Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

| Modified on Feb 21, 2024
Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

Home remedies to reverse the graying of hair benefit not only the locks themselves but the body in general. Simply nutritional supplements like blackstrap molasses and B vitamins are two remedies often found useful for helping the hair to return to its original color. These remedies are known to benefit many other health conditions as well!

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is the end result of processing cane sugar. Many nutrients from the plant are concentrated in this molasses. Copper, iron and magnesium are among them. Copper deficiency in particular has been linked to premature graying of the hair.1 Using blackstrap molasses on a regular basis is like taking a vitamin supplement but blackstrap may be better assimilated by the body than some supplements.

Blackstrap molasses can be added to a daily cup of coffee or milk. It can be used as a sweetener for oatmeal. For simplicity sake, some just take their daily dose right off the spoon!

B Vitamins

A B complex vitamin provides a concentration of B vitamins to the body. These seem to be especially helpful for individuals under stress, which has historically been blamed for gray hair. B vitamins are sometimes the key to reversing grey hair.2


A chlorophyll supplement may help to restore hair to its original color. Chlorophyll supplements do contain copper. Many find this supplement helps with energy, anemia, and body odor. If premature graying of the hair is accompanied by low energy, anemia or body odor, this would be a good supplement to consider.

Quit Smoking

A correlation between smoking and premature graying of the hair has been found.3 Quitting smoking will often take years off the appearance, not only in reversing the gray but in reducing skin wrinkles and color as well.

Dietary Changes

Improving food quality often reverses many health concerns. Reducing processed foods and increasing superfoods with plenty of nutrition can restore balance to the body. Many health concerns are caused by nutritional deficiencies. Juicing is another way to get more nutrients out of food.

Do you have a natural remedy for gray hair? Please send us some feedback!

Continue reading to learn how our readers have reversed their gray hair!





Amla Berry

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Posted by Saf (Birmingham, UK) on 11/20/2006

Hi I'm writing about the posting pasted above. I've been researching into Amla powder. Amla is also known as the 'Indian Gooseberry' (Emblica offinalis) and has been used in India for hair for hundreds of years. It has a very high content of Vitamin C. I would say that it's more of a preventative measure than a cure for grey and falling hair.

Anjuli suggested Lemon and Coconut oil. If you wish to use these, you could definitely mix the Amla powder (available at Tesco supermarket in the UK as well as many asian/Indian grocery stores), into the oil mixture. Some of it will dissolve and there will be a grainy residue.

A lot of vegetable oils are very good for both the Skin and Hair. They are saturated with vitamins and nutrients. You can mix them together too and also use the purest essential oils. I find the following oils very good for the hair: Olive, Shea Butter, Mustard Seed, Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond Oil and Thistle Oil.

Essential oils that you can mix into the blend of oils include Ginger, Rosemary, Lavender, Cedarwood, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang. Only ever use the most purest essential oils.

If you add 5% Vitamin E Oil to the blend it will help keep it from going rancid for longer. Store the oil away in a cool place away from sunlight.

You can mix amla power into the oil when you dispense a little to use it.

Use the oil as an overnight conditioner by massaging well into the scalp and and hair. Wash it out in the morning. If you can't do this then massage it into the scalp and hair and leave it in for as long as you can even if it's only 15 minutes before a shower.

When it comes to washing out the oil. Massage shampoo into your hair first and add a tiny bit of water. If you wet hair first, it will be difficult to get the oil out.

A recipe for intensive oil treatment: 24.5ml Thistle Oil, 24.5ml Olive Oil, 3ml Vitamin E Oil, 0.5ml Vitamin A Palmitate, 50 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil, 30 Drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil and 20 drops of Ylang Ylang.

Or you can replace the above Essential Oils in the recipe by using the following instead: 15 drops of Ginger Essential Oil, 60 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and 15 drops of Cedarwood Essential Oil. Although the oils will improve the condition of your hair and stimulate the hair follicles and your scalp there is no guarantee that they will make new hair grow or get rid of gray hair. It may however help prevent an early onset of hair loss.

Hope this helps. Good luck and God Bless.

Replied by Souad
(Meknes, 50000, Morocco)

I am only 27 years I suffer from premature gray hair. Because I suffer from stress and anxiety when I was studying. My hair start graying in 21 years old. Now I hope to find something really useful for this gray. How can I get this amla berry. Do u know any site that expose this product. Thanks in advance

EC: Hi Souad,

You can find companies that sell amla berry products on Google and Amazon.

Amla Berry
Posted by Anjuli (Boise, Idaho) on 01/19/2006

The Indian gooseberry Amla is ground into a powder, once mixed with water and massaged into the scalp regularly will help keep hair from going grey. Amla powder is available at Indian specialty shops. Also a mix of coconut oil and lemon are beneficial.

Replied by Eric

Just a question about the amla powder. Do you use it after shampoo/cream rinse? And can it be mixed with the coconut/lemon suggestion you have down there also? And will it get rid of the grey you have already as new grows? Thanks and if this doesn't work, what other ones actually work? No one replies with any positive feedback?

Replied by Citygirl27
(Richardson, Tx, Usa)

Can I use amla oil ("Amla hair oil") the same effect?

Apple Cider Vinegar in Apple Juice

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Posted by Patti (Marietta GA) on 06/28/2006

I have a cousin who is 96 years young. Since she was a young girl she has drank a mixture of apple juice, ACV and honey every day, once a day (about a cup). Her hair is a light brown - NO GRAY AT ALL!! It was always a medium brown until she turned 90! She told me years ago to drink this and I didn't - I wish I had listened!!

Replied by Dauri

Patti, please tell me how much of the apple cider vinegar and honey and apple juice were in the 1 cup of the total mix that your 96 yrs young cousin used.... I do want to try it, thanks.

Replied by Donna
(Watkinsville, Ga)

Does anyone know how much ACV do you add to drink with apple juice and honey for help with grey hair?

Replied by Mary Lou

I'm guessing the 96 year old cousin took 1-2 teaspoons of ACV in apple juice. Honey doesn't seem necessary since apple juice is naturally sweet.

Replied by Joe

My Grandfather taught me to drink apple cider vinegar and honey in water or apple juice daily when I was a young lad. I am now 77 years old and only no grey hair to speak of.


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Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Vic, Australia) on 02/25/2012

500mg Ashwagandha with breaky and dinner 5-6 days a week, and I might add not for grey hair, was taken for about a year. Hubby was about 10% grey but not now - no grey. We did not notice it till about 6 months. Has not had any for 6 months and still no grey. He was also taking neem and tulsi for 3-4 weeks on and off and zinc. The zinc was taken only once or twice a week. This is the second time he has got rid of his grey hair without trying, The first time he was young to be going grey.

Avoid Corn Syrup

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Posted by Jeannie (Franklin, Wi) on 08/18/2009

Avoid Corn Syrup - Grey hair

Someone mentioned that copper is needed for your hair to keep its color, and if you do a search, you'll find that's true. Americans especially are severely depleted of copper. I read somewhere that corn syrup sucks the copper out of your body, and corn syrup is in MANY of our processed foods, so thats no surprise. Blackstrap molasses, as someone else said, is one of the best possible natural sources of copper, and is a good supplement for many other problems as well. I'm nearing 60 and have only a few grey hairs, that started appearing after I hadn't taken any blackstrap molasses for quite a few months. When I take the molasses, my hair color slowly comes back. I just add it as a sweetener to tea, or make a tea of ACV and BSM. Takes a little getting used to, but I definitely look and feel better when I take it regularly.

Replied by James
(Bronx, New York)

I dont think the Blackstrap Molasses works for grey hair - I used it twice after I read these testimonials and I have to say that I noticed 2 new grey hairs in my beard today - I never get any grey hairs in that part of my beard, but after I used the BSM I noticed more not less grey hairs.

My only explanation is that even if its unprocessed - its still has the same negative effects as sugar. if its copper that retains hair color then I will be seeking that in another non-sugar product to try it out - I'm not over 40 yet and have some grey hairs.

I used organic BSM unsulphered from Paraguay. I probably will try it for a few more days but if I continue to see more grey hairs I will stop and will post that ppl wanting to stave off grey hair not fall for the snake-oil sales pitch I see being posted so much.

Replied by Celteyes
(Pearland, Texas)

Come on tried it twice and think all your gray hairs were gonna be gone? Am I missing something? Is this a joke? Give it a chance, I haven't noticed anything with my hair yet, but I have noticed more energy and a feeling of well being. Oh and you know snake oil has positives also! hee hee Take care.

Replied by Ab
(Indianapolis, In Usa)

My ash brown/blonde hair is graying. Has anyone with natural hair color other than black had good results taking unsulphured BSM?

Replied by Daniellejudith
(Edinburgh, In)

Just wondering about using blackstrap molasses. I bought some, but did not see anything that said it had copper in it. Did I buy the wrong kind? With all that sugar, wouldn't it be better to take copper supplements? I found some on line. Just wondering what the difference is between copper supplements with no sugar vs BSM with sugar?

Replied by KT
(Somewhere, The Usa)

When I started getting grey hair I didn't care. Everyone in my family that I remember went grey, then white if they lived long enough. After reading this post I went to the mirror, looked and I don't have it anymore. I don't remember how long ago I started taking BSM every day but prior to that, when I had grey hair, I remember I was only taking magnesium powder and an occasional vit C. (I drank OJ everyday but when I consumed a little more cheese I took one or two of the 1000 mg C tabs for preventative reasons).

I am poor and cannot afford a variety of vitamins and/or supplements. These are available in our food. There is a problem with what has happened to our food so any added vitamins or supplements could cause an overload of something. According to a nutrition almanac BSM is a balance of nutrients in itself. Who knows how long that will be safe?

I started taking BSM because of the water soluble B Complex vitamins. Taking only one of the B vitamins for something specific can cause a deficiency in the others, contributing to major depression which I had years ago. I'm convinced that BSM must have given me what I needed to get rid of my grey hair even though it did not matter to me.

Replied by Jeri
(Connecticut, Usa)

Put some black strap molasses in a glass of won't believe how sweet and creamy it is. SO GOOD :)

Replied by Sasi

Does BSM increase blood sugar for diabetics?

Replied by KT

I think it could. This is what happened to me: I had been taking two and three TBSP of BSM a day, in addition to a little sugar in my coffee. I started to have what has been reported as diabetic nerve pain, I.e., lightning bolts shooting in my legs and feet. I reasoned why it could be happening and cut back on my sugar intake and BSM consumption to one TBSP of BSM in the morning and sometimes one before bed. I've not had anymore of that pain.

Even though my PCP said he had no problem with BSM, I think any additional sugar intake could make a difference. You just have to find the balance that will work for you.

At the same time you have to be aware of our fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains that have all been engineered to last longer. These genetically modified foods (GMO's) have permeated our entire food supply in one way or another. The way you eat them will also have an impact. In my opinion, I think that's why we are seeing such an epidemic of diabetes and kidney failure.

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Hi Sasi (Melbourne) ---

Blackstrap molasses as a food in my opinion, is far too valuable to discard in favour of "health".

I have it almost daily and when forgetting, seem to feel it is needed. When I was diagnosed with sugar imbalance, I fell into a deep hole by believing I needed their medication. Through study on EC here I learned that it would kill me and possibly not the disease. More info on this, and confirmation, through GreenMedInfo online.

Blackstrap molasses is harvested usually by very poor workers in Asia who, as they harvest it, have little food and live by starvation but BMS keeps them free of disease and cancer.

To keep BMS out of the diet when it provides the so much needed minerals and nutrients, makes no sense.

Allopathic med provides no education on nutrition and is unable to advise people on their nutritional needs other than their policies which have caused waves of disease all over the world. Look alone at salt, refined, and caused so much heart disease.

My relationship in that early time of bs inbalance, has altered my relationship with food in a very negative way. But I learned through research I can rely on myself by finding a way back to health. That is a matter of personal choice. People smoke but are afraid to discard a medicine that will dry the blood till there is a heart attack described as "due to diabetes complications".

So I take that nutritious food that has also freed me of arthritis. Too much money and politics ruin everything.

Namaste, Om

(San Francisco)

Reply to Om,

You say "Blackstrap molasses is harvested usually by very poor workers in Asia who, as they harvest it, have little food and live by starvation but BMS keeps them free of disease and cancer."

This part of your post sounds a bit like "folk history" that may not have a lot of factual support.

EC: Dear Om, a frequent contributor on Earth Clinic, was raised in India. She was quite elderly when she wrote that and sadly passed away about 5 years ago.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn.)

HI U FOLKS, , , , , , , , wrote on this subject many years ago. BSM contains iron which is a two edged sword. It cut both ways. You don't need iron if you don't need iron, but I was going to shoot a bear in the fanny. As a diabetic, my glucose when out the roof and scared my mule. I still have a jar in the cabinet that is many years old.

For a diabetic to worry about grey hair is beyond belief. Worry about having two good legs to walk on. It's a sheet + 2 =8 thing.


Replied by Linda

Does it have to be Black strap molasses? I have molasses and was wondering why black strap molasses.

Replied by Cheyenne
(Rochester, Ny)

Let's not judge other people please.

B Vitamins

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Posted by Ideal (Los Angeles ) on 12/06/2017

B- Vitamins (Inositol, PABA & Pantothenic Acid) get rid of GREY HAIR

Sorry folks, I found a cure for Grey Hair through a clinical trial article & didn't take the time to share. It's been about a year now and I have been rid of greys and don't have to dye my hair unless I want to. It's comprised of a series of B vitamins.

For 90 days you will take:

  • 2 inositol's 2000 mg
  • 1 Paba 700mg
  • 1 Pantothenic Acid 500mg

After 90 days, you will drop to 1 inositol, 1 paba and 1 pantothenic acid pill a day.

You will have to continue this regimen for life. I have read that once you discontinue the B vitamins for 30 days your hair will revert back. I hope this helps you as it has immeasurably helped me.

Replied by Julie

That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing your protocol. How long did it take to begin seeing results (i.e. new hair growth returning to your pre-gray color)?


Hi Julie, looks like none of my responses posted a few years ago. It took a few weeks to see the grey hairs falling out with new growth setting in. In less than 3 months I was good riddence of grey's. It's 2022 and I still am = )

Replied by Tracy

How long after you started taking the B vitamins till you noticed you gray disappearing?


Hi Tracy,

It took a few weeks and less than 3 months in total. I am still rid of the grey despite age. The experiement was conducted on people of all age groups and the results were the same.

Replied by Diane
(Waxhaw, Nc)

I have a quick question about the above, do you take 2 inositol's 2000 mg or do you take 2 1000 mg which total the 2000? I can only find the inositol's in 1000 mg pills.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide.


Sorry this did not work for you, I am still happily grey free! =)

Replied by Kevin

Can you tell me the products you used and where to get them.

Thx you


Hi Kevin, they are from Amazon (Solaray + Life Extension).

Replied by Laura.B
(Brisbane Nsw)

Hi I'd like to try this clinical trial method to reverse gray hair but I'm somewhat confused. So I found the inositol online but could only find 500mg so do I take 4pills to make it 2000mg?

Also after 90 days, what do you mean take one pill each ..what is the exact dosage of each of those one pills? What mg does it go down to?..I really hope you can help me to understand. Thank you so much.

(Colorado, USA)

Laura, I like math, so since nobody has answered you yet, I take a stab at it. The original post says "2,000" mg Ionositol. The person who posted had 1,000 mg capsules/tablets, so I makes sense that ANY any way you get that 2,000 is fine. 2x 1,000,4x500, or so. Then after 90 days you just take 1,000 mg of Ionositol, 500 mg panthotenic acid, and 700 mg PABA.


Jeanne, you are team player, thank you for responding. Your math is correct =)

Replied by D

I'm sorry to say that this hasn't worked for me the way it has for the original poster. I've tried it for many months and only notice some grey hairs going back, sometimes. It hasn't helped me prevent new greys, either. :(

Replied by El
(Washington, DC)

Thank you! Which type of inositol do we take?

Replied by Josh

Hi Ideal, and thanks for sharing. Just curious, are you still closely adhering to the regimen 6 years later? If there were periods where you didn't, did you find quick reversion of greys? Thanks.


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Posted by Anna (Philadelphia) on 08/19/2018

Vit B-12 and graying hair. I was taking B 12 (methylated and sublingual) 5000 mcg (which is rather A LOT) and since my husband was around I gave him one too. That was few days ago. Today I commented that his hair which turned silver gray more than a decade ago looked more like dark blonde than silver but I had no idea why. Tonight I came to EC for something else and found THAT connection. It worked!

Posted by Gdg (Dubai) on 08/05/2012

B12 deficency result in white hair. Take supplement for b12.

Replied by Dee

Leah says: Hi all, I've read on other online discussion boards that premature grey can be reversed with vitamin b12 and other b vitamins. One woman in her 50s reports taking b complex for other health issues and after a few months noticing her original colour coming back in. Also Dr Myhill notes early grey is an indication of b12 deficiency and the resulting anemia. Hope this helps. Nothing better than your hair being colored from within!

Replied by Naya

I have quite pale skin (I'm not the whitest in the world but I'm quite pale) Blue eyes and premature grey hairs. I've heard that blue eyes and premature grey hairs is a b12 deficiency that can result in having Pernicious Anemia. I have done plenty of blood tests in my life and nothing has shown up about anemia or low vitamin b12.

I just thought I would put this information out there if anyone has these symptoms and wanted to get a blood test and check it out.

Bee Pollen

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Posted by Mary (Nevada City, CA) on 03/06/2006

My husband and I started taking bee pollen over twenty years ago, we are both now in our fifties. We have our full hair color, but it seems like most of our friends are grey - or dye their hair. Many female friends 5-12 years younger tell me that they are more than half grey - so they dye to cover it. I've read that bee pollen sometimes restores color to grey hair. So I be live it is possible. we just feel happier and healthier on it - so we've kept it up. We let it slip this winter and then I got that wicked cold that is going around - the long one.

Replied by Dawn
(Deltona, FL)

I read a reply that by taking bee pollen has prevented to the growth of gray hair. I wonder if it would restore your natural color if you already have gray hair coming in?

Replied by Isis
(Miami, Fl)

I was wondering what kind of bee pollen you purchased. And also how is the dose you both consumed. Thanks.

Blackstrap Molasses

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Posted by Chloe (Singapore) on 08/14/2018

I'm 34 years old asian female with rapidly greying hair that was brought on by emotional stress. My grey hairs are all over the top and sides of my head; I'm about 10-20% grey now. It's not common for my ethnicity to grey so early and rapidly. Ive tried BSM 1 tbsp everyday and so far it's been 5 months with no improvement with my hair. The BSM I take clearly contains copper and other minerals. On top of that, I take b vitamin complex a few times a week, B12 daily, 2000IU of vitamin D (I'm deficient), and Maltofer iron syrup a few times a week (for my low ferratin).

What should I do? Should I switch to taking 2mg copper pills instead? I thought that a food supplement like BSM might be more bioavailable and hard to overdose. Should I add vitamin C to my regime?

Replied by Anon

You mentioned stress, maybe your adrenals need help. You could try hops, nettles, and other adaptogens. Let us know how it goes. :)

Replied by Chloe

Recently, I noticed about 5 strand of hair that has a white tip but black roots. Thats after 6 months of taking BSM daily, vitamin D3 etc.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Sandy (Madison, Wi) on 02/18/2018

I have been taking blackstrap molasses on my oatmeal every morning for about two months. I take about 2 tablespoons and pour it on top of my oatmeal. I did this because I like the taste of molasses and also because I'm anemic. I was looking at my hair this morning and noticed that I really haven't had new gray hair coming in, like I almost always do.

In addition to molasses, I take many supplements, including B vitamins and iodine. But I really didn't see this kind of result until I started the molasses.

Just in case anyone is interested, this is how I prepare the oatmeal. I put about a third cup of steel cut oats into a stoneware round dish with a stoneware top. I pour water into the oats and season with cinnamon and sometimes raisins and nuts. I place this stoneware bowl into a small, 1 quart round crockpot, make sure there's water around the edges of the stoneware insert, and turn it on at night. In the morning I have perfectly cooked oatmeal every time!

Molasses has also helped with energy levels, constipation, and better skin tone. I just feel better when I take molasses in the morning. If I skip oatmeal for any reason, I just stir the molasses into coconut or almond milk.

Replied by Tdp

Hi Sandy,

May I ask which brand of BSM you use? Thanks.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Tdp,

Not sure what Sandy it using but Golden Barrel is what I have used for my goats and had a remarkable return of normal color to their coat with it.

Sandy, thanks for the tips - I love your oatmeal preparation method!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Peggy

Golden Barrel is THE best molasses I have ever tasted.

Replied by Sandy
(Madison, Wi)

To Tdp who asked what brand I use, I like the blackstrap molasses at Trader Joe's. But any good quality blackstrap molasses will do!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Tlw (Birmingham) on 12/14/2015

Blackstrap Molasses for Grey Hair:

BSM always works for me, but I have discovered that, like most remedies, success is based on a lot of other factors. For example, I had anemia, which depleted a lot of nutrients and contributed to my grey hair. A big tablespoon of BSM and Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass or water met this nutritional deficiency, so my hair returned to its normal color. However, if you don't have a nutritional deficiency that would be improved by taking BSM, it might not make a difference. Three years ago, I lost 15-20 pounds taking BSM. My friends started taking it, and they gained weight! But again, it depends on other factors that vary from person to person. For example, I love sugary treats. At that time, I was eating out a lot, and I would always have dessert. But, when I started taking BSM, it satisfied my craving for sugar. As a result, I stopped ordering a slice of cake or pie with my meals, so BSM did help me lose weight because that tablespoon was replacing high-calorie, high-fat slice of chocolate or carrot cake, or apple pie, or whatever. However, none of those friends had a sweet tooth, and they never ordered dessert anyway, so when they took BSM, they were just adding extra calories to their diet. That's why some cures work for some people and not for others.

I've known people who took iron supplements and their anemia did not improve. However, they were taking iron in ferrous form (which is what most drug stores sell) and this causes constipation and is not absorbed by the body. Iron should be taken in chelated form. Also, it should be taken by itself, on an empty stomach, and caffeine hinders its effectiveness. But, if you don't know that, you will just say, "Iron supplements don't work for anemia." Unfortunately, your Dr. probably won't be much help. Once, I asked my OB-GYN for her opinion about Acidopholus for yeast infestions. She told me that's what she takes - but said she could lose her medical license for prescribing it to patients because it's not approved by the FDA. So she prescribes products that she woudldn't use herself.

I understand that that everyone is busy, but I encourage each of you to spend more time researching the causes of your conditions, and also research cures. If 100 people say, "Yes" you may have a different set of circumstances that would put you in the "Nay" category. Also, remember that nature usually doesn't work overnight. When you start a treatment, you need to be patient and consistent. And with most supplements, you need to drink a sufficient amount of water (not just a few gulps). I hope this helps.

Replied by Lj
(Los Angeles , Ca)

Be careful with too much BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES. It is ok once and awhile but it gives the body a lot of iron. And too much iron is not healthy. That's why people with too much iron in their blood donate their blood. Just to eliminate the excess iron.

xo L J

Replied by Tlw
(Birmingham, Al)

How to Identify the RIGHT Blackstrap Molasses

I don't think EarthClinic will let me post the brand name, but you need a brand of BlackStrap Molasses. (It is also "unsulphured" but I don't know if that makes a difference.)

However, the nutrient list on the back of the bottle should read as follows: 20% Iron, 17% Potassium, and 20% Calcium. Depending on the brand, these percentages might vary a little, but not much. That's the best way to tell if you're purchasing the right type. On ocassion, I've seen them at a grocery store, but I usually have to order online.

Replied by Will

How do you know how much is too much for males?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Robert (Swansea) on 11/03/2015

I was concerned that my hair was going grey at a rapid rate but within days of taking BSM my hair is thicker and darker, even to the point of after 3 weeks the ends of my hair were grey and the root is dark brown, my natural colour, I have even been asked if I have dyed my hair, I still have some grey hair but BSM seems to have turned the clock back.

Replied by Mother Earth


How much? What kind? How often? With what? Thank you!

Replied by Wieas
(London, Uk)

Hi Robert (Swansea). Very interesting post. I see you're in the UK and was wondering where you got you BSM from and what type you used. Thanks.

Replied by Pbateman7


I started to go grey in my head when I was 20-22, now at 29 I have many greys. What's bothering is that about 1-2 years back I started to get grey in my beard too. I do regular exercise and have a decent diet.

2 months back I started taking blackstrap molasses, multi-vitimains, c etc don't notice anything as such.

Please tell me if anyone had success with reversing grey hair. Tell me your personal stories or the ones you've seen not the ones you've read online. Appreciate responses.

Replied by Adrenalin1
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Which brand, how much do you take and how often?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Jeanne (San Diego, Ca) on 04/22/2015

Blackstrap molasses really fixes gray hair! This is what I've been doing:

I use Plantation Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses. You want a molasses with the nutrients in it. Some molasses is just for baked items and the iron and other nutrients are stripped from it. Just look at the label.

I take 2-3 tbs 3 times a day. Just wash it down with milk or coconut milk or something.

I saw results in 24-48 hours. I'm a brunette, and those short gray kinky hairs around my face softened and straightened out and turned light brown. After three days, those hairs darkened a little more and really blended nicely with the rest of my hair.

I stopped taking molasses for three days and on the third day, the gray gradually began to come back.

I think you have to take this every day to keep the gray away.

I hate taking the molasses no matter what it's mixed with lol...

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Jeanne, that sounds like a LOT of molasses.

Replied by Amber

So, you took 2-3 TBS 3x daily and it turned the hair back to brown? Or it began to grow back out brown?

Replied by Sharjeel

I have a blackstrap molasses unsulphured it says that it can be used in baking and cooking. Ss it the correct one? Plz answer.

EC: Yes, that's the one!

Replied by Reversing Grey Hair
(Bangalore, Karnataka)

I have bought organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses but that say 0% copper on label of the bottle.. will that works in reversing grey hairs or should I try for something else.. please suggest.. Thanks in advance

Replied by Guest

The post I'm replying to is two years old, but in case someone else wants to know the answer: You will know you are buying the correct molasses -- the one referred to on Earth Clinic -- if the *front label* on the molasses jar has the words "unsulfured" and "Blackstrap Molasses."

Most people use regular molasses, not blackstrap, for cooking because the regular kind is lighter tasting and sweeter. That kind also usually states on the label that it's unsuphured, but it is not blackstrap. If a recipe calls for molasses, do not use blackstrap molasses. Regular molasses makes great gingerbread, and spice cakes.

Just remember, if you're trying molasses for health reasons, only buy *unsulfered* *blackstrap* molasses. The front label on the jar will clearly state this. Many people say the organic kind of blackstrap molasses has more nutrients. Personally, I don't know about that, but maybe so. In my town only one store sells blackstrap molasses. It's unsuphured, but not organic. The iron content per serving listed on the label only reads 2%. You can order organic unsuphured blackstrap molasses online.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Troy (Australia) on 09/24/2014

I have replaced the sugar in my coffee with BSM, and have been having it in shakes. I have been doing this for 4 days and I SWEAR my greys are already disappearing. I am shocked! Its also a LOW GI sugar, much better for you than normal processed white sugar. You can 100% replace sugar with it.

Replied by Venezia
(New York, US)

what type of black strap molasses did you use? what brand?

Replied by Karan

How do I check if the molasses blackstrap I use is not fake? Plz answer.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

It is hard to give you an answer, but authentic molasses will have a "medicinal" smell, that is, will smell like a medicine, at least in my impression. It is also very thick, and when kept into a refrigerator, it takes about 20-30 seconds for it to descend to pour it on a spoon.