H1N1 Flu Treatment

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Marylistens (Chicago, Il) on 01/09/2010

I just am getting over H1N1 and I felt like I tried everything. The doctors had my on antibiotics, steriods, inhaler. What I found worked best was oil pulling with coconut oil 2-3 times per day to really get the mucus out. Then I did 2 ear candles because the doctor said I had a lot of fluid in my ears, then I took tons of vitamin C in the powder form (very little sugar) and echinacea, then I tried a green "breathe deep" and "Flu Season" type tea with natural honey and 1/2 a lemon juiced. I kept our heat at 80 and had a small heater next to me to promote a fever to prevent the virus from duplicating. I also inhaled 2 drops of tea tree oil in a face humidifier. I waited until the last week of this 4 week illness to try natural remedies and they worked.

Replied by Azg
(Toronto, On)

I also read somewhere that dramatically increasing your Vitamin D intake really helps to kill the H1N1 virus as well as fermented foods such as Kimchi. If anyone has had success with this, I'd love to hear the feedback!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Greenbeanz39 (Clarkston, Washington) on 04/27/2009

swine flu comment: I'm not one to fall into hyper health mode, but I will tell you what I have been taking this flu season to keep it at bay. After doing research on all the wonderful natural antivirals we have at hand it wasn't hard. This is not a concoction for the weak of stomach. I take a few garlic cloves, some onion, ginger and vinegar water and a few dashes of hot sauce. Throw in the blender and try with all your might to get it down. Tomato juice might make this easier. If you have it on hand put 2 drops of oregano oil with it. This is what you call an antiviral! I have avoided the flu again this year, but I get no smooching either as the drink tends to be pungent on the breath. Hope everyone stays well. Don't forget the C.

Olive Leaf and Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Maria (Australia) on 08/22/2014

In 2009, age 66 yrs, I contracted a virus on a short plane flight. It was extremely debilitating and kept changing its symptoms. I was too weak and dizzy to leave the house and so it took me a while to go to my doctor. She said that she could see it attached to the roof of my mouth, but that medicine has nothing yet for a virus. After two months it produced the symptoms of Labrynthitis where if I moved -even my eyeballs-the room would spin and I'd vomit.

When I could not keep water down, I called an ambulance in case of dehydration. One medic checked the back of my hand and said no dehydration then they spoke to me from across the room. When my partner told them that he's been nursing me and hadn't caught it, they replied "not yet". Folks I'm convinced that this was Swine Flu. Finally, a friend in another city hearing about my condition rang and said that she had found a cure for virus and to just do exactly as she directed. It worked, so here it is:

1 teaspoon Olive Leaf Extract and 1 teaspoon Colloidal Silver in half cup of water. Drink it straight down. Do Not Repeat! Then make up a full cup of the same and gargle it (don't swallow) over 24 hours.

Guess what? It killed that thing attached to the roof of my mouth-my doctor verified that it was gone- and I soon felt normal. Word spread and I shared this recipe with a lass in her 20s who had the same symptoms and hers was gone in 24 hrs as well!

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Janis (Sacramento, Ca) on 11/03/2009

I had been dealing with sinus issues for years and regularly used a neti pot with salt water to manage it. One of my yoga students is a master herbalist and I asked her for recommendations for building up the immune system of my asthmatic daughter. I had been concerned about her catching the swine flu as it was going through the school. She told me about Wild Oregano Oil being anti-viral,bacterial and anti-fungal. I also did some research online and found a ton of information on the benefits. Make sure it's wild and the high potency.

Not only do I believe it kept my daughter from getting full blown swine flu (she started to come down with the symptoms) but she no longer needs her inhaler. So we all started taking it and normally we all get sick by this time of year but we have managed to keep the funkies at bay with this amazing stuff.

I decided to try one drop in my neti pot against many posts that warned not to because of the heat of the oil. However, I came accross one that said they tried it and it burned no worse than getting a little chlorine in the nose. I decided to try it too and instantly felt relief after the initial slight burning ceased. I have not had an issue with my sinuses since.

FREEDOM for the first time in years! Which is a huge relief as a yoga instructor. It is liquid gold in our house! I truely can't say enough about it.We take one drop under the tounge in the the morning and at night. My kids and I just chase it with water but my husband has to mix it with juice even though he's the only one who can eat wasabi and hot peppers!

Swine Flu Alerts

Posted by T (Baltimore, Md, USA) on 09/04/2009

Swine flu - state bill proposes forced quarantine and worse

This is VERY alarming:

"Boston - A new proposed bill designed to combat the threat of the H1N1 virus would allow the state to forcefully quarantine people in the event of a pandemic.

Anyone who refuses to comply with the quarantine order could face jail time or a $1000 per day fine. The "Pandemic Response Bill" would also force health providers to vaccinate people, authorize forcible entry into private homes, and impose fines or prison sentences on anyone not complying with isolation or quarantine orders."

Full story: http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO123558/

This is in Massachusetts. If it passes there, I could see it being taken up by other states. Our rights are under serious threat here.

Replied by Janice
(Coloma, Mi)

I have also read that Massachusetts has passed a bill that everyone must have a swine flu shot or face imprisonment.

Replied by Mary
(St. Paul, Minnesota)

Please read the entire law that already exists before commenting on what the media has stated. The original law that is in existence is much stricter than this modification and already allows for this type of thing...just no fines for doing so. It is a modification for ALL epidemics/pandemics, not just H1N1 and is needed for those that refuse medical treatment when others are at risk as well. I'm not saying I like the original law, it needs modification and this may not be the best...but before stating how outrageous it is, you might want to check the law that you're already living under - it's worse.

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

The news story I posted was about the Massachusetts bill. It hasn't passed the house (yet). I saw nothing indicating that it mandates everyone to take a swine flu shot or go to jail. What is alarming is that the bill is giving outrageous powers *in the event of a pandemic*. I suppose they could end up trying to force shots on everyone if they decide to declare some emergency, but there is no mandate in place there now for people to get a shot or be jailed.

We need to be careful about rumors; these are serious issues and we need to know the truth to make informed decisions. Scaremongering on any side should be avoided at all costs. There's a lot of sites out there whipping up hysteria and I expect to see that grow exponentially as we move into autumn. We need to stay focused on *facts* - they are all that will truly serve us.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
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Hello T,

Some of us are alarmed and others are still sleeping apparently. I am getting more alarmed by the day and it's not just happening in Mass. Other states have already got the same as you. Not only that, but papers have already been signed by present administration, to place us under rule by UN and WHO (United Nations and World Health Organization) any time that UN and WHO declares a pandemic situation and it certainly looks like they are trying hard to make swine flu into a pandemic so they can declare martial law and do all that you said (fine, quarantine, incarcerate, etc) and more.

It seems papers have already been signed to let United Nations decide what our children and all others will be taught in school (WOW - how do you like that one for keeping government out of education?) I don't know about the rest of you, but I think America should maintain control over American Education.

After what happened with vaccines during the past year, who wants mandatory vaccinations? After many deaths following vaccinations, several doctors and nurses who administered the vaccines were charged with homicide, but haven't seen where they have gone to trial yet.

Swine flu vaccines shipped to Europe landed in the hands of an astute person who decided to test this untested vaccine sent to them. Every ferret it was given to died. When Baxter was contacted about the problem, they first said they had accidentally contaminated the vaccine with the live virus. When questioned closely on how that could have happened, they changed it to they had accidentally shipped the live virus instead of the vaccine. I still have not found an answer to why our federal government has ruled that the company producing the vaccines cannot be sued and our government will be responsible. To date, I have read of 2 cases where the government has admitted harm to the children. The CDC, WHO and others are still arguing that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, but the fact remains that Autism is still escalating among our vaccinated children, while the Amish and others who do not vaccinate their children are not blessed with autistic children.

Did any of you in Mass. ask for these new changes? Or did you learn about them after they were shoved through without any previous warning? When you read Codex Alimentarius or Obama's Health Reform Bill and others, they are worded so ambiguously that they can be interpreted to be in your best interest, but as you have now learned they are also worded so as to be interpreted to cover a lot of changes you don't need or want. Don't leave out our FDA who is supposed to keep our food and drugs safe, did you read about where they approved a drug recommended by a dog? Ingredients will soon not be required on our foods. GMO and irradiated foods will not be marked so you can't know what is and what isn't. Organic food laws will be so cumbersome and detrimental to the small home or organic farmer as to put them out of business. Seems someone wanted to know if they really bothered to read or check anything so they sent their bogus study through and found out that they apparently don't bother. How about the FDA jumping on the guy for checking every cow for mad cow disease before shipping them, telling him to cease and desist because he was inspecting far more than required.

There are lots of places to go and read about more of this stuff and I have stumbled onto quite a few good sites: Natural Solutions Foundation, CFIF (Citizens for Individual Freedom), Educate yourself.com, IMVA (International Medical Veritas Assn), and WorldNetDaily.com among others. Watching some of the videos made at some of the Town Hall Meetings re Obama's Health Care Reform Bill was very revealing. Their attitude seems to be "We don't care what you think or want so shut up and listen to us". You have probably heard or seen the video of the security guard at one of these Town Hall Meetings told a man holding a poster outside the building. When the man protested at his threats to arrest him for the poster, and the man responded with "This used to be America", the guards response was "It ain't no more, OK".

Wake up American voters! We already have our Washington representatives trying to ram through a bill that few if any of them have read, and that one asked what good it did to read the bill unless you had a couple of weeks to read it in (1005 pages) and a couple of lawyers to tell you what was in it after reading it, and he could have added "and 2 or 3 hundred more pages of pork are attached to the bills in the last hour or two before it comes up for vote". T from Mass. has already learned what happens next. Don't be surprised to learn it has already been passed in your state.

Swine Flu Alerts
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, GA) on 05/02/2009

How much of this is true, I don't know, but tonight a relative sent me the link to an article entitled "A Letter on the Swine Flu Leaked from an MD in Texas". http://www.unknowncountry.com/mindframe/opinion/?id=240

Swine Flu Drugs

Posted by T (Baltimore, Md, USA) on 08/10/2009

Flu drugs 'unhelpful for children'

From the BBC:

Research has cast doubt on the policy of giving antiviral drugs to children for swine flu. Work in the British Medical Journal shows Tamiflu and Relenza rarely prevent complications in children with seasonal flu, yet carry side effects. Although they did not test this in the current swine flu pandemic, the authors say these drugs are unlikely to help children who catch the H1N1 virus.

[...]There is also the risk that widespread use of the drugs will mean the virus will develop resistance to them.

Full article:

Swine Flu Myths

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 07/22/2009

Since swine flu is already widespread, I encountered Frequently Corrected Myths regarding swine flu that I don't want to repeat myself over and over again.

Therefore here are the Frequently Corrected Myths (FCM) :

1. Not many have swine flu.

The number of official swine flu numbers are in the hundreds here in Thailand, but based on percentage figures of people with H1N1, the numbers are much closer to 5% of the population. An official swine flu numbers, it has to go through the usual bureaucracy. Unfortunately much of the population who do have gotten the H1N1 has been discounted.

2. Tamiflu will cure swine flu.

I have encountered a person who was dying from swine flu, pretty much the doctors have given up. Tamiflu simply didn't work both as prevention and in advanced cases of the swine flu, or the 2009 Viruses. The only thing that has helped this man in ICU was actually the hourly dose for 24 hour of 1000 mg of lysine. For weeks he was on high fever, and the only thing that can tame his fever was actually the lysine. When he did get better and body temperature became normal, the lysine dose was switched to 2000 mg every two hours, since every hour prevented him having long sleep. Lysine was fed via tube. Ideally the lysine dose can be spaced much further if there is no increase in any fever. Since this man was a confirmed H1N1, where it took a week to found out he did have H1N1, the swine flu ate away about half of his lungs, from excessive mucus, and the man was not able to breathe on his own, and has to be on an artificial respirator. As a result, the excessive mucus was controlled with 4 tablets of chinese herbal supplements ganmaoling tablets, taken every 4 hours so it may again disturb his sleep schedule. Within the first hour, there were clear indications of reduced mucus, and it was this that ate away his lungs. His inability to breathe was placed on artificial respirator, as a result two more supplements needed to restore his normal breathing using methylene blue 0.1% taken at 2 drops one in the morning and two drops one in the evening. Since methylene blue did restore or return his breathing and was taken off the artificial respirator within the week, the methylene blue caused him to sleep less as he now has more energy. Therefore the dose was reduced to one drop in the morning and one drop at 12.00 p.m. Tamiflu was not helpful both as prevention and when people did have it since some were on tamiflu.

3. There is no cure for swine flu.

To keep the word "cure" is a sin in the eyes of FDA. Therefore many people stopped having the flu after taking the lysine and ganmaoling after three days for those who already had the flu for more than two weeks and isn't going away. It's the nature of the ping pong effect of this swine flu. That means, if you can get rid of it or cure it, it will come back to you three or four more times, but at shorter intervals. Much like a ping pong rebounding when you drop them to the floor, assuming of course that lysine was used as the remedy to stop it. Some people if they take lysine for example, only 2 dose and it was completely stopped. But old people with serious immune system, the swine flu didn't help.

4. Alcohol gel will stop swine flu.

In most conditions, viruses don't get killed with alcohol or alcohol gels. They are ideal for bacteria, but viruses can get killed with hydrogen peroxide 1%, vinegar, peracetic acid, but NOT alcohol.

5. Vaccination will stop swine flu.

For a few strange believers like me, I believe the swine flu was deliberately spread, and i may be wrong, since I identified this same viruses and correctly named it "2009 virus" even before authorities found out and I noticed this viruses to be on the spread since September 2008. So obviously I may be right now and then, however, I believe vaccinations is going to make things much worse and make it more pandemic as the vaccines are made up of real live swine flu virus. How I know is rather simple. The authorities ignored the spread of viruses since last year. There was efforts by the Mexican government months before a major flu epidemic occur to giving flu shots on the children and young people. Apparently it was this flu shots that made it deadly or helped spread it. The effected were mostly youhng children and army recruits during the 1917-1918 Spanish flu. Apprently these were the same group that got vaccination BEFORE the pandemic also. It's a repeat history all over again. My favorite links anytime I talk about this pandemic has always been this, assuming you are well read and familiar with the information anyway, here it is: http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/nwopopcontrol.shtml

6. Virus first Started in Mexico.

It started near Fort Detrick which is where they developed biological weapons, commonly called H1N1. It's probably the same 1918 Spanish flu, but they keep changing the names, now it's called 2009 viruses.

7. Swine flu is like any other flu.

Not at all. This swine flu will keep on coming back until the body's immune system is broken down. I often called this swine flu that keeps coming back a ping pong virus, assuming you are strong enough to fight it off, but in my case, it has always been the lysine. People don't normally think that there IS an amino acid that reduces the fever from a flu using the swine flu. Well lysine is it. I won't use the paracetamol because it kills the liver. Lysine is an amino acid necessary for your immune system. Zinc acetate or zinc gluconate is a nice addiion, but it's not the major remedy to get rid of the swine flu. The high risk group will be people above 40 and children less than age of 10, roughly speaking.

8. MMS cured the swine flu.

I personally know of a seller of MMS promoting it's use in swine flu. In general, it won't work. It may help a little, but it will come back. It won't work as well as lysine. As a side note, he now used lysine as a swine flu preventive. Of course, he made significant investment in MMS and he's isn't going to promote lysine use anytime soon. It's already a good income earner for him. MMS basically is free chlorine when it is activated. As proof, just buy the Potassium Iodide starch paper test to test for presence of free chlorine. It will turn dark brown in an activated solution of MMS. So people on MMS HAS to take potassium iodide as the free chlorine from MMS drives ot iodine..

9. Wearing the mask will protect against swine flu.

Nearly 90% of the flu is caught by the hand. Using hands to eat food or fingers in mouth, eyes and nose is the easiest way to get the flu. A flu virus can last 1 hours on the hand and on hard dry surfaces about 2 hours. The method of disinfection I used is a 1% hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or both mixtures together, which is called peracetic acid. In China during the SARS outbreak, the Chinese stopped the epidemic with vinegar. In fact it was so popular that the vinegar prices for one bottle went as high as $100 per bottle. It therefore makes sense to wash your hands before eating and avoid touching mouth, eyes and ears. It helps to carry a weak 1% H2O2 with you or at least a bottle of vinegar, although the smell isn't so good with the vinegar. Clove oil is another one that kills the flu too and can be used as antiseptic as it is also a good antiviral, although the smell of clove can also be strong too.

10. The Swine flu scare is not real.

It is real and the numbers are much larger then what authorities say. However the real scare is to spread it and for people to get vaccinated and then it gets deadly. It eats up the lungs over long term flu. I am as yet trying to fine a cure to restore lungs after they have been eaten away by the flu. What I am currently looking is the lysine, methylene blue and the Ganmaoling chinese herbal preparations.

There is an article below that has some grain of truth, not completely, but my own posting has the same problem, but I am trying very hard!



Replied by Health Care Worker

I would like to thank you and everyone else at Earth Clinic for being monumental in helping people find natural cures to just about everything.

I have posted here before, but I want this post to remain anonymous.

It looks as though here in the UK vaccinations will be made available for everyone in the very near future, and it is looking as though it will be mandatory for all health care workers.

I do not want the vaccination, but neither do I want to lose my job. If you have any suggestions for minimising the effects of the vaccination or preventative measures that can be taken before, during or after the vaccination, I would be so very grateful if you could share them with us all at Earth Clinic. I'm guessing that this might also be useful to others in the same position.

My best wishes and thanks to you for all that you do.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)

If vaccinations are unavoidable, mercury and live viruses, and mycoplasmas are three things I often found that we need to deal with in neutralizing them. The live viruses can be dealt with mainly two ways. Take plenty of lysine before and during the vaccination, whenever vaccination is unavoidable. The dose is taken HOURLY during and after vaccination, for 24 hour, or at least during the waking hours. After one day has passed, the dose is just taken during the day such as 4 or 5 doses, 1 hour apart during the day for about one week. The second way, which I usually combine with the lysine is the 3% hydrogen peroxide, one capful or 1/2 capful (which people seem to like) is put into one liter of drinking water. Drink this water HOURLY especially a bit before during the vaccination and then after vaccination. Thereafter, it can be drank like any other water and should not be more than two hours apart, because that's when the virus has reproduced and spread.

There exists a problem during the 24 hour schedule on the day of vaccinations to take an hourly dose during sleep for some people, and hence more dose is required. A minimum dose I believe is 500 mg x 8, or 4000 mg of lysine before sleep, with plenty of water. Cilantro is taken during the vaccination day and after for one day. Allowing the body to get rid of the mercury and other heavy metals for the next day or two. That means the cilantro is taken about 1/4 cup for two days. Then followed by no cilantro for two more days. The lysine is taken for at least a week, but at less frequency.

I have to report that most people who had severe swine flu AFTER the vaccination that only an hourly dose of lysine for 24 hours of about 600-1000 mg is necessary I believe since they responded very well. For those who don't get swine flu AFTER vaccination a preventive dose is required as mentioned in the above so a more flexible schedule is possible.

I have also found most vaccinations kills the body's immune system by shrinking the thymus. It is therefore is helpful that potassium iodide 2-10 mg is taken to help support the immune system at the very least.

The shrinking of thymus after vaccination followed by a shortened lifespan is a well known during my studies in microbiology but is somewhat missing in the present educational system. At least during my student days there were no such thing as the use of live viruses in vaccinations. They were all dead proteins viruses so that the white blood cells or immune system can look at their signature patterns without the possible weakened virus suddenly got it's vitality back once it sees greener pastures in a human blood, after leaving the vaccination preservative of course.

In fact there was homeopathic vaccinations that seems to make outstanding vaccination because there is NO live viruses to begin with. It's not even needed to be stored in formaldehyde and thimersol added to the vaccination either. I wonder what happened to all those safe vaccinations, which by the way can also be taken orally and does not require injections.

Here are some other information that is not well known by most of the public and media mainstream:

There was a large scale study at Melbourne's Swinburn University in Austrailia in 2004. They found homeopathic immunization had 90% effectiveness against epidemic childhood disease which is same or better than conventional medicine, but without the neurotoxic mercury (thimerosal -methyl mercury) or formadelhyde. From the 12 year study and comparing with conventional immunization and two other immunization, they found that homeopathic had the lowest chronic health problems. The sickest of ALL GROUPS were the conventional vaccination group.

The record of homeopathic immunization are impressive, BUT NOT conventional vaccinations here are some information:

Hospital staff on homeopathic immunization at London Homeopathic Hospital remained disease free during three year period where they were exposed to diphtheria.

An Indian study found that 6.5% immunized homeopathically had the influenza compared to 20% who were not using it. Also the Indian government were prescribing homeopathic Belladonna, in the middle of the Japanese encephalitis and rapid decline in fatalities followed. Hence, I believe (Ted) that Belladona homeopathic remedy might also be used as a potential preventive for the swine flu. Actually for me, I can't get belladonna, so I guess lysine will do for now, as it is consistent with the cure anyway, only that it just has to be take hourly. It also comes back to re-infect you about 3 times in total, before it cures the person of swine flu.

The poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, those using the homeopathic Lathyrus sativus to over 40,000 people, not one had the polio, even with repeated exposure.

Smallpox epidemic in Iowa showed 2806 people were protected homeopathically and 97.5% remain free from the disease.
Two meningococcal studies in Brazil 1974 and 1998 had 114,000 homeopathic immunization that had over 91% protection against the meningococcal disease. The Brazilian government funded the project.

A Cuban medical resarcher stopped the annual epidemic of Leptospirosis, which is commonly epidemic here in Thailand with just a homeopathic immunization. About 2,500,000 people immunized no lives lost, and was amazingly cost effective.

Interestingly homeopathic immunization also works very well on cows, animals and dogs.

So if worse got to worse, I think a homeopathic remedy can be prepared with just vodka, blood of a diseased person, and succussing to 6 C. There are proper procedures of sterilization in homeopathic preparations of disease tissues, or samples, that they called nosodes, that are sterilized at 133 degrees Celsius for an hour or two, in a pressure cooker, before homeopathic preparations are made using 1 drop of the sample, plus voda (for example) of 99 drops, and it is shaken say 40-60 times and then one drop is taken from that and the steps are repeated, and done for a total of 6 times, or 6 C. The drops is then put on a lactose sugar tablets and is taken say, every two hours, orally.


Replied by Zetroc
(Visalia, Ca)

Hi Ted, Thank you for your input on your swine flu experiences. Your information has been most useful as I prepare my swine flu prevention/emergency kit for this winter. I hope that you (or anyone reading this) will have time to answer a question regarding iodine. I've read some where that iodine in moderate dosages has the ability to kill many forms of bacterias and viruses. Someone has reportedly been able to cure malaria with drops of iodine in water. I am curious to know what you think of iodine as a possible treatment for swineflu and at what stage to administer it (if you think it's a possible treatment).

Replied by Deborah
(Riverview, Fl.)

Ted, What do you use or suggest for Flu prevention? It seems to spread so fast and I have no spleen to help with my immune system. Would I use the Lysine for prevention and how much? Thanks you for your help

Swine Flu Pneumonic Plague

Posted by Avignon (Vancouver, Bc, Canada) on 11/19/2009

Ionized Water Hydrochloric Acid for Swine Flu?

I came across this on a "Ukraine plague" (mutated H1N1 swine flu with receptor binding domain change, D225G -- see info pasted at bottom of this post) related website (ukraineplague.blogspot.com), and I'm wondering if Ted (or any others) can offer their opinions/speculations on the safety, potential effectiveness, and ease of home creation of this remedy:

In South Korea found a new way to fight the epidemic "new" influenza H1N1.

Scientists from Korean universities Ajou (Ajou University) and Yonsei University (Yonsei University) came to the conclusion that one of the most effective in combating the H1N1 virus tool is ozonized water with the addition of small amounts of hydrochloric acid. These outcomes of their research state that ions of chlorine will deactivate the virus, and the water washes away completely from his body. In the course of several experiments was taken 430 thousand virus H1N1, and they all died within five minutes after contact with acid ozonized water (acidic ozone water).

According to researchers, one ton of water to only 22 grams of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and this amount is sufficient to ensure that in the resulting liquid formed a sufficient number of charged chloride ions, which rapidly destroy the virus. In addition, received the acid environment perfect for disinfection of the organism.

"The costs required for manufacturing the funds are negligible compared with the creation of a vaccine - have told the authors of the study, Kwong Lee (Kwang Lee) and Khan Um (Han Uhm) in the pages of authoritative scientific publications Applied Physics Letters. - Moreover, ozonized acidic water can be produced on an industrial scale, fundamentally changing the situation with the spread of the H1N1 virus around the world. "

[additional info from http://www.recombinomics.com/News/11180904/Ukraine_344.html, suggesting that the H1N1 virus has mutated in the Ukraine, leading to a much higher incidence of the cytokine storm which rapidly destroys the lungs and kills: "Included in the sequences from 10 isolates were four HA sequences with the receptor binding domain change, D225G, which was found in the one throat and three lung samples. The change was not found in isolates from nasopharyngeal washes, suggesting D225G may lead to high concentrations of H1N1 in patient's lungs. The high concentration of virus leads to a cytokine storm that destroys the lungs in a few days."]

Swine Flu Remedies

Posted by Robin (Macomb, Michigan) on 04/25/2009

With the latest outbreak maybee headed for a pandemic, of this swine flu combined with 2 others what would be the best preparation to take so me and my family wont get this? I already take 2 tsps. a day of coconut oil, and acv 2 tsp a day.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

For Robin with the question on swine flu:

Hello Robin,

If what I read in my newspaper is true, we aren't just dealing with swine flu here but a never-before-seen combination of swine, avian and human flu, so obviously someone has been doing some genetic engineering again. It isn't likely that viruses that have lived separately all these years have suddenly started inbreeding on their own. Since all three of these are viruses, it probably won't be a bad idea to have lots of L-lysine and Vitamin C on hand. If it isn't too late to get it you might also think colloidal silver and/or MMS. Good luck!

Replied by JJ
(Atlanta, GA)

The solution to evading the flu/illness of any type is simple.

Nutrition. Watch what you put in your mouth/body.

Hygiene. Watch what you apply to the body.

Environment. Watch what you use around your house.

The BIG SECRET IS: Keep your Immune System Healthy

There is NO MAGIC BULLET! Or pill.

Replied by Robin
(Macomb, Michigan)

Thanks Joyce for your response, should we take that every day or just have it on hand just in case? If so how much dosage for children? Thanks

Replied by Rena
(Mineral Bluff, Georgia)

Hi Joyce from Joelton, First of all I applaud your insight about how this so called "Swine Flu" came about.

My partner and I came to the conclusion that the reason behind it coming out now, when the flu season is pretty much behind us is because too much stock pile of tamiflu (=$$$) and a deterrent of the public focus on the governments bailout fraud.

However one question evades me that you might be able to answer. Why is this strain of the flu not showing as severe in the United States than it is in Mexico? Any insight to this would be very much appreciated, Thank you, Peace, Rena.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Our Latest Flu Information:

Seems to be spreading far & wide in USA already. Don't be surprised if we suddenly get a mandate for all of us to get a flu shot. In one word "DON'T". I was looking in EC last night and I couldn't help but think that a lot of those corresponding just used good old common sense home (or EC) remedies instead of going to a doctor. Looks like a lot of them were having flu symptoms and using their heads to get over it. The flu season was supposedly over at the times they were writing in. If it wasn't for the squelching the news in the USA re the flu vaccine in Europe, I wouldn't be quite so concerned. But at least EC'ers must have the CDC and others behind this scratching their heads trying to figure out why flu isn't killing people here like it is in Mexico.

The only reason I can see for squelching the news about the error in accidently shipping the virus instead of the vaccine is they didn't want everyone to get suspicious regarding the flu vaccine before they got around to getting everyone here to take the flu shots!

I must say that I am ready to join the tea party'ers who were carrying those posters saying "I love my country, but I fear our government"!!! At this point, the only government I am likely to not fear is the one that had the knowledge to test the flu vaccines on some 4 leggeds and found that it killed them all!

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

I just left the CDC site. After reading their conference (they update each day at 3 p.m), it seems this latest flu has more than 3 different strains in it. Avian Flu, American strain of swine flu and also the European & Asian strain of swine flu. They are still saying that no direct contact with pigs has been determined and it is being transmitted from human to human (one father and daughter were among the cases in California).

Seems that Mexico has many more cases than we do and a high mortality rate! I just can't convince myself that these different organisms that have been remaining separate all these years have suddenly started cross breeding. It smells more like somebody has been doing some genetic engineering with the different ones in a laboratory.

Replied by Lynn
(St. Louis, MISSOURI)

Robin, I'd try loading vitamin C. A couple of thousand milligrams per day. It stimulates the immune system. That's what we're doing.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

I hope a whole lot of EC'ers have been keeping up with Natural Solutions Foundations & clicking on those sites to let the government know that we don't want mandates that will possibly imprison those who refuse to take them along with other things about unmarked genetically engineered fruits & vegetables, etc.

Do you think latest flu fiasco might be the reason the pharmaceutical companys had started refusing to make the vaccines, until the government said it was passing a law saying the companies could not be sued by ones who thought they or their children were injured by the vaccines, but the federal government would establish a fund to take care of them? Seems to me that instead of money being the root of evil, greed or the love of money is the real root of evil.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello to All Interested in L-lysine and Vitamin C for viruses:

Age l3 to adults: 2000mgm (2Grams) L-lysine 4 times a day
Vitamin C l000mgm (l gram) every hour while awake
Do not exceed l0 grams per day orally (GI irritation)

The reason for taking Vit. C more often is so that you use more of it instead of having a very yellow urine from excreting a lot of the vitamin C through the kidneys.

For younger children follow Dr. Schultz instruction which should be posted on EC - The adult dose is figured for average 150 lb. person He likes to figure childrens' doses by weight because there is a lot of variation in their sizes & weights. I would probably keep it on hand, but if you want to play ultra safe, you might want to take 1 gram of both Vit. C & L-lysine 4 times a day and move up to the higher dosage if people around you are being afflicted with the flu.

For those who have MMS on hand, the dosage for this is 2 drops per 25 lbs. of weight for all ages, but I have read somewhere that obese people should take more. I would be cautious about taking more than 20 drops

For colloidal silver, I have no personal knowledlge of this but it is said to kill most pathogens. The bottle it comes in should give you the adult dosage and you can figure the dosage by weight for children.

For those who find math daunting: Take the l50 lb. weight assumed in the adult dose. Put childs' weight over the 150 lb. You now have a fraction to reduce to lowest form. Example 75 lbs/150 lbs = l/2 of adult dose or 25 lb/150 lbs = 1/6 of adult dose.

Rena, I don't have the answer to your question, but if you read on the flu remedies section of EC, as I did, you just may come to the same conclusion that I did. Strange that this genetically engineered flu comes at a time when flu season should have already been gone, but when you look at the dates of the post in this section, it suddenly hits you that it looks like a lot of EC'ers were still having the flu long after the season ended, and good old remedies posted on EC was handling the situation. Good old EC remedies just might be knocking out some of those genetically inserted segments of the different flus and converting them into something much less harmful.

I also urge all EC readers to not forget about Bill's inhalation of H202 or good old turmeric which seems to have broad spectrum actions. Just type "turmeric research" in your search window and enjoy what you find to read on it. Really amazing when you find what these little old cooking herbs and spices do! So, everybody, get the MSG & aspartame out of your foods and start cooking with healthful ways to flavor your foods.

Last but not least, if you don't already know what sugar does to your immune system, research this also and cut out the sweets until the flu thing is over at least. It seems that sugar knocks out your phagocytes (white blood cells that attack pathogens). We need to keep these good guys in a healthy state to fight off all infections, whether viral, bacterial or whatever they might be.

I also can't disregard the conclusion that Natural Solutions Foundation (http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/) came to in their latest alert, You might want to go there to read more.

Replied by Robin
(Macomb, Michigan)

Thank You so much Joyce!! Stay heathly and God Bless You!!


Swine Flu Remedies for Children

Posted by Trisha (Kearney, Ne) on 10/30/2009

I need help ASAP for my 5 year old daughter. She has all the symptoms of H1N1 and is absolutely miserable. Her fever has not went over 102; but we are giving her Motrin every 6 hours. We are also doing Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C, and are currently trying egg whites on her feet to reduce the fever. She is miserable when I ask her to sit up to take something, she cries and says she can't. Anybody have a quick remedy that would be beneficial for my 5 year old? She is 40lbs.

Replied by Celteyes
(Pearland, Texas)

Re: swine flu in the little one

Get some elderberry liquid and give 1 tsp three times daily. Also Olive leaf extract. This one tastes awful but extremely effective against viral illnesses. You must mix this one with something that will kill the taste.

I have also given my kids homeopathic cold and flu tabs that I have bought at Whole foods. The name begins with an "N". Not sure if I'm suppose to say that or not.

EC: Sure, tell us!

Replied by Celteyes
(Pearland, Texas)

They said it is Ok so the name of the homeopathic cold and flu is Nelsons. I've gotten it at Wholefoods and HEB. I have also used Actonite as soon as I felt the symptoms of flu coming on. Which for some reason has been twice this year uugh. Before this I had the flu once in 20 years!

I also recommend that everyone have an emergency kit always with things you should never be without in case of acute illness or injury. My naturopath gave me this list years ago and I try my best to keep it full and updated. I have that and an emergency kit for each person in my family in case we have to run from something or stay in place for several weeks.

Now a days you never know.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello Trisha,

I would go easy on that Motrin for the fever since they blamed the GB following the flu in the l970's on the aspirin, and aspirin and motrin are both NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and there might be a cross over in reactions. I usually tell people to leave the fever alone as along as it doesn't go above l04 F. The fever is one of the bodies defense mechanisms, so don't kill off your good guys for doing such a good job. If it does go higher, Put some ice in freezer bags, wrap each in a bath cloth or small hand towel so it won't be such a shock to her, and place one icebag under each armpit and one across each side of the groin. This usually drops the fever within 30 minutes and doesn't need to be replaced except for every 3-4 hours.

If you don't have some L-lysine, get some. The adult dose would be 2 grams l-lysine with l gram vitamin C four times a day. For a 40 pound child the dosage would be 40lbs/l50 lbs or about 1/4th of the adult dose so l/4 of 2 grams lysine would be 500 mgm. and for the Vitamin C 250 mgm. 4 times a day. Don't worry if she isn't eating much, but do keep some fluids going frequently. If she has trouble swallowing pills, they can be dissolved in water.

If you have some SSKI, 4 drops in water once a day x 3 days should stop it also but don't try everything at once. The ice for fever is safe to use with anything but I don't like throwing a bunch of medicine down at the same time.

If you have MMS, and want to try it, the dose would be 3 gtts MMS with twice as many drops of fresh lemon juice. You can pull up information of all of the above on internet, but my first choice would be the lysine & Vitamin C for any virus.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/20/2009 388 posts

Swine flu pneumonic plague.

One of the remedies I have tested in the past against pneumonic plague, which affects more on the respiratory illness, that has the best results overall is the use of a digestive enzyme, capsule form, having bromelain, pancreatic enzyme, papain, papaya extract, for example, works best overall compared to the hydrochloric acid remedy.

However, I have observed when a person has this sort of condition, both the digestive enzyme AND hydrochloric acid is low in the body, as noticed by general weakness of the condition.

When compared side by side, I observed that the digestive enzyme (in capsule form, never in tablet form), works about twice to four times better than the hydrochloric acid. However, hydrochloric acid is valuable against this sort of illness and helps if it is added to the remedy. It is especially important when digestive enzyme is not available if you happened to be living in an isolated village in the rural area, a hydrochloric acid maybe easier to obtain.

However, the digestive enzyme capsules, which is often taken a minimum from 3 to 8 times a day, works much better, if it was possible to obtain them. This results in reduction in mucus of about 80% the first day. The other remedy I have posted was the chinese Ganmaoling tablets. Although I liked the old form, which was uncoated with sugar, the new one works a lot less better. To make it work, the remedy requires that a person has to chew on it, or grind them to a powder and dissolve to work more effective. The Hydrochloric acid remedy against the pneumonic plague (ukraine - although sometimes referred to as hemorrhagic flu) works by increasing the energy level, the dose I have used is between 2 drops to 8 drops, with average dose that I have used is about 3 or 4 drops, of Hydrochloric acid 35% concentrated, any grade are suitable and are often more obtainable, at least in Asia, then the digestive enzymes. The dose, is taken at roughly 50 cc, every 30 minutes, which will raise the body's immune system, and energy level within less then two minutes.

However, as mentioned previously, the best one is a digestive enzyme overall, followed by Ganmaoling tablets, a chinese herbal remedy against teh cold, but works the best in reducing the mucus associated with flooding of the lungs. The remedy for Ganmaoling, is preferably taken at 8 tablets every 2 hours is a dose I am a bit more happier, and taken throughout the entire day of at least 16 hours. The minimum dose, but less effective is 4 tablets taken every 3 hours for four times. A fever is best controlled by lysine, taken hourly for a day or so.

However, for a severe condition where the person already had damaged lungs, from this second strain. Even though the reported pneumonic plague is in Ukraine, a similar kind has already happened in Bangkok, about 1-2 months ago, and doctors will identify (or may) as the H1N1 swine also. However, there IS a difference, even though standard tests denies that, the symptoms are noticeably very different from the usual swine flu, it may have been the synergism with another bacteria/virus found in hospital that quickly eats up the lungs within a few days after the infection. A typical home swine flu won't eat the lungs within few days as the ones I have found via hospital infections that eats up about 1/2 of the lungs in a few days, since i have seen x rays of that. When this happens, to restore this severe damage, a lysine supplements is taken for almost 24 hours (possibly skipped during sleep hours, and taking larger dose instead), and taken for at least two weeks to reverse this peculiar conditon. It should be noted that the full name of a typical lysine, is lysine hydrochloride, which has the hydrochloric, as the Korean research has found, also works even if a hydrochloric acid were not obtainable, a lysine hydrochloride would do. As to betaine, which is another from of hydrochloride, can be used too, so we really don't need to get hydrochloric acid and it works too, but not as good a the lysine one.

The lysine is effective in reducing fever, but in severe pneumonic flu, it takes about hourly doses, 1000 mg for about 6 hours to kick in, while the Tamiflu simply doesn't work at all, and the price is too expensive, and is as useless.

The initial dose for a severe from of pneumonic flu is that the initial dose is taken at 4000 mg, of lysine followed by an hourly dose of 1000 mg.

The dose is calculated on a typical male, 150 pound.

So people, with different weights is calculated on that basis.

As for me, the newer strain affects the respiratory system very fast, and if there is excessive mucus, which leads to the flooding of the lungs (i prefer this doesn't happen) then IT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO GET THE DIGESTIVE ENZYME!

Lysine is important against fever, so the flu or bacteria DOES NOT ENTER THE BLOOD. When they do enter it attacks the immune system, and the high fever may cook the brain as in temperatures of 104 degree Fahrenheit. I prefer to deal with 103 rather than 104 before they go up.

As to other things mentioned about ozone water, acidic ozone water, they are too weak in practice. A typical one capful of 3% H2O2, or preferably two capful of 3% H2O2 in one liter of drinking water taken at 1/4 to 1/2 glass every 30 minutes for a total of 5-6 hours, may likely work a lot better, and may have a much higher kill rate. Whenever a hydrogen peroxide is used it works best whenever vitamin C is taken.

If the pneumonic flu isn't of hemorrhagic variety and all the other things were not obtainable, then a vitamin C and aspirin remedy is used for only one day and used hourly between 4 to 6 hours, but preferably at 50 minutes interval. I know there is a lot of nuances in the pneumonia cure, and flus in general. One of the atomizers I used to dry the lungs when a person does have pneumonia is the use of a 5% ammonium chloride solution in 5% potassium carbonate solution.

It kills the bacterium form and dries up the lungs. The method of use for me is not really to spray directly, but just spray in the room a couple of times and breathe in the mist. The lungs will clear up after a few minutes, so it works ok. The sea salt will also dry up flooding of the lungs, along with other remedies, the dose is 1/2 teaspoon for a typical 150 pound man, with normal blood pressure. If blood pressure is high, it's 1/4 teaspoon usually dissolved in a glass of water, and drank slowly. If a person who took the 1/4 teaspoon he takes in twice, but a 1/2 teaspoon is a glass of water is taken once, slowly of course, drinking them within 10 minutes if fine or even 20 minutes, if he believe there's too much water. The sea salt remedy to dry up the lungs is a one dose remedy but if it works and a person has no problem with blood pressure it maybe continued, but only once a day. In a severe lung damage pneumonic flu the lysine maintenance dose is continued, typically 1000-1200 mg three times a day for at least a month. One of the benefits of the lysine is it's ability to repair the lung tissue. Potassium is a common atomizer, along with ammonium chloride I used it as a contact spray when the mist is applied to kill remaining pneumonia in the lungs and is used whenever breathing is not too clear, but this remedy I used maybe three or four times a day.

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
190 posts


Of course you are the best judge, I want your opinion on the use of iodine in the circumstances you have explained in this mail. Thanks

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
388 posts

Dear Baldev:

Iodine can be used to raise the body's immune system overall, in particular, is sleeping on time (it's like you hit a wall when the time comes), it has the largest effect on the pineal gland and the thyroid, from my observations. Iodine in itself is antiviral, but it is not dramatic as lysine and aspirin in regards to fever, and it's not as dramatic in regards to its effect in reducing overall mucus as sea salt and digestive enzyme.

What it does is raises the body's metabolism and body heat, which can be noticed during your sleep as the body temperature goes up. The reason why iodine isn't so dramatic has a lot to do with the dose I used, which is often low, between 1-10 drops, of a Lugol's solution, which contains both iodine and iodide. It heats up the thyroid in most women, but not men after taking, an indication of low iodine, as most women are usually iodine deficient, as their breast needs iodine too. The best ways to use iodine as in Lugol's solution, I have found to possible remedies, one is just Lugol's solution, 1/4 glass, to be used as a mouthwash, using between 10-20 drops of lugols, enough to do a couple of swishes, and possibly small amounts to drink to help with a sore throat. If in event of a pneumonic plague (hemorrhagic flu), more iodine drops may be needed.

The second remedy is the iodine Lugol's solution with hydrogen peroxide. The mixture is prepared as follows: a 10-20 drops Lugol's solution, plus 2 caps of 3% H2O2, in 1/4 glass of water, which is a very powerful antiseptic. It's used as mouthwash only, but maybe too strong to take small sips, around 1-5 cc, but can be done if a person is not sensitive to them. I am less sensitive so that can be easily done, then perhaps followed by drinking water in a couple of minutes. However the best sore throat remedy that I have tested on a couple of people here to ward off a possible respiratory pneumonic plague is the broad antiviral Humic acid, not fulvic acid, but fulvic acid works, if you just happened to have coumarin, and ethanol alcohol sitting around your room! LOL. The two both works, the first because of the natural traps humic acid on the virus, which works like a cockroach hotel.

The viruses goes in, it doesn't come out. The labyrinthine molecular structure of the humic acid makes it possible to trap nearly every kind of viruses there is. Hence it makes an ideal component as an atomizer or small 15 minutes sips to wash out the virus by trapping them along the throat, esophagus, possibly in a sinus sprayer for the nasal, and possibly for the lungs, in limited amounts to trapping the H1N1. The humic acid may be prepared and may be synergistic with the iodine solution mentioned.

There are two more remedies that come to mind regarding this formula.

The first one is the pure humic acid, roughly 1/4 teaspoon per 500 cc of water well shaken, in a drinking water drank throughout the day at a maximum of 30 minutes interval to prevent it from spreading, reduce the sore throat. It takes effect in reducing some pain in a matter of minutes.

The second one is the iodine Lugol's solution added, which is a bit stronger.

The remedy for that one is 10 drops of Lugol's plus 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid in 500 ccs of water, well shaken. Iodine is well known to be antiviral.

The mistake in the urban legends that people do not know, but is well known in microbiology is that alcohols don't kill virus well, regardless of whether it is HIV, AIDS, swine flu, cold flu, norovirus, etc. They are more effective against bacteria. Hence, the extensive use of alcohol gels does nothing to prevent their spread.

I have never seen condoms made of alcohol gels to prevent AIDS, so condoms manufacture do have some idea.

The best alcohol gel is to use iodine. Because of the problems of discoloration, the best gel is the iodine gel. Sorry, it's not available commercially and by FDA rules, I can't sell them either. It's amazing how they build mazes to prevent a cure. You can't even carry enough liquids carry on to treat yourself - 100 cc. Hence it has to be prepared on an airplane, if you happened to have humic acid with you or iodine into drinking water - that's to get around the restrictions.

A friend of mine was carrying baking soda to treat sore throat and was stripped naked, cavity search, and flight delayed (not to mention he has to buy another plane ticket! just because it was a baking soda. (Anything white powdered is construed by the authorities here as heroin, cocaine, even if you were carrying talcum powder) Since there's nothing I can do about these increasing controls, the best way to get around the problem (maybe) an unopened labeled clearly baking soda, for the sore throat.

Unless of course, the plane has that handy, also unlikely.

The best way to prepare a hand sanitizer is NOT the alcohol gel. It's the iodine solution. To get AROUND the problem of discoloration is to use hydrogen iodide. The way I prepare is simple, primitive, and imperfect. However, it's a solution that resembles clear water.

All I have is to get a bottle of lugol's solution. If I can't get that, then a betadine is fine.

There are two ways I am aware of to prepare hydrogen iodide.

One is to use sodium borohydride, purchased from your local chemical suppliers.

The second way is to get a bottle of hydrazine. Drops are put into the lugols/betadine mixture. In a 500 cc, it may require well over 50 drops with constant stirring until it slowly turns clear. As to sodium borohydride, a small teaspoon is put into the solution, until it becomes clear. The resulting mix is hydrogen iodide.

Of course, there is a much easier way, just purchased a hydrogen iodide from a local chemical supplier. I wasn't able to get them, hence, I had to prepare them myself. This is used as all around antiseptic specifically against the virus. Iodine is the most effective solution against viruses in most research studies I am aware of.

Other ones are just too toxic for general use, e.g. lithium iodide. Iodine is a halogen, just like chlorine, bromine, fluorine, for example. The only differences between an iodine and the halogens is that iodine is the only element that the body needs, in elemental form. The other ones are too toxic. Here in Bangkok I get into all kinds of endless debates regarding MMS and MMS2 use that it is not a chlorine. So let me settle this issue once and for all. Get a chlorine test paper strips. Yes it's available on the internet.

Here is one link:


When you test the MMS, sodium chlorite, it will detect some chlorine. Yes, it's tested positive. Always. The fun begins however when you add citric acid or vinegar to the sodium chloride solution. Then the paper gets really burning it becomes almost black paper. This means there is the presence of FREE CHLORINE, the same ones we find, but in much lower concentrations found in your drinking shower, we all learn to hate.

As to the MMS2, Jim Humble decides that IS A CHLORINE and it's healthy. The same ones we used in swimming pool, calcium hypochlorite. Therefore it smells like chlorine, looks like chlorine, tested positive for chlorine IT IS A CHLORINE. Chlorine, fluorine drives out iodine, and you get hypothyroidism, but it also drives out iodine from your entire body, but breast, ovaries, adrenal, testicles get affected.

Over the long run, it lowers the metabolism causing obesity.

In any event, the claim that chlorine cures malaria, I don't deny that. But all halogens do that. Including iodine. In fact, one of the people who visited Edgar Cayce got cured of malaria using elemental iodine. The ones we see in betadine iodine, or the nascent iodine invented by Edgar Cayce. The man who was cured of malaria was Dr. Bisey which was used to cure malaria too.

The nascent iodine is prepared using electricity. However, chemically you can do the same which is called hydrogen iodide.

To make it more alkaline I would add elemental iodine to the mix, usually hydrogen iodide plus betadine - Ted's iodine for a lack of a better word, as a substitute for the nascent iodine. It has similar properties as Cayce's iodine, only that it's mixed in grain alcohol -which is ethanol alcohol, or a good substitute is just vodka.

This is just general information regarding iodine use in relation to the flu problems we have right now. I believe our society has just dumbed down, go to any CDC website or authoritative website I won't find much information regarding swine flu remedies, treatment, and specific symptoms. Some people told me I have very general information. I may agree, but if you look at any CDC (centers for disease control) it's not any better. The only thing they have going is much larger hits to their website regarding swine flu information. LOL.

More information on a new Mutated virus form (Swine flu) second wave (Ukraine, pneumonic plague). http://targetfreedom.typepad.com/targetfreedom/2009/11/microbiologist-kidnapped-by-fbi-warning-vaccine-is-bioweapon.html

Correctly called pneumonic plague.

Lysine will slow it down but much larger quantities needed.

I prefer to call it Baxter Pharmaceutical Flu. We give credit where credit is due.

Baxter Pharmaceutical Flu. First noted by Jane Burgermeister regarding her filing for lawsuit when Pharmaceutical shipped out swine flu vaccines that had a mutant form of swine flu that is very contagious primarily affecting the respiratory system and works like the pneumonic plague, and sometimes called hemorrhagic flu, killing the patient by eating up the lungs and drowning in their own fluids and dies of suffocation

. It was first noticed when one of the recipient countries tested on weasels or ferrets by inoculating them about and all of them died quickly. In spite of all that, the Baxter division in Ukraine, I believe, continues to release the virus in that country (through spraying from planes) and currently, there is well over 500,000 some say 1 million who have this problem, but there's a media blackout.

I received reports of spitting out blood, and hence the name hemorrhagic fever. It works similarly to chikungunya, only that this virus digests the lungs very quickly. It's commonly spread in other countries, such as here, mostly through hospital infection, because this is where they do the vaccination. The age groups affected are usually young people, primarily because they are the same group of people most easily vaccinated, as same as the Spanish flu.

A microbiologist Moshe, was recently captured by FBI for exposing the Baxter Pharmaceutical for exposing the bioweapons on August 13, 2009 of this year.

It was done through Ukraine as the center point for the spread. Hence, the media will put it kindly as a typical swine flu. It's a mutant form and affects badly the respiratory system eating up the lungs in a matter of days. I have seen this already in Bangkok.

Once we get much larger numbers where the epidemic cannot be controlled should be out in mainstream media next year. The last time I got reports of this year's swine flu as early as April of 2008, and by having limited facilities for testing, the numbers will always be lower then the real numbers, and if the media reports it too late, the epidemic cannot be controlled early, by avoiding the issue. That's why SARS didn't work, the media reported too quickly. So they are learning that it's best to keep the media tight and once spread, it will be too late. At least that's my understanding of how to spread the epidemic.

The remedy to prevent it from FURTHER eating the lungs, if you think I haven't had the remedy yet, I have. It's the lysine. Taken hourly for 24 hours, during sleep time we might take 4 of them at 1000 mg each all at once, so the sleep cycle won't be disturbed. The poor man who got his lungs eaten away from the hospital in 2-3 days is now ok but he needs to take the lysine everyday. It helps build lungs and prevent them further. The other issue is to reduce the mucus. It's the digestive enzyme, the best brand you can get, taken every 2 hours to 4 hours will stop most of that. If that can't be found, a weaker one is the Ganmaoling tablets. Yes I have the remedies all worked out, just in time for the Baxter pharmaceutical flu. It's not the best but at least I kept him out of the ICU and the poor man is o.k. now. It has already spread sometime ago anyway, but it's under the umbrella of the original swine flu. I called this to Deirdre, the Second Wave flu. There is a third one I believe, but I needed to chase those people to find the remedy. LOL.

In case you like to do research there is ANOTHER amino acid that may stave off the flu, it's the L-Threonine.

Humic acid is a natural all around one. Don't expect MMS to work. It doesn't work over the long run as lysine, aspirin or even the digestive enzyme. Weakens the body's immune system in the long run by kicking out the iodine and chlorine is replaced instead in the thyroid. It's just best overall to take a drop of lugol's solution, with the H2O2 drops.

For some who still denies that MMS is a chlorine, please get the Chlorine paper test. It becomes a FREE chlorine AFTER you have added the citric acid, but there is some available chlorine even before the mixing with citric acid.

Here is the link to the chlorine paper test, for some who denies there is such a test... https://www.indigoinstruments.com/test_strips/disinfectants_sanitizers/chlorine_and_iodine/chlorine-test-papers-200ppm-33815.html


P.S. The most depressing news for me is not the flu itself it's the control of selling of supplements which is supposed to go into effect December 31, 2009, under the Codex Alimentarius. Hopefully it won't stop everything immediately such sales! A cure can be found, but the prevention of sales of supplements is something I have trouble getting around the issue. The one positive side is aspirin is the most difficult ones to control which is useful at least for the Swine flu first wave. The second wave of course is the Baxter Pharmaceutical flu.

I have as yet to prove whether that works for the second wave.

You may get the Baxter pharmaceutical near you. It may be found in most swine vaccines today, please check for Jane Burgermeister's lawsuit for details.

or just general info here http://www.theflucase.com/

Replied by Peryn
(Kennesaw, Ga)

Pneumonic (Baxter) flu

Ted, thank you for all the information provided for this flu. Regarding the use of humic acid delivered by an atomizer- you stated "a weak solution to breathe in". Could you specify: 1) how much humic acid to dissolve in water for this method 2) how much to inhale and 3) best method to inhale (directly or spay in air and then inhale). I also noted that you are not mentioning BHT with this Baxter pneumonic flu-is there any benefit of BHT when treating this Baxter flu?

Replied by Baldev
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
190 posts

Dear Ted,

I am so very grateful and touched by your mail in reply to my querry, you in fact have cleared many doubts through this elaborate mail. God bless you.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
388 posts

Dear Peryn:

My method for preparing a humic acid delivered temporarily to breathe in to kill the Baxter flu (respiratory type, hemorrhagic flu, mutant swine), is as follows: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of humic acid is dissolved in 500 cc of the container. It is well stirred, and allow it to dissolve completely. Preferably lukewarm water is fine. Decant the soluble portions to a sprayer, and discard the larger debris, which is the precipitate.

Depending on the seriousness of the lung condition, if not serious, indirect spraying is fine. However, once it reaches the respiratory system, then it is sprayed directly. An early signs of the condition before it invades the lungs begins with a severe sore throat. I have tested everything under the sun, and the best one is the humic acid for this particular Baxter pharma flu. Once the sore throat is gone, it can't entire the respiratory system, but may stay as a cough. It is also important to prepare drinking water filled with humic acid.

Personally, I used a 1/4 teaspoon humic acid per 500 cc of water. A wife called me a couple of days ago of a severe sore throat to the point that he couldn't talk. It quickly killed the sore throat, but some minor coughs remain, however, the spread is reduced by the fact that humic acid reduces the viral load, which works more like a birth control so that the system doesn't get overwhelmed.

The drinking water with 1/4 teaspoon of humic acid 500 cc is drunk every 5-10 minutes at least initially and drink a bit less frequently throughout the day should prevent further spread or catching of the flu. Drinking water such as this may be prepared in a thermos bottle to a child, or people going to work so such viruses don't become contagious, or at least it's less possible to catch it.

The humic acid solution in thermos, or drinking water maybe used as a sanitizer, more effectively then an alcohol gel, by traping the viruses. The solution may also be put into a rag to clean tables, desks, kitchen also.

An alcohol gel doesn't kill the viruses, but a humic acid will, and is fairly user-friendly and easier to handle, with exception of carpets, which may stain. It's still a simple solution, but a more elaborate formula is possible by preparing with vodka so the solution will dry quicker when used as handwash, but not as a drinking solution. A drinking solution is only when water and humic acid is used.

As to the BHT, it works within the blood as it is oil-soluble, it won't work on respiratory flu that eats up your lungs, which is the focus of this new strain. A digestive enzyme is also important and rebuilding of lungs (after the damage), is vitamin C, lysine, glycine, and proline. That's the best remedy I can come up with so far.


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By Yulia Makoveeva, MIGnews.com.ua

Some Info on Pneumonic plague (hemmorhagic flu) closed meeting has been held in Ivano-Frankivsk, at which participants agreed that epidemic of the so-called "pneumonic plague" is being spread throughout Ukraine. But the problem is its form is unknown, it is ATYPICAL nobody knows how to treat it.

PNEUMONIC PLAGUE has an acute course than other forms, over and is accompanied by a very high mortality rate. The incubation period of primary pneumonic plague rarely exceeds more than 1-4 days. It begins, as a rule, suddenly - with shivering, fever, headache, myalgia, weakness, nausea. The symptoms of pneumonia - cough with phlegm, chest pain, shortness of breath - usually appear on the second day of the disease. Blood spitting, growing respiratory disorders, heart failure, respiratory failure, shock are being observed. In primary pneumonic plague phlegm usually is watery or mucinous, foamy, with blood or visibly bloody.

A secondary pneumonic plague occurs as interstitial pneumonia. Phlegm is scanty and more dense and viscous than in primary pulmonary plague. It is believed that in this regard, patients are less contagious.

As a reminder, yesterday, on October 28 flu epidemic in the Ternopil Region, which had appeared a week ago, mowed down nearly 10,000 of residents. Moreover - unknown virus has already killed seven people. Ministry of Health has confirmed 20 deaths from pneumonia in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv Regions.

Ted's Remedies

Posted by Lizzy (Niskayuna, Ny) on 11/17/2009

What does Ted from Bangkok think about this "Swine Flu Pneumonic Plague" going on in the Ukraine now. They say this version affects the lung filling it with blood.

Do you think will also help Lysine, Vitamine C, Vitamine D (possibly BHT) (and adding Ganmaouling Chinese herbal preperation and Methylene blue if there is mucous/breathing problems)?

Swine flu outbreak in Ukraine as virus said to kill dozens

Swine Flu Deaths Hit Ukraine

Please post in "Real-Time Posts" and/or "Swine Flu" so I can find, thanks (:

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It's likely to be an hourly Lysine dose and humic acid as an aerosol to breathe in. The humic acid is prepared as an aerosol, a weak solution to breathe in. It kills all kinds of viruses by trapping them. Use just enough as humic acid may accumulate if used excessively if there is long term use exceeding months of use. Still, it's a lifesaver.

I will update the hemorrhagic virus, but there isn't that sort of case in Thailand.

However, there are certain ones that did resemble bleeding which humic acid, lysine and magnesium chloride, 500 mg empty stomach did effectively stopped that. Perhaps it was or was not, but it had the symptoms but was not officially confirmed.

It should be noted that large doses of magnesium are antiviral. Vitamin C also.

If they are taken hourly, this should effectively stop them after 6 doses, but has to be given every 50 minutes not exceeding one hour for each dose, otherwise you just have to start counting again from 1.

Ted's Remedies
Posted by Rhonda (Lakewood, Ca) on 08/30/2009

What are safe doses of methylane blue and Llysine for children's use in swine flu prevention? Should these two be taken in preparation for the flu season? Thanks.

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Hello Rhonda, EC should have detailed instructions on figuring pediatric or pet dosages. An alternative doctor named Schultz says he prefers using child's weight to figure the dosage. Keeping in mind that the adult dosage is based on 150 lbs. weight, so put the child's weight over the 150 so if child weighs 75 lbs, put 75 over l50 and reduce to the lowest fraction, thus the dosage for a 75 lb. child would be 1/2 the adult dosage.

Taking 2 grams of l-lysine and 2 grams of vitamin C 4 times a day will usually knock most viral infections quickly for an adult. However the vitamin C gets used better if taken 1 gram every hour while awake, instead of being excreted in bright yellow urine. I would give the 75 lb. child l gram of both instead of 2. Since the immune system apparently goes into high gear & functions better, I would probably take 1 gram of each myself to prevent & step up to 2 grams of each if any signs of flu, cold or other virus starts.

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