my height 5'6", 127 pounds, 54 years old. The vinegar removes the excess salt from your body when you sleep,so no bags under the eyes when you wake up in the morning. I drink two tablespoons of acv with 16 ounces of water, two hours before bed, it removes toxins in your body while sleeping, so no swelling in the joints, no bags under the eyes from excess salt. It is a natural weight loss, as well as rotor-rooters the arteries, so good for your heart. also keeps your body from getting sick. I love it!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patricia (Welch, WV) on 04/20/2007

I used to drink acv & honey 2 x a day and for some reason stopped. Started noticing a lot of pain in both elbows. Dr. said it was arthritis. Told me to stop lifting weights. I didn't completely stop, but did slow down. Started drinking the acv & honey 2 x a day again, for allergies. While looking at your website, it occured to me that I have not been having pain while lifting weights, even though I had increased the weight amount. I used to not be able to touch the bones on the sides of either elbow without it hurting...I just touched them and there is NO PAIN!! I really hadn't thought about the difference until I was reading your website. ACV & honey will be taken EVERY DAY...TWICE A DAY. Two capfuls of acv & 9 squirts of honey/2 tablespoons full. This stuff REALLY, REALLY, WORKS!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Art (Honolulu, HI) on 04/12/2007

I took one dose of ACV ( apple cider vinegar for muscle and joint pain. Within fifteen minutes I started to perspire and the next day I was able to walk 18 holes of golf. Prior to the remedy I was not able to bend and pick up the golf ball on the ground.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by James (Pemberton, New Jersey) on 11/06/2006

Apple Cider Vinegar has cured: varicose veins, weight lose, tendinitis, wrinkles. In April of 2005, I came across a booklet for ACV, at the time I was 50 years old I played sports in high school, a construction worker for 20 years and a mover for the last 15, so I have done a number on my body over the years. My daughter convinced me to start taking ACV... I have taken it everyday since! The health benefits have been many. The first thing I noticed was my hair and nail growth, doesn't seem like much but my hair was white and had no color, but was growing back in blonde! I thought that was amazing! Over all the years of abuse on my feet and ankles I had purple feet from the varicose veins, it really was a severe case, after two months of use my feet started to look clearer to me, but I wasn't sure so I started taking pictures....I now have NO varicose veins on my feet, legs or anything. In April of 2005 I was a size 38 pants, today I am a 32 pants. I have not done any extra exercise to achieve this, It simply melted the pounds away (I also have a six pack again). The ACV has given me a facelift, I do NOT look like I am 51! My wrinkles around my eyes have literally disappeared. My skin is tighter, firmer every where. I feel like a new man. Over the years while abusing my body in my everyday life (working) I developed new and painful body movements, aches where I never had before and eventually the Doc diagnosed me with tendinitis (really painful) in both of my shoulders, being a mover this isn't good for business, it really started hurting my paycheck (then I started the ACV). I really had not realized I stopped taking the naproxen the Dr. had prescribed until I went to see him for my physical. He asked me if I needed a new script, that's when I realized I used to live on those pills everyday and hadn't needed them once since I started taking the ACV, so I told the Dr. about the ACV he was awed, seeing the results for himself he decided to start taking it, in fact my Barber, Boss, Coworkers, Kids, Brothers and sister all now take it with health benefits of there own. I tell you I LOVE ACV it has changed my life and made me a new healthier man. I actually believe I have a long healthy life ahead. The recipe I use everyday is: 2 table spoons of ACV and 1 Tablespoon of honey. Add water to taste. I do this two times a day, everyday. Good luck to all in your journey to a healthier you!

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