Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

Posted by Jeffers (East Anglia, Uk) on 01/11/2010
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hi i too have had 2 heart attacks and had terrible angina for which i use a glycerylni spray and my lower legs and ankles swollen like balloons. i found cayenne about six weeks ago and take a 1/4 tsp in cup of water 2x day. the swelling in my legs and ankles has virtually gone and i no longer have the aching pain.

i also discovered hydrogen peroxide about a month ago and after a few hiccups (not reading instructions properly. ive always read them afterwards lol) the arthritic pain is so much better that i can walk with a spring in my step and i feel so well. i am 63 and have arthritis, diabetes, diverticulitis, aneurism and had no energy or inclination to do anything.

now i wake up refreshed raring to go, but its early days and i know its going to take months to get rid of all the toxic waste but the good thing im looking forward to is that it can only get better so i wish you all the best doris, and everyone on this fantastic site.

Posted by Tom (Roseburg, Oregon, Usa) on 12/10/2009
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Clearing Blockages

In 2002, an angiogram showed 4 blockages in my heart. I took: 250mg Proline b.i.d., 250mg Lysine b.i.d., 8000mg Vitamin C daily, 1200IU Vitamin E daily, 120mg CoQ10 daily, 3 tbsp fish oil daily, Selenium 400mcg daily, along with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. In 6 months, I could run short distances, and in 18 months, I'm back to normal function. I can pass a stress test.

EC: B.I.D. means 2 times per day.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 05/17/2009 510 posts
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Usually what gets clogged is the arteries, and that includes coronary arteries, retinal arteries, carotids and all, but these are areas most often causing trouble. There is a simple, safe remedy for this. See if you can locate a compounding pharmacist where you live and call asking them if they can prepare an 8 ounce supply of SSKI (potassium iodide). Get it quickly and in the meantime type potassium iodide into your search window and go. When references come up look for the Tahoma Clinic one (on my computer I think it appears about the 3rd or 4th page. Dr. Jonathan Wright's article can be downloaded for free, so read it thoroughly, because the decision on going this route is yours, not mine, but you will have good information in your hands to help you make a wise decision.

Start this SSKI at 4 to 6 drops in unchlorinated water once a day. Since it will take several months to unclog these arteries, be sure to have your doctor follow your thyroid function as there is a slight risk of thyroid problems developing with long term SSKI. The other thing that Dr. Wright recommends to use along with SSKI to declog your arteries, is niacin. More than the amount he recommends will be obtained from B complex 100 daily and will not hurt you. If your problem includes any irregularity of your heart rate, also get a 400 to 500 mgm magnesium supplement and take 1 morning and evening.

When you feel that your problems is much better, drop your SSKI to a maintenance dose of 2 drops in unchlorinated water each day. Don't let anyone talk you into an invasive procedure such as coronary artery bypass or placement of stents until you give the above a chance to work it's wonders.

Keep us posted because it will help other members of the EC family to know what works and what doesn't and help them make wise decisions in their own health care in the future and that is what EC is all about.

Posted by Prioris (ME) on 01/31/2021
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I previously cured PAD with high dose nattokinase / serrapeptase.

Lumbrokinase is 30X stronger than nattokinase.

I used doctors best brand of lumbrokinase.

I removed blood clots in my swelling kidney. I used 2 capsules 3Xday for 3 days when swelling subsided. I gradually decreased dosage.

I removed blood clot in my swelling feet/legs. I used 2 capsules 3Xday for 3 days when swelling subsided. I gradually decreased dosage.

This was 3+ years ago.

Nitric Oxide Boosters
Posted by Art (California) on 06/13/2020 928 posts

Supplementing with L-Arginine will boost Ntric Oxide, but it will also disrupt the arginine/lysine ratio which is not good! I know this from when I used arginine plus NAC for blood pressure control. It worked very well for the purpose, but I started getting colds one after another. I had never gotten so many colds one after the other and that is when I realized I was upsetting this balance by bringing too much arginine into my system and as soon as I added lysine into my regimen, the colds stopped!

Of importance is that colds are often times a Coronavirus as is Covid-19. Another problem that can develop is that pushing the arginine / lysine ratio toward arginine can also cause herpes flair ups and are likely to make it easier for certain viruses to take hold. Lysine works against this issue of too much arginine. Art

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Sumeet (Mumbai) on 04/18/2015
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I am using this ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon remedy from past 6 months. Initially I tried to make it at home. it became greenish. After researching I found that it has reacted with metal vessels and I can get metal toxity if I consume. It could damage my kidney or liver. Then I found I can get this formula ready made available by Dr. Patkar's. This is very helpful and I am feeling very good now. No breathlessness. No chest pain. doctor told me to hold my by-pass as my health is improving.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 02/06/2015 2084 posts

T: The downside to big doses of Arginine is increased viral activity as well as fuel for mycoplasma infections (for those folks who have M).

This is a good example of how single nutrients have overtly one-sided effects and often fall short of treatment goals.

Standard nutrients for heart health is Hawthorn herb, Magnesium, CoQ10, Carnitine, Ribose or D-Ribose.

For more in-depth and professional help for cardio check out Dr Sinatra books and web videos.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Cj (Texas) on 12/24/2014

I would say yes this would work for kidney stones. Lemon and ACV are listed as remedies for stones. The other stuff like ginger certainly wouldn't hurt!

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/12/2015

Dear Hiten,

I always take water with things like this and have good results.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Johnboy (Arkansas) on 12/28/2013
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Straight EDTA, taken orally, will help open blood flow. The best product I know is DC Labs EDTA 625 mg. Also, one of the best heart and circulation products I've found, based upon Linus Pauling's research, is The Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula, which is basically high vitamin C, Lysine, and Proline with other ingredients which make it one of the most complete products out there and yet one of the most affordable. You can do a lot of study on Pauling's research, and I have, and I take these formulas myself and have been helped by them.

Vitamin C
Posted by Thehandyman1947 (Poland, Ohio) on 12/17/2013
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Heart disease, google 1989 nobel prize in medicine dr linus pauling, heart disease is a very bad vit c deficiency.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Debbie (Australia ) on 10/13/2013
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I came across a wonderful article I'd like to share. It is from a Retired Heart Surgeon of 25 years experience. He says that heart disease is actually caused by INFLAMMATION of the arteries. Take away the inflammation - and the cholesterol can move through the arteries freely. He goes on to say that wheat, grains and omega 6 in the diet are causing the problems. He also says that he low fat, low cholesterol diets are a mistake because the brain needs the cholesterol and saturated fats.

This is exactly what Dr. William Davis is saying in his book. Get the wheat and grains out of the diet. It is the major cause of most ailments today.

Here is the article:

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/15/2013

To Debbie from Australia:

Concerning grain usage, my comment to you was that your link to Dr Dwight Lundell's article to support your criticism of wheat consumption, in fact did not support your position.

My point was that your assertion that wheat is bad was not what Lundell said in his article. He actually endorsed the idea of getting back to basic foods that are not refined such as higly refined wheat and other foods that do not resemble what we had a hunded years ago. He spoke of it as "what our grandparents" would have eaten.

You responded to my post. You misquote me. I did not say as you asserted "If the only place where you think you can get Vitamin E is from wheat then you need to study more. " I never made such an assertion. And then you site sources like nuts etc. Which one can get E. You also misstate me when you next say, "Is Vitamin E the only thing you can think of to keep eating wheat?" Well, that's not what my concern was; an advocacy for the benefits of wheat; it was a warning to supplement with E if one decided to quit whole wheat. But there ARE other benefits of grains(ruffage, and minerals for instance and B vitamins). And perhaps benefits that have been given to the billions of people over thousands of years who have consumed hybridized grains for essential life giving sustenance. Benefits we don't know about. I eat "Ezekiel 4:9" bread mainly. And I eat buckwheat pancakes. There may be things in the grain that one cannot get elsewhere. But the name "Ezekiel 4:9" is derived from the Scripture that names all the grains that God would bless his people with.

However, my original post was not to advocate for whole grain wheat except to say that that is where most Americans get what little E that do get, so IF you don't eat any Whole wheat then supplement. Vitamin E is vital in protection from arterial disease. So if you do get rid of wheat then supplement for needed E. (Lundell's thrust was to show the damage from "over refined foods" such as flour and sugar which causes inflamation. And he decries bad oils. His thrust was NOT an anti wheat campaign but rather anti anything "highly refined" and one of those highly refined items is often highly refined wheat.)

My major point was: If you get rid of wheat, then supplement with a natural Vitamin E capsule or two.

That was my main idea. IF you get rid of WW then supplement. I suggested Vitamin E caps of at least 200. You can get Vitamin E from other edible sources. I did not say you couldn't but its just hard get to 200 or 400 iu a day of E from spinach/nuts etc. (You seemed so intent on attacking me for saying something "nice" about whole grain wheat, that you imput to me things I did not say.)

In your follow up post you said also that wheat was "modified and hybridized"... Well yes, for millenia wheat has been hybridized. That's what durum is. There are thousands of wheat hybridized varieties in the world. All grains are and have been. Nothing is wrong with that. Man-made hybrids of grains goes back thousands of years.

You further think that wheat is GMO modified as you imply. (You used the word modified. Corn is GMOd to death; We know that. ) As of 2013, there is no marketing of GMO wheat, thank God. Monsanto has test fields. But so far we are safe from that disaster.

And then you say whole wheat bread has the same glycemic level as a sugared drink. Whole wheat? I was taken back at that. On the glycemic chart I have, whole wheat and all whole uncracked grains are LOWEST on the chart, and cracked wheat shows the middle range on the index and refined the highest. (When you just have the refined endosperm, that is the highest. ) I'm a good self indicator of glycemic index being borderline myself, having drunk "swee tea" and other sugars all my life until fifteen years ago. If I get sugar at night my legs begin to "crawl" within thirty minutes. If I eat a supposed non sugar snack, and then feel that agitation in my legs I know that the snack had sugar in it. Just experienced that in fact with the purchase of a jar of Almond Butter. Checked the label and there it was: Sugar added. And my body is VERY sensitive that way. Even the slightest sugar can elevate my sugar and cause the agitation; especially sensitive at night. But no such reaction if I consume a piece of ww toast, with a little olive oil as a night snack.

Thankfully, I've gotten rid of "cravings" which plagued me all my life by adjusting the hypothalymus... Now no sugar cravings. Free of that demon.

I got back from a trip to Eastern Europe; Albania and Romania last January. The whole grain "staff of life" is a mainstay in their diets as it has been for centuries. Western refined processes are only recently infiltrating. There was not the western type obesity there. It is not the grains that is the problem. It is the refining... Just as Dr. Lundell said in his article.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Debbie T. (Australia ) on 10/15/2013

Hi Dave

I was not trying to attack you. Sorry if it seemed that way. We are all here trying to get our health back. There are many people on this site who have tried everything and are still getting sick. Many with inflammatory diseases. I was just sharing.

Dr. Lundell in the article said and I quote: "The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine."

He goes on "What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods. "

When he says "flour" that would mean "wheat" and all associated products would it not? Also he mentions the oils that many processed foods today are being cooked in. Look at the ingredients lists of foods today.. many list "wheat" not flour.

One point about wheat or flour, if you like, is that it raises the blood sugar levels (as do most grains). Dr William Davis says that 2 slices of even whole wheat bread or white raises the blood sugar to the equivalent of eating a can of soda or even a candy bar. That is only 2 slices of bread.

Dr. Lundell also says when you spike your blood sugar level several times every day it is like taking "sandpaper to the inside of your delicate blood vessels" hence inflammation occurs.

Dr. Lundell said when the inflammation is gone, cholesterol can move freely around the body as nature intended. He advocated removal of inflamatory foods (which includes flour)..

Conclusion: Our diet is causing inflammation on a daily basis and we need to get rid of the causes.

If anyone is interested go to the facebook page of "johnpokocky" & look at his photos-Amazing health transformation (nothing to sell there).

People going grain/gluten free have had lifelong pain disappear, arthritis and many, many other immflamatory diseases vanishing. Even chronic gum inflammation is vanishing and no more bleeding gums.

Anyway people can research this for themselves and hopefully provide their own feedback.

I know there are people who have been it this site for a long long time and are still unwell.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Mike 62 (Denver, Colorado) on 10/16/2013

Debbie: Yes you are absolutely right. Your explanation is excellent and very inspiring. I spent 6 years trying to get well before I got well. The diseases got into my brain and made me stupid. I wasn't able to put 2 thoughts together in a straight line. Eventually I stumbled across two solutions. One was experimentation. I have taken moomiyo from Tadjikastan and he sho wu from China. The second was to evaluate what well people and animals eat. People are good at making things like telescopes to study stars and animals are good at food. Park Rangers discovered over 400 plants in the intestines of a deer. He does not eat crackers that contain hydrogenated oils. The longest lived animal in the world eats mostly marine phytoplankton and some tiny sea creatures. A 54 year old Tarahumara India had the best time in a 100 mile race at 10, 000 ft. He eats mostly corn and beans. 70, 80, and 90 year old Himalayans drink raw goat milk kefir and glacial water and eat sprouts. When the best long distance runner in America finishes a race he collects his first place trophy, eats a bunch of bananas, walks over to his competitors and says lets run a 6 mile cool off. Raw fermented skate liver oil gave the vikings the strength and smarts to navigate the north atlantic in small one masted sailing vessels. The solution is in the food. The best foods have the best remedies.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Eliana (Brazil) on 01/26/2015

Saudi Mike, your tonic was green and blue because you are using a metal bowl to cook and you need use glass or ceramic ones to boil the solution to have a good tonic, lthe acidity of the tonic will corrosivo the metal...and it is not good, don't drink it if change color....

Nattokinase and Serrapeptase Enzymes
Posted by Prioris (Fl, Usa) on 03/11/2014

CAVEAT regarding Vitamin K2 (ML7).

I ran into someone who had PAD. They told me that they had taken K2 for over 200 days. I told him that I thought K2 contributed to his Peripheral Artery Disease.

When it comes to heart disease, the focus should be on blood flow and cleaning out the plaque. This need to be treated before calcium in arteries. Calcium in arteries is a secondary concern when dealing with heart disease and should be put off until enough plaque in the arteries is removed.

K2 and fibrinolytic enzymes (FE) nattokinase etc can clash since K2 is a blood coagulant and FE a blood anticoagulant. FE's will remain in blood stream for 3 to 8 hour maximum so they have inherent limitation. K2 (ML7) builds up to 100% in 4 days so I think unhealthy situation can develop where one could get too much. As an asidem the less desirable form ML4 remains in blood for 5 hours.

I would be very careful about using K2 (ML7) blindly. Clean your arteries of plaque first then just do short term cleansing with K2 every 6-12 months or spread out the dosing or do it gently ... you have to experiment with it. what is good for one person may be unhealthy for another.

K2 (ML7) is a boon for health but it should be used wisely.

Vitamin E
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, SC) on 05/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

After my father's heart surgery I got him on 1,000 iu of NATURAL ... not synthetic Vit E a day. He never got a build up and he lived 20 years after his heart surgery. Start with 200 iu of natural Vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol) NOT dl alpha tocopherol... And over a month increase to 400 etc till you are at 600 minimum. Vit E will thin the blood, so if one is on a blood thinner, you'd need to begin cutting back on the thinner as you increase the E. Asprin is a thinner, don't forget.

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 05/15/2013
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And don't forget the trials on Pomegranate juice are very interesting, it actually reverses atherosclerosis, and unblocks blocked up arteries. The science on this one is very good.

Posted by Tom (Usa) on 06/26/2016
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Tried pomegranate seed chutney. A few days later I noticed good "lift off"!! . Certainly clears the arteries, that's for sure!

EGCG, B Vitamins
Posted by Connie (Slc, Utah, Usa) on 02/06/2013
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For reduction of amyloid plaques in the heart, consider EGCG, an extract of green tea.

The B vitamins, specifically, B12, B6, and Folate, may also help to stop amyloid plaque build up in general. Extra B12, in a sublingual form, may be more effective than the amounts in a B complex.

Garlic, Ginger
Posted by Chalasani Ravi Abu (Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India) on 10/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

hi, my friends, i am using last two months. i gave to my friends also, they are very happy. i read reviews also, in this connection i want give suggestion for making juice as below.

garlic you can make like paste. that paste u can put in cotton cloth and squeeze, then garlic liquid will come.... do not mixed water....

ginger also same above u have to follow.

honey u can mix after cooling only. do not put honey in the hot anytime... do not forget this.... do not mix water this do not forget.... bye

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mohammed (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 10/09/2012


After three angioplastic precedure in a period of long ten years my heart health never improved. At last I was admitted in st. Michael hospital toronto, canada for an immidiate open heart surgery. For six months I was ok but my heart complains started to come back slowly. Chest pain, high blood pressure, heavy feeling after every meal, difficulty walking on stairs etc. I am sure evey heart patient is familier with these symtoms.

In a state of frustration I determined to some research on myself. I tested every possible herb or supplent on my heart health and at last came to a miraculous conclusion. Nowadays I almost claim my heart works like a baby.

In a long period of time after bombardmant of statin and blood pressure pills your heart loses its natural activity. It needs an elignment by proper suppliments to combat three factors at the same time.

Fat and cholesterol reduction, blood pressure control and opening clogged artery. To bring a public awareness of my success story I mentioned a link below please click later.

Its about a miracle molecule Resveratrol, L arginine the ultimate arsenal to reduce blood pressure without any side effect, egg white the only cholesterol free pure protein against its rival carbohydrate to turn fat and triglycerides into body mass, and a cup of green tea all included in a breakfast. I claim is a discovery if you implement it in my ways. Trust me I suffered for long 15 years and I found a positive way to inflict an elignment on my heart one day at a time. And in 10 to 15 days your heart starts working like a baby. please folllow this link, its totaly for public awareness and to reduce your suffering not for any benefit or money.

Posted by Jan (Flaxton, Q'ld Australia.) on 10/08/2012
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Hello, I thought you'd like to know that I used to juice apples twice a day drinking the juice before breakfast and then again before dinner at night. My mother in law who had heart problems including heart pain, came to visit for three months during that time we were juicing, and she drank the juice with us, twice a day. Near the end of her visit, she informed us that all her heart pain had completely gone and she believed it was due to drinking freshly juiced apples daily as there was nothing else that she was doing out of the ordinary.

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Debb S (Ga) on 09/26/2015 5 posts
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I went for my 3 month a1c (blood glucose) test. Three months ago I was at 8.9 now 6.8. My blood count was 260 in april. Now 124. Doing this all natural. With Apple Cider Vinegar, cinnamon, olive leaf, and a tea from the bush plant from costa rica. I did use the concotion of the Apple Cider Vinegar ginger, garlic, and lemon. My blood pressure was perfect, she said. I also changed my eating drastically - got rid of all white foods out my diet. So this natural stuff does work. I was brought up on it so I am solded. Go ahead try it!

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Larry (Fairfax, Va) on 09/22/2015

Raj, Taking Vitamin K-2 (available on-line via Ama....n) may help you; it is purported to shift calcium from the arteries to the bones, where it belongs. - Larry

ACV, Garlic, Ginger, Lemon
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 11/07/2016

Jg, that happens often when you mix crushed garlic with lemon. Especially if you don't consume it within a few hours. It's some chemical reaction.

It doesn't affect the taste, and probably not the medicinal properties, it's just quite unappetizing!!

Linus Pauling Therapy
Posted by Dreamerbob (Las Vegas, Nv) on 10/15/2011

I would add proline to the vitamin C and lysine which will help rebuild your blood vessels faster. I use a measuring spoon for measuring all 3 into a glass of water.

Linus Pauling Therapy
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 05/15/2010

On a daily basis I take the Linus Pauling Therapy for heart disease. This therapy is very simple, and this is what I take on a daily basis as a preventative:

2-4 gms Lysine

2-4 gms Vitamin C (Ascorbate form)

Here is the daily Pauling protocol for those actually suffering from heart disease/arteriosclerosis:

6 gms Lysine

6 gms Vitamin C (Ascorbate form)

All these total dosages from above are best split into 2, 3 or 6 doses a day for best effect(the more the merrier!!) since the body clears excess Vitamin C and Lysine fairly quickly from the blood throughout the day.

This is an audio link where Pauling personally describes his own protocol:

Pauling Therapy Protocol

This audio link gives reasons and testimonials by Pauling:
Reasons and Testimonials

This therapy also seems to cure varicose veins as well. See this link.