Periodontitis Remedies

Feb 16, 2017

Gum disease or periodontitis is a gum infection that breaks down the tissue of the gums that support the teeth, and can result in tooth loss. Periodontitis is usually caused by poor oral hygiene habits, and risk can be greatly reduced by daily brushing and flossing. Brushing your teeth removes plaque, which is composed of bacteria, starch, and sugar. When plaque builds up it can harden into tartar, usually requiring a professional to remove, which makes it easier for more plaque to build up and cause inflammation and damage to the gums. Damaged gums will cause pockets to form between the teeth and gums that get filled with more plaque; this is the earliest form of gum disease, known as gingivitis. Gum disease is also associated with greater risk of heart attack and stroke!

Symptoms of gum disease include swollen, bright red or purple gums that can feel sensitive to touch, bad breath, spaces or gaps between teeth and gums, loose teeth, and sometimes a bad taste in the mouth.

Home Remedies for Gum Disease

On this page you can find a number of user-submitted natural cures for gum disease. Some of our more popular treatments for gum disease include hydrogen peroxide, oil pulling, turmeric, baking soda, bee propolis, and a whole lot more.

Hydrogen Peroxide For Gum Disease - Caution

While many people have reported good results using Hydrogen Peroxide for gum disease, others have reported that they encountered problems when using H202.  Because of this, we feel that anyone should either exercise caution when using Hydrogen Peroxide for gum disease or use another remedy suggested by readers, such as oil pulling.

Tried one of the below home remedies for your gum disease? Please let us know if it worked! If you have used a remedy or supplement that is not listed below, please share your story with us too!

Activated Charcoal  

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Posted by Lisa (Ohio, US) on 09/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Charcoal works AMAZINGLY!!! Make sure it is activated charcoal.(not out of your fire pit).I have been using it for approximately 2 months, just came from the dentist and even they were like "WOW, your teeth look amazing and we can tell you really take good care of your mouth". Activated charcoal is able to pull out impurities... Helps with gum disease and brightens the teeth.

I use it with a natural toothpaste (Tom's from Maine). I have opened many capsules and put them in a pepper shaker (it's messy... Lay down papertowel). Wet your toothbrush, apply toothpaste, sprinkle with charcoal, and brush. (I suggest placing toothbrush fully in mouth and closing mouth before beginning to brush to make sure you don't breathe over charcoal on brush.... It will go everywhere if you breathe on it... Trust me... I speak from experience!!! )

Replied by Darla Vest
Festus, Mo

I was wondering where you purchased this activated charcoal? I went to walmart and no luck. Please advise. Thank you, Darla

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Darla,

Some health food stores sell it. You can get it online from Amazon and eBay. I also like it from buyactivated

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sandy
Naperville, Il

Hey Carla, You can buy in any health food store like Fruitful Yield or Whole Foods, etc.

Replied by Casey
Utah, US

I would be worried about the charcoal scraping off the enamel on my teeth. You aren't supposed to brush very hard so I can imagine that brushing with something abrasive isn't a good idea either. Has anyone had experience with this? Gum disease is no fun, but having no enamel isn't any better.

Replied by Dan
Calgary, Ab

This is a question & concern we get all the time. Activated charcoal isn't abrasive.

Replied by Samantha
Fort Worth

Pharmacies like walgreens carry it as well.

Replied by Cajun

Be aware that Activated Charcoal absorbs impurities and MEDICATIONS that are in your system as well... so use at your own discretion.

Posted by Yasha (Oslo, Norway) on 06/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: gum disease, bad breath and burning mouth syndrome: I have been suffering for gum disease and bad breath for the passed few years. I brushed my teeth nearly everytime i eat to avoid bad breath, change toothbrush twice a month, used Corsodyl very often, chewed chewing gums almost every hour, used toothpicks. But all this didn't really help me quit the bad taste in my mouth. It has been so frustrating. But thanks God for charcoal powder. Now the bad breath and burning mouth is gone. I could talk properly without having to worry with my breathy. Really thankful for this remedy.

Replied by Karl
Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Did you ingest it or swish it in your mouth. How long did you use it and what dose?

thanks, karl

Replied by Yasmin
Toronto, Canada

Heard of this too... An old african remedy it was... U take the charcoal powder and brush your teeth with it... Suppose to deep clean your teeth and make your gums healthier. Not suppose to swallow it though.

Replied by Adam

Can I grind the charcoal tablets and brush my teeth with it?

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Adam,

You should be able to grind up the charcoal tablets to use to brush your teeth. However, in the long run, it might be easier to juts get some of the powder. Also, you might check the ingredients. Some tablets have sugar in them. You might not want to be using that to brush your teeth.

Let us know how charcoal brushing goes for you!

~Mama to Many~

Advanced Gum Disease Remedies  

Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl, Usa) on 11/20/2013

I have been reading all the posts for Gum disease. I am going out today to purchase Aloe Vera Gel and Juice and the Bee Propolis, assuming I can find it.

I have to admit I have not been the best dental patient. Have had Gingivitis off and on for years. However, now, it has advanced to beyond this stage and I recently visited a Peridentist who stated all the my teeth are loose and the gum disease is so advanced that I should have all of them extracted and wear dentures. I am over 60 yrs old and I guess he figures this is the least expensive way since I do not have any dental insurance. Has anyone on this forum been told this and found a remedy? I know there really isn't much to replace bone loss? The dentist asked me if I took meds for bone loss and I assured him I don't take many meds at all. I actually read somewhere that Chloresteral meds were bad for dental gums. I take a lot of vitamins including CQ10 and have never been a smoker. Any answers would be really appreciated. I really don't want to loose my teeth but this may happen.

Replied by Aurora
Mason City, Ia

Yes, I went to the dentist and he told me that my teeth all had to come out, I came out of his office crying and my daughter told me I should seek a second opinion. Long story short the second dentist told me that it was probably because I was in peri-menopause, to seek counsel of a endocrinologist. I started to read about hormonal unbalance, reduce my hot flashes etc. and kept my teeth another 14 years.

After having cancer and getting radiation and chemo, my teeth are loose once more. When I visited the dentist, he only wanted to take them out, but I think it is hormonal again as my body had to deal with so much. I do what I can to keep my body from falling apart in spite of cancer and radiation. Read here that salt, ( shocking how simple remedies can be) can kill the microbe that causes the gum disease, I stared using it a few weeks ago, my teeth feel a lot better. I am planning a trip to the experts, this time in Mexico, to see if they will give me a chance to explain my situation, for how can they help you? If they don't know your history or what you have experienced? Sorry this is so long, but I hope it's a help to you or somebody else, Aurora

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Aurora --- no need to go to Mexico. At least visit "healing teeth naturally" online.

It has saved me thousands of $$$$ . I am attending to them daily and do oil pulling as well. Best to read and find the many ways that are otherwise kept from us for the sake of commerce. Enough said. Namaste Om

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

That can be very terrible news to hear all your teeth will need to come out. Whatever you do - do not listen to the dentist. They are ignorant of natural cures. Do everything you can to keep them. The body has the abilitiy to heal given the proper nutrients and care. Also be aware that I am 60 years old.

I don't know everything about the state of your gums so use these things. I would come at it from different angles. Nutrients and cleansing.

I tried oil pulling to help the weakening gums but to no avail. I think how well it helps depends on how nutrient deficient ones body is and whether it is just primarily a bacterial cause. The older one is, the more likely it is a depleted nutrients in your body so oil pulling would likely help less.

From a cleansing perspective, you can use hydrogen peroxide (1 part water, 1 part H202).

Brush your gums with it briefly upon rising and before bed. It will be a form of massage to get blood circulating in them and minimize bacteria colony in your mouth. I don't know the state of your gums so just be gentle until nutrients start to build up. You don't have to do it long but just enough.

For nutrients, use Biocell HA. It has Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen which has high absorption. This is what will put nutrients back into your gums. As a side benefit, your spinal column will get replenished.

Take 3 to 6 capsules per day on EMPTY stomach all at once. Best time is upon rising or before bed. You can use more or less. It accumulates in the body but given the state of your gums, I'd go higher dose for first couple weeks. I used doctor best brand because it was least expensive.

My gums were weakening disintegrating due to age and some teeth were starting to feel loose. I happen to stumble on a cure while looking for a way to cure my herniated disc which it did. I used Biocell Hyaluronic Acid. It toughened up my gums within 3 months but I expect sooner. I can't tell you exactly when they toughened up my gums because I was focused on the herniated disc and only realized afterward.

When I went to have my first dentist appointment in around 13 years, they found virtually no pockets in my gums. My gums feel very strong. My teeth and gums are tight.

I hope this gets you out of your situation. Many people take care of their teeth very well all their life but they end up losing all their teeth due to deteriorating gums as they age.

Replied by Greeenglo

Hi Prioris,

Just wanted to add my experience -

I am kindof facing a similar situation with regard to my gums. I visited a natural dentist due to a very loose tooth and he believes its the root canals I had 20 years ago that is the cause for all my tooth/gum issues. He thinks they should be removed.

I have been meticulous in taking care of my teeth. Having oil-pulled for atleast 4 years (to no avail), used a bunch of herbs and anything that I thought would remotely help my gums/teeth. nothing has helped so far. According to the dentist there is only so much the body can do and with a root canal it is pretty much stymied in its efforts to heal itself. what is interesting is that the bottom jaw is fine, bone density is great and teeth are good. the top jaw - where there are 2 root canals is the one with a lot of issues and also bone loss.

Replied by Prioris
Fl., US

Your bottom gums are fine but upper gums weak. Wow. Never ceases to amaze me on the never ending twists and turns to any particular health problem. This would appear to be some type of gum infection.

I would still try the Biocell HA. You have nothing to lose and who knows maybe it could help with other health problems even if it doesn't help the gums. Who knows, maybe the nutrients could tip the balance in fighting the infection. For someone younger, maybe vitamin C complex is enough.

Another thing I would consider is using DMSO on the inside of your top gums with Q tip then a few minutes later, put some hydrogen peroxide against the inside of your gums.

Don't allow DMSO to touch your cheeks. I did that and the skin peeled. Adjust dilution of DMSO to your own liking. I have used 99% with no problem in past. h202 will be way more effective than herbs against pathogens since it has oxygen as a weapon.

I know for periodontal disease, people use baking soda. They hold in the mouth for 20 or 30 minutes I think to let it soak in. So maybe another thing to add.

Given the uniqueness of your problem, please keep us informed on any progress or non progress. Even if you were to lose your teeth, you want to go down fighting trying to save them.

Replied by Greenglo

Hi Prioris,

Your posts had inspired me to purchase the Biocell HA. I use 2 a day on an empty stomach. But I have just started using it for about 2 weeks.

I have never used DMSO. Will look into it.

I do use baking soda off and on. Never consistently though. Vitamin C is something I have used a lot in the past, but I have never seen much improvement and hence my use of it has tapered off. (BTW I am in my late 40's.) I used the powder form of C - ascorbic acid along with baking soda in water. Perhaps the form of C was not the best... Thanks for the suggestions!

Replied by Prioris

A few more things. Many years back, I developed sensitivity in my teeth with nothing in my mouth. any hot or cold would worsen them.

I tried using baking soda in water held in my mouth for 45 minutes a day 2 times per day. I tried that for 10 days and it was not successful. i

I decided to try 3% hydrogen peroxide and holding that in my mouth for 30 or 40 minutes 2 times per day. I would scrub the gums with the tooth brush also on and off. it was a way to massage the gums. After about 5 to 10 days - I forget exact time - my teeth sensitivity went away never to return. I wasn't even sensitive to hot or cold any more. teeth felt good.

Of course, I didn't know if it would work but it did. Whether it was the strength of the h202, the length of time I kept it in my mouth or a combination of the two that made the difference, I don't really know but it worked.

My gums would have that slight white gum burn from the 3% but it was no big deal and went away after I solved my sensitivity problem and stopped using it.

If you use dmso, i'd dilute it to 50% to 60%. This will minimize any burning. You don't want to get it on your lips either or outside of your mouth at full strength although you'll survive it if you do. DMSO is something that you get use to using thru trial and error. some people just swish it around their mouths.

I can only give you my experience. These are like tools. I am just showing you the various ways I used them or can be used.

Ultimately, how you experiment with them is up to you. Because you don't know if something is going to work, there may be some trepidation of failure ir despair from failure. That has happened with many many many health problems that I have had. When I have failure, I come up with something else to try. Ultimately after many attempts, I figure it out where things get better. Sometimes I have to fight and claw my way to success. The way to approach any possible failure is to think up new experiments to try while you hope that what your currently doing works. develop back up plans ... plan a, plan b etc.


I have a question for Prioris if still around. You said you used Biocell HA to clear up gum and loose teeth problems. Where did you purchase the product? I am in my mid-60 having same problems. any help form anyone would be a great help.


United States

No no no, do not use hydrogen peroxide in straight strength like that for 40 minutes a day, (and twice a day! ), or even straight at all. It's killing live tissue. Wow.


Prioris, for how long did you take Biocell HA?

Aloe Vera  

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Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 02/26/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was flossing regularly, brushing with baking soda, rinsing with peroxide but two weeks ago my gum started to bleed profusely at one particular spot. I could not understand why this was happening. Someone told me about aloe vera for gum health. I had some aloe vera gel at home and I started to brush with the gel and toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I also got a mouthwash with the aloe vera as the main ingredient and started to use that since last Friday. Today is Tuesday and the bleeding is significantly less. I also did a reasearch on aloe vera and gum health and found out that it helps to keep the mouth and gums healthy. I am going to continue to use this method for my mouth care. I have also started to drink aloe vera juice as I has many health benefits.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Vit-E plus CoQ10/Ubiquinol are also recommended for gum disease.

Replied by Grahopper

Try gumtone... its an ayurvedic tooth powder or can be toothpaste...

Replied by Rok

One head's up about aloe Vera juice: a lot of them sold in stores contain quite a lot of sugar, which is definitely NOT healthy...

Antibiotics - Natural  

Posted by Kelvin (Forest Park, illinois) on 07/19/2013

Are there any household like or not hard to find natural antibiotics?

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, USA

Dear Kelvin, Here are some ideas for your gum/tooth disease that should not be hard to find. One time I had pain and bleeding gums (very unusual for me) and I mixed equal parts of cayenne pepper and goldenseal powder. I brushed my teeth with these a few times during the day and before bed. I was 100% better the next day. Cayenne alone might do the trick if that is all you have on hand. Or, you could mix cayenne and garlic powder as garlic is a wonderful antibiotic. This is going to be spicy and not taste great, but it is cheap and effective! Lalitha Thomas would add myrrh powder to the cayenne and goldenseal, but I didn't have that on hand when I had my gum infection. (She wrote Ten Essential Herbs, a book I love to refer to!)

Clove powder is also great for mouth infections. You could mix that with the cayenne. It also helps with the pain. Brush the teeth with whatever you do every couple of hours the first day. If you see improvement, brush every 4 hours. Keep up the brushing with the powder at least once a day after improvement for several days to prevent it from returning.

If your mouth infection is really bad, you can take 1 clove of crushed fresh garlic internally 4x a day, in addition to the brushing. This is a wonderful and very effective natural antibiotic.

Activated charcoal powder or tablets can be used for mouth infections. You can brush with the powder or you can put the tablet against the infected area.

Thyme and sage (the spices in your cabinet) can be combined, a pinch each, and put into a small bit of paper towel or coffee filter and used as a poultice against the infected area. I have used this to heal canker sores very quickly.

Drinking lots of water is helpful to flush infection out of the body. Avoiding sugar and soda at this time would probably be very helpful.

Let us know what helps you!! I hope you find relief soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Put 5 grams of borax and 1 gram of water soluable humic acid in a quart of water. Rinse several times a day, especially after eating, like mouth wash. 1 quart lasts several days. You should get approximately 80% relief. The remedy won't hurt you so either let dissolve through the gums or swallow after finished. Both ingredients are good for the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Cindy (Hazelton, Bc) on 01/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar for gum disease

I have been using apple cider vinegar 2 to 3 x a day in a pineapple smoothie. It tastes great and has cleaned out all pockets of plaque on my gums. I rinsed mouth out with water after drinking smoothy so I so not erode enamel on teeth. The Apple Cider Vinegar also cleans out my stomache, relaxes me due to high content of magnesium. I recently started drinking my smoothy with a straw, that way teeth are protected from enamel erosion. My dental technician was amazed at how healthy my gums and mouth looked.

Posted by Dee (Arkansas, USA) on 10/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have had lot and lots of trouble with my stomach and teeth and gums, cracked heels and alot of other things, so one day I was reading about all the healthful benifits of ACV and about a week ago I started taking it, 2tsps in an 8 oz glass of water 3x a day and I right away felt the difference and seen the difference in my complextion, and even in my gums they are not swollen and they are actually clearing up, my mouth feels much better now. I just tough it out and take it with water, it isn't really that bad after you get use to it, shoot with all the health benefits I think I can handle the taste. Anyway I am so glad I started drinking it, now my husband is drinking it to, he just started we shall see how he does with it, he has high blood pressure I am hoping it will help him with that. Anyway just wanted to put my two cents in about the amazing apple cider vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda  

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Posted by Martin (Canoga Park, California) on 04/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I'm a health writer and get a lot of good tip from docs. One of my favorite, and that I try to get my grandkids to follow, is a simple mouth cleaning with baking soda and apple cider vinegar. According to the dental experts I have interviewed, the two generate a powerful 1-2 knockout punch against many of the bad bacterial that cause caries and gum disease. Here's how to do it: brush after each meal (if possible) with baking soda. Try to gently work the baking soda into the gum tissue where it meets the teeth. Don't rinse. Baking soda is a huge killer of bacteria. Then follow up right away with a swig of apple cider vinegar. You will experience a "poof" in your mouth--the result of the acidic vinegar reacting with the alkaline baking soda. This combination has helped me keep a chronic gum disease situation under control. I wish I had known about it 40 years ago when my gum problems started. You can chuck all your toothpaste tubes. There's nothing as good as this combo, my dentist sources tell me, and they are super experts. Good luck.

Replied by Ryan
Nyc, New York

I wouldn't do this. ACV or any vinegar are acidic.

You can just using hydrogen peroxide at 3% concentration to kill all bacteria after brushing and flossing.

Replied by Raphael
Boston, MA

If worrying about the vinegar, you can wait 10-15 mins then rinse out with water.

Replied by Ouch!
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

I tried this method and the first day my mouth felt amazing. The second day, however, I noticed more bleeding in my gum. This is day number three and I have stopped using this method. The inside of my mouth and gums feel raw. I definitely should have diluted the acv.

Avoid Electric Toothbrush  

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Posted by Maryann (Springfield, Ma) on 03/23/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Receding Gumline

I love this site!!! And I love Ted's cures!! I wanted to add something that I haven't seen mentioned...a retired dentist told me this about receding gums...something no one ever told me at the Dental Office ($$) that I go to...he said DON'T use an electric toothbrush, it is too rough on the delicate gumline, he said use a soft toothbrush and only brush down on your upper teeth and only brush up on your lower teeth. He said if you brush up and down you force food particles into your already sick gumline! DUH!! What a genius! It made perfect sense to me. I have been doing this for about 6 months and my gums are so much better. It is very hard to break the old scrubbing habit though! and then I think of all the money I wasted on the electric toothbrush that the dental office sold me! Just started oil pulling too. Did I say---I love this site!!

Avoid Fluoride in Water and Toothpaste  

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Posted by Renee (El Dorado, Kansas) on 05/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've had gum disease for about 20 years even though my dental hygene is good. Nothing helped. All of my molars are now loose.

Anyway, for years the gums around several of these now loose teeth became inflamed and it felt as if my teeth were rotting from the inside out. I also had constant pain and swelling in my neck glands and ear pain on the inflamed side.

Several months ago I became aware of fluoride being a poison and ceased drinking fluroidated water and my tooth paste is now baking soda and water or peroxide.

All the pain and inflamation as went away. There have been two times I was out of baking soda and brushed my teeth with regular tooth paste and within several hours all the old symptions returned.

Replied by Rich
Boca Raton, Fl

As for the fluoride, apparently 30% of americans have some dental fluorosis. Gum disease is very common as well. I suspect Fluoride may not be so good for dental stem cells. Iodine displaces fluoride, and seems to be a nice treatment for gum disease.

Providone Iodine and baking soda seems like a nice treatment... the fda approved treatment is chlorhexadine, but this may stain teeth. Here are a couple of medical articles and a patent discussing this remedy.


Povidone-iodine as a periodontal pocket disinfectant

Replied by Charity
Faithville , Us

Be careful with clydamycin use in the first site of this remedy. It could cause an extreme case of c difficile, mine lasted 6 months and had to buy all new clothes to fit my bag of bones frame. My eyes were also affected by nutrients not being absorbed from intestinal tract. I will never use clindamycin again. I had never had diarrhea for more than 3 days in my life


Baking Soda  

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Posted by Macswelly (California) on 01/26/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Baking Soda: Bleeding Gums and Bad Breath

For bleeding gums, I take a measured tablespoon of dry baking soda, put it directly into my mouth and swish it around for a minimum of 5 minutes. (DON'T SWALLOW) Be careful (DO NOT GARGLE) with it in the back of your throat because the baking soda is to harsh in this concentrated form on the soft tissues of the back of the throat. Also be careful when putting the baking soda into your mouth, make sure you are breathing through your nose while taking it because if you are breathing through your mouth, while in the process of putting the baking soda into your mouth, you may accidentally inhale the powder through your mouth and it will get into your throat and block your airway. After doing this for 5 minutes or so spit it out and rinse and take your toothbrush and dry brush your teeth and tongue (TOOTHBRUSH AND WATER ONLY) until you feel a neutral clean feel in your mouth. Do this morning and night. Also be sure to floss, (BEFORE) doing this baking soda regiment. I also use my regular toothpaste, but I use it before I do the baking soda regiment and before I floss. So here is a quick simple step by step of what works for me.

1. Brush with regular toothpaste (brush tongue as well)

2. Floss (I like using waxed floss)

3. Baking soda regiment, as mentioned above.

For years I have had bleeding gums, mouth odor etc. This is the only thing that I have ever tried that worked. When I went for my last dental check up, my dental hygienist told me that the pockets in many of my gums shrank dramatically!!! Some went from 7's to 3's and 4's and I had only been using the above regiment for only 3 months. I am now looking forward to my next dental visit in March 2017 to see how much more healthy my gums are!!!

Posted by Joe M (Usa) on 08/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Baking Soda is the cure all for your dental and mouth care. But you first need to understand how and why it works.

First let me mention what I used to use and what the condition of my mouth was. I am 43 years old. And I was raised as a "Crest kid". I thought my teeth looked good growing up. But it didn't keep me away from the dentist. I still got cavities. My teeth are food traps. So that made it even more difficult. But no matter how much I brushed, the problems would not stop.

I eventually suspected that toothpaste was not working at all. I began hearing about how Fluoride was toxic anyway. So I looked for alternatives. I had already been using baking soda for occasional stomach acid and washing hair. I also became aware that it helps get rid of cancer. And as it also turns out, baking soda was once a common cure for many health problems years ago. That is, until the political lobbyists worked to cover it up.

After some education, I realized that the reason baking soda is so marvelous for the human body is because it has a pH level that is very alkaline. And modern bodies are often very acidic due to the diet and water that is being supplied to the public these days. This affects hair, teeth, and every other part of the body. So baking soda basically fixes the pH for us. It helps cure cancer by making the body more alkaline, which will kill acid loving cancer. It helps hair by making it alkaline. So. When you wash it afterwards, using acidic shampoo, your hair will be more alkaline than it otherwise would be. And your hair will be more thicker and alive than ever. Baking soda helps your mouth by making it alkaline. Acid is what ruins your teeth.

I actually began using baking soda to brush my teeth more than two years ago. Every one of my mouth problems went away and never returned. Furthermore. Cavities that were starting came to a halt. They never worsened. The amazing thing here is that I only brush once a day. I still eat sweets more than ever. I basically wet my brush, stick it down into the baking soda, caking it on. I drip water drops on it until its full wet. Then spread it all around my teeth and then brush everything all through my mouth. I then take water into my mouth and swish and gargle well. Then spit. I do it once more to fully get out the baking soda. My mouth is then very alkaline. It then becomes IMPOSSIBLE for bacteria or any other monster to live in there ruining my teeth.

Now let me add. Do not fall for the gingivitis LIE. The dental industry is a big scam. They want your money. Its the same ole corporate/political scam to swindle the public. To keep us dumb. If everyone brushed with baking soda every day, most dentists would be out of business. Tooth decay cannot occur when your mouth is alkaline.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Joe M (USA) ------

Hi Joe, thank you for your post. I am in full agreement. I deal with my teeth myself having much support from HEALING YOUR TEETH NATURALLY online for years. It is a scam indeed and in my opinion, criminal, when researching, especially root canals and the effects of this ignorant practice. They learn how to make money, not to help fellow man.

People who poison with fluoride and mercury should be avoided. There is much one can do, yes, with abscesses as well.

Thanks, Namaste, Om

Posted by Lkforster (Olympia, Wa) on 02/25/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Until a few years ago, I never had a single problem with my teeth or gums... Then, after a particularly nasty sinus infection, I began experiencing swelling and soreness in my upper right gumline. According to my dentist, I just needed to brush well and floss regularly-both things I was already doing, and my gums have only gotten worse. For example, I used to have to work floss up into my gumline in order to clean them properly-now, I can easily fit a gum pick into the spaces between my teeth, yet they don't feel as clean. Maybe I overdo it? Anyway, I have had success with other remedies from Earth Clinic, so decided to try Baking Soda for my gums after an especially sore week... Big difference! Instead of the throbbing at the end of the day, which I had become accustomed to, my gums feel like they used to. They also seem to feel a bit more "filled in", for lack of a better term... Not as roomy between my teeth at the gumline, and they don't seem as sensitive when I use floss now. I am following a simple plan that another reviewer suggested-a heaping tablespoon of baking soda, diluted with a small amount of water, swishing in the mouth for a minute, and not rinsing afterward. I am doing this after my morning brush and before bed. Very easy remedy, so I will be curious to see what my dentist thinks when I see him next. Thank you Earth Clinic!

Posted by Iris (London, Canada) on 11/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have braces which means food gets trapped really easily but it is difficult to floss. As a result I have inflammed gums, which often bleed, despite brushing after every meal. ' Now I use a HUGE scoop of baking soda in a sip of water (so its like a runny paste) and swished it around in my mouth for a couple of minutes. My swollen gums went back to normal imediatly after and have stopped bleeding. It leaves a salty taste in my mouth but I avoid rinsing after the baking soda.

Replied by Jilbert57
Brinnon, Wa, Usa
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Thank you for the baking soda tip. I have had a gum inflammation between two back molars and flossing and brushing hurts. Last night before bed I brushed my teeth and then took baking soda and water and swished it around and spit it out but did not rinse. I really can't believe that this morning my gum is normal. No ache, no swelling, I really can't believe it.

Replied by Honeybear
Atlanta, Ga
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Thanks for posting this. I had a flare up with swollen gums around my back right molar which seemed to make it difficult to chew at all. I have been very worried. Throughout the day yesterday I oil pulled with sunflower oil (2xs) and that began to bring it down and then once I read about the baking soda and water I tried that, swished it around and spit it out without rinsing and it seems to have worked like a charm. My mouth felt a lot better this morning. I will likely do it again today to get the inflammation down but all in all the pain has subsided too. Many many thanks!!!

Replied by Francine
Houston, Tx

@ work & reading the site regarding Baking soda for inflammed gums. Also I am trying the baking soda mouth rinse so hope it does work. Pleas HoneyBear- I hope it help me. Cheers.

Bee Propolis  

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Posted by Tammie (Prairieville, Louisiana) on 03/31/2007
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My gums had started receding so bad that I could see a space between my two front teeth at the gum line, then I read that bee propolis can actually help the gum tissue to grow back, and it really works. No more space between my teeth.

Bee propolis also reduces fever, helps sore throat, canker sores, fever blisters and heals stomach ulcers and just about anything else you use it on.

Replied by Garry
Sacramento, California

Can you tell us how you use and apply the bee propolis?

Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
518 posts

To Gary who inquired about bee propolis: Hi Gary, I believe that bee propolis is taken internally, not applied, and the container should have recommendation on how much to take.

Replied by Teresa
Kenedy, Texas

Bee Propolis can be used as a liquid bandaid on wounds, I have experienced propolis to help wounds heal faster and take the redness out and be very soothing on open wounds, burns etc.. I also apply tincture of propolis to my gums when they are irritated and plan on using it daily to prevent further infections, here is a website that explains more about propolis. The Properties of Propolis Propolis is another medicinal marvel from the beehive. Research shows it offers antiseptic, antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties. Propolis is Nature's premiere preventive. It is so powerful in action, it is often called Russian penicillin in acknowledgement of the extensive research the Russians have mounted on this wonder worker from the bees. Propolis demonstrates strong antimicrobial properties against various bacterial and fungal infestations. Even streptococcus bacteria have been shown sensitive to propolis.

Replied by CECI
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Replied by Gigi
Palm Coast, Florida USA

Hi Ceci. I encountered the same problem. It isn't pretty, is it? Anyway, the solution is pretty simple. I had gotten a 50% strength B. Propolis and that's why it was so sticky. I purchased a 30% one and it was fine. Hope this helps and good luck! Gigi

Replied by Nina
Tallahassee, Florida

The proper way to use this for treatment of gum disease and recession would be to brush with regular toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, THEN, apply the bee propolis at night and wash it off in the morning when you brush you teeth? I've heard so much great things about bee propolis and I an excited to try it...once I can find it at the store. Thank you for this great remedy!

Replied by Vicki
Tallahassee, FL

I was wondering if Nina from Tallahassee was able to find bee propolis? I too am anxious to try it for my gums -- my dentist has referred me to a periodontist, but I can't afford it and am looking for alternatives. The propolis seems to be something that could actually turn my gum disese around. I found some Royal Jelly at our local health food store which contains propolis. I'm using it, but don't know if it's doing any good. I've got several sensitive teeth and the Royal Jelly really hurts when it hits those sensitive spots! Any suggestions on where I might get pure bee propolis? I read the post where it was suggested to use a "30%" propolis -- can I order from the internet?

Thanks so much for this site -- I've turned my whole family on to it and all are reporting success with the remedies they've tried! It's my new "daily read.

Replied by Maureen
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

I would like to know if anyone that used Bee Propolis with success did Oil Pulling after their gum was healed? Did the Oil Pulling affect the healed gum? As I mentioned in a previous post unrelated to this one. I had "Guided Tissue Regeneration" surgery done in December 2004 above 2 teeth. I came across Earth Clinic in January 2008 and decided to gargle/pull with Hydrogen Peroxide a couple of times before I learned about Oil Pulling. I am not sure how long I was Oil Pulling before I discovered the area that had the surgery done was completely clean, not a good thing for me in this case as the procedure costs just over $2,000. I imagine the Hydrogen Peroxide cleaned my gum but the Oil Pulling might have done the same thing. The dentist was after me to consider having an "Osseous, Allograft" done which is now a type of bone graft. I do not want to get it done because I want to continue Oil Pulling and believe it will wipe the gum clean again. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Replied by Nina
Tallahassee, FL

Hello Vicki from Tallahassee, I didn't know what stores to find bee propolis so I went online and got mine from Club Natural. I used 25% instead of 30% extract since I couldn't find 30% anywhere. I started using it on the 25th of March every night. Like, you I do have sensitive teeth from where my gum had recessed. And it seemed to me like when I put it on it stings a bit where I had bum recession. It seemed too early to see if there's any results.
It would be great if any one had tried it and if indeed, cured their gum disease (stopped bone loss, regrow gum, erase sensivity) and how long it took to show results.

Replied by Vicki
Tallahassee, FL

Hello Nina from Tallahassee -- thanks for responding. I went to New Leaf and special ordered the propolis, but haven't got it yet. I ordered the 30%. Hopefully it will help -- at least enough to keep me out of the periodontist's office! I've been oil pulling with Sesame Oil once in the mornings for 10-15 minutes -- have been doing this fairly consistently for about a month now and I've noticed my teeth are whiter and not so sensitive. I also take ACV morning & night - 2 Tbls - and chase it with Mona Vie acai berry juice - 2 oz - and WOW what a kick that is! I have a lot more energy and focus and just generally feel better. I will post again once I've given the propolis a go -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Replied by Sarah1of4
Belfast, Northern Ireland

hey, iv got a gum infection at the minute and have just been resarching about natural remedies tonight. im gona give bee propolis a try and was able to buy 30ml of the liquid off ebay, theres loads there. also i was looking at white oak bark, or something similar, they also sell that on ebay, unfortunatly for me they only hav it in the usa and im in ireland, but you could give that a try?


Replied by Tavora
Brooklyn, NY

You could also try rinsing your mouth w/ Oil of Oregano and water - 3 drops in 4-6 ounces. I cleared up or (kept at bay) a potential infection around the gum of a root canal cap/crown and after rinsing and also brushing my teeth with baking soda - the reddish appearance of the gum started to subside and now looks much healthier and cleaner. Believe it or not - oil pulling has also helped strengthen and (could it be true?) re-grow my receding gum line. Best of luck!

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Tammie could you specify how you take it? Rub on gums or ingest? thanks!

Replied by Vicki
Tallahassee, Fl
5 out of 5 stars

After 8 months of using bee propolis for my periodontal issues I am happy to report that it is working -- very well! When I first posted back in March 2009, my dentist had referred me to a periodontist for treatment. I chose to try other avenues before spending a fortune for gum treatments and was able to purchase bee propolis through my local health co-op. I've been using one dropper-full of 30% bee propolis every night at bed time, however, over time I found that skipping a night or two from time to time is actually beneficial. Anyway, I swish the propolis through my teeth and gums for several mintues and then swallow. I had a dental check-up in November 2009 and my hygentist asked if I had gone to the periodontist -- I told her no. She then asked what I had been doing because my receding gums were no longer receding (having actually grown back!!) and my gums were healthy and pink! I told her about this site and about the propolis and she got very excited! She then called the dentist in to look at my progress and even HE was excited about the propolis (and requested the website address as well) and told me to keep doing what I'm doing. Now, I am a smoker -- not heavy, about a half pack a day -- but, of course the smoking adds to the gum issues. In spite of my continued tobacco use, my gums still improved dramatically. While I was told that this would probably not do anything for the bone loss associcated with periodontal disease, I haven't had any x-rays to verify this. I continue, however, to seek out bone loss remedies.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

great information! thanks! Propolis is a great winter remedy as well...for sore throats etc.

Replied by Anna
London, England

Question: I read about other people's experiences with bee propolis tincture 30% on gums and I wanted to try it, but I have a bit of an odd question. I despise the taste of honey. I know I won't be stick with the propolis if it tastes the same. What does bee propolis taste like? Thanks!

Replied by Sunny
Bellingham, Wa Usa

Anna from London asks if Propolis tastes like honey because she dislikes the taste of honey. I'm using it for abscessed gums (along with all the other wonderful suggestions from Earth Clinic - you've been my 'doctor ' for years - thank you for offering such a fabulous resource!) In any event,the taste of Bee Propolis tastes NOTHING like honey. It is bee harvested tree resin. I purchased a liquid herbal extract and have been drinking 34-40 drops in a small amount of water. Just now I used it full-strength and swished it around for a few minutes before swollowing it. Wow! Way to go imho.

Replied by Linda
New York, Ny

I just started using bee propolis this weekend. First, couple drops to see if I'm allergic, I don't think I am but just checking. Then half a dropful one night then for 2 nights I've had a full dropful. I've had gum recession but noticed it much more when I went to the dentist in recent months for a cleanup. No doubt the gadget the dentist used scraped away some gum tissue. Here's to hope for gum regrowth. Propolis does not taste like honey at all. I got mine at VitamineShoppe with organic bee farm no alcohol, picture says 30% and bottle label doesn't say 25% or 30%.

Replied by Anna
London, England
5 out of 5 stars

I bought bee propolis tincture at 10% concentration, (made in switzerland), that's what I found at my health food store. Before bed I now do the following: I pour a few drops of the tincture into the lid. I dip the special toothpick that my dental hygenist recommended into the tincture as I clean my teeth. Then I dip a q-tip in the propolis in the lid and paint my gums. When I wake up in the morning, my gums are completely pink!! They are pinkish during the day. Before I started, they were bright red.

I am also oil pulling. I can feel the difference on my teeth. They constantly feel like I've just had them cleaned, instead of feeling furry like they usually do.

In a few months I'll go back to the dentist and see if I still have periodontal pockets. In the meantime, the results seem positive.

Replied by Chris
Tuckerton, Nj

I was just sold "Extract Propolis" at a local health food store and then noticed the words 'honey paste' on the jar when I got it home. I bought it thinking that I would apply it to my gums but now I am worried that applying it would be a bad idea as it contains 4 grams of sugar per 1/2 teaspoon. There is no percentage given but the serving size is 5 grams and each serving contains 200 mg extract (96% honey?!). Has anyone tried such a paste and if so what were your results?

Replied by Lari
New York, NY

Does it matter what specifically is causing the gum recession? My gums do not bleed, so it's either brushing too hard or genetics. My teeth have shifted and there are now spaces between them. Any update on those who tried it? Did it regrow your gums? If so, how much regrew and how long did it take?

Thank you in advance!!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I don't know if this might help but have you tried to do OP with a drop of clove oil? I tried it when I had an infection and it worked a lot better than the mouth wash the doctor had prescribed. You can try with coconut oil or some other oil. I used walnut oil. Since I do OP I feel that my gums are a lot healthier and when I finish the walnut oil I am going to try coconut oil.

Replied by Ana
Atlanta, Ga

hello I was just reading all of this wonderful information of bee propolis and I was just wondering, since I can't seem to find any 30% anywhere is it safe to use the 50%? and also they have either alcohol free or water based and I was wondering which one I should get. Thanks

Replied by Yana
Glens Falls, Ny

I see a lot of people here use propolis tincture for the gums. I tried that but the taste is extremely bitter and I'm worried about alcohol (sugars in alcohol) damaging tooth enamel, so I purchased PURE propolis powder. It only contains 5% maltodextrin to prevent too much clumping, so the rest 95% is propolis (not 30% like in liquid tinctures). I take a little chunk of it (approx. Size of chewing gum) and put it under my tongue overnight. It turns sticky when wet, but not drastically. As long as it's not touching teeth, it's fine and removes easily. When I wake up, I swallow what wasn't dissolved with saliva overnight (so it serves as taking propolis as a supplement as well). I have only been doing it for a week or so, but I started because I had a sore on my gum and it was gone overnight! I also get a lot fresher taste in my mouth in the mourning, like there's less bacteria building up overnight...

I am planning on having this routing to help me with gum recession, so I might post later with results on that...


I recently noted a gap in my front teeth, I went to the dentist and was advised I have periodontal disease & lost 50% of bone tissue. My teeth have always been my pride and joy. I am devasted. I have been to the dental hygentist twice now and going back in 3 weeks to see how things are progressing. Meanwhile I came across this site. I am from New Zealand and when I went to the health food store they had capsules, mouthwash or toothpaste. I purchased the bee propolis toothpaste and will keep you all posted. Has anyone tried the toothpaste I would appreciate any and all feedback.

Replied by Smcgoff
San Antonio, Texas, United States
5 out of 5 stars

I stumbled on this site at first after I noticed a purple area on under my front teeth bottom row of gums. My teeth had been hurting to the point I thought it was an ear ache and it just really sucked. Noticed a hole beggining in both left and right side molar region on 2 teeth. Searched through here looking for remedys and I cant lie I thought this stuff was a joke just straight bull shit. Since I didnt have dental though I decided to give it a shot and see whats up.

I started mouth washing with hydrogen peroxide and upped it to Bee propolis the paste rubbing it on my gums at night before bed. Ive been doing the hydrogen now for about 4 days and the B for about 3. I also began oil pulling with coconut oil yesterday.

My dark purple spot is no longer purple. It has became a healthy shade of pink, not all the way pink still a lil dark but from a dark purple to a allmost 1 shade away from being perfect pink. My teeth are still bothering me but only when I get something near the hole other then that I am cool. The benefits to my mouth are tremendous and I also no longer experience bad breath. To top that off, I am in the midst of losing weight, I currently weigh 340 and have not jogged since maybe march or february. I have begun jogging and walking again and noticed that I was about to jog a half mile with no problem (minus my ankles I believe new shoes are in order as well as proper stretching as ive fractured both in my younger days). I havent jogged a half mile since I was 240 and going into the military.

One more thing to mention, I woke up yesterday with a big fat red pimple corner of my mouth, applied the B propolis to it in the morning it shrank by afternoon barely visible, applied some more later that evening, and it is gone as of this time. Less than 24 hours for it to go.

Definately some beneficial things here that I am going to continue to read and look at. To all those who are skeptical of things like this I encourage you to try it because it is doing something.

Replied by Rachel
Napier, New Zealand

Update. I went back to my hygienist after 5 weeks, of using bee propolis, q10, ratania mouthwash and oil pulling. The dentist said there has been a cosiderable improvement in my gum health. I didn't tell her what I had been doing but she was pleased. She said if I continue on this way, instead of needed to see me every 4 weeks, we could get to the stage of twice a year. I am so pleased, although as I have been doing so much I am unsure as to what is working. However, no change to the gap in my front teeth at this point. But I found this site - a life saver

Replied by Cheryl
San Diego, Ca.

I have researched all of the known benefits of propolis. My question is regarding the use of pure propolis powder in all my kitties organic food which also includes powdered Garden Of Life and plenty of probiotics. The cat rescue that I run sometimes houses numerous animals, many of which have been homeless, neglected, and abused. Some of these four legged fur babies suffer from periodontal disorders. I am currently using an herbal propolis tincture which I make into a homeopathic tincture so that it does not sting their mouths. But it is quite a job to medicate each one individually as well as impossible to treat the skittish ones. Please if anyone has any information or recommendations, on dosing amounts etc. that can help me help them contact me at the Earth Clinic website.

I am thankful for any help.

My very best regards,