Joint Pain: Top Natural Remedies


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Posted by Gary (Scott, Louisiana) on 11/29/2006

Knox Gelatin cured my bursitis of the shoulders. it works on the joints. i mixed the gelatin in a glass of grapefruit juice. then drink up.

Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine-Chondroitin Tablets

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Posted by Tommye (Hendersonville, North Carolina) on 12/03/2008

Hi, I have had a lot of orthopaedic surgery and have taken Tramadol (Ultrum) for years for the arthritic-like pain in my various joints. Tramadol has helped more than any other medication but users should be aware that it affects one's autonomic breathing and I have woken up unable to breathe in or out. This is probably when I have taken doses too close together. Anyway, other than Tramadol, nothing has helped my arthritis pain UNTIL I tried Hyaluronic Acid, in combination with Glucosamine/Chondroitin tablets. They say take 2 HA capsules, 100 mg. each, per day for 10 days and then drop off to 1 capsule a day. This dosage had no affect on my pain. I now take 5 HA capsules, 100 mg. each, and two Glucosamine tablets, 1.5 g each. My Glucosamine formulation also contains Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium, 1.2 g per tablet.

After two months on this formulation, for the first time in a decade or more I used less Tramadol than prescribed! It helps the skin (wrinkles), the eyes, and the joints by replacing fluid in these areas. Good luck!

Replied by Jeff
(Hbg, PA)

Hyahuronic Acid is the only thing that stopped my aching knees. Unknowing at the time that it contained H.A., I purchased a product called Animal flex for my joints. Now I can run everyday and have very little if any aches or pains in my knees. Glucosamine-Chondriotin did absolutly nothing for me. There are some good H.A. products out, but do some research. Yes, it also helps the eyes and skin.

I now use H.A.products from Jarrow, and Purity with good results, and also take multivitamin also If the Glucosamine-Chondroitin has not helped, why not give H.A. a shot? It worked for me.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Jamo (Atlanta, GA) on 09/25/2008

I have completely eliminated joint pain using hydrogen peroxide.

EC: Great! Would you kindly send us more information: how much, how often, 3% drugstore or 35% food grade diluted?

Replied by Bob
(Kelowna, Bc)


I swore that this was the cure all remedy when I started a cleanse using it, but it only lasted about 2 weeks into it then the pain came back.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Dave (Dallas, Texas) on 08/12/2008

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide--

I had crippling rheumatoid arthritis in 1985, where all the joints in my right arm were locked up and would not move. I was in constant, horrible pain and got no sleep for over 3 months. I began drinking extremely dilute amounts of the 35% HP DROPS in PURE WATER (NOT Tap Water!!)I also had candida albicans, and my cholesterol level was 465 as tested by my MD friend. Within 1 week the pain in my joints on my right arm was GONE and I was sleeping like a baby! Within one month I had free range of motion in all joints--from my fingers to my shoulder. My cholesterol was down to 289 and the candida symptoms were greatly reduced. By the end of the second month, my cholesterol was 155 (normal and safe) and all symptoms of candida albicans infestation were GONE. That was 28 YEARS ago, and I have had NO reoccurances of any of the above problems. I call that a "CURE!"

H2O2 amounts taken: Begin first day with ONE DROP H2O2 in 8 oz. PURE WATER. Second day: two drops H2O2. Third day: three drops H2O2...and so on until you reach 10 drops per day. Now, if the taste is too bad, split the HP drops into 5 in the morning, and 5 in the evening--near bed time. Work back taking 10 drops twice a day, THEN split it into THIRDS, AND begin taking 7 drops THREE times a day, or whatever you can handle. Slowly work back up to taking 10 drops THREE times a day. Don't go much higher than that, or you might want to stay at 7 drops, three times a day. Let your body determine your amount.

ALSO, do NOT drink any H2O2 water 45 minutes BEFORE OR AFTER EATING A MEAL OR TAKING SUPPLIMENTS! You may throw up (vomit.)

ALSO, take 500 mg. of Vitamin C once a day to neutralize any free radical formations that may have occured. The oxygen in the H2O2 attacks the iron in the blood and causes that reaction. The Vitamin C will clean it up, and Selenium may also be substituted for the Vitamin C.

MY SKIN CANCER (Melanoma) "erased" with topical application of 35% Food Grade HP: I had several dark mole-like formations on my forearms come up after being out in the Texas sun a lot. They itched, and my doctor friend said they were Melanomas and that I should see a professional about them. I knew what HP would do for them, so I took a nail file and GENTLY abraded the surface of these dark bumps, and then I applied straight 35% Food Grade HP to the spots with a Q-Tip (cotton swab on a stick) UNTIL THEY TURNED WHITE IN COLOR. I did this 3 times a day for a week. By the end of the week, they had turned to powder or dust, and were FLAT and GONE! There was no itching, NO pain, and they left a slightly lightened spot on my arm where they used to be. They never came back again, and that was over 20 YEARS ago!

ARTHRITIS IN MY KNEES: 17 years ago, I developed rhumatoid arthritis in both knees. I began the HP method by washing my knees with soap and water to remove any body oil, then MISTED them with a 3% solution of HP that was diluted down from 35% Food Grade HP (12:1) with PURE WATER. I wore shorts and then misted my knees, then waited until they were dry, then misted them again while I watched Television or did Computer work. I did this for at least 30 minutes at a time, and I did 4 HP misting sessions a day. My knees were back to NORMAL WITH NO PAIN in ONE WEEK!! I was so happy! I told my friends who had similar problems, and they said that they tried SOAKING their finger and elbow joints in 3% Food Grade HP by pouring the 3% HP solution into a shallow bowl and soaking them for 30 minutes 3-4 times a day. When finished, they would pour the 3% HP solution back into a one gallon plastic jug. The last soaking, they put it in the refrigerator for safe keeping overnight. The next day, they would remove the HP jug from the refrigerator and let it sit out until it had warmed to room temperature, then use in in the bowl to soak their joints until the evening. Worked great!! If you make up one gallon of 3% solution and keep it in the refrigerator, it should last at least one month before you need to make another gallon of it.

IN DALLAS, TEXAS, I found 35% Food Grade HP at "Roy's Natural Market" 6025 Royal Ln. Ste 130
Dallas, TX 75230-8857
Phone: (214) 987-0213. They have been selling HP for many years, and it is about $16.00 (US) for one quart, which will last a long time when you are spraying it.

Enjoy being pain-free!

Hypermobility Syndrome

Posted by Eva (A'dam, Netherlands) on 10/29/2011

Does anyone have experience with this problem and could maybe give advice on supplements?

Replied by Tiffany

Have you tried the cusack protocol?

Increasing Water Consumption

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Posted by Ahmad (Victoria, Bc, Canada) on 01/05/2012

I was engrossed in all the content on earthclinic a few weeks ago. A beautiful website. Thank you.

Almost two months ago I had a knee injury. I'm 26 years old and a few days after I noticed swelling and bubbles on my right index finger (most used joint in my body since I'm a computer user). I discovered I had gout initially and, as a believer in natural healing, I researched this and was lead to ACV. After several days of ACV I noticed the bubbles went away but the swelling remained. It would would rise and shrink over time with the continued intake of ACV (>~2 TBSP a day), and it began spreading to other joints.

I tried milk of magnesia, as suggested in the Bursitis section, and that didn't show any improvement either. But it led me to this discovery: when I am dehydrated the swelling gets worse. It was especially bad when I wake up the morning (since we lose a lot of water during sleep this made sense). I remember someone telling me once something about a sudden increase in water intake having an effect on the body. And thats what I decided to try.

I began taking 1-2 cups of water over 15 minutes (or less) every 2 hours. The results were astonishing: within a few hours 60% of the swelling had disappeared. And now, after 2 days of excessive water intake most of joints are 95% healthy and my index finger is still at about 80% and getting better. My joints feel great and I feel my knee injury is doing so much better.

My recommendations to anyone suffering from joint pains are: - if you're taking in a lot of salt, make sure you drink sufficient water to flush your system out. Those salts might end up in your joints and further progress bursitis. - drink sufficient water to offset the effects of caffeine (especially in coffee and pop). - drink a lot of water in the morning and before going to bed (1-2liters).

The water will cause you to visit the bathroom more frequently, but a small price to pay for healing stiff joints. Life was unbearable with aching joints, and being young and active I just don't know how people do it. Thank God I did not have to resort to poisons (chemical drugs).

Replied by Iowama
(Pella, Ia)

Ahmad, I too have come to believe that increasing my water intake has been helping my joints to feel normal again. Congratulations on your discovery!

Replied by Sheri

I agree with you, our cells need water. I have RA and have been reading Goodbye Lupus, a great book about healing and the dr that wrote it suggests at least 96 ounces of water daily. Her patients that do not drink enough water do not get well, but the patients that drink water and cut out any processed food and animal products do well, just after a week.

Magnetic Therapy

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Posted by BEV (SPRINGFIELD, MA) on 03/06/2008


Replied by Almeda
(Knowlton, Quebec Canada)

Yes I use magnetic products and have had great help for over 20 years now! My rhuematoid arthritis started 30 years ago after the birth of my third son.. which was also my third C section. I am still mobile and independant after all these years.. Thank God!!

Replied by Mae
(Mayerthorpe, Ab, Canada)

I have just found this site - not surprising as I'm restricted to dial-up internet. What is surprising is the lack of information/comments about magnets and magnetic therapy.

Twelve years ago, I purchased a negative field magnetic mattress (that actually is a pad for under your mattress) when desperately seeking to relieve my husband's horrendous pain as the lung cancer that was killing him was growing and crushing his ribs. (Individual magnets had been helping, but were awkward and too small to be adequate. ) He was able to cut back on the amount of mind-deadening narcotics he was taking for several months, but eventually had to go back on them. No - his cancer was not cured, but he was given some quality in his life for his last months.

The unexpected effect was the instantaneous help for my crippling 14 year chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia. From the first night, I was amazed at my ability to really sleep. I had forgotten what it was like to wake up feeling like I had slept! My pain lessened and my energy improved, so that I not only stayed functional through this very traumatic time, but was also able to learn and to provide care for my husband at home where he wanted to be.

I still have chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, take my vitamins and EFA's, but I have never been even close to the level of repeatedly enforced inactivity I had suffered before getting that mattress. Spending a few nights away from home reminds me of just how good it is! I do get pain, and I'm tired, but it's because I do a lot of working, playing and living! No, I do not have any investment in the mattress company.

I've also used magnets to relieve headaches, lower back pain and on a once injured ankle that bothers me on occasion. I've shared my success, and magnets, with others. Though commonly used to relieve pain while not curing the underlying causes, they can help other conditions. I have known them to cure carpal tunnel syndrome. (Relieving carpal tunnel is usually within an hour, while a full cure may take months of several hours a day with it tied or taped to your inner wrist. But it sure beats surgery! )

Almost anyone with pain should try them, but magnets should not come near pacemakers or insulin pumps - or your computer or credit cards. Also be cautious if you are on medication as magnetic energy can cause meds (that the body recognizes as foreign) to move through your system too quickly. Don't use them if you are using "patch" applied meds. Find disc magnets that are over 1000 gauss, and always use the negative side toward the body. Apply on the area of pain, or on an energy pathway (as in accupressure point) near by. (For "bad" knees, use them on your hips.)

Often, new injuries, areas that have been operated on, and some forms of arthritis, get more painful - so take the magnets away and don't use them for that! I don't know why this happens, and if anyone knows a way around it, I would be very interested in knowing.

I hope my sharing is helpful to someone.


Replied by June
(Leeds, Uk)

I use Earthpulse PEMF, and sleep with the magnet beneath my matress every night, my sleep is so deep, it's amazing, been using this for around 3 years, and now I rarely get up to the toilet (and that is after 3 children). I am 72 and though I get small aches and pains I'm doing fine.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/18/2019

Hi there fellow sufferers!

It has been many moons since I last posted but please don't take it personally !!

There has been precious little to report actually, so I have preferred not to waffle and dissimulate out of respect for your intelligence! I like to report progress (if any) on my Arthritis / Joint problems / Muscle stiffness etc occasionally and it is time to up-date fellow (and fellowesses) sufferers on my evolving regime. I may bequeath my body to science eventually.

So... Upon rising, take a teaspoon of olive oil OR coconut oil (alternate the two) = Oil Pulling and Swilling trick. Use good, quality stuff please. After 20 minutes expel and rinse with warm water- then drink two glasses of warm water. Surely you can think of useful ways to occupy the time whilst keeping a straight face !?

Certain essential bodily functions spring to a fertile mind. Later on we indulge ourselves with a "nice cup of tea" - a traditional brew in this house from time immemorial, without which we are incapable of coherently functioning.

Breakfast then:- One tablet containing the following: Quercetin 125mg, Devil's Claw 1125mg, Celery seed 1500, Chelated Zinc 5mg, Grape Seed extract 6000mg One tab Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid variety in my case) 1000mg + Rose Hips powder 25mg with glass of water Mid morning cup of coffee 4 pm cup of tea Dinner with tablespoon ACV in a glass of water using a straw Rinse well afterwards but do not brush teeth, Bed time sees me take a teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil In addition,

It might be wise to ensure you get to bed early and get a good night's sleep, increase water consumption, de-stress somehow, walk regularly at least five times per week, take some Magnesium Chloride liquid and also some Bone Broth OR Collagen a couple of times a week.

A lot to remember I guess but if you are desperate enough.... I have been regular with the above and the aches and pains and stiffness problems have become a bit less over a few months. Also scalp problems such as psoriasis and dandruff have definitely improved. Hopefully the Sun will still come up in the morning. I am very happy with progress so far and will keep you posted.

Cheers from Down Under, Michael

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 06/01/2017

Mister Michael's current REGIME for battling chronic Sacroiliac / Sciatic / Knee joint problems is showing beneficial results at long last!!

May / June 2017

I have embarked upon the uncharted waters of the following protocol - I trust you will indulge this old ascetic his foibles and meanderings. It's success really does rely somewhat on a wholesome lifestyle generally, as a solid foundation on which to build. You will know what I am getting at I presume. Here goes:-

-Upon arising - Oil pulling /swishing with half a teaspoon of nice Coconut Oil for 15-20 minutes approx. - mainly for gums / teeth to curb the plaque issue, due to a certain body chemistry I am stuck with, but may have a bearing on the issues above possibly. Think about it!!

-Expel and swish out (not down the sink drain! ) with warm water/salted water/ bicarb water (your choice).

Keen people will clean their teeth at this juncture.

(Previously, I would take the good quality Honey and Sri Lankan Cinnamon drink at this point but have temporarily suspended this one). If you do this, then I suggest you definitely clean your teeth!!

-Two large glasses of lukewarm water, one of them containing a teaspoon of lime juice

(call me a "Limey" if you like - I don't care!! ). You could use lemon juice if you prefer.

Thirty minutes later - breakfast of your choice- I'm not going to tell how you should live your FOOD life here!!

-Straight after breakfast -take a Seafood Oil tablet of some sort PLUS a Magnesium 75mg tablet with Potassium 25mg added to it. Magnesium Chloride Liquid is a good alternative if you can get hold of it. NOT the potassium if you have blood/blood pressure/heart or kidney issues of course.

(Some prefer to take the Magnesium at night for excellent reasons. You could do that).

-At some stage LATER in the day, I would take approximately 30-40 mls of Tart Cherry Juice swished up in a medium glass of nice, filtered water. I will be bold here and say this may be essential to success!! My stuff is quite treacly / viscous which I quite like. Mix it up well in the water for best absorption.

-A little later I would take Dr. Gundy's "Vital Reds" well mixed with water.

-After evening meal (which ideally would be much earlier than we generally get around to it-HA),

I would take one Turmeric capsule 400mg and one Ester C 1000mg Vitamin C "Highly absorb able non-acidic, Vitamin C / Bioflavonoid" complex tablet. I think I am getting enough Vitamin D with my constant gardening without taking any additional D.

-At least one hour after eating, and before retiring, I would take two or three "Heal and Soothe" tablets in a medium glass of water.

-ALSO, I am being a very good boy at last and actually doing some exercises prescribed by my Witch Doctor. You can Google these of course but to give you a "heads up", there are ONLY four and I do them twice a day except when I cheat, forget or postpone and the day slips away from me:-

1) You lie down on your back, legs straight, and raise and lower each leg in turn, holding it up for 30 secs and slowly lowering it. Do three lots of four on each leg alternately OR slightly more on the injured side to bring it back up to the strength of the other one.

2) Lie down as above but with legs bent at 90 degrees- lift one leg with hands locked behind THIGH (not knee) and pull towards chest. THEN attempt to straighten leg (within reason) AND pull whole leg a little bit further and HOLD. Do four on one and four on the other.

3) Stand straight and tall with feet straight out and shoulder width apart. Use a chair for support if required. Slowly bend knees to half-squat position HOLD and straighten up again. Try not to nod forward or lean forward and it should work better. Do four and gradually work up to ten. I am assuming I am talking to oldies here- the young could do more.

4) Finish up by bring both knees up to the chest in the lying down position and hold for a while.

This is considered by some to be an excellent way to finish up/balance these sorts of exercises.

Do all of the above regularly and slowly whilst thinking nice thoughts (if you have any - find some if you haven't). "Pretend" the world will suddenly be a better place once you see positive results after ten days or so -- it almost certainly will!!

I know you will be overjoyed to learn that I am seeing some (early) benefits from this new and carefully thought out Regime. It requires a self-discipline borne of desperation that drives me on. Hence my magical transformation from a butterfly to the ascetic mentioned above!!

Maybe you could glean some delicious morsels from the above smorgasbord of choice tit bits.

That would please me greatly.

-Taking, in addition, some ACV and Molasses drinks would also be a good idea - I do those on an irregular basis these days when the mood takes me there.

As my Punjabi, Guru once famously told me whilst he was sitting comfortably on a bed of nails "If you do the exercises I am telling you Sahib - body MUST respond - it has to Sahib - it has little choice in the matter".

There you have it. I charge you nothing for that extra Pearl of Wisdom. It is nice to have some solid markers in this constantly shifting world of ours!

Maybe you should seriously consider doing some exercises OR stretching OR yoga etc. on a regular basis. Incorporate them into your lifestyle for your wellness / benefit.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Life can (and should) be better. Improvements are often obtained after just a week or ten days so, "What's not to like?".

More dubious wisdom from Down Under!

As my Guru is fond of saying, "May you do well, prosper, and have many children Sahib"!


Mister Michael

P.S. "Success" here is defined in so far as I am taking far fewer painkillers since being on this Regime. Whoopee!


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Posted by Jose (Pensacola, Fl.) on 04/22/2023

For Pain relief and joint repair:

Wobenzym for accelerated healing and pain relief. Terry Naturally Curamin Extra Strength for additional pain relief. Neocell Type ll Joint Complex for rebuilding joint cartilage.

Take the Joint Complex long term to maintain the joint cartilage.

Wobenzym must be taken on an empty stomach. if there is food in the stomach, wait at least 2 or 3 hours before taking the Wobenzym. After taking Wobenzym wait at least 1 hour before eating or drinking anything except water.

The Curamin Extra Strength supplement is the best natural pain reliever.

After 3 weeks you will experience a definite improvement. 3 months of treatment with these supplements will provide significant healing and pain relief. Depending on the amount of cartilage damage, it will probably take a year or longer to have complete cartilage repair. Daily usage of the supplements is necessary. Follow the manufacturers supplement instructions.

Noni Juice

Posted by Phyllis (Baltimore, Maryland) on 11/11/2011

Yea for the distribution of noni. According to the Discovery channel it is the greatest nutritional discovery of our time. Tahitian Noni International has done human clincal trials which is very impressive. Also, it is the only beverage listed in the PDR for over the counter meds with no adverse side effects. I drink 2 oz daily of the Noni Extra which addressed my joint stiffness over a 60 day product experience. I no longer have to shake my legs after being seated for a period in order to stand and walk. The Noni FIT Body Composition system has addressed my slowed down metabolism and restored balance allowing me to burn fat and lose inches(@ 1-2 on each side of my waist over a 60 day period dropping 20 lbs. I became a product of the product and now I am an independent health bioactivist.

Okra Juice

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Posted by Trikke (Belgium) on 06/05/2023

Okra Juice for Joint Pain

For many years I have been helped by suggestions on Earth Clinic - thank you to this wonderful community! -, so time to give back.

We spent a bit of time living in Africa recently and staying at a wonderful, but very remote place in Northern Tanzania, run by an Kenyan-Indian couple. The lady's grandmother used to be an Indian herbalist, so as a child, she naturally picked up a lot of information and knows a lot about herbs, plants, spices, cooking, and remedies.

Whilst there, she told me about her very sore knee, just a year before. It was so painful she had to stop her daily walks with the dog. The local villagers advised her to take their traditional remedy for joint pains and aches: Okra juice. A shot, in the morning on an empty stomach and one at night. She did this for 3 months and all her pains were gone. She now does it once a week, to keep up the good stuff.

Perhaps the gel-like - slimy - juice restores cartilage? Or brings in lots of needed nutrients?

Anyway, the way I was told to make it, is 2-fold: chop up some okra lady's fingers in small slices and

1. bring 1/2 to a boil with some water just covering them. Let it cool. it will become quite a slimy juice.

2. Put the other half of the okra slices In cool water and it will also form a gel.

One type of gel is to be drunk in the morning, one at night. A small shot. It's slimy and not very nice, but if you down it in one go it's ok. Do this for 3 months. After that, repeat once weekly.

I could find nothing on the internet about this but would love to hear if anyone else has heard about this.

Anyway, hope this might perhaps help someone.

Omega 3 Oils

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Posted by Alex (Houston, Tx) on 10/02/2013

I've found that 3g of omega-3s daily gets my chronic knee pain under control.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Tavora (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/03/2009

Just wanted to say very quickly that after reading several posts about oil of oregano helping with inflammation/joint pain - I decided to try it tonight. OMG!! Let me tell u - the clicking and popping that I have been experiencing the last two months disappeared!!! (My ailments are actually an inner ear problem with a misaligned spine) but when I rubbed the oil on my knees, shins, shoulders and neck - I felt - LITERALLY - instant, instant relief!! I could not believe it!! As I stood up and walked around for a bit - no popping - no clicking!! This gives me so much hope! I will continue to use this as one of my arsenals and though I know we are not allowed to state specific brands....I do want to say the one I bought is ___. I will also take it orally to help with the tension in my spine. Will keep u posted.

Thank you so much EC!!! :0)

Replied by Anna
(Philadelphia, Pa, Usa)

Wild oil of oregano (ooo) which I diluted by placing 10 drops in about 2 tbsp of grape seed oil immediately stopped my bone/joint pain in legs. Like a miracle! I just rubbed it on the leg.

So now, when my husband's knee hurt I used too-but he did not feel relief... Must be different kind. Anyway I thought that maybe there is something out there that is NOT diluted essential ooo but ooo by itself (like e.g. grape seed oil). Is there?

Pillow and Mattress Topper

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Posted by Mama to Many (TN) on 09/25/2019

My husband I realized that our bed might be contributing to pain.

He was waking up with shoulder pain and I with hip pain. I spent time researching beds and got a good bed from Costco - foam, gel something yada yada yada. Husband LOVED the bed. No more shoulder pain. For me, no more hip pain...but instead I was waking up with a new pain between my shoulder blades that required me to ice my neck/back every morning. The bed felt like concrete to me.

We were planning to return it and try something else. My chiropractor suggested a different pillow - a Bed Boss pillow for side sleepers. It is a memory foam pillow with a notch for your shoulder. She said to give it some time. It took two nights for me to become completely sold. I also got a 3 inch egg crate foam bed topper.

The pillow and bed topper have been game changers. I am sleeping better and waking up without pain. Husband does not have pain (At first the foam topper made him feel claustrophobic but he is liking it now.) If you have back pain, consider the possibility of your bed and pillow! ~ Mama to Many~

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, TX)

You might want to look it up—I read that memory foam causes cancer.

Debbie N
(Jacksonville. FL)

Hey Lou, I just wanted it out there that I bought a memory foam mattress in 2014, and by the end of 2017 I had pneumonia. But, before the pneumonia, I was having back issues and could hardly sleep, tossing and turning, and then the sinus issues hit...really bad! By the end of 2017 I had got pneumonia. I stayed in my spare bedroom for a month, as not to infect my spouse, and by time my illness subsided I discovered no more sinus issues. Well, when I went back to my master bedroom and slept there for the first night, my sinus issues came back with a took a few days, but that's when I realized it was the new mattress! So I went on the hunt for a nontoxic mattress, and discovered it was the TOXIC CHEMICALS they put in the mattress as a FIRE RETARDANT that was making me sick! ... So I went on the hunt for a new mattress. Long story short..I got an all latex mattress, used my old (almost new) box springs. Latex mattresses have no chemicals due to the fact that latex is naturally fire retardant, Latex doesn't burn. Best mattress I have ever invested in, and they will last you more then 40 years! I hope others read this post! (and now sinus issues gone for good and haven't been sick since! )

(Illinois, USA)
432 posts

I have the most awesome bed ever! A mattress, a twin size quilt (perfect size to top a Queen size mattress), a 2 inch feather bed topper, an original memory foam topper, which is about 20 years - which, despite the normal aged yellowing of the foam, still remembers - an old, Minnesota forestry down sleeping bag (which is also perfect Queen size, opened up with the zipper cut off), a mattress protector into which all of that fits and a thick linen cover over that. And it's all topped off with an organic linen fitted sheet. And I use another light linen fabric as the perfect blanket and it's all I need, whether it's over 100F or sub-zero weather.

The best thing about it is pulling the top linen sheet that keeps me cool in summer and warm in winter only half way up in winter, sleeping until I wake up cold, then pulling it up to my chin and feeling it warm up and warm me up in a matter of seconds. Linen has just always awed me and awes me still, even after all these decades! And I LOVE being awed!!

Not only does linen wick sweat which then cools the skin by evaporation in the air from the windows and provide moisture to dry skin in winter, both, it also switches from warming to cooling and back again, as needed, very quickly. It's a marvel!

I'm not an 8 hour sleeper but I DO take my sleeping seriously, ROFL! PLUS, I don't particularly like the mattress at the bottom of it all but, it's like new and tossing it isn't an option so I just sort of built another multi-tasker of a mattress on top of it. An AWEsome mattress! Like it came straight from the magical world of Narnia! It's hard to even just walk past without laying down and rolling all over it!!

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