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Posted by Vern (USA) on 06/03/2023

I've been told since about age 24 that I would lose the bottom row of my teeth because they are crowded and prone to gum disease. I had one deep cleaning done at that time and started flossing. Though I continued to have bleeding when I brushed or flossed.

I could not afford regular dental care so I didn't go to the dentist again until my early forties. It was then I was told my gum disease was worse and that I would need deep cleanings every 3 months in order to save my teeth.

Once again, I could only afford one deep cleaning. With no insurance that costed about 1200 dollars.

I started researching like crazy what I could do on my own to help. I found information about blue LED lights killing gum disease bacteria (discovered after dentists noticing improved gum health after using blue lights to whiten teeth). Then about red light improving inflammation, circulation and healing. And infrared light that might even help regrow bone and gum tissue and help with pain and sensitivity. So I bought a DPL medical grade device mouth guard which has all three and started using it every day.

I finally went to the dentist again recently and was all prepared for more deep cleanings and bad news. I told her my grim history of gum disease and she almost did not seem to believe me! She said my gums were pink and healthy looking with little to no bleeding and that she wasn't "falling into any pockets" as she was cleaning my teeth. She said there was barely any plaque to clean off and that was after not going to the dentist in 6 years! I 100% contribute this to using the mouth light every night.

Unfortunately, I do have bone loss from my previous bout which showed on the x-ray and one tooth that has gum recession. She told me to put baking soda around the tooth twice a day and it would "strengthen" the bone that is there.

Between baking soda and the LED lights, my breath has never been better! I used to wake up with an awful taste in my mouth and I don't ever get that anymore. My teeth feel very smooth and look clean and white.

It seems that red light has many wonderful benefits to it and was discovered by NASA. It is even used by many practices now for all sorts of afflictions. I believe light therapy is at the forefront of future advancements to help many problems, gum disease being one of them.


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Posted by ThereIsHope (New York, USA) on 12/18/2023

I had been dealing with severe bleeding gums for the past 5 to 6 years, each year getting progressively worse. I knew the consequences of this continuing long term and was desperate to try every natural or otherwise remedy. I tried more toothpastes I can remember, brand name mouthwashes, “organic” whatever washes, powders, hydrogen peroxide, ACV. Nothing worked. Every day brushing my teeth was a bloody mess. I kept imagining I would lose my teeth some day and resigned to the inevitable. Until I did some research which changed my life forever. I know people are looking for a “natural” remedy on this site. I have found a couple of remedies for other ailments which worked for me, but unfortunately in this case there is nothing posted here which worked.

Let me begin by stating the obvious, which many people don't realize regarding gum diseases. The root cause of nearly all gum ailments--caries, gingivitis, bleeding gums, etc are caused by a bacterial infection in your mouth. These bacteria colonize your gums and teeth and live and multiply by consuming the food we eat, but especially sugars and carbs which is why we are told since birth how bad it is to eat sugar and not brush your teeth before going to sleep for example. The reason why gums keep deteriorating despite our best efforts to brush and use washes (and in my case, years of increased hygiene on my part) is because this is ultimately a progressive infection. Like all bacterial infections, if left untreated at the source they can and will progress towards irreparable damage. We all know some infections can kill you in days like anthrax, or slowly for 20 years like syphillis. Gum disease is like the latter. We can cure those infections and plenty more with antibiotics, so why then I thought is there no obvious treatment for gum disease which is caused by a bacterial infection in the same way? Well...it turns out there actually is a cure. It has been known since at least 2002 and since with numerous studies published by Walter J. Loesche et al. Look up "The nonsurgical treatment of patients with gum disease: results after five years.” From the article:

"RESULTS: The initial treatment benefits were sustained, as the number of teeth needing periodontal surgery or extraction was 0.06 teeth per patient after 1.1 year, 0.22 after 2.3 years, 0.51 after 3.6 years and 0.86 after 5.1 years. CONCLUSIONS: A noninvasive treatment regimen for an anaerobic infection in teeth seriously compromised by gum disease resulted in a reduced need for surgery or tooth extraction for at least five years after completion of the initial treatment"

What is the treatment? A one week course of 500mg of Metronidazole twice a day. A cheap and readily available antibiotic in since the 1960s. This cured my gum disease exactly as this study proved. 3 days after beginning treatment I noticed a reduction in blood after brushing of 75% and by day 7 there was not a drop of blood when I spit out the toothpaste for the first time in at least 5 years. I broke down and cried before I could even swish my mouth with water. I was that overcome with emotion. I literally could not believe what I was seeing. Not only has the bleeding stopped completely but the tartar buildup has gone away as the bacteria was exterminated. I did not even remember what a healthy mouth tasted and felt like anymore. You do not need to try anything else, and you do not need to get your teeth pulled out before it is actually the very last resort, which orthodontists do not tell you since they are not even aware of these studies. There is a cure for gum disease. It is called Metronidazole, and in one week it cures it. Beg your GP for a prescription or acquire some through one of the better known overseas pharmacies. It is dirt cheap. It works. It is a miracle. It has changed my life and if you've kept reading this all the way to the end and I manage to change someone else's life before it's too late and the damage is irreparable I will be happy.


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Posted by CJ (Hartland, ME) on 02/07/2009

Some people do have insurance however dental is sometimes very poorly covered as in my case. I dont qualify to be "poor" but I certainly cant afford to pay a dentist almost full reimbursement! I have to pay like 80+ per cent of the cost. My issue is I have gum disease and I what really need is dentures, but I cant afford to pay out of pocket 5000-8000 for extraction and dentures. I have a job but I'm not rich by any means. I wish some one at the top would seriously look at these issues. Your health is severely affected by the condition of your teeth. So I am always trying something natural for the pain and for the infection. Thank you all for your hints.CJ

Replied by Gean
(Salina, KS)

I have read that MMS (Miracle Miracle Supplement, which is sodium chlorite activated to become chlorine dioxide) is very good for gum disease. Do a google search on MMS and Jim Humble. You can buy MMS from e-bay, where I purchased it, or other internet sources. It's less than $20 including shipping. They say to mix 6 drops in a glass with 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, wait three minutes, and add 1/4 cup water. Use this solution to brush teeth. Use a new solution every morning. Do not leave this solution in the mouth for longer than 60 seconds. According to Jim Humble, in his book "Breakthrough The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century, part 2", expect a completely healthy mouth in less than three weeks.

Replied by Gean
(Salina, KS)

Oops, the name of the product is Miracle MINERAL Supplement, not miracle miracle supplement. Sorry!

Replied by Ladyhawk
(Sarasota, Florida)

"Miracle Mineral Supplement" (MMS) sounds appealing at first blush, but I'm not sure it's anything more than snake oil. It is the second potential healing solution I have come across that contains chlorine dioxide (ClO2) -- just the word "chlorine" sets off a a read alert as far as I'm concerned -- so, I did a little research.

On Wikipedia, it says: "Over 95% of the chlorine dioxide produced in the world today is made from sodium chlorate and is used for pulp bleaching. It is produced with high efficiency by reducing sodium chlorate in a strong acid solution with a suitable reducing agent such as hydrochloric acid and sulfur dioxide. . . A much smaller but important market for chlorine dioxide is for use as a disinfectant."

Pulp bleaching? A disinfectant? This doesn't sound like the sort of thing I'd want to put in my body under the auspices of health.

As Stephen Lower, retired faculty member of the Department of Chemistry at Simon Fraser University in
Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada says about water ionizers on his AquaScams web site: "This is a very expensive way of obtaining a solution that you could in principle make yourself by diluting some laundry bleach, and perhaps adjusting the pH by adding a weak acid such as lemon juice. But would you want to drink this "eau de Clorox"? Don't try this at home!"

I'm going to sit on my hands and pass on this one. Thanks.

Replied by Mms User
(Seattle, Wa)

I have used MMS for about 5 years. I don't use it continuously but as the need arises. I can say that by mixing 3 drops with 15 drops of citric acid and then adding some distilled water, that I have a very good dental pain reliever. You may pass on this item if you wish, but I can say with certainty that swishing this has brought me pain relieve and kept me out of the oral surgeons and dentist's office. I use it as part of my oral care regimen. If I am experiencing any symptoms at all, I use this concoction to brush my teeth. I have also rid myself of body chills injesting for about 2 or 3 weeks. I believe that I rid myself of a low grade infection by doing so. Lastly I reduced arthitic symptoms by injesting. I use very sparingly and have had good success.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Grace (Colorado) on 08/11/2020

Is the only remedy for gum disease caused by a decade-old crown to get it replaced? I might have been scammed a decade ago when I was told by a dentist I needed multiple crowns when I was only 20 years old. I take good care of my teeth now yet have bleeding and painful gums at the crown's locations. I have been trying multiple remedies for gum disease, yet nothing seems to help at those locations.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Grace, you can try rinsing your mouth several times a day with clay water. Kaolin clay - white clay - is the mildest of all clays, but it works almost as well as the green clay.

Replied by Missm
(New York)

I would try the following:

1. Get teeth cleaned.

2. Use mouthwashes with salt water, or hydrogen peroxide diluted. There are other mouthwashes botanic that you can use as well.

My husband had old crowns and he had to have them replaced. I can say honestly the new ones are very good.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Beth (London) on 06/14/2019

On the bright side, if you do lose all your teeth you might be protecting yourself from dementia. In former times probably most people had all their teeth removed and dementia was rare. Now we live for years with some degree of gingivitis and it's known that these gingival bacteria cross the blood-brain barrier and are associated with dementia. If, however, your teeth are in reasonable shape, do everything you can to keep those bacteria at bay by flossing, using wooden picks, water picks, etc. For a long-standing issue with an implant that has a deep pocket and is really hard to keep from being inflamed, I've found twice daily mouthwashes and coconut oil brushing most helpful, in addition to the above.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Stephanie (Somewhere, Texas) on 11/26/2011

My gums and overall dental health seem to have improved dramatically by using diatomaceous earth (food grade) to brush with (dip damp toothbrush into the DE and brush). I have also been experimenting with a combination of almond oil and spearmint and peppermint essential oils. I don't have an exact recipe but I put a couple of tablespoons of almond oil in a dropper bottle with some spearmint and peppermint oil (10-20 drops each). I put a few drops on my toothbrush and try to work the mixture into the root areas of my teeth. I also put a drop on my floss. My infected gums have cleared very quickly with this solution and a painful molar I had (with a crown) has become painless. I make sure to gently massage the solution all over my gums, roof of my mouth, tongue, etc. To try to eradicate any bacteria that is causing problems. I have also experimented with putting the DE on my brush and then a few drops of the above solution. I hope this helps others. If I get more exact solution, I will post it. If someone is knowledgeable about essential oils and wants to weigh in on suggested amounts that would be great.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sue (Arroyo Grande, Ca) on 08/27/2011

I had bleeding gums for years and the hygenist always chided me about brushing more and flossing. Brushing, even with a soft toothbrush hurt a lot and flossing was worse. I failed to follow her instructions. Now you can find super soft tapered toothbrushes online or in the health food store. I finally like brushing my teeth! This has made a big difference in my gums. The super soft tapered toothbrush does not clean the teeth well enough, though, so after using the super soft toothbrush on the gum line, then I use a regular soft toothbrush for the teeth, avoiding the gum line, and a couple times a week I use an electric toothbrush over the teeth in any area that doesn't feel quite clean enough. Once again, I try to avoid the gums.

I now use a toothpaste without sodium lauryl sulfate and a rinse without alcohol. The rinse I use already has peppermint oil in it, but I add extra. As a tooth cleaner, I occassionally use calcium citrate powder with a little baking soda. Oh, and I drink my coffee with a stainless steel straw to avoid the kind of staining in the lower front teeth that I previously had.

At night before bedtime, I massage a mixture of oils into my gums.

In the past my enamel had been damaged by over the counter whiteners. They used to say that you can't regain enamel once it is damaged, but this isn't completely so. My enamel isn't as good as it once was, but it has improved from the point of the damage. It doesn't feel dry and rough anymore in the spots that had eroded. It feels smooth again, though thinner. I've tried so many things, so I can only think that it is just time and better hygene that improved the situation.

BTW, I still rarely floss. Sometimes I think it just grinds the food down further. I use a water irrigator, a gum stimulator and small interdental brushes to remove food particles that are stuck.

But I wanted to mention a couple more things. The quality of the water from our tap water is horrible in terms of bacteria. I suspect that a lot of dental problems start with the water. I use filtered or distilled water in my irrigator and add a cap full of hydrogen perioxide.

I have sinus problems and the light dawned that the gum disease and sinus drip are probably caused by the same bacteria. So it would seem that if you get rid of one problem and still have the other, you would be reinfected continously. So that's the other side of the coin I have to work on.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bev (Fort Lauderdale, Usa) on 08/05/2011

First, I want to thank eveyone for all the great advice. Some I knew and some I didn't. This is a great resource.

What finally worked for me was a dilution of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. You probably have to get this stuff online and it isn't cheap but will last for years if you keep in it in the freezer where it remains liquid.

I used one part 35% to 5 or 6 parts distilled water. I then soaked a small wad of cotton batten with the mixture and tucked it between my front lip and tooth/gum. It was 10 times more effective than the 3% peroxide! I set the timer for 10 minutes but I was still spitting (more like a controlled drool) foamy saliva and left it in for about a 1/2 hour until the foam almost disappeared. 90% of the pain is gone and I feel better all round. Yes. You will foam at the mouth and scare small children, but the foam is actually dead bacteria mixed with your saliva. Keep a glass nearby to catch the foamy saliva.

I tried oil pulling with a couple of drops of Oregano Oil but I just don't like doing it very much although I felt a little improvement.

You should also take a good immune booster to help fight off the bad bacteria that is having a party in your body. Olive Leaf Extract, or up to 20 grams(20,000 mgs.) of Vitamin C. I had a product called Immutol lying around and I've been taking 2 capsules three or four times a day.

I also swished MMS which means Miracle Mineral Supplement. It's cheap and for about $20 you get two years worth of the stuff. It cures just about everything so naturally the Feds moved in and the originator, Jim Humble, moved his whole shebang to the Dominican Republic. Go to www.miraclemineral.org to learn more about this wonderful product that has already cured thousands of people.

I have a front tooth crown that had a root canal about 14 years ago. About 8 years ago it started to "act up" on occasion and I applied Oregano Oil and/or Tea Tree Oil and in a day or so the inflammation and mild pain would go away.

Three years ago I had to leave work because not only was my tooth and gum very painful but I felt horrible all over. I guess the infection invaded my entire body. I used an EFT protocol called Faster EFT originated by Robert Smith. (He has a zillion videos on YouTube) After an hour of frenzied tapping the pain disappered and I felt normal. Amazing.

Problem is Faster EFT didn't work for me last year -- or this. Drat! But, watch some of his videos -- it's free and easy to learn.

By the way, I do not sell anything and I have no financial interest in any products.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 06/24/2011

Hi ya debbie,

Thank you so much for the article, very interesting, I have noted down the name niacin. I received my perio mouth wash today, After waiting for a week to be delivered. Full of organic herbs such as Green tea, Echinacea, olive leaf, Oregano, plus a lot more. thankyou.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Diamond (Cleveland, England) on 06/23/2011

hi , im reporting back my feedback

Went to the dentist yesterday, I was oil pulling with coconut oil from 21st may, not good, gums were pinker, but gaps no change, plus another tooth was receding, I was also taking coenzyme q 10 30mg 3 x daily, also vitamin c and zinc lozenges. 600mg 1 a day. Brushing with aloe vera tooth paste, 2x daily, and chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash. Fed up. Went back to health shop, they told me to increase to 6 a day with the coenzyme q 10 30 mg. That seems alot to me, I will increase it to 4 a day, plus still to take vitamin c and zinc lozenges, take 2 a day, I walked out of the health shop with pure vitamin c powder it says 2500mg per serving. I'll just rub a small bit on my gums, plus I got vitamin e-400 I.U. To take internally, and to rub on my gums, thats only 1 a day. ill let u know my feedback, my dentist wants me back 2nd august, I really do not want to go, cause I know whats next to happen, I honestly hope what I am going to take will cure my problems, bye for now.x

Replied by Debbie
(Melbourne, Australia)

Diamond I came across this the other day.

This an excerpt, from Dr. Abram Hoffer the full article in the link below:

Niacin, Coronary Disease and Longevity
by Abram Hoffer, M. D. , Ph.D.

In 1954, it was impossible to predict or even to think that my bleeding gums would one day, 31 years later, lead to additional useful life to people with coronary disease related to cholesterol and lipid metabolism. That year, malocclusion of my teeth had broken down the ability of my gum tissue to repair itself quickly enough. Because my bite was not correct there was too much wear and tear on tooth sockets and my gums began to bleed. No amount of vitamin C and no amount of dental repair helped. Eventually I reconciled myself to the idea I would soon have all my teeth extracted.

But at this time I had been treating schizophrenics and seniles and a few other diseases with niacin, and I began also to take this vitamin, 1 gram after each meal, I. E. three grams per day. I did so because I wanted to experience the flush which comes when one first takes niacin and its gradual waning with continuing use so I could discuss this reaction more knowledgeably with my patients. There was also a legal issue - most doctors' defence against malpractice suits is that they were doing what any other similar physician would do it like circumstances. If I were sued (I have never been sued) because of unusual discomfort or because of adverse effects from niacin, I would not be able to use that defence since only a handful of physicians had ever used these large quantities of niacin. I had concluded that if the unlikely did occur and I was charged with malpractice, one of my defences would be that I had tried it myself for at least three months without suffering any serious consequences. I must admit I had not discussed this with any litigation lawyer. My reasons were therefore both practical and paranoid. I had no intention of treating myself or my bleeding gums.

Two weeks after I had started taking niacin my gums were normal. I was brushing my teeth one morning and suddenly awakened in surprise there was no bleeding whatever! A few days later my dentist confirmed my gums were no longer swollen, and I still have most of my teeth. Eventually I reasoned that the niacin had restored the ability of my gum tissue to repair itself faster than I could damage it by chewing with my crooked teeth.

Replied by Leyfey

Hi , I know this post is so very old and I am probably to late to make much of a difference if your gum disease has progressed. I got diagnosed with this horrid disease also and read up about it, Apparently I came across a dentist called Rami Nagel who cured his daughter's dental decay.

Well overall, I learned that a diet that is rich in grains that has not been prepared the correct way can lead to huge dental probs. Since I started eating more wholegrain stuff and became vegetarian that was the start of all my health issues. Apparenetly these grains are covered in physic acid natures way of protecting the grain and the body can utilise it, intact it binds to calcium and zinc and other minerals important for bone and removes it froth body as it passes through the system unassimilated. It has to be removed through sprouting soaking or souring. Google it up online, there are lots of sources.

Vit d also imperative and a good homemade remineralising toothpaste, flossing and I think mostly change diet, avoid sugar like plague. This is day 3 for me with no sugar, wow its hard, I did buy some xylitol for when I fancied a hot chocolate to take that craving for sweets away. Even too much fruit is bad, for teeth, that has decay or other issues. I hope even though it is years after your post, you or someone else finds this little bit of info helpful. Sorry I have not given lots of details.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tristan (Palm Coast, Florida USA) on 10/18/2008


Hi All

Any feedback to this would be greatly appreciated.

Almost 2 years ago, I had a molar crowned due to the insistence of a dentist (porcelain crown, metal base). Too late to say that I wish I hadn't trusted him. Anyway, since then I have had a regular "gluey" feeling between that upper molar and my eye on the same side. It's not painful, as such, but I can always feel the it and the connection between the crown and the right side of my head and my right eye. I do not want to have any dentist fiddling around unnecessarily in my mouth again, and was wondering if anyone would know what this is about, and what I can do. Also, I don't mind dealing with this for the rest of my life as long as it does not worsen. The ideal would be to get rid of this feeling altogether.

I use castor oil, HP, clove oil etc (haven't tried garlic yet), and they all help, but once I stop the congested, uncomfortable, tight feeling comes back. If it's a nerve, I do not want it to worsen - it's already been almost 3 years of a static situation. (I also had to have the bite adjusted twice, but there's still a slight problem).

Thank you all

Replied by Paul
(Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Response to Tristan Ref Crown Molar and Eye Issues: Please go to this web site, it is posted by a Doc. Gott and appears in newspapers nationwide.

This article appears on that web site on Oct 14, 2008. It talked about a woman who had an upper molar capped and the tooth discharged something that felt waxy and sticky. I believe I have typed the correct letters of the web site. Maybe this site/article will help. I check the web site everyday. He is big on doing a natural remedy(s) if all possible.

Replied by Denise Riddle
(Paris, Tn. USA)

Hi, Regarding your gluely molar crowns. I do know what you are talking about. I had the same thing happen to me When I had to have an absess molor done down south. We found out that the glue the dentist used was to old. for one thing, also the crown was not completely covered in the back and was actually ozzing glue when I ate or drank warm foods or liquids. It also got so bad I stated getting sick from it anf I was becoming actually allergic to the glue.

When we moved from Tampa to Paris, Tn this newer Dentist used much more modern technics and totaly removed the older crown and redid the whole thing withih a newer porcyline and glue setup. Here is another thing to think about if you have some silver fillings next to it. Your problem may not be the molar but it could be the older silver filling mix they used in the some older fillings that has caused problems for folks too. Hope this helps. My Doc.Cathy(Dentist) as I call him, he is right on with giving me the straight scope on dental issues and he really has helped me alot in fixing up all my teeth.

I hope this info will help you to at least ask your dentist these issues about it anyway. Good luck and hopefully to become painfree. Denise Riddle

Mustard Oil and Salt

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Posted by Daidela (Sarasota, Fl) on 12/10/2011

To Ladyhawk of Sarasota: I live in Sarasota and have a loose tooth I would like to try to tighten using the mustard oil and salt. Do you know a store here that sells it? I tried googling where to buy but got no hits. Thanks for your help.


Replied by Dianna
(Tx, Usa)

You can buy mustard oil at Indian stores.

Mustard Oil and Salt
Posted by Madalsa (Delhi, India) on 10/06/2009

1. Brush your teeth with mustard oil and salt (sea salt or table salt). Use your finger to clean the teeth instead of toothbrush. Do not wash mouth with water.

2. Take one tbsp mustard oil and 1/4-1/2 tsp salt. Put this into your mouth for 20-30 min. Keep on moving this into the mouth. Spit it after time is over. Do not wash mouth with water.You can see the difference in condition of your teeth.
My teeth used to bleed while brushing and pus was forming. One of my tooth became slightly loose at the age of 30. I tried this for 30 days. Now I am 45 and totally free of these problems since.

Myrhh Oil

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Posted by Karen (Alpharetta, Ga.) on 06/02/2010

Myrhh oil for sore gums

Rub myrhh oil on your gums or put a small amount on your tooth brush. Don't swallow it. In the morning your gums won't be sore. Sage oil helps too but myrhh is the best.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Lauraloo (Paragould, Ar) on 04/02/2018

Stumbled on this site after using castor oil after brushing for 20 minutes daily or pretty much daily. I have Medicaid which allows $500 per year for a dentist. The dentist wants to do deep gum cleaning because of 4 mm on 2 quadrants. I'm only allowed one quadrant per year on Medicaid! I don't know what effect castor oil has done on my gums but after much reading on this site, and seeing the whitening of my teeth for myself I can feel assured my assumption I'm helping my gums is correct with castor oil pulling. I love this site. I was glad to see some more recent posts so I hope the site stays up. I'm almost 50 and need what's left!

Replied by David
(Chadron, Nebraska)

Interesting post, Lauraloo. Am oil pulling with a rounded teaspoon of coconut oil, finding this quite effective in keeping the areas between teeth much cleaner.

Am thinking that 20 minutes of brushing each day may well be on the excessive side. Please know that a dentist's technician had also informed me years ago that my gums were in critical need of the "peeling back and scraping", and that I was "at risk of possible heart problems" among other unpleasantness because of this. My intuition strongly shouted "No", and during a second dental exam at another dentist's office I was subsequently assured that my gums were all perfectly fine. There are way too many doctors and dentists who think we're all money cows. No surprise really, as the medical industry is the 5th largest on Earth.

Having said that, you could well be in need of the procedure, though perhaps a second opinion from a reputable dentist's office may be in order for you. Am suggesting: Just saying "No" to the dark fear tactics so commonly employed by the medical industry as a whole. Darkness is parasitic in nature and it feeds on fear. Without fear it cannot feed and it flees. Am wishing you well.

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