Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Henry (Kingsville, Ontario Canada) on 07/25/2007

I was introduced to ACV about 10 years ago, by a customer who had been taking it for about 10 years. He had suffered from heart disease, there was so much blockage in his arteries that the doctors could not do a bypass. He had not left his house for 2 years, because he could not walk the steps to get back in. He was told about ACV and thought he had nothing to loose. Within 6 months he began to feel better, and within 2.5 years was compeltely back to normal. today he is in his seventies and fit as a fiddle. His cardiologist could not believe the change. He has told me that he has at least 500 letters on file from people who have had his experience after taking ACV and who were as chronic as he was. I've done it now for 10 years as a preventative. I put about 2 tbsp into a glass of orange juice every nite just as this fellow did. I had tests done 2 years ago, to check for any blockage and there was none.

Replied by Joey Dee
(Miami, Qld Australia)

can i contact anyone who used acv to clean his arteries please as i have a 2 blockages. regard and thanks

Replied by Navdeep
(Barnala, Punjab/india)

sir my father is suffering with heart disese with triple vassle disease. Last year bypass had done with two grafts. Now after one year there is 70% blockage. Can apple vinegar really work.. I dont want to lose my father.. Plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell about treatment you did for yourself.

Replied by Phil
(Shipley, Yorkshire Uk)

I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar mixed in water the ratio is 2 tbsp to 8 fluid oz and sip this througout the day; plus 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in glass of water twice daily and after 3 months I am starting to feel much improved after having been told I had 2 totaly blocked arteries. So fingers crossed I am hoping it working.


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Posted by Jan (Flaxton, Q'ld Australia.) on 10/08/2012

Hello, I thought you'd like to know that I used to juice apples twice a day drinking the juice before breakfast and then again before dinner at night. My mother in law who had heart problems including heart pain, came to visit for three months during that time we were juicing, and she drank the juice with us, twice a day. Near the end of her visit, she informed us that all her heart pain had completely gone and she believed it was due to drinking freshly juiced apples daily as there was nothing else that she was doing out of the ordinary.

Ayurvedic Fermented Tonic

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Posted by P. Raghavan (Virudhunagar, Tn, India) on 12/23/2015

I had my bypass surgery in Chicago in the year 1980. Since then, I am taking stain drugs, aspirin, etc. as prescribed by doctors. Recently, I started taking an Ayurvedic fermented probiotic tonic called " HRIDAYASANTHI "on the advice of my friend. I took 25 cc of this tonic in the moring and evening on empty stomach for about 10 days and 15 cc in the morning only for about 8 weeks. Then I took my blood test. To my surprise, my blood test shows my bad chlosterol, good chlosterol and Triglycrides are all normal. I never had this kind of good results in my life.

I recommended this tonic to a lady who was suffering from severe chest pain due to blockage. She took 4 or 5 bottes (450 cc) of this tonic. Her chest pain went away completely and doctors told her there is no blockage now.

It is available for about us $2 per bottle in India. For outside India, you may have to contact Ayurvedic online dealer in your area. Its manufacturer is : Santhigiri Ayurveda & Siddha Vaidyasala, Santhigiri P.O. , Thiruvananthapuram - 695 589, Kerala, India.

Best Wishes To all

P. Raghavan

Replied by Adi
(Carson City, Nevada, Usa)

Would this Ayurvedic Fermented Tonic, dissolve blood clots in the two main Pulmonary Arteries. The blood clots resulted from Pulmonary Embolism?

Replied by P. Raghavan
(Virudhunagar, Tn, India)


I have very positive experience with this fermented ayurvedic fermented tonic. It has 15 ingredients : raw sugar for fermentation, woodfordia fructicosa flower to start the fermentation process, hot extracts from dates, cardamon, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmegs, grapes, terminalia arjuna tree bark, etc. My feeling is it is reducing my blockage since it brings my bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides to normal levels. I am not sure about blood clots. You can try 2 teaspoon of this tonic per day. It would not hurt you.

Best wishes.

P. Raghavan.

Replied by Andre
(Brooklyn, NY)

P. Ragahavan,

What is the ingredient to this product? Can it relieve blockages in the heart arteries and how much for product and where can I purchase it from.

Replied by P. RAGHAVAN
(Virudhunagar, tn-626001, India)

Ayurvedic product name : Hridayasanthi.

website :

email: [email protected]

To clear blockage in the coronary arteries, probiotics should contain probiotic strains Lactococcus Lactis and L. Reuteri to solve calcium metabolism problem. For calcium metabolism, one needs Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3. Lactococcus Lactis will synthesize Vitamin K2 and L. Reuteri will increase Vitamin D3 level. There is an article written by me in this website under "Natural cures for Heart Disease" under section Probiotics. There are about 7 brands of multi strain probiotics which are available in These probiotics also clear blockage from my personal experince. You have a choice.

P. Raghavan.

Black Ear Fungus, Dates and Ginger Soup

Posted by Nattakit (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/15/2015

On February 21, 2015, there was news released at Brain and Nerve Clinic, Chiangmai Ram Hospital, Chiangmai by Dr. Pracha Kanyaprasit, Neuropathy Surgeon. He disclosed about the natural way of treating blockage in arteries. He found this natural cure from one of his patients who suffered from blockage in carotid artery. The patient was weak and suffered from temporary paralyze. He used medicines to cure and prevent, the symptom got better. Later, the same symptom returned and he used two more medicine but did not receive any progress. There was only one cure left that is carotid angioplasty. This patient was afraid of surgery and decided not to choose. He chose to take medication and herbal medicine. Six months later, the patient came for another checkup. After x-ray and carotid angiogram an interesting and impossible condition was found. The usual blocked carotid which was rough in appearance became smooth and there was no need for further medication. He interestingly asked the patient what had he done to cure and knew that the patient took soup prepared from boiling black ear fungus or mushroom (Auricularia auricula-judae J.Schr), dry red dates and ginger. He now does not need medication.

Another patient, 70 years old female with cerebral thrombosis, medication could not be used as she also suffered from bleeding in the stomach. The condition was quite severe. He told her daughter about the first case which was cured and that the doctor personally did not believe but as there was no other choice and no danger so they might want to try. Two months later, the patient came with smooth blood vessel. The doctor was afraid that this could be double sides of the sword so he told only patients close to him to try the soup. There were 16 of them and they all got better. One of them drinks the whole day without side effect. The good thing is kidney also functions better as date support kidney health.

The formula is one liter of water, 20 to 30 dried dates (use only dried dates not sweeten, clean and cut a scar to circulate the water inside), about 80 grams of black ear fungus (use only black with black color on one side and white on the other) and 100 grams of ginger. All put together and boil in very low heat until there is only 50-60% of water left. Drink only the soup. The doctor and his family also take this soup. His brother who is a doctor also takes this soup and now does not suffer from leg blood shortage that caused muscle pain.


Blood Clots as Root Cause

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Posted by Earth Clinic on 02/13/2022

Interesting article from Dr. Mercola's website today entitled: Blood Clots May Be the Root Cause of All Heart Disease

Thanks to ORH for sending this link our way!


You can only access this article on Dr. Mercola's new archive site if you are a paid member. Here is the link if you are:


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Posted by Mario (Vancouver, Canada) on 04/29/2016

Thank You for putting your comments and recipe for cayenne for heart disease.

I tried it 3and half hours ago and I just came back - very fresh- from 7 km walk which took me less than 35 minutes!!! Bless You for sharing!! Hope to hear from you soon, I have lots of information to share-with you or anyone else interested, regards, Mario

Replied by Aisah

Hi please share more info about cayenne. A friend's 16 year old son had VSD and underwent surgery 5 weeks ago but he still has fluid in his heart and pressure in his lungs.

Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 11/11/2011

If you add Cayenne to your health regime, you will; find an immediate improvement to your condition, the Apple cider vinegar will clean your arteries out over time, by dissolving the calcium. But the Cayenne will open all the small arteries, and get the blood to your heart. To stop the heart muscle dying. This is a proven method for a heart attack victim, a teaspoon of Cayenne in eight ounces of warm water, drunk directly after the attack will virtually revive the patient.

Posted by Jeffers (East Anglia, Uk) on 01/11/2010

hi i too have had 2 heart attacks and had terrible angina for which i use a glycerylni spray and my lower legs and ankles swollen like balloons. i found cayenne about six weeks ago and take a 1/4 tsp in cup of water 2x day. the swelling in my legs and ankles has virtually gone and i no longer have the aching pain.

i also discovered hydrogen peroxide about a month ago and after a few hiccups (not reading instructions properly. ive always read them afterwards lol) the arthritic pain is so much better that i can walk with a spring in my step and i feel so well. i am 63 and have arthritis, diabetes, diverticulitis, aneurism and had no energy or inclination to do anything.

now i wake up refreshed raring to go, but its early days and i know its going to take months to get rid of all the toxic waste but the good thing im looking forward to is that it can only get better so i wish you all the best doris, and everyone on this fantastic site.

Posted by Doris (Santa Ana, CA USA) on 04/08/2008

Had 2 slight heart attacks age 28 and 32. Scary one at age 34. Always felt so frail, tho ok health but high stress work and poor diet-sooo much coffee. At 38 yrs was electrocuted by faulty computer eqpmt, lost left-side arm use 1 and half to 2 yrs. During that 1 and half, at about 1 yr, strain from the injury caused a 30-second stroke. I watch clock, fully mentally ok, but was physically immobile entire time, couldn't breath, no heartbeat, nothing. Then it just stopped. I was SO weak always from then on. 3 yrs later married, had child, was always terribly tired. Read in heart surgery book about cayenne being able to stop even a heart attack while in progress. I take a pinch (1/4 tsp) cayenne in 4oz water 2 times wkly. Feel better with 5 minutes - energy stamina breathing is easier, circulation feels ramped up to normal. Still tire, not not as without cayenne. Never regained full strength or mobility from electr. injury but dexterity in fingers did return. Strength is still 3lbs., Best, not nearly so drag-out tired. Cayenne is great - in tomato juice or water. Only a pinch is needed. In V8 or regular tomato juice, cayenne goes easy. I put cayenne on hard boiled eggs, hot flavor hides well in grape or orange juice too. Has improved my cholesterol too.

Cayenne and Magnesium

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Posted by Joe (Philadelphia, PA USA) on 03/06/2009

Treatments for Chest Pains: My friend is an herbalist and he once cured a man with chest pains by giving him cayenne plus organic magnesium and wheat grass and it stopped the pain, plus the doctors told him it somehow fixed the damage from a previous heart issue also.

David's Heart Health Protocol

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Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/19/2013

To add to the suggestions on "heart health" I see something missing that has been in the alternative arena for many years.

The "whole foods" theory that emerged in the 1950s was that the wave of heart disease which began rapidly accelerating after the Second World War came about because of the refining of flour, especially wheat, in order to give it shelf life. That theory was that the natural vitamin E was being milled out of the wheat and all the grains to provide shelf life. So the germ of the wheat was removed giving us white flour in loaf bread without any of the "germ"; the processed food revolution was on. Of course, refining grains has been an ongoing process especially where the "elite" preferred the lighter flour to the courser flour for thousands of years. The difference was that there was a wholesale movement to refining flour in most of the western countries in the last 50 years. Butter, was also replaced by hydrogenated oil which was another factor that damaged the arteries. As the arteries were damages there was no E circulating to stop the oxydizing process which produced blockages. Also without the E, oxygen was not being transported properly to the muscles (heart/legs) endangering the essential ability to function.

The first medical doctors who asserted the causation of heart and circulatory diseases was this refining of flour were the Canadian Medical Doctors, brothers, the Shutes. They made the assertion that the refinging of flour was depleting the basic source of E out of the bread and in time that depletion which was central to circulatory and heart health was causing a sharp increase in disease. So they propelled the consumption of supplimental E (natural and not synthetic). And of course, consume as much whole grain as you can versus eating refined white refined foods. Most all E comes from our breads.

My formula is:

1, 000 iu daily of d alpha tocopherol... Vitamin E (work your way up to the 1, 000 slowly, starting with 200 iu and in a month increase to 400 and next month another 200 etc till you get to 1, 000. I have been on this for more than 30 years. I do not take even one prescription drug. There are over 20 benefits from natural E... PLEASE... Natural Vitamin E... D alpha tocopherol and not dl alpha tocopherol which is synthetic. Vit E is a blood thinner when inside the body but helps with clotting when exposed to the air. So if one is on blood thinner, gradually reduce as you increase the E. Asprin is a blood thinner when you use daily, so cut down on the asprin as the E is being used.

- 500 mg of the herb hawthorne
- 500 mg of CoQ 10
- 1,000 mg of Arginine
- 500 mg of magnesium (and with that you can consume sea salt)
- 1,000 mg of assorted amino acids daily (giving even more arginine)
- a good mineral suppliment
- 500 mg of Calcium AEP (AEP is a wonder worder... This is NOT merely calcium)
- 2 garlic capsules daily (or one live clove daily)

To research each of these simply google search the term and add "benefits" and you will find lots of information. Also this formula helps with circulation problems. Circulation in the legs for instance is helped by using this formula.

Replied by Grace J.

I had a heart attack in 2012. I'm on atorvastatin 40 mg 1tab daily, losartan 25mg 1/2 tab daily and metoprolol tartrate 25 mg 1 tab daily. I would like to ween off of these meds! My Dr.wouldn't help me. Can you give me a list of drs. who will help me? I'm 72 yrs. and 181 lbs. but losing weight. I've noticed a slight decline in memory. I eat whole foods. Please help. thanks in advance.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Grace,

You can join either or both of two statin Facebook groups that have been around for many years. Both moderators have personal knowledge of statins, and have either suffered damage or a loved one did. They are extremely knowledgeable, (Christopher was a critical care nurse before statins caused him to become unemployable as a nurse, but he is so knowledgeable of statin facts and literature) as are many of the long-term members. (Fran is like a book of knowledge and facts, after losing her husband to statin side effects many years ago).

Most of the members are also very well read about statins. They will all help you. The first group is “Stopped Our Statins” and the other group is “Side Effects of Lipitor, Lovastatin and Other Statin Drugs.”

I first saw a post from Christopher on Earth Clinic and have read his posts and advice for many years since. I found Fran several years before that. A good book on the subject is “The Truth About Statins” by Dr. Barbara Roberts, MD. She was the head of woman's cardiology and has analyzed all the statin studies to date, concluding that no woman has benefited from a statin. Eliminate high sugar and try to minimize inflammation and eat a Mediterranean diet. All the right tests, supplements and more are found on these sites, with comments from thousands of members who have gotten off their statins.

Best wishes.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Debbie (Australia ) on 10/13/2013

I came across a wonderful article I'd like to share. It is from a Retired Heart Surgeon of 25 years experience. He says that heart disease is actually caused by INFLAMMATION of the arteries. Take away the inflammation - and the cholesterol can move through the arteries freely. He goes on to say that wheat, grains and omega 6 in the diet are causing the problems. He also says that he low fat, low cholesterol diets are a mistake because the brain needs the cholesterol and saturated fats.

This is exactly what Dr. William Davis is saying in his book. Get the wheat and grains out of the diet. It is the major cause of most ailments today.

Here is the article:

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Debbie from Australia,

Just one correction on your comments on the excellent article you cite by Dr. Dwight Lundell. Lundell in the article does NOT attack real whole wheat bread, like our forefathers ate. In fact, he asserts we must get back to those whole grains like our grandparents used. He is opposed to "highly refined carbohydrates" and uses sugar and white flour as the prime examples.

It is whole wheat where most people get what little NATURAL Vitamin E they do get, which is essential to keep the arteries from becoming tacky and therefore not prone to pick up fats which adhere to the walls of the arteries and become oxydized thus ... Inflamamed which is, Dr Lundell says, the real cause of heart disease.... Not a low fat diet. He decries a low fat diet, in fact.

I hold to the 50 year old theory that inflamation itself is caused by oxydizing oils and toxic refined carbs sticking to tacky artery surfaces. This concept was first introduced by Canadian doctors, brothers, the Shutes who argued that stealing the germ out of the wheat and other grains to give them shelf life, took the very life out of the grain, the part of the grain that made the human system work properly.

If you don't eat whole grains, you need to get your Vitamin E (natural and not synthetic) from pill form.

The current attack on "wheat" is throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Yes, eliminate refined flours, but do consume the whole grains. If you feel you must get rid of all grains then supplement with the Vitamin E tablet. At least 200 IUs daily of d-alpha tocopherol. I take 800 IUs and have for 30 years.

Best of health,


Replied by Prioris

China has done thousands of studies on fibrolytic enzymes and found that they prevent heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterols in arteries is what keeps people from dying from the inflammation. As an aside, people with ME/CFIDS/CFS have chronic blood coagulation caused by a primary microbe infection.

Replied by Debbie T.

Dave, good luck in finding the wheat our forefathers used to eat. It has been modified and hybridized to the point of being unrecognizable today.

If you believe that wheat is the only option for vitamin E then you really need to study more.. Is Vitamin E the only reason you can think of to keep eating wheat? Herbs, nuts, vegetables are all good sources. 2 slices of Wholegrain wheat raises the blood sugar level higher than a can of soda or a candy bar which in turn is the cause of huge weight increases in EVERYONE today. Look around you at the shopping centres and tell me that people are getting healthier by eating whole grains. How many peole eat nothing but wholegrains and keep putting on weight.

You only have to see the people on this type of eating plan to see the health benefits.

Here is a man who lost over 100 lbs in one year and probably saved himself from a heart attack in the process. His diabetes is nearly under control and he is now running marathons.

Anyone doubting that wheat/grain/gluten free is healthier just look at this amazing man.

His story is repeated hundreds and hundreds of times even in people who are over 60 and 70. They have even got rid of lifelong pain and arthritis.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

To Debbie from Australia:

Concerning grain usage, my comment to you was that your link to Dr Dwight Lundell's article to support your criticism of wheat consumption, in fact did not support your position.

My point was that your assertion that wheat is bad was not what Lundell said in his article. He actually endorsed the idea of getting back to basic foods that are not refined such as higly refined wheat and other foods that do not resemble what we had a hunded years ago. He spoke of it as "what our grandparents" would have eaten.

You responded to my post. You misquote me. I did not say as you asserted "If the only place where you think you can get Vitamin E is from wheat then you need to study more. " I never made such an assertion. And then you site sources like nuts etc. Which one can get E. You also misstate me when you next say, "Is Vitamin E the only thing you can think of to keep eating wheat?" Well, that's not what my concern was; an advocacy for the benefits of wheat; it was a warning to supplement with E if one decided to quit whole wheat. But there ARE other benefits of grains(ruffage, and minerals for instance and B vitamins). And perhaps benefits that have been given to the billions of people over thousands of years who have consumed hybridized grains for essential life giving sustenance. Benefits we don't know about. I eat "Ezekiel 4:9" bread mainly. And I eat buckwheat pancakes. There may be things in the grain that one cannot get elsewhere. But the name "Ezekiel 4:9" is derived from the Scripture that names all the grains that God would bless his people with.

However, my original post was not to advocate for whole grain wheat except to say that that is where most Americans get what little E that do get, so IF you don't eat any Whole wheat then supplement. Vitamin E is vital in protection from arterial disease. So if you do get rid of wheat then supplement for needed E. (Lundell's thrust was to show the damage from "over refined foods" such as flour and sugar which causes inflamation. And he decries bad oils. His thrust was NOT an anti wheat campaign but rather anti anything "highly refined" and one of those highly refined items is often highly refined wheat.)

My major point was: If you get rid of wheat, then supplement with a natural Vitamin E capsule or two.

That was my main idea. IF you get rid of WW then supplement. I suggested Vitamin E caps of at least 200. You can get Vitamin E from other edible sources. I did not say you couldn't but its just hard get to 200 or 400 iu a day of E from spinach/nuts etc. (You seemed so intent on attacking me for saying something "nice" about whole grain wheat, that you imput to me things I did not say.)

In your follow up post you said also that wheat was "modified and hybridized"... Well yes, for millenia wheat has been hybridized. That's what durum is. There are thousands of wheat hybridized varieties in the world. All grains are and have been. Nothing is wrong with that. Man-made hybrids of grains goes back thousands of years.

You further think that wheat is GMO modified as you imply. (You used the word modified. Corn is GMOd to death; We know that. ) As of 2013, there is no marketing of GMO wheat, thank God. Monsanto has test fields. But so far we are safe from that disaster.

And then you say whole wheat bread has the same glycemic level as a sugared drink. Whole wheat? I was taken back at that. On the glycemic chart I have, whole wheat and all whole uncracked grains are LOWEST on the chart, and cracked wheat shows the middle range on the index and refined the highest. (When you just have the refined endosperm, that is the highest. ) I'm a good self indicator of glycemic index being borderline myself, having drunk "swee tea" and other sugars all my life until fifteen years ago. If I get sugar at night my legs begin to "crawl" within thirty minutes. If I eat a supposed non sugar snack, and then feel that agitation in my legs I know that the snack had sugar in it. Just experienced that in fact with the purchase of a jar of Almond Butter. Checked the label and there it was: Sugar added. And my body is VERY sensitive that way. Even the slightest sugar can elevate my sugar and cause the agitation; especially sensitive at night. But no such reaction if I consume a piece of ww toast, with a little olive oil as a night snack.

Thankfully, I've gotten rid of "cravings" which plagued me all my life by adjusting the hypothalymus... Now no sugar cravings. Free of that demon.

I got back from a trip to Eastern Europe; Albania and Romania last January. The whole grain "staff of life" is a mainstay in their diets as it has been for centuries. Western refined processes are only recently infiltrating. There was not the western type obesity there. It is not the grains that is the problem. It is the refining... Just as Dr. Lundell said in his article.

Replied by Debbie T.

Hi Dave

I was not trying to attack you. Sorry if it seemed that way. We are all here trying to get our health back. There are many people on this site who have tried everything and are still getting sick. Many with inflammatory diseases. I was just sharing.

Dr. Lundell in the article said and I quote: "The injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine."

He goes on "What are the biggest culprits of chronic inflammation? Quite simply, they are the overload of simple, highly processed carbohydrates (sugar, flour and all the products made from them) and the excess consumption of omega-6 vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower that are found in many processed foods. "

When he says "flour" that would mean "wheat" and all associated products would it not? Also he mentions the oils that many processed foods today are being cooked in. Look at the ingredients lists of foods today.. many list "wheat" not flour.

One point about wheat or flour, if you like, is that it raises the blood sugar levels (as do most grains). Dr William Davis says that 2 slices of even whole wheat bread or white raises the blood sugar to the equivalent of eating a can of soda or even a candy bar. That is only 2 slices of bread.

Dr. Lundell also says when you spike your blood sugar level several times every day it is like taking "sandpaper to the inside of your delicate blood vessels" hence inflammation occurs.

Dr. Lundell said when the inflammation is gone, cholesterol can move freely around the body as nature intended. He advocated removal of inflamatory foods (which includes flour)..

Conclusion: Our diet is causing inflammation on a daily basis and we need to get rid of the causes.

If anyone is interested go to the facebook page of "johnpokocky" & look at his photos-Amazing health transformation (nothing to sell there).

People going grain/gluten free have had lifelong pain disappear, arthritis and many, many other immflamatory diseases vanishing. Even chronic gum inflammation is vanishing and no more bleeding gums.

Anyway people can research this for themselves and hopefully provide their own feedback.

I know there are people who have been it this site for a long long time and are still unwell.

Replied by Debbie T.

Dave, I never said the wheat was GMO. I said modified and hybridised.

"So why has this seemingly benign plant that sustained generations of humans suddenly turned on us? For one thing, it is not the same grain our forebears ground into their daily bread. Wheat has changed dramatically in the past fifty years under the influence of agricultural scientists. Wheat strains have been hybridized, crossbred, and introgressed to make the wheat plant resistant to environmental conditions, such as drought, or pathogens, such as fungi. But most of all, genetic changes have been induced to increase yield per acre. Such enormous strides in yield have required drastic changes in genetic code. Such fundamental genetic changes have come at a price."

Replied by Mike 62
(Denver, Colorado)

Debbie: Yes you are absolutely right. Your explanation is excellent and very inspiring. I spent 6 years trying to get well before I got well. The diseases got into my brain and made me stupid. I wasn't able to put 2 thoughts together in a straight line. Eventually I stumbled across two solutions. One was experimentation. I have taken moomiyo from Tadjikastan and he sho wu from China. The second was to evaluate what well people and animals eat. People are good at making things like telescopes to study stars and animals are good at food. Park Rangers discovered over 400 plants in the intestines of a deer. He does not eat crackers that contain hydrogenated oils. The longest lived animal in the world eats mostly marine phytoplankton and some tiny sea creatures. A 54 year old Tarahumara India had the best time in a 100 mile race at 10, 000 ft. He eats mostly corn and beans. 70, 80, and 90 year old Himalayans drink raw goat milk kefir and glacial water and eat sprouts. When the best long distance runner in America finishes a race he collects his first place trophy, eats a bunch of bananas, walks over to his competitors and says lets run a 6 mile cool off. Raw fermented skate liver oil gave the vikings the strength and smarts to navigate the north atlantic in small one masted sailing vessels. The solution is in the food. The best foods have the best remedies.

Replied by Debbie T.

An excellent video presentation by Dr William Davis on wheat today and it's effects on the body. Cheers

Replied by Debbie T.

Thank you Mike. What you are saying is absolutely inspiring as well. You figured it out yourself. I would hesitate to add the 54 year old in India probably had non modified corn. I now eat grass fed meats from a local farmers market and grow some herbs which I am adding to. I am thinking of getting my own chicken and just feeding it herbs and grass (the way they should be fed). The guy at my farmers market who sells eggs, feeds them grains thinking that was healthy. What chicken eats corn? He is reading the book now and looking for herbs to grow to feed his chickens.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2073 posts

I saw a documentary a fews yrs back about the futile effort for poultry especially, but livestock farmers in general, in some eastern European country, to continue using probiotics as feed supplement instead of pharmaceutical grade, gov recommended antibiotics. Big pharma's aggressive marketing rolls independent choices or practical benefits.

Hydrogen Peroxide or Colloidal silver can also be used in ag in place of chemical antibiotics at much less cost in production.

Replied by Brian
(Sth Aus, Australia)

Hi Debbie. I'm agreeing with you. I recently I read a recorded account of a meeting between the Persian and Ethiopian kings in the fifth century B.C., that I think you will quite enjoy, and this is my condensed version:

The Ethiopian king was informed how wine was made and drank some for the first time and found it delicious. He then inquired of the Persian what they ate and how old they lived. The Persians cultivated wheat and the king said they ate bread (and obviously drank wine) and lived to 80. The Ethiopian king then said he was not surprised that anyone who ate “dung” should die so soon and if it were not for the wine, they would probably die even sooner. The Persian then asked the Ethiopian the same question and was told they ate boiled meat, drank milk and lived to 120.

Fast forward 2500 years and it seems to me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. We still eat the same “dung”, just modified varieties so that farmers can produce higher yields to appease the consumer demand for low prices, and we still only average living to 80.

The Ethiopians were doing everything right back then, a high fat, high protein diet and the milk wouldn't even have been pasteurised. Ethiopians now average 60 – and these days, lots of sourdough flatbread is pretty much a staple. Say no more.

Except for an average of 3 slices of wholemeal bread per day, I have been on a low carb, high protein, high fat diet for nearly 6 months and at 5'7, 57kgs and 57yo, feeling pretty darn good. I offset the carbs in the bread with high protein. Bacon and eggs for breakfast is just not right without toast.

Also, there is about 3 times more vitamin E in one egg than there is in one slice of bread. I often contemplate having a few chooks roam around my backyard, too. The soil in the backyard is dizzy with worms, they'd love it. So yes, chooks eat meat too, so tell your egg market guy to include meat scraps in their diets.


Replied by Trudy

What chicken eats corn? All of them. Corn fields are the best place for hunting turkey, grouse, partridge, quail---all birds eat grain of all sorts. All corn may be gmo, but don't kid yourself that your chickens will be healthy if all you feed them is herbs and grass. They eat bugs, too, so they aren't vegetarian. How about doing some research before you get chickens and harm them by feeding them the wrong thing.

Replied by Debbie T.


Chickens do eat seeds (and bugs) of course there is nothing wrong with seeds fed to chicken. I realise they eat worms or other things. Most chickens do not run around in corn fields, not where I am from anyway. I did not mean taking away healthy seeds which they will find in a field anyway in addition to what you feed them.

Most corn today is GMO. Please research GMO and you will know that it stops mineral absorption into the body. You may care to eat it at your peril.

Here is a article of someone who successfully is raising grain free fed chickens. It can be done and it is soo much healthier for the chicken and the people eating the eggs from them.

See the article below of what happened to pigs stomachs when fed GMO food (not specifically corn). It turned their stomachs to "mush". Mice fed GMO food also ended up with huge tumors all over their body.


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Posted by Johnboy (Arkansas) on 12/28/2013

Straight EDTA, taken orally, will help open blood flow. The best product I know is DC Labs EDTA 625 mg. Also, one of the best heart and circulation products I've found, based upon Linus Pauling's research, is The Pauling Therapy Essentials Formula, which is basically high vitamin C, Lysine, and Proline with other ingredients which make it one of the most complete products out there and yet one of the most affordable. You can do a lot of study on Pauling's research, and I have, and I take these formulas myself and have been helped by them.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JOHN BOY, , , , , , , , graduated from Crossett Ar. High in '54 . Linus Pauling wrote my freshman chemistry book at Ga Tech. You need to research some more as oral chelation is worthless. An anal suppository is a little better, but not in the league with an EDTA Chelation I have had over 60 in the last 5 years. Carotid arteries went from over 50 % plugged to less than 10 %. Heart artery pluggage is zero at age 77. I know that I.V. Chelation works. Who told you that oral chelation works?

Not trying to rain on your parade, but where do you get your facts? Most folks on this site have been down few dusty trails and will tolerate questionable questions, but some like me, do not accept questionable facts. You can do folks harm if you are shooting from the hip.

There is lots of good information on this site but you can't accept all that is written, and I don't accept yours. Please ease my mind.

===========OLE ROBERT HENRY=============

Replied by Prioris

One of the problems with Paulings recommendation is that some people can't take a lot of vitamin C. EDTA will leach minerals from your body. These methods were very useful until the advent of fibrolytic enzymes.

EDTA and Pauling protocol has been obsoleted with fibrolytic enzymes like nattokinase. It just needs to be taken on empty stomach. besides being more convenient and less expensive, it does not leach minerals from your body.

Replied by John
(Atlanta, Ga)

I have just started learning about IV therapy, but it seems to be a real miracle way to get 100% absorption of nutrients.. I feel a person that can't afford IV therapy needs to be bold and learn to self administer IVs. A person must carefully study how to administer an IV. Be bold and self administer. Don't be afraid. You and your wife can learn to admister IV therapy. It is not that dangerous. I have not researched, but veins are missed by those professionals administering all the time and everyone always lives. It is not as dangerous as medical field would make you think.

I was given an IV the other day by a senior paramedic and I watched as a small air bubble went into my vein. Then when he pulled the IV blood went everywhere. I mean it sprayed and he failed at both ends of it. He allowed an air bubble in during connection of IV and then he allowed blood spray when pulling it out. Double F, F (failure, failure). I lived and no harm no foul. Just learn to not allow huge amounts of air into the blood stream and you will be safe. Keep everything clean. Learn all the dangers. And make sure you get quality product and do your home work on mixing the IV safely. And get the IV fluid from a trusted alternative source, or learn to make your own.

I heard a Doctor recently say, a couple can learn to self adminster IV therapy and remove a huge cost burden.

Also, consider Glultathione IV for MS and Parkinsons. Two sources I'm hearing are having excellent results.

Replied by Bobbi

Hi John,

Your information is appreciated! We had IV Chelation (12 visits) for my husband, but couldn't afford to continue.
Could you give details on how to obtain such as glutathione, etc, to self administer?

Any info would be appreciated! I would also like to know how to find the special enzymes to dissolve plaque.

EDTA Chelation

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 07/26/2017

To JOE who is about to have a triple bypass:

run, do not walk to the nearest doctor that does EDTA Chelation. Do two treatments a week for 15 weeks and test again. I got into this 10 years ago when my carotid arteries were over 50% plugged. After 30 EDTA Chelations they were less than 10% plugged.

Wish you well.


EDTA Chelation
Posted by Lauren (Queens, Ny) on 03/13/2012

Hi Sjt from Japan... What is Edta and where do I purchase it? I have a similar problem and just as you said I used the same things that you use but they only helped to an extent. You just don't feel 100%. Please let me know asap. Thank you so much.

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

You have to be careful with EDTA because it also will chelate the essential metals and minerals from your body leaving undesirable ones behind. Of course please research this yourself but I would be wary.

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