Natural Remedies for Gray Hair

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Eldoor (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 10/24/2017
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Greetings. I have been following the hydrogen peroxide therapy. First week sick as a dog. Second week back to normal. Using probiotics and water keifer. 4 weeks after using this I feel a lot better but the weird thing I noticed and my wife noticed, my grey in my beard was disappearing. The new growth came in coloured and now I am back to a nice darky shines red over the grey that I had.

Can anyone explain what on earth happened and why????

Replied by Toom

What exactly was the therapy? I can only guess your body started to react against the increase of H2O2 and continued after stopping your regimen. I am curious what you did.

Replied by Madi

I had read somewhere that hydrogen peroxide is what turns hair grey in the first place! That our body's make it naturally. I always wondered if taking peroxide would work kind of like the way to fix water retention is to drink more water... Anyway I found this interesting, so thank you!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, TN) on 06/20/2014


Been researching as usual and the topic is grey hair. At 78 I have little, whereas my wife was totally silver at 30. Hey, don't start that stress stuff. Anyways, the current theory is that the hydrogen peroxide you produce in your body does this trick because you lose a particular enzyme named catalase.

Now here is the fun part. Our Bill Munro at 89 had a head of hair like a teenager and no one in this world has inhaled as much hydrogen peroxide as he did. You can look his picture on the internet. Amazing. I bought his oxidation theory and also inhale hydrogen peroxide several times a day. One thing it has done is shut down the mushroom factory in my nose. I do 1 and 1/2% via my nose.

As Dr. Jacobs said about DMSO and double blind tests... Million dollar race horses don't know this FDA stuff, so if it works, they run. If is doesn't then they don't. I'm wearing that ditty out, but it's true.

Would like some of you wormy folks to address my postulate that inhaling hydrogen peroxide just may have the reverse effect on getting grey hair.

This should stir the pot pretty good.


Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Riki (DaLian, China) on 05/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have used H2O2 as a mouth wash and cleaning open wounds for nearly 40 years and it always work. I read about all the other remedies on this site! One idea I haven't seen is: I use shampoo out of a bottle until I can pour 100ml H2O2 into it. I have to shake the bottle when I want to use it. I have stayed blond and have no grey hairs and it keeps my scalp healthy.

Replied by John
(Kitchener, Ontario Canada)

I was wondering,the remedy for the h2o2 mix with the shampoo.Is this remedy good for just light hair, or is it good for dark hair also. thanks

Replied by Riki
(DaLian, China)

oh yes! 3%...I heard a hairdresser say that 30% is OK but I dillute it so that 100ml goes into 500/600ml. If my calculations are correct then it will work out about 0.3% in the shampoo. When I just brush it into my hair then I use 3% and I only keep it 5 minutes or so......I don't think I will keep it in for 30 minutes!

Replied by Riki
(DaLian, China)

I am sorry I was not clear. You can try two methods.

First I take a bottle of shampoo (i work in ml...hahaha 500ml or 600ml and use some until I can fit about 100ml H2O2 in the bottle, about a 1/4 cup of H2O2). I pour it in and shake the bottle. You have to shake the bottle everytime you use it otherwise the H2O2 comes out first (it is floating on the top). Wash you hair as normal and rinse it. If you can keep it on the hair a few minutes do so. If you keep it on very long like 30 minutes every time your hair will start to become lighter so be careful if you don't want the colour to change.

The second method is more direct and I use it when I feel my scalp needs rejuvenation. (I live in China and I think the water here is not clean and sometime my scalp ich from irritation or dryness). I then just wet my hair and comb in some H2O2 and leave it on to dry. It smells a little but when you then wash and rinse your hair it becomes very soft and shiny.

I have been doing this since the '70s and my hair is really in good condition. I am also happy to report that I have no grey hair! a nice side effect. Regards

Replied by Kim
(Toronto, Canada)
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Hi, Please remove the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE remedy from the gray hair remedy page. The same person put three YEA for using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE which will cause bleaching of hair.


EC: Thanks for letting us know. The Yea ratings were corrected to 1 YEA (our fault, not Riki's). This may be a good remedy for blondes, so we'd like to leave it up with your warning.

Replied by KR
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Hi Kim... I understand your concern about the original post but I am blonde and had great success spraying hydrogen peroxide both to give a natural blonde highlight to my hair AND to remove gray simutaneously. I found the original suggestion to add the H202 to the shampoo bottle very harsh for my hair and especially on my scalp but modified to the spray and have been doing this method with incredible results on and off for over a year now ;)

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Martin (Alameda, CA) on 08/27/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I used Bill Munro's inhalation remedy a while back. First thing I noticed was my hair was turning back to brown, from being silver/brown. Also noticed after taking it for the first couple times, when I breathed in, it felt like for the first time I was using ALL of my lungs. This is a VERY WEIRD FEELING ! It's as if your whole life you're only using half your lungs. One thing I want to add. Walgreens may not use stabilizers in their 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. If you look on their label, its not listed on there. All the other brands list stabilizers. I'm hoping that means they don't add stabilizers. Maybe other people can comment on this. Anyway, I stopped using the remedy, but only because I got lazy. But now looking at the sliver creeping back into my hair, my ego and vanity will take over and put me back on the regime. Sigh.........Oh well at least I'll beat all my competition on the tennis courts. Via condias Amigos. ----------- Ps. Another amazing cure for everything from Fibromyalgia to cancer is Glyconutrients. Look it up on the net.

Iodoral Iodine

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Posted by Helena (La Quinta California) on 10/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking Iodoral capsules about 2 months and my hairdresser cannot believe my totally white hair now has about 15% restored colour. Not my natural colour however, its dark brown. I used to be a redhead! However red hair does tend to fade with age. I wish I'd known I had sever iodine deficiency years ago, as I was 50% grey by age 35 and 100% by age 45ish. Red hair goes white not grey for some reason. Answer is yes. My hairdresser thinks its a miracle and said I have magic hair! She never saw this happen before. I am taking a fairly high dosage original reason was for heavy metals, fluoride, have amalgam fillings still.

Lugol's Iodine

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Posted by Bob (Gladstone, OR) on 10/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I use Iodine - Lugol's Solution: My grey hair and my dog's grey hair both are going back to our natural color. We've been taking in for 6 weeks now. I am 200 pounds and am taking 8-10 drops of Lugol's daily. My dog, at about 100 pounds, gets 4-5 drops daily

Replied by Kwesol
(Chicago, IL)
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It's great that the grey is regrowing as natural color, but make sure to watch our for your thyroid, as iodine overload can lead to hyperthyroidism and other problems, as well as refractory hypothyroidism. Strongly suggesting looking at daily allowance for iodine, as well as cutting out iodized salt and trying natural sea or Himalayan salt. Best of luck and health!

Replied by Kate
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

Actually we are rather deficient in iodine in our society. There are different forms and one to use is Nanscent Iodine. This deficiency affects all areas of our bodies. No one is suggesting overdosing and Bob is using a reasonable dose as those drops are very small from the droppers with quality iodine products. I've watched a number of integrative Docs speak about this deficiency and how it affects the ovaries (cysts) and so much more. Our society is over stressed with all the tech stimulation, jobs, finances etc. This also affects the adrenal glands. It is all connected and we need to slow down and rest more. God told us to rest for one entire day each week.... For good reason. Yes, sea salt is best and many who have switched and started to use it have seen improvement in blood pressure and more, our bodies need salt but with the minerals.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Kwesol, the daily allowances are for the most part useless! They were either set up thinking of only one health problem like rickets or else are set up to make money for Big Pharma so one can't really trust them, sadly enough!

Bob, it would be interesting to know what the ratio of your Lugol's is because there are several different strenghts! I have just started taking Lugol's and the company selling it told me that it was 7%, meaning 5% iodine and 7% potassium iodide. My husband who is a chemist looked at the label and told me that it is 10% p. Iodide. In Dr. Brownstein's book he says that one drop is 12, 5mg of iodine, my husband says that according to the label one drop is a little less than 3mg. What a mess..... People here have said that one drop is 6mg..... Anyway, after starting with one drop I am now on 3 drops a day with no side effects! No idea how many drops I should really take! Do you really think that your hair has gone back to its normal color? I hope mine will too!

Yes Kate, the droppers are also all different. Mine is one of those you take out of the bottle and squeeze, not the ones that is incorporated in the bottle. I think that namely because I was on the Pill for a number of years I am very deficient on a lot of important vitamins and minerals. Too bad doctors don't talk about that to women on the Pill? They should! I think that all the white spots on my skin, weak hair, bad sleep and much more is all connected to this!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, The Philippines)

There seems to be some confusion over the use of Lugol's Iodine. What people tend to always forget is that the drop dosage of say 50 mgs of 5% Lugol's Iodine per day is completely different from the same 50 mg drop dosage from say a 2% Lugol's Iodine solution.

A single drop of 5% strength, Lugol's Iodine -- where one drop contains 6. 25 mgs iodine -- would be about 8 drops. A single drop of 2% Lugol's Iodine would therefore contain only 2. 50 mgs of Iodine. So to get a 50 mgs dose from a 5% LI solution would be only 8 drops, whereas a 50 mgs doasage from a 2% LI solution would require 20 drops(2. 5 times more).

To help clarify this, here is a table that shows total Iodine content per drop for different % strengths of Lugol's Iodine:


Most historic dosages of LI refer to 5% Lugol's Iodine, whereas today, due to restrictions on LI strength, most Lugol's Iodine sold is at only 2% strength -- therefore the number of drops taken for an equivalent 2% LI dose of say 50 mgs will be much more.

This is important to understand in order to achieve correct dosages that you want to take every day.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Along with Bill's very informative response about Lugol's iodine, there is a free PDF download available from Stephanie Buist, ND, called: The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine.

She runs the iodine group on Yahoo that has over 5,500 members. Hope this helps. Cheers, Bess

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Hi Bill, thanks for your explanations. But what do you think about the Lugol's I bought then? They say that it is 12%, my husband who is a chemist says no, he says it actually contains 10% of potassium iodide, not 7%. If it contains 2.7% iodine per drop it isn't a 12% solution, is it? Right now I am taking 3 drops a day but I am utterly confused. And do you think that one should take it with the meals or not, divide the drops through the day or not?


Health Leads makes Lugols Iodine and iodide solution according to the Dr Hulda Clark recipe. Lugols contains iodine and iodide. This iodine in solution consists of 44g Iodine & 88g Iodide in 1000ml of distilled water. This equals a 12% solution.

Whats in our Original Lugols

Per drop: 5.3mg of Iodide and 2.7mg of Iodine

Per ml: 80mg of Iodide and 40mg of Iodine

Lugols is a iodine solution and contains 5% iodine and 7% potassium iodide in pure distilled water.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

I don't believe that an iodine overload will result in hyperthyroidism. In Dr. Brownstein's book, he tested over 1000 people with iodine. People took iodine and were then tested as to the iodine content in their urine. The more iodine in their urine meant it was surplus to the body needs. In other words iodine not needed by the body is justed taken out in urine. Excess iodine is not stored in the body.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Francisca... It is certainly true that the old lugol's iodine contained 44 gms of iodine and 88 gms of iodine per liter of solution. This might indeed give the impression that this mixture contained over 12% iodine.

But in your calculations of iodine/iodine content you have completely forgotten and not accounted for the content of potassium in the potassium iodide of the iodide/iodine solution. Therefore, to obtain an accurate determination of just the iodide/iodine only in the solution you must therefore subtract the potassium content -- which will give a truer and more accurate percentage of just the iodine/iodide content of you lugol's solution -- which works out to be about 5% iodide/iodine in an aqueous solution.

If you are trying to improve your thyroid using lugol's iodine -- you must also take, on a daily basis, all the supporting nutrients which are defined here for success:

* 50 mg Iodoral minimum for breast cancer (may start with 12.5 mg). Some practitioners may recommend another form of iodine such as a Lugol's solution. Iodoral is the Lugol's formula in tablet form especially designed to avoid gastric irritation.

* Vitamin C - 3,000 mg per day (more may be necessary to detox bromide).

* 300-600 mg magnesium oxide (Iodine Investigation Project participants prefer magnesium glycinate or magnesium citrate.).

* 200 mcg selenium. The selenomethionine version is preferred by many.

* 500 niacin (B3) twice a day (NOT niacinamide). Start lower to avoid flush. See update in left margin on the ATP Cofactors as an alternative.

* 100 mg Vitamin B2 three times a day. *See update in left margin on the ATP Cofactor as an alternative.

* A comprehensive vitamin and nutrition program.

* (Feb 2008) Dr. Guy Abraham cautions that "excess calcium supplementation (2,000-3,000 md/day) has been the most common cause of poor response to iodine supplementation. " Vitamin Research News Vol. 22. Number 2.


As well as the above support for iodine supplementation, I would also take De-Bittered Brewer's Yeast and L-Tyrosine in support. Brewer's yeast helps to synergistically support the B6 and B3 intake by the addition of full support of all the B vitamins in this manner. L-Tyrosine is also necessary, together with the magnesium, in order to help convert and store the iodide as iodine in the thyroid. By using these support nutrients you eliminate any other side problems that might be causing poor iodine/iodide absorption into the body and into the cells.

The above protocol also applies for other problems besides thyroid problems because this is a method to obtain whole body saturation of iodine/iodide(not just thyroid saturation). Therefore, supplementing lugol's with these support nutrients will also help to cure other problems not connected with the thyroid such as uterine fibroids, breast cyst problems and prostate problems in the body.

Bye the way, I have also discovered that De-Bittered Brewer's Yeast, due to its quite nutty flavour, makes a very pleasant satay sauce. All you have to do is just add a tablespoon or two to any sauce and it will add a delicious and unique nutty flavour.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Francisca... In answer to your other questions:

Right now I am taking 3 drops a day but I am utterly confused. And do you think that one should take it with the meals or not, divide the drops through the day or not?

The Iodine Project currently advises a daily dosage of between 12.5 mgs and 50 mgs of lugol's iodine. They say that 12.5 mgs of LI is enough as a maintenance dose once your body is up to the proper iodine/iodide saturation levels. But I much prefer to have excess iodine/iodide in my own blood on a daily basis and therefore take between 4 and 8 drops of 5% lugols per day(25mgs to 50 mgs). I do this because iodine in the blood greatly aids the immune system by killing 90% of all known pathogens. I also do this because iodine helps to chelate and remove cadmium, mercury, lead and aluminium from the body. Iodine also helps to solublize fats, helping to metabolize and remove unnecessary fats from the body. Iodine, when taken in large enough dosage, also acts like vitamin C in larger dose and helps to remove plaque from the arteries. It also has beneficial effects on bone formation helps prevent cancer, allergies and diabetes. I could go on but I think the point is made.

So there is really no need to be confused because iodine is so good for you. Up until WW2 medical doctors prescribed much higher lugol's iodine dosages -- 50 to 300 drops a day of 5% lugol's -- for chronic forms of asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. And it was successful because iodine is highly protective for the lungs -- T3, T4 hormones and iodine all have a propensity to collect in the lungs. Iodine is also a very useful anti-histamine because it blocks the conversion of histidine to histamine at higher dose.

In regard to when you should take iodine -- I always take iodine outside mealtimes simply because more is absorbed into the body than if you take it at mealtimes. In his experiments with Vitamin C, Linus Pauling discovered that he lost a third of his Vitamin C dose via excretion if he took Vitamin C at mealtimes. So that's why I take Lugol's Iodine outside mealtimes -- simply because more is absorbed into the body. Also best if you take the LI in split doses throughout the day and avoid taking LI at night because it tends to energize your body -- so you might have difficulty sleeping.

Iodine is lacking in all diets nowdays. Behind my house, in the shanty, I always advise the poorer people to buy seaweed in the markets(very cheap) here and put it into their rice and soups every day because goiter is a problem here in the Philippines and Lugol's is so difficult to find.

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Thanks for your comprehensive answer, Bill. So my husband was right and this Lugol's has 2, 7mg iodine per drop! That means that I have to take quite a few drops in order to get enough. Right now I am on 4 drops but that is less than 12mg a day. And do you have any ideas whether to take the drops all at once or spread out during the day?

I am taking most of the supplements you talk about, only the supplement I take has a lot less Vit. B2 and B3. As far as the Brewer's yeast you talk about, we won't be able to get it here in Europe. I take Lugol's in order to see whether I diminish the bags under my eyes which are starting to bother me big time, the quality of my hair, insomnia, cold extremeties, etc. I am not taking L-Tyrosine. Where I live right now they are not at all big on supplements, it is very difficult to get anything at all!

Replied by Francisca
(Zug, Switzerland)

Thanks Bill, somehow I hadn't seen that you had answered my question already of when to take Lugol's!

Replied by Susan
(New York)

Bill from San Fernando, Bill, can you clarify does it matter to take Lugol Iodine Drops with one cup or half cup of water, does it really matter ? I saw Ted's old post which he recommended to take Lugol/Vita C for insomnia comparing your post on not taking Lugol close to bed time because it gives you energy. Please help us to understand.

Thanks Bill!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Susan, ... Insomnia can be caused by many factors but perhaps the favourite cause is acid brain. The best remedies that you can use for insomnia are Ted's Lime/lLemon and sodium bicarbonate remedy or his Sodium Citrate and Potassium Citrate remedy which is also a good one. My own favourite is his carbicarb remedy which is more strongly alkailine and which penetrates the blood/brain barrier easily and will have a greater alkalizing and calming effect on the brain.

Regarding the Lugol's Iodine and Vit C remedy that you mention, Ted only uses a couple of drops of lugol's for this. I tend to use more drops(for different reasons) and always in a full glass of water outside mealtimes for maximum absorption into the body -- this form has a tendency to energize the body, so might affect sleep. Ted's method of using Vit C and lugols iodine will create a mildly alkaline solution of just ascorbate plus dehydroascorbic acid and potassium iodide because the elemental iodine in the lugol's will all be converted to iodide. The usefulness of this mixture is that the dehydroascorbic acid produced can cross the blood/brain barrier easily whereas ordinary ascorbic acid cannot. Normally the body has to use up some of its glutathione antioxidant to help convert the vit c to dehydroxyascorbic acid. So this is really a method of, on the one hand, making some of the vit c more available directly to the brain and, on the other hand, creating more iodide as a useful antioxidant. Both should have a beneficial and relaxing effect on the brain.

Also remember that there can be many other reasons besides acidity for insomnia. These reasons can be due to a lack of nutrients such as vitamin B3, too much calcium in the diet, too much stress, too much fluoride, too much chlorine in your shower and tapwater or too many heavy metals(affects the pineal gland in the brain).

I can't really explain it all here, but Ted has got a very useful extended explanation for all insomnia causes -- with cures -- here, which should help you to understand it all better:

Replied by Jac
(East Coast, Usa)

I regularly use 5 drops of Lugol's 2.2 10 drops of H202 in 8 oz H20, then wait 10 minutes to chase w/ 2000mg VitC powder a pinch of Baking Soda. This is my 'Wake Up' protocol... Should I just combine them? Vitamins come half hour later. ***Thanx!! ***

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jac... I would certainly not combine Lugol's Iodine(LI), Hydrogen Peroxide and Vitamin C together every day. Both Hydrogen Peroxide and. LI are quite reactive. If you combine Hydrogen Peroxide and LI together in an acid medium then this may form Hydriodic Acid -- a very strong acid. However, there are benefits if you combine Vitamin C with LI -- the elemental iodine in the LI will oxidize the Vitamin C to dehydroascorbic acid -- which is beneficial to the brain(Normal vitamin c cannot cross the blood/brain barrier). Also, all the elemental iodine in the LI will be converted to iodide. So, if you want to specifically get vitamin c to the brain or you want a larger dose of iodide as an antioxidant or to help recover just your thyroid, then combining vit c with LI is useful. But this form of iodine will not have the bodywide beneficial effects on the body as LI alone because LI, which is iodide and iodine in a solution of water, also creates Triiodide or I3- in an equilibrium reaction:

I2 (elemental iodine) plus I (ionic iodide)¢‡Œ I3 (Triiodide)

So with LI you get all three types of highly beneficial iodine which are all useful in different ways to the body. These iodine/iodide forms are beneficial because different regions, organs and glands the human body absorb different forms of iodine/iodide. For instance the female breast can absorb only iodine and not the iodide form. Same with the prostate. Other parts of the body -- like the thyroid -- can only absorb it as iodide. So you must have all 3 forms of iodide/iodine present to obtain whole body iodine sufficiency (not just for thyroid sufficiency). In fact, as has been proved through research, the body needs 100 times more iodide/iodine than the thyroid requires. This is why Lugol's Iodine is the best form -- because it has the right balance of iodide/iodine that is required for whole body sufficiency -- including thyroid sufficiency. I usually always take iodine in a glass of water alone outside mealtimes -- with nothing else. I would also advise that you do the same with hydrogen peroxide(HP). You can also take HP combined quite safely with sodium bicarbonate in water which will help alkalize your blood at the same time.

Replied by Jac
(East Coast, Usa)

Thanks Bill for all the useful information! Another question please, if I may; Is there any adverse effect you know of to combining the H202 w/LI? I believe Ted wrote they have a synergystic effect, but I don't want the mixture to deplete one form over another (iodide/iodine).

Thanks also for the warning- don't want any powerful acid here! ;)

Replied by Jac
(East Coast)

Sorry Bill- that last comment got posted accidentally...

Can you please tell me if it would be safe to take 10 drops H202 300mgs Vit C a dash of baking soda? Then take the LI in water 15 minutes later?

We absolutely want the fulls benefits of the LI, but trying to consolidate wherever possible as the opportunity to ingest during the workday doesn't exist.

You stated mixing the LI & H202 can create a powerful acid, but I've been taking it this way for a year and am wondering if I've negated the effects of the LI in doing so.

Thank you for your replies!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jac... Hydrogen Peroxide(HP) can be mixed with sodium bicarbonate in water and can also be added to the lemon/lime or ACV remedies that Ted recommends. But HP should not be added or taken at the same time when you take anti-oxidants. HP has pro-oxidant action which tends to neutralize the anti-oxidant action of vitamin c and LI(lugols iodine). Therefore HP should not be taken with any anti-oxidant at the same time.

Ted also recommends that LI can be added to Vitamin C(as Ascorbate) in solution. This converts the molecular iodine to KI and converts some of the Ascorbic Acid to dehydroascorbic acid(DHA). DHA is exactly the same as Vitamin C but has the added property and advantage that it is able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier -- ordinary ascorbic acid cannot do this.

For more on remedy combinations -- see this link:

If you have a job then you can still alkalize etc by:

1. Buy some sodium bicarbonate as tablets from the chemist and just take them with water at the approproate times during the day.

2. Get a small dropper bottle and put some of the LI in this and take it to work so you can also take LI during the day with some water.

3 Similarly using a dropper bottle containing a saturated solution of ascorbate (with or wthout the LI). Take this throughout the day as needed.

Some ideas for you.


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Posted by John (Pa) on 01/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I believe all disease symptoms and degenerative aging systems start with a mineral deficiency, so minerals are always first to be added to any cure. I've seen people lose their gray hair in a year and go back to original hair color in most cases.

Molasses, Wheat Germ, Vitamin C

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Posted by Donald (Washington, DC) on 04/22/2008
1 out of 5 stars

Guys I have tried the 2 tbsp per day (molasses, wheat germ, brewer yeast) and it does NOT work. If our DNA states that we will turn gray by let's say 35 then it is impossible to alter the genetic code. Think about it before you try buying and consuming these supplements.

Replied by Deborah
(Saint Augustine, Fl)

Re: 04/22/2008: Donald from Washington,DC. I think you should state that it did not work for you; as it has obviously worked for others. And since BSM has many vital minerals it certainly can't hurt! It may be as Kevin from NYC states you may be taking other things that are interfering with its' absorption. Understand too that families tend to eat similarly thus causing what appears to be genetics or heredity. I don't know specifically about graying in your twenties, but in other areas there is a correlation to familial diets and their individual health. As for me I'm going to try it. I could use the trace minerals and iron as well.

Replied by Sarah
(Baltimore, Md)

Hi Donald, I am not claiming to be a specialist on the theme here, but as far as DNA playing in to greying hair goes I think the scenario is more something like this: our DNA is what determines that around a certain time of our lives (average age 30 ish) the body will start reducing its production of or assimilation of the minerals that play major role in hair color. Reinforcing that mineral or group of minerals (this is the extent of my knowledge on the matter-I'm just referring to the principle of it) rekindles the 'coloring' process back on! On top of that just like deborah suggested, if for some reason it didn't work for you, you still did yrself a big favor by supplementing with many of the minerals our 21st century foods are depleted of.

Replied by Vince
(Toronto, Ontario)

It would be great if you could give more information. For example, how long you actually tried the remedy, general diet, digestion issues and other things I haven't thought of. If your digestion is poor then you may not respond to many things before it is improved. That could be why you have gray hair in the first place!

Molasses, Wheat Germ, Vitamin C
Posted by IQ (Worchester, MA) on 02/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Yes for Blackstrap Molasses/Brewer's Yeast/Wheat Germ.

REMEDY: Tried the blackstrap molasses plus Wheat Germ, Brewer's Yeast and Vitamin C multi-vitamin Ailment: Grey Hair 2 Tablespoons Blackstrap Molasses plus 2 Tablespoons Brewer's Yeast, plus 2 Table Spoons Wheat Germ, about 1000% of drv of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid Powder) plus a multi-vitamin.

Replied by Andrea
(Montreal, Canada)

I was wondering if the wheat germ should be taken raw or should I buy the toasted version? Are there any vitamin or mineral deficiencies when they are toasted?

Replied by Hasnaa
(Denver, Co)

has anyone tried putting this stuff straight on the hair as a mask?? I use wheat germ yeast eggs and yogurt on my hair and it makes it thick and healthy. I was wondering if adding BSM will help color the white hair.

Replied by Terri

Can you use magnesium ascorbate instead of sodium ascorbate due to sodium issues?

Mustard Oil

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Posted by Janet (Leicester, UK) on 11/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was astonished to find my 16 year old son had not 1 but over 23 grey hairs . On speaking to my Asian neighbour , she advised me to massage him daily before bed generously with mustard oil (available very cheaply from asian shops ).Then wash his hair in he morning . After two weeks not a single grey hair ! I tried the same on my self over 40 and over half of my head is grey .So far in one week there' is a marked decrease in the number of grey hairs.

Replied by Brian
(Surrey, British Columbia)

I am writing in response to Janet who says she uses Mustard Oil for grey hair. I am looking to find out what kind of mustard oil because everything that I have found is poisonous. Some companies won't sell it because of the hazard.

Replied by Jane
(Redlands, California)

You will be able to find mustard oil in any asian or indian grocery shop. It is very popularly used in India - esp north and east india. Hope this helps. I too am an Indian and have started having too manu grey hair suddenly and am only 27. I've started applying mustard oil and hoping it will help.

Replied by Simona
(Irvine, CA)

This is for Jane, on Mustard Oil, Hi Jane, you posted on 7-08 that you are trying the mustard oil..., is it working for you, and if so, how are you using it & how much?? Please share with the rest of us who also have pre-mature gray. Thank you! simona77 @


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Posted by Dot (Regina, Sk) on 09/24/2010
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Among the multitude of remedies for Grey hair listed on this thread, I have not seen onions mentioned. Onions work for me. Now in my late sixties, with barely a Grey hair, I average one small, raw, yellow onion a day, either in salads or otherwise. With a life style subject to constant changes, there are times, where my nutrition is not always guaranteed. One month with very few or next to no onions, will show up on my hair similar to tree rings - my normal colour, a whitish section, then normal colour, or another whitish section, depending on nutritional circumstances. This is my experience only, and simply and strictly anecdotal. I don't know how onions prevent or even reverse greying hair, all I know, it works for me. Onions, a household staple, inexpensive to obtain, may be the answer for those where other recipes don't work. Simply mix in salads, mix with mayonnaise, or what have you. Warning: Onions being a blood thinner, check with your physician if you are taking any blood thinning medications already. Do not exceed onion intake to more than a medium size yellow onion per day. Women may start to menstruate, even if beyond menopause.

Replied by Sophia
(Alexandria, Va)

How big of a "small" onion? Can it be a sweet onion? Organic or non-organic? HOW long does it take to reverse grey? thx

Pickle Juice

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Posted by Kathy (West Salem, IL) on 01/18/2007
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My mother always was into the pickle jar. She loved vinegar. She really never got grey hair because of this .so folks, eat the pickles if you want to keep grey away. Myself I began using soy protein and one day after washing my hair my daughter commented "Why are you dying your hair." I had just washed it this was a surprise to me to find that soy powder had done this. I also was using B complex so maybe that combination had some benefits too.

Replied by Diana
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I have eaten pickled foods all my life and am not grey yet. I believe it is the vinegar. I also took a lot of B vit. in my 30s. My younger family members turned grey long ago, so it's not hereditary.


Posted by Mog (North America) on 09/08/2018

Whole potato or potato peel for restoring grey hair to black?

My black hair is turning grey. Many sources on the Web recommend boiling potatoes and pouring the juice over your hair to darken grey. None of these sources say what type of potato is best, so I assume any type will do. Some sources say boil the whole potato and pour the water from it over hair, others say to boil the potato peel and pour the water from it over hair. Which is it? I'm thinking perhaps it's best to boil the whole potato so as to get nutrients from both the potato and the skin.

Sour Apples

Posted by Mark (Silver Spring, MD USA) on 03/02/2009

Read this on Yahoo. Scientists have appeared to have uncovered the reason hair turns gray; it's a low level of the enzyme, catalase. Researched that and came upon a web site, albeit hawking a product, discussed studies about apples. Three different studies, one in Russia, one in China and one in Spain, showed that, in laboratory animals, giving them an extract of sour apples increased their lifespan and for human application, eating sour apples(Granny Smith, for example)reversed gray hair. How many apples per day it didn't say and as I stated, this was from a web site that had an apple supplement to sell. I've started eating 3-4 apples a day. Let's see.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Wruku (Irving ,texas) on 03/25/2014

I would like to ask Ted about recipe for reversing grey hair with BSM, wheat grass, vitc and some asorbic acid.

Replied by Wruku
(Irving, Texas)

I have been emailing third time in the past 30 days without any reply. Does anybody replies for the question? Is this real site or fake site?

EC: Dear Wruku,

Ted rarely has time to look at posts on Earth Clinic these days. He's too busy treating people in Bangkok. You can try emailing him: [email protected]

Replied by Mike62

Wruku: I am sorry we did not reply. Please let me give you folk medicine 101 so that you can be aware. The Dalai Lama wears glasses. He has not been able to reverse his condition despite taking the best remedies all of his life. His body and brain are good but not his eyes. Many people have successfully treated greying hair with a variety of remedies. Many people have not been successful despite taking those exact same remedies. I have tried many remedies to regrow the hair I lost. I have not been successful. I have not lost any more hair and do not have grey hair. My two cousins are almost bald and have white hair. We are the same age. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything alright but I can not. Folk medicine requires studying and experimenting.

Replied by K
(Indianapolis, IN)

It's said that lack of Tyrosine is one cause of graying in humans and cats. I have a cat that used to have only one spot of gray on his tail tip and is now patched w/gray. Just started giving him various amino acids so have no proof of this.

I take Tyrosine and have no gray hair, of course that may not be why.

Replied by Cher

As far as growing new hair, I understand stem cell injections into the scalp can work. They take your fat cells from other places and somehow reprogram them to tell them to grow hair. No idea of cost or other details.

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