Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

Posted by Kathy (Camarillo, Ca) on 12/29/2009
4 out of 5 stars

My husband has been suffering from Hep C since 2001...thats when it became symptomatic. We think he contracted in college in the 70's. He is 59 years old and we have managed to control the symptoms so he can lead a very normal life. He did one round of interferon for 11 months...which really damaged his body in other ways, but didn't get rid of it. He is taking a whole food supplement that is dehydrated fruits and vegetables. When we started him on it, he was taking 6 vege capsules in the morning and 6 fruit with dinner or after. Since he started taking these, he no longer has the Hep C tiredness, brain fog and achiness that was with him for so long. He has been on the product for about 5 years now and is back to working full time and teaching tennis on the weekends (his love). If he forgets to take it or gets stubborn and doesn't take it....the symptoms come raging back. He now takes 3 vege in the morning and 3 fruit in the evening...it seems to have a cumulative effect and he doesn't need so much now.

I don't want to say the name because I love this site and it has asked me not to, but if someone wants to know you can email me at [email protected] You can only get this product through a distributor. I am a distributor, but only to buy my own product cheaper. I don't really sell it to other people. You probably know someone who is selling it already or I can give you the website.

It hasn't cured the Hep C, but it has given me my husband back.