Top Natural Treatments for Heart Disease (Cardiovascular Disease)

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Sjt (Kanto, Japan) on 03/12/2012
5 out of 5 stars

EDTA chelation pills work. I have a family history of heart disease so now in my early 40`s I started showing signs of about to have a heart attack. I got a pressing feeling on my chest that radiated down my left arm, sometimes it would hurt to the extent I couldn`t walk and my brain got all fuzzy. My family wanted to take me to ER but I didn`t want to go because my dad has seen many of his friends with heart problems get bypass surgery and still die of the heart condition or come out of surgery worse. He told me that the drugs & surgeries are expensive quick fixes that don`t last. So I started doing research and ordered EDTA. While I waited for its delivery I took emergency care.

1) I took cayenne pills and

2) I drank hot peppers, garlic, lemon, and honey in hot water while

3) I did deep breathing techniques and

4) a cardiologist previously showed me if I thought I was about to have a heart attack to lean forward, hold my breath, and give myself a huge bear hug as long as I could.

These 4 things gave me some relief but they did not take away all the pressure and pain. They just eased the symptoms. Next, I took and continue to take hawthorn. This increased my relief but still I was not healed. I was still feeling some pressure and pain but not as much.

Finally my EDTA order arrived and that did the trick. All the pain and pressure left and has not returned. However, after it left I also decided to make major changes in my diet to prevent the condition from returned. So now I don`t eat meat or oils other than coconut or a little olive oil. I eat NO processed or GMO foods. I do eat some eggs. I avoid canned foods and I avoid putting foods in plastic. I also changed my cookware to ceramic and iron--natural cookware. No more teflon coated stuff or aluminum. I have at least one salad a day and I cook my own food so I know what is being used. And I feel GREAT!!

EDTA Chelation
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 05/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars


Did my heart cathether Friday and was told my veins are clear.No kidding and after no less than 50 EDTA Chelations. I thought Chelation did not work. I have no plaque, but my Heart guy says I need to get on a statin drug. At 73 and no plaque and eating lard with every meal since I's a red neck Southerner, why would I want to mess up a good thing.

Peoples, yo local doctor is worse than your used car salesman. Now have 4 doctors. 3 know who the Lord is and the heart guy thinks he is God. He did tell me that I have hardening of the arteries. He got the ass when he found out that I was doing Chelation. Now that I have no
plaque, what is he going to say now?

In the Chelation Clinic , I have talked to over 300 folks and none go to a Cardiologist any more. They have all had by -
passes ,stints , etc. and now all just do chelation to keep their vessels open.

Before you do a by-pass, check into EDTA Chelation.