Hepatitis C Treatment and Cure

Ozone Therapy
Posted by Steve (Cameron, Wi) on 10/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just visted this site for the first time while doing a search on Ozone cure rate with Hep-C. I was diagnosed with Hep-C in 2008. Since then I have tried mulitple therapies, herbs, supplements, etc. None of the therapies produced any type of cure, just treatment. The virus has been kept in check, but I was looking for a cure not a treatment. I have not and will not take the treatment the medical doctors suggest simply because the rate of cure is so low and the side effects are horrible and lasting.

In Sept. 2011 I began treating myself with 1% Ozonated saline solution injection @ 50CC daily. All my liver enzymes have returned to normal with the exception of one which is slightly elevated. These results came in just 3 weeks on ozone. My viral count went extremely high, however this is NOT all active virus as the test for viral count records both inactive and active viruses. What I am saying is that as the 03 travels through your blood and organs, it attacks the cells that are oxygen depleted and give home to the HIV virus. The 03 blows apart the cells and destroys the virus protective enzymes which enters into your blood as inactive virus. This is why your viral count goes up, the ozone is destroying the virus. It is very important what you eat and drink. Your body must expel these toxins. Ozone does build up your immune system and floods your body and cells with oxygen thus allowing your natural defense system to do what it was meant to do. It is also equally important to take supplements to assist your liver in rebuilding cells. Before I went to ozone saline, I tried h202 which was working ok, but not as well as ozone.Viruses and bacteria can not live in an oxygen environment.

Read: The Story of Ozone by Dr. Saul Pressman

For further information on this you can join the ozonetherapy group on yahoo. Hope this helps and you may write me with your suggestions or thoughts.