Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Posted by Breeze (Wash.) on 07/24/2015
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I have researched heart palpitations, and I believe the underlying cause may be infection of some sort either it : viral, parasites, bacterial, dental, sinus, ear, food allergies, environmental allergies, heavy metals, and candida overgrowth. The most accurate test for candida is a stool test . I saw a few cardiologist they offered some funny band-aid solutions. I had a vitamin deficiency and sinus issue.

I got checked for vitamin deficiencies/ micronutrient was sure to include B12 and iron levels. My research showed vitamins that help the heart are Magnesium. CQ10, Ribos, Taurine, work synergistically . Garlic and Omega 3 helps. I also think investing in low EMF sauna and increasing the body temperature helped me tremendously by increasing the body voltage.

Posted by Lisa (Lafayette, La) on 04/12/2012
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Randall, my husband was diagnosed with the exact same thing as you, mitral valve prolapse. He was experiencing the same symptoms as you. It was hard for him, as he is a handsome, tall, athletic man who was not used to being held back by physical ailment. Dr. wanted to put him on beta blockers. NEVER go on beta blockers.

I began corresponding with a Dr. via email who wrote a few books. He put my husband on this protocol: morning - 300 mg. Magnesium, 500 to 1000 mg. Sodium ascorbate (vit. C), 500 mg. L-carnitine, 200 mcg. Selenium, 500 mg. IP-6, 100 mg. Co-q-10, 800 mcg (or mg. , however they measure it) of d-3, 100 mg. K-2, 100 mg. Quercetin. We get all capsules or powder, except for the d-3 and co-q-10, which are tiny enough for him to swallow, and I put it in a small cup, mix with about an oz of orange juice, and he drinks it up. With the exception of the selenium, repeat in evening, right before bed. Sounds like a lot, but do it. His heart palps stopped in their tracks. If he gets careless and adds a lot of sugar and a beer or two to his diet, it will recur. Palps stopped within a 2 week period or so. Keep up the regimen daily, if you want your life back.

If you feel one coming on during the day, take some magnesium powder in o.j. , maybe 500 mg. or so. It calms them right down. Also, fill pot or bucket with ice water, dunk your face into it, and rub it on your arms and wrists. This will stop palps in their tracks. As far as the motherwort and hawthorn, I ordered both thru vitacost. com, and they are coming in the mail any day, to keep on hand for emergencies. You can get your life back, it just takes diligence. Oh, yeah, above all; prayer is the ultimate healer. Ask God for his help. He has guided us through this. God is so good!

Posted by One Guy (New York City, NY) on 10/19/2009
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For Palps

This is a great site and I tried many of your suggestions. I started to get Palps after some stents were put in and I understand that often happens. Perhaps it was from a temporary med like Toprol, as some suggest..... However, here is what I recently added that seems to have worked... Palps seem gone 98% and that is with having a martini every other night.......

Magnesium Aspartate by Solaray - 400 mg one a day; Vitamin Shoppe Ubiquinol CoQ10 100 mg one a day; 3 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice in a glass of water ( Minute Maid 7.5 oz Frozen from concentrate - find it where the frozen veges are ) with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, every morning; and Pediatric Electrolyte (must be kept in the fridge after opened, so drink slowly, not to shock the heart to create a palp) unflavored from Walgreens 2-3- oz plain, every evening before going to sleep.

That's it so far, but this, for once, these seem to have worked. As we know, it might be temporary, or even a coincidence but I hope others will say if it works for them.

Good health!