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Posted by Diane (Framingham, MA) on 08/06/2013

Hello Ted, Nice to see you back. I have hep-c and peripheral neuropathy. I have just started taking sunflower seed lecithin after taking soy lecithin for about 2 years with no results. I take the lecithin for my neuropathy. Now I read that vitamin E is not good for hep-c and sunflower seed lecithin is high in vit-E. I also take a ton of other supplements for both issues... Any feed back on this? I take 3 grams of fish oil and 6 grams of sunflower seed oil a day. Lastly why does vitamin e make me very cold?

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Diane, 4 years ago I read a book entitled raw chocolate is the best food in the world. I have been taking raw chocolate all that time. Yesterday I read an article by the gurus of the raw food movement that said that was not good. There are not any animals who eat the stuff. After reading your post I searched vitamin e causing cold and got nothing. Then I searched vitamin e side effects. Taking a typical vitamine e supplement is not good. There are 8 vitamin es. Alpha mops up free radicals. Gamma prevents inflammation. Too much alpha interferes with gamma. The tocotreinols can be taken in low doses because they are more potent. Low doses of alpha are good when all the vitamin es are present. The best way is too soak raw nuts and seeds in sun dried sea salt water for 8 hours. Almonds require 24 hours. I soak mine in non gmo red miso. The japanese add sun dried sea salt to their miso during the fermentation process. The salt increases enzyme activety and soaking neutralizes the antinutrients. This is the proceedure our hunter gatherer ancestors employed. The phenols in the nuts and seeds increase the beneficial effect of the vitamin es. The daily dosage recommended by the raw foodists is 60 grams. The raw nuts and seeds also contain polyunsaturated oils and protein. My favorite is black chia seeds for the omega 3s.

Posted by John (Brisbane, Qld Australias) on 06/28/2012
5 out of 5 stars

High good people, I was searching on the net for a natural remidy for Hep C, found a blog on vitamins for hep c so thought this might help so went down bought some. I got zinc sulfphate, L-Lysine 500 mg and vitamin C I also have emphysema both diseases have improved out of sight. I take them three times a day. I hope this helps someone. good luck

Replied by Barbara

How much of each?

Posted by Kathy (Camarillo, Ca) on 12/29/2009
4 out of 5 stars

My husband has been suffering from Hep C since 2001...thats when it became symptomatic. We think he contracted in college in the 70's. He is 59 years old and we have managed to control the symptoms so he can lead a very normal life. He did one round of interferon for 11 months...which really damaged his body in other ways, but didn't get rid of it. He is taking a whole food supplement that is dehydrated fruits and vegetables. When we started him on it, he was taking 6 vege capsules in the morning and 6 fruit with dinner or after. Since he started taking these, he no longer has the Hep C tiredness, brain fog and achiness that was with him for so long. He has been on the product for about 5 years now and is back to working full time and teaching tennis on the weekends (his love). If he forgets to take it or gets stubborn and doesn't take it....the symptoms come raging back. He now takes 3 vege in the morning and 3 fruit in the evening...it seems to have a cumulative effect and he doesn't need so much now.

I don't want to say the name because I love this site and it has asked me not to, but if someone wants to know you can email me at [email protected] You can only get this product through a distributor. I am a distributor, but only to buy my own product cheaper. I don't really sell it to other people. You probably know someone who is selling it already or I can give you the website.

It hasn't cured the Hep C, but it has given me my husband back.

Replied by B
Vancouver, Bc Canada
5 out of 5 stars

My husband contracted Hep C in London, England several years ago. I have taken my knowledge of immune system enhancers and natural healthcare, and through consultation with alternative care practitioners to take him from a relatively low viral count to almost nothing, while suffering no side effects. We expect the hep C to be completely gone and will keep you informed. He has been taking a steady dose of 4 Olive Leaf, 6 Curcumin, 2 Lactoferrin, 1 IP6, 2 Bell Lifestyle Stem Cell Activators, 2, 000 Omega 3, 1 N-Actyl-Cysteine, Superfood Greens, multi B vitamins, 2,000 Vitamin C, Kidney detox tea (Bell Lifestyle) - daily. Also, no microwave foods, no coffee, limited dairy, no processed foods, organic foods as much as possible. All the best.

Replied by Vj
Victoria, Bc, Canada

Hello B: Can Lactoferrin, 1 IP6, 2 Bell Lifestyle Stem Cell Activators & 1 N-Actyl-Cysteine all be purchased in a health food store, or did you purchase these supplements online through a distributor?

Thank you

Replied by Not1ofu
Fresno, California

I read somewhere that during the cold war the Russians were working on an antidote to biological weapons. The research was done in Bulgaria, the substance was "a supercharged version of lactobacillus bulgaricus" a probiotic. The article stated that it easily wiped out the HCV. Curious..

Posted by Ann (Palmdale, Calif USA) on 03/12/2009

Vitamins to take for hep c? i've just recently found your web site. have been looking up holistic medicine for my husband who has hep c. he's thinking of starting the interferon treatments and is going to start them soon. was wondering what you would recommend as far as vitamins goes. the doctor said that he was gonna put him on treatment for 3 months to see how he does. was told he only has about a 30% chance of it working. i'm worried that in the process of this treatment, that he will have other side effects such as thyroid problems and it effecting other organs. your feedback would be much appreciated.

thank you,


Replied by Survivr
Tucson, Az

Ann, Did your husband go on interferon treatment and how did it go... 60yrs old, I have had hepc for 20 years and just found out 7 yrs ago.... They want me on treatment but I am afraid of side effects and no results... It is brutal I hear... I have been maintaining with diet, supplements, and small exercise program as I am usuallly consumed with the thoughts that are exhausting... I ride a bike and swim


Replied by Art
Vancouver Bc., Canada

Dear Anne from Palmdale.

I caught your post as I was sitting up waiting for my Oxycontin to kick in. Have you not read about all the side effects of the treatment they want to put your husband on? He will be worse for wear and I can pretty much garantee it will not work. He has a much better chance using the BHT and related vitamins with it. It is dirt cheap and a healthy alternative. I wish I would have discovered it when I found out I had hep c. The choice is yours and if he does do the conventional treatment he will probably be looking for anothr cure any how. Look in the ailment tab under hep c and read about all the people using the BHT method. It has even cured stage 4 liver cirhosis. I am currently taking it and fortunatly it has reversed most of the side effects from the interfuron treatment which didn't work, needless to say. The BHT has dramaticaly reduced my Liver Function Test numbers to near normal range. I am expecting to report a cure soon. I wish you well in your endevor.


Ted's Remedies  

Posted by Crystal (Hawaii) on 12/30/2013

Question for Bill from Phillipines. In a 04/08/2010 post from Ted from Bangkok he mentions a protocal that I would like your opinion on. He says to take ibuprophen and lysine for hepatitis c. He says to take 200 mg Ibuprophen 5 straight hours a day along with 1000 mg lysine for a week. At the end of a week stop ibuprophen and continue with lysine for a month. At 1000mgs at 5 hourly doses per day.

I hear bad stories about ibuprophen yet I was given 800 mgs per day in 3 doses for six months..YES 800 mgs 3x per day for severe whiplash in a car accident..in 1994..I got hepatitis c in 1969. When I got my enzymes checked in 2003 they were normal until I was talked into a biopsy which sent my enzymes up to the mid 300's...What do you feel about Ted's protocol as I also hear lysine might not be the thing for hep-c..Sometimes science finds different results for different health protocals. Thank you for reading....

Replied by Bill
San Fernado, Philippines

Hi Crystal...Concerning Ted's Hep C cure using Lysine, threonine vitamin c and glutamine, as he states in this post he does use ibroprufen for 5 hrs a day for only a week. He uses the ibroprufen because it rapidly helps to kill the hep c virus. Aspirin also kills enveloped viruses. On that page he also states that he always tries to adjust a remedy to the sufferer, sometimes using aspirin or bloodroot instead. There may even be occasions when Ted would not use ibroprufen against Hep C. This really depends on what else is wrong with the person he is helping. We are not clones after all -- we are all different.

I also trust Ted because he is a qualified biochemist who has obtained his qualifications at American Universities and he has also worked both in the US food industry and in the US medical drugs industry in America. In fact I would far more trust Ted's judgement on drugs than any doctor's limited opinion because doctors do not know the biochemistry and dangers of drugs and chemicals. At their worst, doctors are really just salesman for the drugs companies whose treatments for chronic diseases in particular are mostly very expensive and only ever palliative (with no real cure in sight -- just disease accommodation). Also please remember that Ted gives his advice for free and, also unlike many doctors, his only focus is actually on curing people. That is his only motivation. Furthermore, Ted is not a particularly rich man (unlike most modern doctors and specialists).

I have never had occasion to use ibroprufen, but I regularly use aspirin, lugol's iodine, lysine, hydrogen peroxide and turpentine in my own protocols. If I said this to any regular modern doctor then he or she would probably scream poison despite the fact that I am extremely healthy for a 63 year old man.

Lysine is an amino acid -- in other words it not a drug but it is food. Lysine is found in many foods and is an essential amino acid for the body. Lysine in the body helps to raise the seratonin levels or the "feel good factor" of the body which also tends to stimulate greater production of macrophages and T-Helper white blood cells of the immune system. These entities are particularly useful for fighting viruses in the body -- which includes Hep C, Herpes etc.

Unfortunately, you wont find any double blind placebo testing or research on ibroprufen or Lysine killing viruses like Hep c (I know this because I've searched for it). But any competent and honest biochemist such as Ted will already know this as a fact because of their biochemical training and knowledge.

Replied by Crystal

Bill, Thank you very much for the quick feedback. I certainly respect Ted's input and I think I speak for all the people he has helped when I say we wish he will resolve the current issues that plague him and get back to curing without drugs.. I also have peripheral neuropathy and would like to know if the Ibuprophen + lysine protocal would bother it. I have tried EVERYthing on all sites and it's only progressing and is now in my thighs from my feet and calves. Horrendous pain. I believe the hep-c caused it and am now fopcusing on cureing that and maybe the PN will go away...far away...Thank you again.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

If you are wary of taking Ted's remedy for Hep C -- you could perhaps try the BHT remedy that Oscar recommends here:

BHT Remedies

This remedy works well against most strains of Hep C with, perhaps, the exception of certain type 1 strains.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

BHT works exceptionally well for the hepatitis C type 1a and 1b people. The vast majority of our success stories are the HCV type 1a and type 1b people because that is what most people are infected with. It has also proven to work well for HCV type 2 people.

See this post: http://earthclinic.com/cures/viral-hepatitis-treatment-by-oscar.html#BHT

There are many other success stories posted for success with the use of BHT to treat hepatitis C genotypes 1a and 1b posted in this forum and others....Oscar

Replied by Crystal

Hello Bill from the Phillipines, I'm going to start Ted's hep C protocol tomorrow with Ibuprophen and lysine. I'm somewhat confused. Ted mentions taking Ibuprophen 6X a day then at the end of his post he says 5X a day. Also is this just a one month protocol. Thank you VERY much.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Crystal...Just take the ibroprufen dosage at 5 times a day. Take this every day, as Ted advises, for one week only, then just continue on with the lysine dosages for the first month. Thereafter, just follow the lysine dosages that Ted recommends here -- this will depend if there is or is not great improvement after the first month.

Please also note that Ted also states (at the end of the post link above) that the whole protocol may be repeated if necessary.

Posted by Dianne (Bridge City, Texas) on 02/27/2012

I ran across this website while searching for info on HCV. The first thing I read was a description of a Angolan Soldier that allegedly contracted HCV from a tick bite. The description included symptoms appearing way to early to be related to the disease (it takes about 20-30 years for the disease to multiply enough to do noticable damage) with symptoms like "dark urine" that did not resemble Hepatitis C at all. This is a quote from the post, "Upon checking with his doctor, the doctor said that if you got black or dark urine, you got Hepatitis C." That doesn't sound like a very scientific diagnosis to me. Who is Ted? Are any of these remedies fact checked? I use alternative medicine exclusively but I am afraid to trust what I read here after reading that uneducated sounding piece of advice. I really need reliable trustworthy information to help me deal with this disease. I would appreciate any input on Ted or this article found on this page: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/hep_c.html#CSHP

Replied by Mario
Montreal, Canada

Hi Dianne, I have hepatitis C too and I went to another part of this site, where someone called Oscar comes with rational informed comments and a treatment approach wich are based on a tremendous personal experience and information gathering. Here is the link: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/BHT.html

Replied by Maria
Gippsland, Australia

Hi Dianne, Why do you say it takes 20-30 years for the disease to multiply enough to do noticable damage? What I have read many times is that it can take 20-30 years for symptoms. But some do indeed see them much earlier and according to pubmed the average is 15 years, so that means there is a range of different times and for some its not long. Plus its usually spoken of in regards to the serrious damage eg. Chirrosis.

"Early symptoms of hepatitis C often resemble the flu. Hepatitis C symptoms include fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea, fever and dark urine. Jaundice, yellowing of the skin and eyes, may also occur. Symptoms of hepatitis C are fairly mild during the initial stages of infection." This is from: http://getstdtested.com/hepatitis-c-symptoms

It does not matter where you read something it always pays to do more checking if it is new to you or your gut says I'm not sure about that. Sometimes we posters may not have the whole answer or have a bias for certain remedies or we think that there is one cause of a symptom when there actually may be more. We post because we care. All the best in finding your path to help.

Posted by Health Investigator (Houston, TX, USA) on 05/04/2009

I have a question for those with remedies that worked for HCV. Which genotype do you have? I know that genotype 1 is the most difficult to control? Ted do you have genotype 1?

MMS (chlorine dioxide) worked for awhile-- it really brought the viral load down 25%.It took severla months. However the thyroid TSH levels went way out of wack. Ozone looks promising howeve rthe test results have not been back yet.

I have a suggestion: if a cure is posted, plese add the genotype. Thanks!

Viral Load  

Posted by Diane (Framingham,ma.) on 11/12/2013

HCV and viral load: Oscar, I recall a post where you said something about viral loads and something about when it's under 200,000...I can't find it anywhere... My viral load is 161,000 and was 5 million a couple of years ago...Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you and congratulations for helping people without drugs..

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Diane from Framingham Mass., Yes Diane, 163,000 is well in the LOW zone regarding viral load counts for hepatitis C. Here is a link to a chart and other information about viral load counts for hepatitis C:


Please tell me if you are using the BHT treatment or not. People need to know what treatments are working for them. Sincerely, ...Oscar

Replied by Diane
Framingham, MA

Hi Oscar, I have taken BHT but it made my heart race..I am going to give it another try soon though. I take Benfotiamine because I also have neuropathy. It's a fat soluable form of B-1..I take 300 mgs/3/ day..total of 900 mgs...It draws iron out of your liver which stops the virus from replicating...I also take 600 mgs of selenium plus eat 4 Brazil nuts a day..Selenium also draws iron out of your liver...The B-1 give me energy as well, which may be the result of my low viral load. Thanks for the feedback...Continue what you're doing..

Posted by Fatchabrute (Tucson, Az) on 03/24/2012

Oscar, I understand the viral load numbers, the type of test, the IU/mL are complicated to determine. Perhaps you can calculate what this information below means:

Both my tests were done w/ COBRA (R) AmpliPrep TagMan ® HCV Test Kit (Roach Molecular System. Inc)

The first test [=HCV RNA PCR QUANT out of range 2110000, reference range <43 IU/mL

HCV RNA PCR OUANT out of range 6.32H.. Reference range <1.63 LogIU/mL.


HCV RNA PCR QUANT... out of range 837930 IU/mL...reference range(43

HCV RNA PCR Quant ... Out of range 5.92 log IU/mL....reference range (1.63

I believe it mentioned Genome 1????.. not that that matters.

Are the numbers, the raw numbers that mean what they say, or do you need to multiply something x something to get the vl number? Or to compare them?

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear fatcha brute, I found a link to this website that has the most easily understood explanation for what these viral load counts mean. Now your viral load count is less than 1, 000, 000. That puts you in what is considered the LOW range as discussed here: http://www.hepatitis-central.com/hcv/hepatitis/loadchart.html

Also, it is good hearing from you. There is that BHT CURES I encouraged you to join here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/BHTcures/

This is a way of staying in contact with people trying the BHT treatment for viral diseases. But your participation in the Earth Clinic forum is important. You are an Earth Clinic Hero. So, whether or not you choose to join the BHT CURES group, do, please keep posting here....Oscar

Vitamin E  

Posted by Christopher (Brooklyn, New York) on 02/26/2013

I have been searching for more information concerning vitamin E and how it enhances the replication of the HCV virus. I found that resveratol also does this. Below is one of the links I found. If there are any others, please let me know.


Kind regards, asianteasets

Vitamins And Hep C  

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 05/16/2013

U of Naples study about vitamins and hepatitis C. Here is a link to this important study:


EC: Thank you, Oscar! We copied it into your previous post as well.

Replied by Susan
San Francisco, Ca

I clicked on this link and my computer turned off.

EC: Hi Susan, we just tested the link on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and had no problems. You may need to have Adobe Acrobat installed in order for it to work.

Vitamins B12 and D  

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 02/14/2013

An important newly published study from the University of Naples shows vitamin B12 and vitamin D to be of great benefit for HCV infectees. This same study states taking vitamin E enhances the HCV viruses' ability to replicate and should NOT be used as a supplement. Again, do NOT use vitamin E supplements while treating a hepatitis C infection.

Some highlights from this study here:

Significance of this study
What is already known on this subject?

< Less than 50% of individuals infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 1 clear the infection after treatment with the combination of
pegylated interferon-a and ribavirin.

< The non-structural 3/4A protease inhibitors boceprevir and telaprevir significantly improve the sustained viral response (SVR) rate in
patients with chronic HCV genotype 1 infection naiive to treatment. However, several questions remain about the applicability of these directacting antiviral agents in 'real-life' conditions.

< In vitro, vitamin B12 inhibits HCV translation by directly interacting with the internal ribosomal entry site of HCV-RNA.

What are the new findings?

< In patients with chronic HCV infection naiive to antiviral therapy, vitamin B12 supplementation improves the overall rate of SVR to pegylated interferon-a and ribavirin by 34%. The effect seems to be particularly pronounced in difficultto- treat patientsdnamely, those infected with HCV genotype 1 and with a high baseline viral load.

How might it impact on clinical practice in the foreseeable future?

< The new-generation HCV antiviral drugs, such as direct-acting agents, need careful monitoring and stringent futility rules to prevent the
emergence of multiresistant HCV strains and to avoid overtreatment of patients. Until eligibility criteria are well established, the standard
of care +B12 combination is a safe and inexpensive alternative to improve the rate of SVR in difficult-to-treat patients. This strategy
would be especially useful in those countries where, owing to limited economic means, the new-generation antiviral therapies cannot be
given in routine clinical practice.

A link to this very important study in its entirety here:


Replied by Taram
Cincinnati, Oh

Can you please tell me if these cures are effective for Genotype 4 also? My fiance is Egyptian and they have a huge Hep C crisis there but its mostly genotype 4. About 50% of his family is suffering severely. Thank you.

Where to Buy BHT in Nigeria  

Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 08/13/2014

Hello Nigerians, I found a company that sells BHT to Nigerians. Here is a direct link to buy BHT from them:
Now this is " The Life Extension Foundation ". I spoke with a staff member of LEF. She told me she knows of NO reason why you can not purchase BHT from them. The price for non-members is $ 16.50 US dollars for one hundred 350mg capsules of BHT. Now you will need a credit card to buy it or have a friend who will let you use their credit card.

If you join LEF and become a member you can buy the BHT for $12.38 for the same one hundred 350mg capsules.
Here is some more information about LEF along with a phone number if you have any problems:
Nigeria is not listed on the countries with restrictions http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements/Shipping/Shipping-Information.htm? Do recall there sometimes being problems with credit cards from that country. If you were informed that they couldn't buy the product from us, you are welcome to contact Customer Service 1 800 678 8989 or http://[email protected] to find out.

So I very much hope this resolves this problem for you Nigerians. I do recommend you start out with 1/2 of a capsule for at least a few days to make sure you have no problem with using BHT. The capsules are easy to pull apart. Then just fold the remainder in a piece of paper for the next dose. Also: I very much advise taking BHT with water only on an empty stomach for best results.
Also: Please report back to the EARTH CLINIC and let me know if this works out for you people. Also: You people need to boil any water you drink to ensure it is safe to drink. The same is true for everyone because so much of the entire world`s water is no loner safe to drink unless it is boiled first....Oscar

Quick follow up to Nigerians: There may be other payment options for buying BHT from Life Extension Foundation. Such as a BANK CHECK or MONEY ORDER if you do not have a valid credit card. You can speak with a customer service representative at: 1-800-678-8989. This is a good company. If you don`t screw them around they will sell the BHT at a good price. I have purchased BHT from them for many years. It is a good product based on my experience with them. So this should solve this problem. I still do not know what the problem was to begin with. There are NO trade restrictions regarding Nigerians buying BHT according to the woman I spoke with. She does state there were problems with Nigerians and credit cards. So if you try and scam or cheat them with invalid credit cards don`t blame me or them. I do know most Nigerians are good people but I have learned there are some Nigerians who try and scam people. The same is true of some Americans so I am NOT judging Nigerians per se. As far as I know there is NO reason you can not buy BHT from LEF. If you want this BHT do NOT try and screw them around with invalid credit card numbers. It is up to you to establish trust with these people by being honest and using valid funds. I went to the trouble to find a retailer for you. Don`t make me live to regret doing so....Oscar

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, OH

Oscar, You are one decent person! Thank you for all the work you have done to benefit all of us here on Earth Clinic. I just bought some BHT to have on hand for ebola, or who knows what, just in case. My kids think I am a riot for worrying about this stuff. I lost count of how many people whose lives you probably have saved!

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Rsw from Uniontown, OH, Thank you for your kind remarks. They do mean a lot to me. It is worth noting that what BHT can treat it can also prevent. By that I mean taking a moderate daily dose of BHT per day can go a long ways in preventing the many viral infections BHT is effective as a treatment for, from ever establishing themselves in a persons body to begin with. It is much easier to prevent a viral infection that it is to effectively treat one. Infections such as herpes are all to easy to catch. Oral herpes can be contracted from kissing someone with a sore on their mouth for example. And genital herpes can be contracted the obvious way. Your children may wish to consider that. And the different flu viruses and such.

This BHT stuff is for real. It does work when nothing else does. I have explained how at length. It is the right size to penetrate those lipid coatings so many viruses have. It is readily attracted to said lipid coating because of it`s high hydrocarbon content in the same way and for the same reasons oils do not mix with water. But, unlike vegetable oils it does not have a long hydrocarbon tail group and will NOT neatly fit in said lipid coatings the way the lipids that make up vegetable oils of all types do. BHT also has so called hot spots that compel these bulky metabolites of BHT to move about rapidly tearing the lipid coatings apart. I go on about this in hopes of educating people about BHT....Oscar

Replied by Lekan


Thanks for your sincere concern. Please help us out. We still can't get the BHT in Nigeria. All these companies you recommended to us stated it clearly that they won't supply Nigerians without a single reason.

What have we done so bad to have deserved this?

Replied by Ladymars
Florida, Us

Hi, perhaps Paypal would be an option for purchasing BHT or other items. I read that it is extending its services to Nigeria, but don't know if it has done so yet.

Paypal Services Extended to Nigeria