Periodontitis Remedies

Oregano Oil  

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Posted by Tabby (San Francisco, California) on 03/22/2008
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I have been battling a gum infection for 2 months. After three courses of antibiotics, I gave up and tried Vitamin C 3000mg. This began to improve my gums, however, the infection persisted. My gums have been aching, sore, dark red, and inflammed.

I decided to try Oil of Oregano. I purchased a brand that was 60% diluted in extra virgin olive oil. Immediately, with a clean finger, I rubbed one drop of it over my gums, and another drop on the other side. Immediately the ache subsided. After 8 hours, my gums felt much improved. There is a slight tingly warm feeling upon initially applying which is normal for Oregano Oil. Before bedtime, I repeated this again, along with placing one drop beneath my tongue, holding it in place and washing it down with water.

I woke up with my mouth feeling more nomal than it has in weeks. Another additional benefit, it cleared my sinuses! They have been blocked.

Caution: Do not use Oil of Oregano undiluted. It is caustic and it WILL burn. That is why dilution in extra virgin olive oil is important.

I'm sharing this remedy in hopes it will help someone else stop suffering today!

Oregano Oil and DMSO  

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Posted by Grace (Pdx) on 05/10/2014
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I had oral surgery and my gums were swollen and infected . I mixed a little of 1/4 cup of my organic cold pressed olive oil , with few drops of oregano that I got the kind that is for internal use at the nauturapathic school mixed with 2 to 3 drops of dmso and left it on while I watched movie for a couple hours then then I rinsed it off and noticed a drastic change in my infected gums, I continued doing this for a few days. It was a heaven sent.

Replied by Dee
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I had chronic gum disease inflammation. Tried cleanings and many natural products. The best was rubbing oil my Oil of Oregano and Bentonite Clay on my gums a few times a day. At night I would rub White Oak Bark powder. I also take 3-4 drops of Oil of Oregano 2-3 times a day either under the tongue or in water. I noticed the tips of my front teeth's enamel was wearing thin. I tried the natural remineralizing powder and it worked. I also make my own mouthwash and added natural green Stevia powder to it. Stevia prevents tooth decay.

Here's the remineralizing powder (brush on and keep on for 3-4 minutes then rinse with water).


  • 3 tbsp. calcium carbonate
  • 2 tbsp. bentonite clay
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup Himalayan salt, whirled in your spice grinder until a fine powder


Over the Counter  

Posted by Swhit (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/26/2012

06/16/2008: J. B. From N. J. : "Hi Ted, Like many others, I stumbled onto this site during an internet search for some health concern and am thankful for the helpful, inexpensive and safe recommendations. My reason in writing concerns how to prevent tooth loss due to cracking. I have just cracked my fourth tooth in 12 years (I am 52). None of these teeth had cavities, in fact I have never had a cavity in my life. But I do have periodontal disease, with most of the pockets in the 4 - 6 mm range. I do not brush daily, but use salt/baking soda combo when I do, followed by a hydrogen peroxide rinse.

I have receeding gums due to a periodontal disease but have been using OraMd for some months now and the disease is just about gone. My teeth were very loose because of the gum issue and thought I would lose them all. I also would find bits of tooth in my food that had cracked off even though I took plenty Calcium and D3. All I do is brush gently with baking soda and then apply 5 eyedroppers of OraMd on the brush and gently coat my teeth, gums and tongue x 3 per day. Since using my teeth have not cracked, I no longer have bad breath and the gums are pink and growing. It is all natural and consists of clove oil and such. There are 2 types you can get and I have tried both but prefer the stronger more concentrated as it does not sting and seems to do a much faster and better job.

Replied by Eva
New York

I am also using OraMD for about 4 months now, but I still see my gums red and sometimes bleeding. How long did it take for you to see improvement? I am getting desperate at not seeing results. Thanks for your input.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Eva, I have a couple of suggestions. First, have you looked at oil pulling here on Earth Clinic? Many people have success with healing through oil pulling. It's a very simple process.

Also, in the past I have posted information from Nadine Artemis one of the leading voices in alternative mouth/ teeth health. Here is a link to audio interviews of her speaking on oral care:

The one called, "Tooth Truth" is really good! Hope this helps you. Lisa

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Switch to oil pulling every day with coconut oil. Check out the OP section on EC for more info. Start out at 5 minutes and work your way up to 10 mins or more. I did this and it cleaned up bleeding, decay and recession in less than a week for me.

Ozonated Olive Oil  

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Posted by Angela (Seattle, Wa) on 07/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello -

Please post this as applicable. I would suggest it be added to the Gum Disease category.

I went to my dentist about my a painful spot on my gums. He said I had some inflammation there, and he prescribed me to apply a bit of ozonated olive oil to that spot using a dental stick. It worked very well! The ozone kills any bacteria and the pain was gone within days.

Propolis and Oil Pulling  

Posted by Greg (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) on 04/10/2009

I have great teeth apparently, but I'm having some issues with my gums right now, receding and all that, probably by not flossing, and brushing... but I want to know, has anyone ever tried mixing oil pulling with propolis? I get the sneaking feeling it would work VERY well.... but that's just me... I think I'm going to try it, unless someone shows me that it could kill me or something :P... but any feedback would be nice.

Replied by Che
Roxas City, Philippines

For gum and tooth issues bee propolis would do a big help to get rid of infection. Hi- Bee propolis from Australia is the one i tried not only for gum @ tooth but for any pain that you want to get rid of in few minutes . The one im telling you which can be taken internally is very effective.

Replied by No Name
Anywhere, U.S.

For "gum" problems, make sure you are getting enough Vit C, Vit D, Magnesium, Calcium, Vit K2 and Iodine...and you may need more than you think. "Gum" disease is really bone disease. Instead of the gums pulling away and then the bone receding and teeth coming loose, it is the other way around...bone recedes first, then pockets form that fill with plaque and bacteria, causing the bone to recede further, and so on. All the dental work in the world cannot correct nutritional deficiencies.

Replied by Coho
Eureka, Ca.

In regards to gum disease, gum disease has multiple causes it is not only bacteria getting under the gums and nutritional deficiencies, but also can be an immune response to collegenase and other enzymes caused by bacteria. It can also be caused by spirochetes not just strep mutants. Natural Cox inhibitors like tumeric, green tea, (many herbs are cox inhibitors)can all be beneficial taken on a daily basis along with good dental hygene and nutrition. If you have taken antibiotics and it hasn't helped much you may have spirochetes. Sarsparilla (smilax) is a specific for spirochetes. it needs to be taken as a tea as well as a rinse to see benefits.

You can purchase on line dental irrigators that get below the gum line into the pockets. Rinsing under the gum line frequently with baking soda, sea salt, HP, can help heal infection and also break up the irritating enzymes lurking under the gums. I have actually beaten a full on tooth ache by rinsing under the gumline. this was a toothache I was sure needed a filling or root canal. Going thru a half cup at a time repeatedly rinsing and also taking 1/2 teaspoon of echinacea tincture on the hour and drinking lots of fluids till it subsides then continuing taking a tsp echinacea 2xs per day for a week. I later had it checked out by my dentist and I had no infection and did not need a root canal or filling and had no gum infection. For toothache make a strong tea of meadowsweet and hold in your mouth for a few minutes also drink a cup. This works better for me better than any other pain killer.

Propolis in its raw form can be used as a temporary filling as well as for gum problems. I prefer raw or powdered propolis to tinctured because of the sticky gunk left on the teeth. I agree oregano oil and tumeric are good topically, but work better for me if i take it internally too.

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

great recommendations..thanks. I would like to add to this, good ole fashion flossing and a gum stimulator. I often dab a little oregano oil on my thumb and forefinger and run the floss through it.

Raw Betel Nuts  

Posted by GPM (Taichung, Taiwan) on 06/01/2009

All my gums have been receding and my teeth have been getting weak over a period of about 10 years, since a tooth cracked and I got a root canal. They are literally breaking up--I've had another root canal, and two-three more teeth will be cracking to the center within a short time.

One dentist said I brushed too often.
One dentist said I brushed too little.
One dentist said I brushed too hard.
One dentist said I brushed too soft...

None of them, or any others, had any clue what the disease/ condition is called, or what to do. (A few will, however, cut the roof off your mouth, then "paste" it around your teeth--putting you on the couch for a week and off of solids for three weeks--for a lot of money.)

I went to a doctor today, and he suggested I chew... BETEL NUTS. That's virgin betel nuts, before they've been doctored by the cute girls.

I'll see how that goes.

Too much milk is probably part of what made my teeth so bad. IIRC, exceeding two cups a day pulls calcium from the body.

EC: Interesting article called "The Betel Nut: An Emerging Public Health Threat?" regarding Betel Nuts and Oral Carcinomas:

Replied by Connie
Manitowoc, Wisconsin/usa

Throughout my adolescence I drank much more than two cups of milk a day (usually skim). I never had a single cavity until I was about 25 and began drinking diet soda and snacking during the day without brushing. Within months I had two cavities. I have heard, though, that fluoride may make bones brittle.

Replied by Machineghost

Sounds to be me like you need to use a remineralizing toothpaste. There is a natural one available at retail; you can find it by looking up "remineralisation of teeth" at Wikipedia and clicking on the fourth choice under "See Also".


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Posted by Gaiamuse (Massachusetts) on 07/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Resveratrol for Periodontitis and Gum Disease

Resveratrol! Either as Japanese Knotweed Powder (Polyganum) or Red Wine Extract. I am somewhat amazed by how miraculously well and quickly (in my case) this worked. Within days of using japanese knotweed extract, my teeth began to tighten up. (I had mostly 4's but a couple of 7 pocket depths in the front teeth.) And my dentist appt confirmed that my teeth were tighter. I had this suspicion that my gum disease was due in at least in part to constricted blood vessels. I had been a smoker for many years and only quit 2 years ago, but also felt that as I got older (I'm in my '60's) my circulation was not great. I had been working with massaging my gums in the morning when my teeth seemed looser -- and that would help. But once I took extract of Japanese Knotwood it happened pretty quickly. Turns out it's a vasodilator -- so in my case part of the problem would be reduced blood flow.

Hard for me to recommend a dosage because I'm hypersensitive and don't need much -- but I suspect using what's shown on the bottle in whatever form you use as a daily supplemental dose would be enough to see if you find a difference. (As a secondary benefit -- this also seems to have improved blood flow to my brain...I had felt the same way -- like the blood flow was constricted and I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my brain -- and this helped to clear some cobwebs.)

Robert's Tooth Powder Formula  

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Posted by Robert (Manhattan, New York) on 07/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Healthy Teeth & Gums & ACV: I take ACV occasionally and recently after a few mornings of 2 tbsp mixed with water I developed a shooting intermittent nerve pain from an exposed area above a tooth where the gum has receded. I can't get to the dentist for a few weeks so I searched on the web for some help & came across this tooth powder recipe. In addition to staying away from acid foods, it seems to be helping..after a few days I no longer have the pain. I also added Myrrh & Bentonite Clay to the recipe. The Prickly Ash Bark gives a wonderful tingly sensation. Be sure to use an alkaline base vit C/Calcium formula. I used Sodium Ascorbate & Hydrilla (Natural Alkaline, plant with high Calcium) I think Ted is right on about acid & teeth health...& finally research on your own, be creative & trust your intuition.

Tooth Powder

3 parts baking soda
1 part sea salt
3 parts calcium-magnesium-vit c powder
3 parts finely ground prickly ash bark
1 part echinacea powder
1/2 part goldenseal powder
Optional: peppermint essential oil to taste

Combine the ingredients and shake well. Use about 1/4 tsp on a wet toothbrush.


Posted by Clematis (Cape Town, South Africa) on 09/26/2015

Try using sage as a mouthwash for bleeding gums. I buy a toothpaste which has sage in it. It stopped my gum disease and it helps heal bitten lips. Bites took me 4-7 days to heal as it swole up and kept on being bitten... Now I know I've bitten myself 'cuz it hurts but that's the last I know about it! I know it also sooths and heals the gastrointestinal tract. Good luck.


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Posted by Mysticgardener (Plain City, Ohio) on 05/14/2011
5 out of 5 stars

A few years back I had a terrible problem with gum disease and had to have 3 teeth pulled. After that I had to go back for four sessions of root planing. (cleaning around the root and under the gumline). After I had the first two sessions done, I heard a retired dentist online say that the best thing for your dental health is salt! He also said he would never have dared say this while still practicing!

So I started brushing with sea salt and when I went back for the third session, the hygienist was just barely scraping, doing more talking than anything. She started to talk about how much my mouth had improved and that she had never seen anything like it! THEN she said I would NOT HAVE TO COME BACK for the fourth session!

Six months passed and I went back for a routine cleaning. AGAIN, she exclaimed about how much my dental health had improved since the first time she had seen me. I still didn't tell her what I was doing. I just said I was brushing longer like she had told me to do.

Six months after that I went back and had the same results. At that point, I told her my secret! She truly acted like she had never heard of it. This retired dentist I listened to online said salt kills the bacteria that causes gum disease. I now use an herbal toothpaste with no fluoride, and from time to time I will run my tongue around my teeth, and if I feel any plaque on the teeth, I will brush them with salt and it comes right off.

I now brush with salt about once a week, just for good maintenance. I believe this will save the rest of my teeth and thousands of dollars! My teeth have also gradually gotten whiter, and I no longer worry about bad breath. At first I worried the salt might take off the enamel but this has obviously not happened! I was so grateful to learn of this because my dentist told me they could not guarantee I would not lose the rest of my teeth, even with the root planing. That was the 3rd time I had root planing done and it is very expensive, and it obviously wasn't fixing the problem since I had to keep having it done every 7 or 8 years!

They tried to insinuate that I had gum disease because I was not brushing and flossing on a regular basis which was absolutely not true! I was extremely vigilant about both and had been my whole life! Let's continue to get the truth out there folks and keep our money where it belongs!

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Weleda has a toothpaste with sea salt but there are others. When I started using it I never had a coated tongue again. My teeth are not whiter though which is a pity. As I drink a lot of tea they get very brown.

Replied by Cindy
Cochrane, Wi

to mysticgardener: would you please share where you found online information about dentist and using salt. Thank you


Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 04/02/2009

Gum Disease: Test Your Selenium

"Results showed that selenium has the strongest association with gum disease, with low levels increasing the risk by 13 fold. "
If 13 of 14 people with Gum Disease have low Selenium levels (93%), that looks like causation. Note: Selenium is an antifungal.

Chlorhexadine, a treatment for ringworm yeast, is the FDA approved treatment for Gum disease. It turns your teeth yellow, and is rarely prescribed.

Zinc has been proven clinically effective at reducing pockets.

Here is another treatment guide, notice the Metronidazole(antifungal used in rosacea treatment):

It is a national tragedy and a huge detriment to oral health that fewer than 5% of general dentists in the U.S.A. and less than 25% of periodontists implement this periodontal disease treatment protocol. Variations of this protocol have been published for more than a decade.

Shake With Brewer's Yeast and Lecithin  

Posted by Jana (Wa) on 06/20/2010

Several years ago I had a tooth replaced and started to notice a darkening area in the gum line above that tooth. A friend introduced me to a book on natural remedies. A recipe for a shake that included, among other things, brewers yeast and lecithin worked wonders. Within two weeks the darkness was completely gone and my gums have remained very healthy.

I am trying to locate that recipe but don't know the name of the book or the author. The recipe was called something like "Nora's shake" or something similar.

Does anyone remember reading this book or seeing this recipe? If so, I would be very grateful for that information. Thank you.

Replied by Purelife
Columbia, Sc/usa

Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but I found this after a google search.

Dynamite Milkshake (I found the orig book!)

2 C skim milk (or equiv in powder form)
1 TBL safflower oil
2 pks sugar sub
1 teas vanilla
Start blender on low, then add:
**4 heap TBL powder yeast
4 Heap TBL gran. Lecithin

** start w/ 1/2 teas yeast & every few days increase the amount. Blend all & refridge overnight (improves the taste) then re-blend & drink in the AM. It's a meal substitute, but you can add fruit. Brewers yeast is best to use, If it's been de-bittered, it looses nutrition. Do NOT use bakers yeast.

Silica Toothpaste  

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Posted by Joan (Sa) on 12/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

The best thing I have done for my teeth and gums is change to a silica toothpaste. I had receding gums, sensitive teeth near my gums that would feel like an electric shock when I brushed my teeth. I also had bleeding gums if I did not religously floss my teeth every night. Since changing, the sensitivity has gone, and my gums don't bleed even when I don't floss every night.


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Posted by Fiona (Tustin,ca) on 11/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Trimethylglycine (tmg) 6 gram healed gums and whitened teeth overnight.

Replied by June
Cincinnati, OH

Isn't that betaine? Did you brush your teeth with it, leave it in your mouth or what?

Replied by Aurora Johnson
Mason City, Ia

Fiona, did you ingest this or rubbed on the gums?

Was it in powder form? or? sorry about all the questions, my gums have been infected or swollen for a long time, dentists just want to pull teeth out, which I did but the problem is still there. Thanks for the info, I would like to try this.

Replied by Dan
Los Angeles
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, Betaine Anhydrous, aka TMG, works. I have been going through gum pain for past 2 years and I couldn't figure out the issue and I spent lots of money. Recently I bought raw betaine anhydrous powder and I drink it with my pre-workout powder. Not only I get good pump but my gum ache is almost gone, this is miracle. Give it a try, all you gonna losse is 10$


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Posted by Sow_b (Sydney, Nsw) on 11/19/2009
5 out of 5 stars


Firstly, your site is amazing!!! Thanks.

I cured my bleeding gum problem of many years by using turmeric powder as a toothpaste. I would first brush my teeth normally with toothpaste and then wash out and then my next round of brushing I use tumeric powder and apply it to the brush and start brushing away. The turmeric kills of any bacteria that lives in the gums which cause the bleeding and its great for your mouth as a whole. Whenever I used to ask my dentist how to cure my bleeding gums he would just tell me to come into his surgery for a scale and clean for the teeth which costs almost $200 australian dollars. I ignored it and it struck me that turmeric is a great anti-bacterial so that should fix my problem. I now brush this daily and my gums have never bled since, and it costs just a few dollars. Be warned, turmeric stains yellow and although this HARDLY ever affects the color of your teeth but if you want to be super sure then finish the last round of brushing using pure baking soda, this will remove any small turmeric leftover, keep your mouth in an alkeline state and super brighten your teeth!

Best of luck!