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Blackstrap Molasses  

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Posted by Maureen (Portland, ME) on 10/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking the blackstrap molasses to slow down the white hair growth. I think that has helped to some degree. But, what I have really noticed is my menstrals....much more pleasant. Less painful and not so heavy. What a pleasant surprise. Usually my breasts hurt too...but not this time. I think I will be taking this forever. Now, if my little white hairs go away...well, this would be perfect!!

Replied by Champ
Encino, California

Dear Keith.... From Boulder, Colorado... I read your article about Grey hair rid of... Please... Send me those minerals and supplements you have mentioned benefiting hair color... I appreciate your efforts...........Champ

Replied by Champ
Encino, California

Dear Keith.... From Boulder, Colorado... I read your article about Grey hair rid of... Please... Send me those minerals and supplements you have mentioned benefiting hair color... I appreciate your efforts...........Champ"

Posted by Dan (KC, MO) on 08/31/2007
1 out of 5 stars

Molasses: How long does this stuff take to work?? I've been doing 2 Tablespoons a day in the coffee for 4 months now and nothing. That one lady said she saw results in 3 months. I am also taking GNC B150, B12 1000mcg, and Apple cider complete vitamins for the last month. And nothing seems to be working. Im in my early 30s and have been struggling for years with this grey hair. Is it genetic?? I see old people who drink and smoke like trailor trash and they have no grey! Doesn't seem right. I eat right and exercise and Im the suffering from this problem. And whats that about HGH?? Thats like a illegal drug that bodybuilders take. And Peroxide? Thats just basiclly bleaching your hair!?! Im just growing tired of covering something so early in life. There has to be something that works!?!?

Replied by Kevin

Lol! hi,just reading these interesting comments on molasses,couldnt help but laugh(sorry)but the benefits of molasses is found in its nutritional value (vitamins ect.) coffee contains (((CAFFINE))) which is an (((ANTI-VITAMIN))) lol! so for month's you've been taking molasses and KILLING it's vitamins by stirring it in very effective HOT ANTI_VITAMIN KILLING solution!(namely coffee) and then drinking it to insure the water would help carry it's anti-vitamin agent to all of your organs to kill other vitamins recieved from other sources as well!(Did you know that the BRAIN also needs and uses certain vitamins to function correctly?)Which may explain why youve been repeating the process for months LOL! Even without adding the molasses caffinated coffee HELPS turn hair grey!Lol-don't tell me....you added sugar to help speed up the greying proccess even more right? Give yourself a fair chance to see if the molasses really works for you or not but don't "kill it" before its even had a chance to get into your blood steam!

It's like the millions of people (I won't mention the demographics) who go to lunch every day trying to be healthy by ordering a huge SALAD and then buying a DIET PEPSI to wash it down with LOL!!! Diet sodas actually have MORE CAFFINE than regular sodas OR COFFEE!!!so they just washed away ALL the potential vitamins they THINK they are getting by eating a huge salad.Perhaps adding the molasses to a daily oatmeal breakfast with honey is the better way to go-for one you can take more than a tablespoon and tolerate it better because you'll hardly notice the taste and you can add wheat germ to it also which is also beneficial to your goal.To make up for all the time lost on your "coffee and molasses adventure"lol maybe you can have the oatmeal TWICE a day and add 2 tablespoon of Blackstrap molasses each time -(it will also do wonders for you if you have any kind of high cholesterol problems (oatmeal does that you know).

Replied by Daldallvnv
Las Vegas, Nv

Dear Kevin from NYC, NY

From the research of Dr. Ray Peat, coffee (caffeine) is a benefit to the body.

Please cite the study (or studies) you are referring to that caffeine is a negative for good health. thanks

Replied by Jordan
Houston, Tx

This is pretty interesting about how coffee can be good for you. I'm guessing its important that you have it in moderation, because if not you can get addicted like I have. I read also though that caffeine can prevent the production of vitamin B12 - is that true if you drink only 2 cups a day or every few days?

Replied by Stephanie
Atl, Ga

In regards to the diet soda issue, it's not the caffeine that is destroying anything good they do, it's the artificial sweetener! I have read many studies on the topic from various reputable resources (I never take just one source's word for anything, always cross reference! ) It has been shown to actually CAUSE weight gain primarily in the abdomen. It has been shown to not only CREATE cancer cells, once they are created the chemicals then FEED the cancer and it grows at an alarming rate. It's poison and it infuriates me that I have to be so very careful and diligent about not getting any food with it in it, the first step in my personal choice to purchase (or grow) organic and even then you still have to read the ingredients to check for cholesterol, sat fat, SODIUM (thats the one I see the most of) but at least you dont have to worry about preservatives (shown to be the main cause of lower testosterone levels in men, which can lead to PSA, colon cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and ED! )



Another helpful resource; Best time of day to take vitamins...


Oh btw I found this thread when searching for which vitamins CAUSE gray hair. I have recently completely changed my lifestyle regarding nutrition, supplements and becoming more active. I just noticed a gray hair and upon closer inspection I found quite a few gray roots, the length of the new growth looks about like the the length of time since I have made these changes, the first was cutting red meats, sodium and sat fats. Eating more fish fresh veggies and lots of fresh fruit and smoothies with raw oats, blueberries, greek yogurt, ground flaxseed, scant amount of physllium husk, vanilla almond milk and organic protien powder. I have been taking 5000mg of Biotin for about a month to a month and a half now. I noticed my eyebrows growing back in first, they had bald gaps in them before and I had to draw them in with an eyepencil, then my hair seemed to be getting thicker. I am suspecting it may be an imbalance in the zinc and b vitamins. I am starting a b-complex supplement today in addition to my biotin, b-6 and folic acid with DHA among multiple other vitamins and supplements. Oh sorry to make this so long but another topic you should read is on this site is

turmeric (I can speak for this, IT WORKS! ! ! I had horrible boils come up fast and big and PAINFUL, in desperation to avoid the ER, a search brought me to this site and the topic on turmeric. I started it on Sunday morning (3 a. M. Edt) and it is now Friday and it is completely gone, only dark spots remain where the skin is still healing. Within 3 hours of the 1st dose I had incredible relief and 50% reduction in boils and some completely gone. H2O2 inhalation therapy. I have heard of this before. I have known someone using the ingestion method and she was visibly younger looking! I have been too scared to try it. I got all the supplies and followed the preparation instructions but have not really tried it yet. I have also just purchased some herbal tea for cleansing. My current dosing formula for blood cleaning, gray hair,

in 8 oz glass I combine (all ingredients are raw, organic and natural):

1 tsp ground turmuric
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/8-1/4 tsp ground black pepper (1/4 makes it a bit spicy)
1 tbsp honey
1-2 tbsp blackstrap molasses
2 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar with MOTHER (I have found only ONE that is not pastuerized, which kills it)
2-4 tbsp lemon juice (this works amazingly to cut the vinegar taste and smell! )
1/4 c boiling water (this helps melt the syrups and make it thinner for fast swallowing)

stir well and drink it down. I have found that holding your nose really does take bitter tastes away and sometimes I use less water so there is not so much to drink but since discovering the lemon juice its almost good! . I use chocolate almond milk to chase it, its thick and YUMMY and almonds are super good for you! Peace - May it begin with me. . . Steph

Replied by Barry
Burnaby, Bc, Canada

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks very much for all your helpful advice. I have been taking apple cider vinegar along with cranberry juice to try to rid myself of a large kidney stone (Just passed a number of small chunks recently after starting the protocol. ) so I know what you mean by the horrible acrid taste! ;^)

How has your vitamin supplementation helped you over the last while? Are you still taking the vitamins et al since this post?

Thanks, Barry

Posted by rhonda nelson2 (tallahassee, fl, usa) on 07/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I was just browsing through some of the information posted and wanted to add my "5 cents".

I should mention, if you do use blackstrap molasses to "blacken your hair" be careful that you do not develop a vitamin B3 deficiency, WHICH IS known as pellagra, which apparently is important for the diet for those with Lupus.

For the man who treated Lupus on a gluten free diet...take head, that this goes right back to a probable involvement of strep as this is the main bacteria that feeds on B-vitamins, as it is essential for them to live. This is especially true if you eat corn products because corn alone can induce pellagra if the corn has not been fortified(i.e.canned corn or corn on the cob, corn chips, or unfortunately for all its good intentions..organic corn producers that do not fortify their processed foods. If you have Lupus and you're going luten free and eating unfortified corn, you're inching closer to pellagra.This one instance where eating a wholesome food (corn) will give you disease (pellagra) if eaten in large quantities and it is not fortified.

Replied by Dunno

You scare people from eating corn that has not been "fortified", but fail to state precisely what the corn should be "fortified" with : "Genetically Modified Organism" chemistry, perhaps? Or perhaps some other manmade "process" that allegedly "fortifies" food, when in fact it so changes it's character that the body can't process it as food properly, and develops health-issues related to long term use of manmade chemical pharmaceutical by-products, I. E. Unnaturally occurring "Fortified" food-stuffs masquerading as natural foods.

Posted by rhonda (tallahassee, usa) on 07/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

About the blackstrap molasses and gray hair...it works. I tried if before ever knowing it could turn gray hair black..it was just something I noticed it did while taking it for another reason. Since then i have found out that early graying (is this you?) is linked to thyroid disease. just google "one gray hair and thyroid".

Also, one of Ted's posting about the pineal gland is one of the most informative things posted on this site. Calcification of your pineal gland can keep you struggling to recover from many illness. The melatonin from the pineal produced at the RIGHT time (one peak at night) is essential.

Has anyone heard of this cure all remedy...the urine cure. Has anyone tried it? Its tried overseas, one ounce daily i think? It sounds disgusting, but apparently has cured people from many illnesses, including terrible cases of tuberculosis, which of course is caused by a mycobacterium. Just Google mycobacterium, urine, and cure.

Also, for Lupus people, they tend to be sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies. I have personally found that simply not putting a cell phone or a cordless telephone up to my head greatly improved my autoimmune symptoms than just with diet alone. It turns out, electromagnetic frequencies also block melatonin synthesis.

Finally, if you have lupus and Raynaud's and live somewhere where it is cold, the Raynaud's is closely linked to low thyroid function on exposure to cold weather. Raynaud's has been cured by treated the thyroid. City tapwater has caused most of the lupus symptoms for me...its the pipes and the water that flows through them.

Replied by Faithful
Dallas, Tx


I am trying the blackstrap molasses for grey hair and I came up with a recipe that makes it taste really good. I am following the mixture of milk & water (both heated in microwave), and molasses as one of the previous person has noted on the website. It tasted good, but the smell of the molasses was still a little strong. I think if the smell is neutralized, it makes it taste better. I put in coffee cream (french vanilla) and a little bit of honey with the mixture and it really tastes great. it's also giving me so much energy. I'm so glad I came to this website to learn about molasses that is so good for you all around.

Will post more with updates. Today is my second day of using it and I will be replacing this with my in the morning coffee. The result so far is a lot of energy.


Faithful I am happy to hear you have more energy but besides the microwave use I am concerned that you are using the flavored coffee creamers to make it taste good. Faithful, that crap will give you more to worry about then a few grey hairs!! I don't mean to scare you but my hope for your better well being is that you consider stop using that artificial toxic "poison." I have read various health reports that creamers are at the top of the most chemically treated artificial products. It should truly be banned! I don't understand the FDA. I feel so passionate about how bad it is for us that I have also urged my friends and family to stop using it. You are better off with just milk and adding the molasses or honey to sweeten things. Almond milk and coconut milk are great substitutes. And while I am on my rant lol I hope you are not using splenda or any of those sort of fake chemically toxic sweeteners either!! It defeats the purpose if you are taking stuff that your body and hair can benefit from but zapping and canceling the good stuff out with "poisons". Anyway, I have said my peace and I just could not resist bringing to your attention a few healthful tid bits:) cheers to your health and no grey hairs!!

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Faithful, throw away your microwave... It kills all nutrients in foods. You are better off putting a little milk and molasses in a saucepan and gently heat it there. Do some research on the dangers of microwave cooking. You may as well eat cardboard if you are using a microwave.

Replied by Chris
Sydney, Australia

Hi Debbie, I completely agree with you on the use of microwaves. Not many people are aware of how long the Russians banned them for because they were not satisfied with the safety of them. I have always intuitively believed them to be dangerous and I would never own one despite recognising the convenience. For me saving a few minutes here and there is all well and good but it could cost you years of your life.

Deb I also was interested in your use of wheatgrass on another topic and if the benefits have been sustained? I have recently started taking it but could not find the brand you had hinted at previously even though I am in Sydney? My own view is that certain things may work for certain individual types and it is a process of figuring out ones own cure, I just hope it is wheatgrass for me too, that would be so great!

Replied by Ch33ky
Sydney, Australia

Hello, I just read your post, and I am really wondering if you are having any success? I was so horrified when I read the word microwave for your recipe. I wanted to suggest you research as to what a microwave does to the food, from my research anything microwaved changed the structure to be way too acidic for my liking. The other concern I had was the milk. But, I guess if this is working for you than you can really see how the power of the mind works which is great news and I hope it is.

Personally I gave my microwave to my neighbor, and although the stuff I am using to help my kidney and liver functions better tastes great with raw sugar and milk in it, I just can't see how those two substances are really aiding to the reversal of my grey hair. Fact with me is, I had heaps of hair! All the little blonde ones started to fall out and others were replaced with grey. I thought to myself, at least I didn't go grey at 33 like all my girlfriends (who loved wine and vodka), but now I'm thinking, I am not quiet even 40 yet, why should I be going grey at all! So, I am rubbing magnesium oil into my scalp, and taking this Chinese root which I boil on the gas stove for 20 minutes. I than use take the root and mash in with my mortar and pestle (made from copper) and blend it into my 15 year old dogs food to help with his kidney function, since recently he just started to go grey around the face. The root has a few names, and I do not believe it is bad for dogs as there is no caffeine in it, but it certainly has a nicer flavor than a coffee drink and it is doing wonders for my body Fo-ti. I recall showing my fiance one of my blonde hairs that was blonde grey blonde a year or so ago...so I KNOW you can reverse grey, it just might take a little time to get my kidney's working as that is where my problem lies. I guess we possibly might all be different I also need to get copper into my diet some how as I want to have a nice colour to work with as it starts to grow back.

Posted by Sharon (Saugerties, New York) on 05/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so very much for the terrific site -- awesome information! I have been following the remedy suggested for reversing gray hair for only the last four weeks and cannot believe it, but see dark hair growing in replacing the gray! What I've been doing each day is taking one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses on a spoon, one tablespoon of brewer's yeast mixed with orange juice, and one large tablespoon or wheat germ mixed with a small amount of plain yogurt along with a 1/2 teaspoon of sodium ascorbate mixed in orange juice and one capsule of chelated manganese. I feel extremely strong and healthy also. Will provide further updates!

Replied by Ak1
Scottsdale, Arizona, Usa
1 out of 5 stars

I have been taking 1 Tablespoon BSM in my morning tea for three months. I wish I had taken pictures before I started because I am not sure if I am seeing any results or not. I know that I am not getting more gray. And around my face there may be a greater percentage of brown but the crown is still quite gray and the bottom line is still must color my hair as often. I shall continue but wish I had greater progress to report.

Replied by J0hnn
Tooronto, Ontario, Canada

Please note that hair on the crown of your head grows an average of 1/2 inch per month and grows at a different rate than the sides. You might try adding some chelated zinc to your diet as low levels of this mineral can hasten the greying as well.

I used a combination of biotin, organic silica, and zinc to stop hair loss and to regrow hair that grew back in in my natural hair colour and not the grey/white hair that fell out.

Replied by Emme
New Tork, New York

What are the quantities of biotin, zinc and silica that you take?
Thank you for your response, EMME

Replied by Dr. Rima Liebow
Washington, Dc

I hope you all know about CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, the U.N./WHO project to do away with natural healing, health foods, vitamins, supplements by government control and pricing them out of reach by most people.

Replied by Tommy
North York, On, Canada

Hi Rima, Thank you for the link. It's up to us the people to stop this dictatureship against us. Wa are free to treat ourself the way we like and these pupputs goverments should side with the patients insteed of defending the big pharma. I have a friend who recenty left Montreal to Portugal for prostate cancer treatment. Even chimeo he couldn't get in Montreal ( he had to wait for the waiting list). Big pharma is patenting anything on earth so we cannot use it. They are patenting even herba extract so normal people will never see it. Plus they are pushing these puppit regimes to disturb the supplement market.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Tommy, maybe you would like to read the book I am reading at the moment, The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss (it is a book from the 80's but the reality has changed very little since then). You are right, we should have the right to get the treatments we choose, not have governments ban many of them and persecute people! But freedom is very scarce nowadays.....

Rima, there have been quite a few discussions on this site lately about the banning of supplements here in Europe as well. For us it will start in April this year! Supplements are already awfully expensive, this will only make it worse because only big companies will be manufacturing them. And the maximum amounts of vitamins and minerals will be lowered quite a lot but I am sure not the prices meaning that you will have to take a lot more and therefore will be paying premium prices to get what you need.

Posted by Mary (Dayton, OH) on 02/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

After reading here about black strap molasses and gray hair, I have been taking 1-2 tablespoons in my coffee each morning for a little over three months. I tried it in hot water and it was horrible. In coffee, it taste like a latte, and after getting used to it, I look forward to it every day. The first two months I noticed a difference, but wondered if it was my imagination or wishful thinking. Now at three months, I would say the gray is 70% gone, and my stylist is absolutely amazed. The white patch above my forehead is gone completely. I'm 40 yrs old, and was starting to gray rapidly, it was costing a fortune to keep covered. The first 2 months, my hair grew so fast, that the gray was showing quicker, but I'm glad that I stuck with it, the little bit I have left is hardly noticable, and I am hoping that in time, it will all be gone. I am so thankful that I read about this on your site, and will be taking it for the rest of my life. I have also noticed an increase in energy, and believe it to be the molasses also. Thank you!

Replied by Johan
Toronto, Canada

Are you taking anything else other than blackstrap molasses?

Replied by Souad
Meknes, 50000, Morocco

You need to be satisfied when you take this molasses. Because stress decrease gray hair.

Replied by Mh

Can you please give the name or brand of the Blackstrap molasses that you are using?

From what I know its the copper content in the molasses that contributes to reversing the hair color, and it seems not all brands have the copper in or at least not in a sufficient amount. Thanks.

Posted by Venice (Atlanta, GA) on 11/25/2006
5 out of 5 stars

2 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses cured gray hair. ENERGY BOOST. It took several months, but my gray hair along my hairline has begun to turn brown! IT WORKS! It's also a great energy boost. I'm a 40 year old female who weighs 120, and I leap out of bed. No aches; no pain. I have no health complaints because I use the following on a daily basis: blackstrap molasses, apple cider vinegar, yerba mate tea, cayenne pepper, cod liver oil, and MUCH PRAYER.

Posted by Patty (Bartow, FL) on 12/29/2005
5 out of 5 stars

Using blackstrap molasses, along with brewer's yeast and wheat germ, completely reversed the graying that had took hold of my dark brown hair. You could actually see individual strands that were gray/white turning brown again!

Replied by Susan
Hong Kong, SAR, China

Please state the quantities of your recipe, and did you mixed them with water or other liquid?

Replied by Raul In Ca
Goleta, Ca

"Please state the quantities of your recipe, and did you mixed them with water or other liquid?"

Posted by S (Boston, MA)
1 out of 5 stars

Hi. Not sure if I the odd ball on the planet, but, the molasses concoction to reverse grey hair DOES NOT WORK. I have faithfully been taking 2 TBS spoons daily since july 4th.....still have gray hair at the roots

Posted by Guilda (New Zealand)
5 out of 5 stars

Have just finished reading an old book on molasses and it contains not only most minerals our body needs but also all Vit.B complex properties and it is B2 to stop graying hair. Extremely beneficial for good health.

Blackstrap Molasses, Brewers Yeast  

5 star (2) 
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Posted by Cathy (Decatur, TX) on 04/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been coloring my gray hair for over 20 years. Decided to stop and try something natural. I went with the 1 Tb. molasses and 1 Tb. brewers yeast twice a day. Started about a month ago and not much change. I read that you need copper and my brewers yeast did not have copper in it. I changed to a different brand that had copper and now I am seeing more and more brown hair. I never would have believed it if I wasn't seeing if for myself. I am 52 years old and started getting some gray in my hair while still in my early 20s.

It works.

Replied by Rani
Burlington, MA

what brand of brewers yeast did u use?

Replied by Patie

No..no..no. all you need is chlorophyll!! Ive been coloring../highlighting my hair for several years. Im in my late 50s. But I've also been into healthy eating. I always knew chlorophyll was a good thing. About 3 or more months ago I faithfully began drinking chlorophyll everyday. I drink bottled water at all day...which means I pretty much drink chlorophyll all day long as I add it to my water. I swear everytime I drink the stuff..I feel like my skin is tightening up..strange but true. I don't crave sweets, no more constipation, not always hungry...and the best thing of all that I noticed this morning is my hair! I had it colored with blonde highlights (i am brunette) on July 7th. So I have almost an inch of new growth which is about 95% dark...usually I can easily see the grey! I cannot believe it...it has to be the chlorophyll! I've recently..about 2 weeks ago added Biotin to my herbal intake..but I know it's the chlorophyll...amazing and am so happy.! It must be doing other great things as well :)

Replied by Patie J.

No..no..no. all you need is chlorophyll!! I've been coloring../highlighting my hair for several years. Im in my late 50s. But I've also been into healthy eating. I always knew chlorophyll was a good thing. About 3 or more months ago I faithfully began drinking chlorophyll everyday. I drink bottled water at all day...which means I pretty much drink chlorophyll all day long as I add it to my water. I swear everytime I drink the stuff..I feel like my skin is tightening up..strange but true. I dont crave sweets, no more constipation, not always hungry...and the best thing of all that I noticed this morning is my hair! I had it colored with blonde highlights (i am brunette) on July 7th. So I have almost an inch of new growth which is about 95% dark...usually I can easily see the grey! I cannot believe it...it has to be the chlorophyll! Ive recently..about 2 weeks ago added Biotin to my herbal intake..but I know its the chlorophyll...amazing and am so happy.! It must be doing other great things as well :)

Replied by Careah
Fresno, CA

Can you please share with us how much chlorophyll you consume each day? And if you can share what brand would be very helpful. thank you.

Replied by Beatrice
Mississauga, Canada


Most people don't know that chlorophyll supplements contain copper. It's usually stated in the ingredients list as chlorophyllin copper complex. Since it has been repeated multiple times that copper supplementation can help reduce gray hair, this might be the reason why chlorophyll helps as well.

Posted by Aarah (Stroud, Gloucestershire) on 10/01/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I am a bit confused over the apple cider vinegar and baking soda. At the moment i am taking blackstrap molasses and brewers yeast to reverse grey hair , it seems to be working very well so far, but i also take acv. I have been told that baking soda robs the body of b-vitamins and so if i do put this in my acv, would it take away all the b vitamins i am taking from brewers yeast and bsm? I would be gratefull if anyone can answer this one for me as i would like to add baking soda to my acv but will hold off for now untill i get some advice.

Replied by Joan
Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada

In response to the use of baking soda with apple cider vinegar, that combination is more for weight loss. I have two daughters who were born with white hair and they have slowly added more, I have no way near the white hair they have. The organic molasses we have is unsulphered - blackstrap...but does not have copper in its ingredients...is this the wrong one?

Chlorella, Spirulina  

5 star (1) 
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Posted by Elodie (Melbourne, Fl) on 09/15/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am 34 now but started going silver when I was 18. Taking chlorella and spirulina have both reduced my grey hair dramatically. I tend to only take it in the warmer months in my smoothies. My hairdresser didn't believe me, was adamant that nothing reverses silvers, but I plucked one off my head and showed him the proof from the strand that was dark at the root and silver on the end, and he knows I don't dye my hair, and he was amazed! Says I am "a miracle of science."

Replied by Amy
Los Angeles, Ca

Elodie, can you tell us how much you take of each? Is it in tablet or powder form? Which brand or if you can't say which one, then some kind of hint as to which one or where to buy it? Also, how long until you saw results? Thanks!


5 star (3) 
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Posted by Pamann (Clermont, Florida) on 07/27/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Took organic unsulphered BSM for months and did not notice any difference, in fact, more gray hairs than ever seemed to be coming in. Purchased some chlorophyll just to try out, and my gray hairs are all but gone. And now my hair is a deep, shiny chocolate brown, healthier than it ever was before. I take one to two tablespoons a day. I believe it is the copper that is helping me. I use Nature's Way Chlorofresh, in case anyone is interested. Have been taking this for about two months. This may not work for everyone, but it sure has for me.

Replied by Bf
Moncks Corner, Sc

In what form do you use chlorophyll and how much?

Replied by Nour
G.b, Mauritius

What is Nature's Way Chlorofresh. Where is it available? I have been using black molasses for almost a year but no results regarding my grey hair. It's still there in large quantities. I don't know if am using the right molasses. It's the only that is available in Mauritius. Can I purchase blackstrap molasses from other countries? How. Please help.

Posted by Ryein (Michigan) on 08/01/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Gary Null says to drink chlorophyll every day. That's what he does and doesn't seem to have a gray strand of hair on his head. I'm going to do that and I let you know how it works.

Replied by George
Lanesville, United States

It's worth a try. I may add chlorophyll to my anti gray hair regimen, which for now consists of blackstrap molasses, biotin, and 100 mgs of zinc. I just started this regimen 2 days ago, so it's much too early to gauge how it works. I haven't tried the Brewer's yeast yet as so many others have. I'm still up in the air as to whether I'll incorporate that as well, first I want to see how the above mentioned works before choking down Brewers yeast and orange juice. Regarding Gary Null, I've seen him in person several times, and while he has a good full head of hair, it's kind of a weird looking color when you see him up close. If I had to guess, I would think he uses some kind of dye. On the other hand, he certainly has plenty of hair for a guy whose age I estimated at around 67.

Replied by Alorah
5 out of 5 stars

I am a big believer in chlorophyll to keep the hair from turning gray. I have been a user of green juices for about 7 years. I notice that if I stop taking them for a week or so, a white hair will pop in. As soon as I start the green drinks again, the white hair will literally change back to its normal brown within days. Chlorophyll drinks carry lots of oxygen to the cells removing toxins. They also have lots of minerals so they will bring the copper and zinc in also.

The other thing I notice is that if you have a very stressful life, you will need a higher amount of these juices. So for me, I need to up my green juice quantity when really stressed. Another good side effect of the chlorophyll is that my skin is radiant with literally no wrinkles at all and I have lots of energy. I'm in my mid 50's and most people think that I am at least 10 years younger.

Replied by Kt
Irvine, Ca

Hi Alorah, Would you please tell us what kind of green juices are you drinking? Are these fresh? Do you have a juicer at home? If so, what all do you add? Do you take Chlorophyll powder and add to your juice? What in the world do you do? If your juice is ready made, what are its contents since this website doesn't allow you to name the product. Thanks a lot for shedding any light.

Replied by David T.
Pago Pago, American Samoa

Talofa- I'm new on the site but am very grateful for all the information. Just one question- what is the actual quantity of chlorophyll used and how much water or fluid is used for the mixture? Or is it taken straight. How often during the day? Thanks everyone for your feed back.