Heart Palpitations: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

Posted by Kingofdallas (Dallas, Texas) on 01/19/2015
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Worked Temporarily

Hello All.

I want to start off by saying Happy New Year & May God bless you, your off springs and your families with perfect health and long lives!!!

My Heart Palpitations started in early 2013 when my general physician gave me Claritin-D to open up my eustachian tubes he thought had blocked up causing water to get stuck in there make Tinnitus. That Claritin-D started giving me racing heart.....i started feeling my pulses in my throat...... Then once in a while my heart would skip a beat.**BOOOOM** that right there creates anxiety, panic attack and cold hands & feet like you have just seen a ghost or just avoided a bad bad accident.

This also creates a hurricane of all those negative thoughts like possible heart attack ??heart failure?? cardiac arrest??blocked value?? cholesterol?? hospital bed!!! Painful death!!! & what not.

I'm 34, Diabetic due to obesity. Married for 6 years, just bought a house. You can imagine the barrage of negative thoughts like...what if.............

I did some googling and turns out low potassium helps but why am I losing potassium??? Did claritin-d caused this?

Potassium helps but next day my heart starts racing during breakfast and don't calm down till I take potassium and even after that I feel like its lurking somewhere inside...the palpitation is alive and not dead.

There was a time when I had to stop drinking water to stop losing potassium...that also helped palpitations...

Homeopathic remedy called Thuja Occidentalis in 30 potency me for a month but for some reason they came back again.....

I sometimes feel chest tightness but I guess that's due to anxiety and that barrage of negative thoughts that come after one heart flutter.....

What do I do? I hope it gets fixed.There have been some bad people and events I had to deal with in my life that caused me a great deal of stress.

Someone plz advise!!!!