MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

Jan 23, 2017

Miracle Mineral Supplement Reviews, Cures, and Side Effects
MMS, or the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is a beverage product designed by former aerospace engineer, Jim Humble, who has tested his MMS protocol in Malawi and other parts of Africa. Initially used to treat malaria, the manufacturer claims field-tested success in treating and reversing the effects of AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, most cancers, and a host of other diseases.

As always, Earth Clinic does not sell herbal remedies or health supplements, but we are always open to spreading the word about promising new treatments that have brought improved health and natural cures to members of our community.

For more information about the MMS protocol, please visit the product website. At present, Earth Clinic Community members are reporting multiple cures, and we have informative listings for a number of health conditions, which you will find below.

About MMS  

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Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 01/19/2017 5 posts
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MMS Jim Humble the Good the Bad the Truth

I've been working with, and researching, chlorine dioxide for two years. I've made my own batches of nearly 100%, using a different formula. There are more than eight formulas to make chlorine dioxide. I have the Genesis II Church member card. I'm not anti-MMS.

Jim Humble is a great humanitarian, and must have been a good NASA engineer. However, his chemistry is bad, which he has said in his book. And his understanding of body biochemistry is completely wrong. My main purpose, for this paper, is to correct his mistakes.

The medical establishment's attack, against MMS, is based on a simplistic, uninformed, negative, buzz word slander. Clorox bleach is not labeled with the skull poison symbol. Like many products, it has warnings. And the warnings are exaggerated, as usual. For instance, it warns of burns to the skin. Hah, I've had bleach on my hands many times. It feels slimy, but doesn't cause a burn. They also use the word "industrial" bleach. "Industrial" makes it sound bad. Supermarket packaged foods are made in a factory. It's an industry. There's nothing bad about being industrial. Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are in the general category of "bleach". That's good if you want to disinfect. And chlorine dioxide is used, for instance in municipal water supplies, because it is the safest one. As I will cover later, bleach oxidizers can do damage. So concentrations must be low.

I'm experienced enough to be aware of the inner works of some groups, especially ones like the FDA. The whole attack, on MMS, may possibly be traced to one man, Mr. Mizer in the US Dept. of Justice, since everyone is repeating his slander, about bleach. There's a cadre of such people who hate Christianity, and so can't stand medical people using the words "cure" or "miracle". For sure, the attack is uninformed, and so it is illegitimate.

To begin correcting Jim's mistaken ideas about chemistry. Chlorine dioxide is not an ion. It does not have a charge. It is a molecule. Molecules do not have a charge. Chlorine dioxide is unusual, in that it doesn't dissolve, ionize, in water. Body cells are a complex structure of many molecules. They do not have a charge. So chlorine dioxide is not repelled by body cells, and it is not attracted to only bad bacteria. Bacteria are cells, and so do not have a charge. The Gram Stain is not a positive or negative charge. The positive and negative means yes or no for the bacteria becoming stained with a dye. Chlorine dioxide is a free radical, meaning it has an unfilled electron space. This is how it oxidizes. When reacting with organic molecules, chlorine dioxide usually functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced back to the chlorite ion. When oxidizing some inorganics, like ferric oxide, it can accept a total of five electrons, which would break it down to a chloride ion, as in salt, and two oxygen ions. Jim's claim that electron shells hold atoms together, and that the nucleus would fly apart if the electrons are drawn away, is false. It takes a high-powered atom smasher to do that.

Chlorine dioxide is said to work differently on different pathogens. Bacteria, fungi, parasite and tumor cells are vulnerable to oxidants because of these components; thiols, polyamines, purines, amino acids with thiols, phenols, and amines [Dr. Thomas Hesselink's paper about malaria]. The method of chlorine dioxide bacterial kill, at low ppm concentration, seems to occur by the disruption of protein synthesis and enzyme inactivation. This is similar to the non-toxic mechanism of some common antibiotics. It does not blow a hole in cell walls. It acts on good as well as bad bacteria, so probiotics should be taken after treatment is finished. Oxidation of RNA and DNA do not appear to take place, or are at least unimportant in the process. The site of action lies in the soluble fraction of the cell and there appears to be no damage to internal structural components such as ribosomes. At high ppm, the method of rapid bacterial and viral kill appears to be the softening and destroying of the cell wall, or viral capsid.

Chlorine dioxide can definitely hurt body tissue, as well as pathogens. It kills algae, parasite organisms, and some insect eggs or larvae, such as mosquitoes. If the concentration is high enough, it can kill zebra mussels and some fish, such as trout (the lethal LC50 for rainbow trout is 290 ppm for 96 hours). Since I believed Jim's harmlessness claim, at first, I took massive doses of pure chlorine dioxide, and inhaled full breaths of it. Once, my lungs hurt for three days afterwards. And massive doses caused my ears to ring, probably damaging sensitive inner ear nerve hairs. So doses should be kept small, and luckily chlorine dioxide works with the lowest doses, compared to other disinfectants. There are many institutional papers assessing the toxicity of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and chlorate. The main problem area is red blood cells. With prolonged, higher dose (up to 1000 ppm for chlorine dioxide, and 100 ppm for chlorite and chlorate) daily use in rat's drinking water, for 1-2 months, some hemoglobin can be oxidized to methemoglobin which doesn't carry oxygen. Also, red blood cell count can decrease. Chlorate (ClO3-), which can rupture RBCs, is the worst with serious RBC loss after nine months. There is a claim that some chlorate can be produced in MMS reactions, such as with pH less than 3, and some chemical studies claim chlorine dioxide can change into some chlorate in water. Red blood cells have glutathione to protect them from oxidation, but cell levels can be decreased with prolonged treatment. Other studies show no methemoglobin at these dose levels. There is a reference stating that there's an enzyme that reduces methemoglobin back to normal hemoglobin. One study with low dose, single dose, pure chlorine dioxide using people, showed no problems at 0.34 mg/kg of body weight. In these studies, the doses of sodium chlorite and chlorate were only 1/10th of the amount of chlorine dioxide, evidently for safety reasons, meaning they considered chlorine dioxide much safer. Different studies have found the following safe levels of chlorine dioxide in all of the drinking water, per day: 15 mg/kg in mice for 1 month; 9 mg/kg in green monkeys for 1-2 months; 2 mg/kg in Sprague-Dawley rats for 3 months. At higher doses there could be some nasal irritation from chlorine dioxide gas evaporating at the drinking tube. Effect on newborn rat pups: decreased pup development, decreased thyroid hormone levels (thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are phenols), and decreased brain cell count, were found at 14 mg/kg of body weight per day in drinking water for the mother rats during gestation and lactation. Dosing below 14 mg/kg had no observed effect, such as in a 3 mg/kg test. I don't think anyone should take maintenance doses for years, especially with so much sodium chlorite in the MMS mix. And doses should be in mg/kg or /pound of body weight, not in drops. Also, Jim is wrong about MMS lasting only one hour in the body. Rat studies show that 100% chlorine dioxide, not the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 2 hours, with half absorbed in 3.5 hours. The leftover sodium chlorite, in the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 8 hours. 21% of it is still in the blood after 72 hours. So dosing every hour is not a good idea. Studies use one dose per day. There probably hasn't been much research about the effect of chlorite and chlorine dioxide on prescription drugs in the body, but oxidizers are one thing used by illegal drug users to nullify drugs in their urine test. So they probably can affect some prescription drugs in the body. For myself, I would only take low dose pure chlorine dioxide, such as chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), or the new MMS1 tablets in a glass of water [do not swallow the tablet]. Precautions must be employed in people with glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency disease, as they are especially sensitive to oxidants of all kinds.

As chlorine dioxide is a free radical, antioxidants will quench it back into a chlorite ion. This happens with many antioxidants; Vit. E, Vit. A, CoQ10, flavonoids, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, etc., not only vitamin C. So no antioxidant supplements, or natural juices or foods should be consumed with chlorine dioxide. Lemon, or lime juice, has vitamin C and other antioxidants, so are not good to mix with chlorine dioxide.

Jim believes that MMS gets completely changed into chlorine dioxide, in the stomach, if you swallow it. This is no more true than what happens when activating MMS in a glass beaker. There is only a small continuous basal secretion of gastric acid, on an empty stomach, of usually less than 10 mEq/hour. It takes food to stimulate the secretion of gastric fluid, and then the HCl is only 0.5 to 1% of it. And acidifying sodium chlorite does not produce chlorine dioxide as the first step. It produces chlorous acid, HClO2. [HCl + NaClO2 = HClO2 + NaCl] HClO2 is unstable, and breaks down into chlorine dioxide and hydrochloric acid. [5 HClO2 decomposes to 4 ClO2 + HCl + 2 H2O] Furthermore, at a pH in the range of 2.3 - 3.2, only about 30% chlorous acid is produced from the acidification. That leaves about 70% leftover sodium chlorite. Citric acid is a weak acid, and only produces about 10% chlorine dioxide. And citric acid can have the taste problem. Luckily, the leftover sodium chlorite is also a disinfectant, although it is much harsher than chlorine dioxide, and not as selective. With exact concentrations and conditions, HCl can produce nearly 100% chlorine dioxide. Also, the acidification of 1.3M sodium chlorite with 10% acetic acid yielded almost entirely chlorine dioxide as the major product of the disproportionation. Acidified Sodium Chlorite is used by many food processing companies, and the short-lived chlorous acid is also a disinfectant.

Sodium chlorite is a different animal. I have brushed my teeth with less than one ounce of 80% sodium chlorite solution. Afterwards, one corner of my lips hurt, and my gums were red and sore, with a small amount of bleeding when brushed. This took several days to heal. A single dose of 105 mg/kg weight will kill half of rats tested. That's called the LD50, lethal dose. For a 150 lb person, that's a little over 7 grams. In another test, with cats, a single dose of 1.5 mg/kg caused as much as 32% methemoglobin. That's losing about 1/3 of your blood oxygen supply. This loss does reverse back into normal hemoglobin over time. A 90 day study on rats found a No Adverse Effect Level at 1 mg/kg. Another 13 week study found very serious consequences at the highest doses; death, increased spleen and adrenal weights, ulceration, chronic inflammation and edema in the stomach. In a 90 day study, red blood cell glutathione levels, in a high dose group, were 40% below those of controls. MMS with citric acid has about 90% sodium chlorite leftover. So it's safer to use only chlorine dioxide alone.

Under some circumstances, calcium hypochlorite, MMS2, solutions can decompose to form some chlorate. In water it reacts to form hypochlorous acid and calcium hydroxide. This is the same chemistry as Clorox, sodium hypochlorite. The hydroxide part is caustic. It eats into body tissue. It's well known that these pool chemicals can irritate the eyes, if you swim a long time. He notes that hypochlorous acid is formed in the body. Yes. However it is formed inside white blood cells when they find an invading micro-organism, and only then. So it works only on the invader. Normal mammalian body cells, as well as bacteria, do not have a catalytically active detoxifying mechanism for it. So the hypochlorous acid can destroy body tissue as well as invaders. And ingesting it puts it in your bloodstream and body. Also, it's not as effective as chlorine dioxide. So it offers nothing new. No one should ingest MMS2, calcium hypochlorite, in any way. Swallowing a capsule containing solid calcium hypochlorite must surely "burn" the stomach. Also, calcium hypochlorite reacts with hydrochloric acid, stomach acid, to produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is the worst of all types of chlorine compounds.

Here's a quote from one of Jim's books: "Actually my friend next door in the Nevada desert, Bill Boynton, came over one day and said that calcium hypochlorite killed germs in swimming pools and it might just be another MMS. He suggested that we try taking small amounts and see what happens. I figured if he was game to do it, I was too. We made up some gel capsules with calcium hypochlorite in them and started taking them and when they didn't kill us, we had some friends take them.... I decided to use the gel caps and started sending it out to people in the gel cap form. It's something a doctor could never do. He has the Hippocratic Oath and AMA and FDA looking over his shoulder. But I am an inventor and never took that oath." p.112.

Stabilized Oxygen, as sodium chlorite, is known by some people as a biocide for killing parasites. And at first, this is what Jim used, alone, to cure malaria. It's not clear who started selling Stabilized Oxygen, or why the mistaken name was used. It goes back far enough that the ingredient was not listed, leading to confusion. In 1929, Dr. Moisés de Guevarra was selling a dry powder named "stabilized oxygen". In 1971, Dr. La Mar was the first to use a solution with "stabilized oxygen" to increase blood oxygen level. Evidently, it's unknown if either of these was sodium chlorite. E.D. Goodloe, 1971, sold "aerobic stabilized oxygen", produced in a 2-month-long production process in 14 stages. The oxygen is in association with sodium chloride, not sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite could be used alone, as long as doses are below the vomiting threshold. Making up a new name, for Stabilized Oxygen (sodium chlorite), is what commercial companies do to sell a product. And changing the wording, of MMS, only causes confusion. Health newsletters simply use the names of the chemicals.

Getting sick, with Jim's method, is not a herxheimer reaction. The herxheimer reaction (Jarrisch and Herxheimer) is a phenomena originally observed in the treatment of syphilis. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when antibiotics are administered. This effect happens with only a few diseases. Similar reactions have been found to occur in two kinds of borreliosis (Lyme disease and relapsing fever), brucellosis, Q fever, and trypanosomiasis. Herxheimer can occur within days to weeks after the onset of antibiotic therapy. The most common effects include: increased joint or muscle pain, headaches, chills, fever (usually low-grade), drop in blood pressure, hives and rash. Lyme is the main one, now, to have this problem. The extremely large doses of pure chlorine dioxide, that I took, caused no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In fact I felt high until the next morning. I've also swallowed a half eye-dropper of the 80% liquid sodium chlorite alone in water. It caused a vomit stomach spasm reaction within 30 minutes. Chlorous acid is evidently the one that causes liquid diarrhea. I got that with my first use of MMS with lime juice. The vomiting and diarrhea are the body's attempt to get rid of what you ingested. They are not a die-off or Herxheimer effect.

We owe Jim for making this subject public, and his other work. But I discovered, from being on the Genesis II Church Forum, that everyone was extremely closed minded about saying anything that disagreed with Jim. They even ban people who disagree with anything, even a chemist. So I have to conclude that Jim's history, with NASA or otherwise, has made him somewhat arrogant. I don't like to criticize people, but he's created an atmosphere that he is perfect, and knows more. That's the kind of problem in cults. Chlorine dioxide, and acidified sodium chlorite, are not new. There's been plenty of official health research, and patents, long before Jim found that "stabilized oxygen" (sodium chlorite) kills the malaria parasite. And some of his protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He's so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient. Obviously Jim has done no stomach sample tests, or blood tests to prove his claims. Chlorine dioxide has been said, by a chemist society, to be the best anti-pathogen. But do your own research.

I'm not trying to scare you away from MMS. As long as you stay within the No Adverse Effect Levels, it's usable. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels. For recommended dose levels of the sodium chlorite part, see Dr. Hesselink's table below. One benefit of these chlorine oxidants is that, in low doses, they can stimulate white blood cells to produce cytokines which stimulate other white blood cells, activating the immune system.

There's a great Patent, from 1990's work, with very exacting biochemical research. The test studies showed that sodium chlorite alone is successful at treating autoimmune diseases, which may include diabetes-1, Parkinson, MS, hepatitis, etc. [Use of a chemically-stabilized chlorite solution for inhibiting an antigen-specific immune response]

Dr. Hesselink's Table

Probable Dosages For Various Body Weights







9 lb

4 kg

1 mg

4 mg

8 mg

400 mg

13 lb

6 kg

1.5 mg

6 mg

12 mg

600 mg

22 lb

10 kg

2.5 mg

10 mg

20 mg

1000 mg

30 lb

14 kg

3.5 mg

14 mg

28 mg

1400 mg

44 lb

20 kg

5 mg

20 mg

40 mg

2000 mg

66 lb

30 kg

7.5 mg

30 mg

60 mg

3000 mg

100 lb

45 kg

11 mg

45 mg

90 mg

4,500 mg

154 lb

70 kg

17.5 mg

70 mg

140 mg

7000 mg

220+ lb

100+ kg

25 mg

100 mg

200 mg

10,000 mg


Lab Tests with Chlorine Dioxide

Disinfection examples include bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, algae, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, giardia and larval eggs (mosquito, tse tse fly), insect eggs and larvae (agricultural pests, fruit fly, floricultural and horticultural insects), problematic veligers (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), fish and shellfish diseases (VHS, KHS, ISA) and many others.

Unlike chlorine, ClO2 has the ability to kill water-borne viruses such as legionella, cholera, dengue, hepatitis and typhoid. ClO2 also kills airborne viruses when misted into air. Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu. ClO2 kills all known bacteria, including coliform, salmonella, E-coli, listeria and cinobacteria. ClO2 eliminates microbial slime (biofilm).

Hospital Infection Research Laboratory UK, Institute de Recherche Microbiologique France, Micropathology UK, Biotech-Germande France, Bluscientific UK, PHLS UK

Spores: Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus subtilis var niger, Anthrax [used to disinfect the DC anthrax attack]

Mycobacteria: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Mycobacterium chelonae, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Poli-R

Viruses: Canine Parvovirus, Coxsackivirus B3, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex virus Type 1, HIV Type 1, Human Norovirus, Influenza virus Type A2, Poliovirus Type 1, Poliovirus Type 2, SARS,

Fungi: Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans

Bacteria: Acetinobacter baumannii, Clostridium difficile [C. diff], Enterococcus faecium (vancomycin resistant), Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli [E. coli], Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gentamicin resistant), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant) [MRSA], Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria monocytogenes

Replied by Art
169 posts

In reply to Bob (Murphy, Nc),

Thank you for the informative post! That is information that anyone considering taking MMS should read first!


Replied by Bob
Murphy, Nc
5 posts

You are welcome, Art.

Replied by Robert Henry
Grayton Beach , Fla.

BOB,,,,,, CLO2 is a gas and you dissolve in 40 degree water at a specific low concentration least it explodes. There are several chlorine hypochlorites, calcium and sodium and they are totally differently compounds than ClO2 . When vacation is over, I will address your post. Still have a lot to learn, but I spent 40 years manufacturing ClO2 and using it in bleaching pulp. I have never made it via Hubble's MMS method, but have been sent to the hospital a number of times when ClO2 fumes got out of control.



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Posted by Yevisha (Adelaide, South Australia) on 10/24/2010

I'm wondering how to take mms for allergies. Does anyone have any experience with it? I've read about sinus and colds and how helpful it is. Thanks

Replied by Zac
Uki, Nsw

You are supposed to wash mms off your skin after about 30 seconds, otherwise it burns you.

Replied by Amy
New York, Ny

I don't have allergies I am sorry.. But I know a lot about them. Do not spray MMS on your skin. Take it orally. Because MMS goes into your body and gets rid of the pathogens that does not belong in your system. If you have allergies find out what you are allergic to.

Try this- Buy some soap nuts use it in your laundry with lavender essential oil and heat essential oil in a burner with some water. Example. My daughter has allergies with dust real bad. I started using lavender essential oils with her and now she does not have a problem with them. I hope this is helpful.

Replied by Jay
Santa Fe, Nm

I see lots of misinformation here. I studied the protocols and learned directly from Jim Humble. You can absolutely spray the mms solution on your skin. It will ONLY kill pathogens and cannot possibly harm healthy cells. That is the 20-drop (activated with citric acid) solution in the 2-ounce spray bottle. You DO NOT have to rinse it off right away, as someone wrote in the feedback here. You can spray it on the skin hourly and rinse it off at the end of the day, before bedtime. Also, I have used the inhalation therapy to eliminate runny nose, post nasal drip, etc. It works immediately and the instructions are on Jim's site

Replied by Paula
Portland, Or

I just received my product and am excited to try and see if something can finally help my chronic sinus infections. The pain and pressure in my head is awful. I read his suggested protocol for inhalation, but my nose is so stuffed I cannot breathe through it. Will taking it orally help or does anyone have any other suggestions? I can sniff a little if I try hard but after reading the warnings am a little cautious. Thanks for your help

Replied by Gary
Sacramento, Ca, Usa
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

My experience with the external application of MMS is that it will give you a nasty burn. I mixed according to instructions - using only 2 drops of MMS and the citric acid. Be careful with it.

Replied by Boops
Alva, Florida

The spray MMS is mixed at 10 drops MMS and 10 drops 50% citric acid, wait 5 minutes and add 1 ounce water. If you have a 6 ounces spray bottle then mix 6x10 = 60/60 drops, wait 20 sec. and add the 6 ounces water.

You can leave this on your skin, you can also spray on teeth, in mouth, inhale, etc.

The type that needs rinsed of within 2 minutes is just putting the MMS on by itself for bad burns.

If anyone needs help/info on MMS, do not hesitate to ask me.

Replied by Slim2483
West Sacramento, Ca, USA

Any burn should be sprayed with full strength MMS (no acid added) directly from a small spray bottle. Do not add citric acid or lemon juice at all. If you don't have a spray bottle available apply MMS directly onto the burn, making sure the area is soaked with MMS.

Wait up to five minutes, but no longer before rinsing off. If you fail to rinse off, the burn will continue to hurt. On the other hand if you do rinse within 5 minutes the burn will heal in 1/4 the time normally required to heal. This includes all those terrible skin and flesh burns and it will save lives. The pain should stop immediately or reduce to almost zero within several minutes.

Sunburns should be treated the same way. Spray the red area, wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off. If the area is still sore, in about an hour spray the area again and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. Remember, do not allow the MMS to stay in place. It must be rinsed off. The pain should be gone in a couple of minutes. Generally two doses will overcome most sunburns, but on rare occasions if the discomfort is not all gone you can use a third dose. Be sure to rinse it off.

From JH site:

Replied by Nil
Potomac, Maryland, United States

My son's allergies are now gone with the use of MMS or CD (chlorine dioxide). This came as a side effect of recovery from Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD).

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Nil, you wrote: "recovery from Autism", how did you do it?

Replied by Liora

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how to use it, as I can see, it is best to read the protocols, written about it first, it must be kept in the fridge at all time, or to cool it before usage, when it is in room temp' and use it can cause burns, there is no need to take it off or wipe it off, if it was kept cool in the fridge, it will not cause damage.


and I use it on the skin, I do not wipe it off it goes away anyway, in room temp' it will avapurate (turn to gas) shortly after.

Replied by Aleah

thanks for the helpful info about allowing the MMS to cool for external application, that makes sense.

Replied by Jake
02/18/2015 I hope the person asking about this years ago got an answer :)

Replied by Berenice
Calgary, Alberta
5 out of 5 stars

I'm using MMS in coffee enemas. Never seen so many parasites coming out of me before! Sorry...i know it's disgusting. My naturalist doctor uses MMS for kids with autism. He says autism is curable!

Replied by Jim
Roseburg, Oregon
5 out of 5 stars

Put 2 drops mms and 2 drops citric acid in a glass and mix together for twenty seconds. It produces a mist (best way I can describe it) that you inhale through your nose and throat. You won't see the mist.

Take it slow, just sniff until you feel a biting sensation in your nose or throat and stop, once only. It's sort of like getting a whiff of ammonia if you have ever experienced that sensation.

I use it daily for my lungs and a sore throat and it has worked to alleviate a sore throat.

I am new on this board so I may not be available for questions yet.

One note you cannot use this with any liquid with vitamin C.

Replied by Melinda

I would also like to know, I have a son with autism.

Replied by Eleni Lena Tzouka

My son is autistic 18 years old? Is autism curable with mms?

Replied by Roo

Could you please tell me what ratio of MMS to solution did you use in the enema?

Also how does the naturalist doctor use MMs - by mouth, on the skin, by enema? If you are not sure would you please send me an email with his name, phone or City/Town some time? Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.

Best Wishes, Roo

Posted by Olga (Nutley, New Jersey, Usa) on 11/22/2009
0 out of 5 stars

Hi, did anybody try MMS to treat allergies? I've been using MMS as a spray on my skin for a week now, but I have a severe reaction. My skin gets irritated and is burning very badly. I'm using 20 drop solution in 2 oz. spray bottle.
So I'm wondering, if anybody has treated allergies with MMS and if anybody has experienced a similar reaction like mine.

Very grateful for response.


Replied by Nnh
Boa, Uk

I used MMS when I had allergies. Do not spray, just take them as per their instruction, mixed with juices or water. It helped me to detox but I also used other detox products such as raw vege/ fruit juices, raw vege and stay away from suger and processed food. Tap water is really bad. Find a better quality water. I hope it helps. I have now cleared allergies totally.

Replied by Sal
Redondo Beach, Ca. Usa

MMS is sodium hypo chloride, 2.85 mg in the human body, primarily in the cerbro spinal fluid.It may be injected into the blood . Bleach is sodium hypo chlorite, cannot be injected, poison.

MMS is not particularly good for allergies because allergies are a reaction to undigested food proteins that have hit the histamine producing mast cells in a cell membrane. Most allergenic people are hypo chlorhydric. Improving digestion is most important.

Digestive enzymes with HCL work better for allergies in most people.

Be Well

Replied by Steve
Sebring, Florida Usa


Actually, MMS is Sodium Chlorite. When activated with an acid, it creates chlorine dioxide. Sodium Hypochlorite is common bleach. Chlorine Dioxide kills pathogens and purifies water through oxidation, like Hydrogen Peroxide. Sodium Hypochlorite disinfects through chlorination. DO NOT TAKE SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

Replied by Aleah

thank you for the info you shared on MMS, I found it very helpful.

Bleeding Gums  

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Posted by Halo (Salem, Ma) on 09/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

mms cured my gums, but causes gas in my friend with cancer...

mms at 10 drops with 50 drops of citric acid stopped my bleeding gums. i have a friend who is using it against cancer; shes taking it after her meals as Humble suggested, but shes suddenly getting alot of gas. anyone know why this would be? im wondering if its because this is somehow interfering with the regular absorption of her meal or if it has to do with bacteria being slayed?

Replied by Amber
Antigua, Guatemala

I have read that gas is a result of the bacteria, microbes, parasites etc being killed off - so I see it as a good thing that she is experienceing this. Continue at the lowest dose your friend can tolerate without causing uncomfortable symptons. With MMS you shouldnt need to suffer - just cut back on the amount of drops ingested

Replied by Bob
Clearwater, Fl

Jim Humble states clearly many times on his websites that MMS should not be taken with a meal, but only an hour or more before or after.

Replied by Ben
Seneca, Sc

MMS works best on an empty stomach, so I'd suggest to wait about 2 hours after your last meal before drinking mms, or do it first thing in the morning as I do. From my experience it takes about 15minutes for mms to reach the bloodstream (I feel like someone turned up the heat inside my body by a few degree, which lasts about 30min). So, I assume to start eating or drinking whatever you want should be ok after an hour or so. Ever since I take mms, I have not been sick whatsoever... fingers crossed :)

Replied by Amy
Las Vegas, Nv

From the comment that has been posted is correct. Also make sure she is not taking mms with her medications. Have her take mms with some food in your stomach. And then a hour later have her take her medication.

Replied by Rejuv
Jhb, Gauteng

If the protocols are to take MMS every hour but then you can only eat an hour after or before it is not practical as it would then interupt the protocol??

Replied by Neb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I just wanted to ad that these Protocols are a guide. A person should use common sense and their own feeling as to what is working and good for them and what not. The main idea is to have MMS going through your body in some regularity so that it will be able to pick, kill and eliminate patogens on it's way. However, different people have different ways of doing things, different habbits and therefore they will have to adjust to a new addition - MMS. I believe that you know best for yourself how much and when to take MMS as long as you try to do it in some kind of regularity. Hope this helps.

Chlorine Dioxide  

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 06/02/2014


For about 30 years of my 40 years in the paper industry I enhaled ClO2 which is a solution used to bleach pulp to 90 brightness. For you old dogs from the 40's the brightest paper was less than 80. Newsprint is in the mid 70's because Hypo was the best bleach we had in those days.

ClO2 is the latest rage in killing pathogens. You know it as MMS. My question to you wormy folks. Was this good for me or bad? I now think it was good. This gas can kill you just as Chlorine can. Is life interesting or what?

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY======

Replied by Nick

If u are trying to help yourself, make your body alkaline not acidic, I am a brain cancer survivor of 38 years and going strong.

Chronic Viral Infection  

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Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My dad came down seriously ill with a viral infection overseas and was ill there after for 2 years....hospitals in Spain, Uk and New Zealand hadn't a clue what he had - they kept thinking heart attacks and BP but wasn't..... only thing that got him back on his feet was MMS old protocol of higher doses...

Im going to try Autism protocol on my two aspergers kids as they have had mms on and off over the years.

Great for my sons respitory tract infections and croup too, just by gasing it in sleeping quarters overnight....

Replied by Lovelytree13
Maryland, US

I've recently read that mms drops cure all types of disease. I believe that 100%. That's why it's probably getting degraded by the FDA and off the market. Has anybody been able to purchase this product from a legit website? If so from where? Is buying the book and the DVD the only way to know how to use it correctly?

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Lovelytree --- Google Jim Humble MMS1, MMS2, CDS, CD

Namaste Om

Replied by Phyllis Adams
Kenedy Tx

I can't get help from the people I've tried buying from. It is understandable but I sure would like to talk to someone who uses it. Until now I've only used it for colds, flu and to prevent infections when the dog scratched me. Now I'm trying it for my RA . Don't know if I'm doing it right. Need help! Phyllis

Replied by Cathryn
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Hello Phyllis,

Where can I buy MMS in British Columbia? I'm having a hard time finding a supplier in the province. Thanks.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U OM, , , , , , , as mentioned many times, I worked in bleach pulp mills for 40 years using ClO2 and breathed the vapors every day. The gurus now tell me that I can't use this CLO2 and must use the crude way Jim Humble produces it . To that I say BS, as ClO2 is ClO2 and one ClO2 plant as exists in one pulp mill could cure the world of most of it's illnesses.

Of course that would mess up the medical industry big time , so that will never happen.

As in years past one sulfite pulp mill could produce enough vanilla to supply the world so that never happened either.

Is life grand or what? Games we play.



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Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 10/15/2009
5 out of 5 stars

A few days ago I came down with a cold: - congested sinuses, sore throat, cough, tired. I took 6 drops of MMS, (activated with 1/2 teas. lemon juice, wait 3 min., add 1/2 cup water. Drink.) then an hour later another 6 drops. Went to bed. Next morning I was almost completely well, and about 24 hours later cold was gone.

I have found that when I don't do MMS every day but save it for when I really do get sick, I don't get nauseated and it really helps. I get more nauseated if I keep taking it day after day "whether I need it or not". I probably will start doing the 6 drops and another 6 drops an hour later on a weekly basis, since I find I feel fantastic, like it really cleansed me or something. Not more often than that though.

Posted by Paul (Tucson, AZ) on 12/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to know what people think of this stuff besides myself - it cured my cold in a day and a half, it is said to kill all the bugs in your body that does not belong there.


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Posted by Dj (Somewhere, West Coast) on 03/08/2011

Anybody heard anything about MMS? I just met a gal last night talking about this great detox stuff??



Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

Andrew Weil gives it a big thumbs down. I respect his wisdom and education & tend to agree. The info, here, suggests that it may be effective to rid oneself of worms... I've seen no anecdotal evidence yet of anyone saying it helped or cured more serious illnesses of cancer or hiv. Here is the link:

A friend with Lyme disease tried it with no positive results.

Replied by Peter
Bangkok, Thailand

I was in Nigeria a week ago and I met a doctor who is quietly curing people of the HIV virus using MMS. I say "quietly" as he doesn't want his efforts to be stopped by Big Pharma and their friends.

Replied by Ronald
Lima, Peru

There is no way anyone who is sincere and investigates MMS can deny that it is very effective and has saved many thousands of lives.

Does anyone have information regarding the effect of iodine on MMS? It is important to raise iodine levels using higher doses when fighting cancer. A few people have said that it can reduce the effect of MMS/chlorine dioxide.

Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
1247 posts

Hi Ronald...Iodine is an anti-oxidant and MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) is a pro-oxidant. So if you combine them or take them at the same time, they will simply react with each other and cancel out each other's beneficial effects. So if you take any anti-oxidant nutrient together with MMS then the same thing will happen.

MMS only lasts for about an hour in the blood before it is quickly removed from the body so the best way to take MMS is to take it in a one to three drop dose, once an hour, eight times a day. You can take it in higher single dosages, but this may cause headaches, nausea and vomiting (similar to large dose HP). The MMS protocol is very similar to the Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol -- which only last for about an hour in the body as well because it also has similar pro-oxidant action.

Posted by Robertson (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/20/2010
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've been badly poisoned by massive exposure to mercury and also to lead as a kid and even more later in industry. As I began taking out a lot of that mercury I also experienced very strong infection pains. That was a result of Herxheimer pains that occur whenever the body's immune defense discovers a powerful infection. Part of my infection came from getting a "dirty" blood transfusion. After I had that operation I felt terrible and my heartbeat began skipping real bad. Then an electronic MSA test was performed which showed I've got Lyme Disease from my transfusion. After my healing progress stalled I began to take small doses of MMS and worked on up. I got as high as 12 drops of MMS twice each day in 60 drops of citric acid mixture. After about 2 months of doing that in approx. late 2008 I quit using any MMS after my heart STOPPED skipping altogether. After 3 or 4 more months passed that heartbeat began skipping again, but not nearly as bad. Then I took the same 12 drop doses of MMS mixed with citric acid drops for the final 3 months of 2009 and that STOPPED my heart skipping once again. Now a massive amount of heavy metals have been removed so I started to take MMS some more now in July 2010. The Herxheimer pains I'm now having after taking only 8 drops of MMS twice are now very STRONG indeed. The MMS is now getting to my infections and killing them which causes those pains. The mercury in me has been sequestering, or hiding, these infections so my immune could NOT have any affect and wasn't able to cure them. That's why mercury was being administered by doctors to patients in the 1800s who had syphilis - because mercury in the body will lock those infections within a matrix of mercury ions and that causes the infection symptoms to be milder.

Replied by Linda
Greenville, Sc

Robertson, from Columbus - what is Herxheimer pains? I have gotten up to 4 drops for 6 days and have diarrhea (5x times in the morning) and then have different types of pains going on in my stomach. Each time I get up to 4 drops for a few days, I get this diarrhea/pain schedule. I have stopped it for the last 2 days and am afraid to go back on it, even though on 1 and 2 drops I feel fantastic. I have been told by a few practitioners that I have overgrowth of bacteria, some parasites and a worm infection. I really want to stay on this stuff, but I could use all the support I can get right now, I feel pretty bad in the bathroom department (lots of intestinal gas, too) although I have great energy otherwise. Thanks for any responses.

Replied by Neb
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

To Linda, if I may. If you feel great with 1 or 2 drops - why would you want to take more and suffer with stomach problems? It is your body telling you that you found the right dose for yourself. Cheers!

Digestive Issues  

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Posted by Steve Ballan (Detroil, MI USA) on 05/11/2009
0 out of 5 stars

MMS Pros and Cons:

Hello, I can see by reading these posts that people used to think like me 6 years ago -- after 6 years of herx reactions - yes, 6 years and maybe 50 herx reactions I finally figured out my elimination system is absolutely plugged with pathogens - I got on a homeopathic Detox Kit for liver, kidney and lymphatic and carry a water bottle with me 24-7 drinking 4 ounces of alkaline water with some greens and lemon juice. Now I am finally getting some headway with 3 drops of MMS per day. If my stomach is not better in 4-6 months will try mastic gum and manuka honey, and maybe nano colloidal silver. Good luck!

Replied by Francois
East London, Eastern Cape

Hi Steve,

I would highly recommend that you also include raw veggie juicing in your diet and a good quality whey powder. If you're eating meat and processed foods the detox wont be effective, the only way to speed up healing reaction and initiate a healing crisis is to increase metabolic enzyme function, to do this the digestive system needs a break, try going vegetarian for a week, do a liver/gallbladder flush, and plenty veggie juices, also supplement with digestive enzymes between meals and take magnesium and zinc tabs this help the pancreas make more metabolic enzymes. H202 therapy will also stimulate lymph flow which will make the heel detox kit work better. good luck.

Replied by Jim
Roseburg, Oregon

Try some Kefir for your bowels, sorta tastes like yogurt but is not. Yogurt only has 2 or three probotics where kefir has 6 or more and the best thing about it is that it populates your bowels.


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Posted by Diana (Auckland, New Zealand) on 06/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have been taking MMS for just over a week. We have tried all sorts of things for our health before, but this MMS has been the best so far. We started off with 2 drops + 5 drops citric acid + wait 3 minutes then added water. Almost straight away we felt something. It almost felt like we were "out of it". We could feel it moving around the body with obvious sensations. By that evening after having another 2 doses, our eyes felt like they were really wide open. Each day we have been increasing our dose. I got to 5 doses but then felt extremely nauseous and dizzy. So I cut back on the amount. We continue to take it and I am slowly increasing the doseage. We have incredible energy, like never before since taking MMS. My head experiences large moments of clarity instead of the foggy mist it normally feels like. I am very excited about it. My friend who had a sore tooth for quite awhile now, swirled it around in her mouth and straight away the pain went.

Replied by Ann
Bastrop, Texas
0 out of 5 stars

Diane, since your last post was in June of this year, please update us about your experience with MMS. My husband and I have just started this week. I made an error this morning, drinking coffee (no Vit. C) after my 3 drop mixture. BAD stomachache and nausea resulted! Crystallized ginger helped with the nausea, but my stomach is in a terrible knot after six hours.

Replied by Lee Ann
Reno, Nv
1 out of 5 stars


Speaking of acid reflux, I started taking MMS this morning 6 drops with 3 drops citric acid. After about 15 minutes I felt nauseous for about 10 minutes, not too bad, my stomach was relatively empty.

When I got to work, someone offered me a cup of coffee-bad mistake. I have had such burning in my stomach all day for the past 8 hours. So my recommendation is don't drink coffee within several hours after taking MMS.

Replied by Horeno
London, Uk

You DO NOT know how to use it... It is very clearly written in Jim's book 1 drop of sodium chlorite and 5 drops of citric acid, so do it this way, if you take 3 drops of sodium chlorite then 15 drops of citrc acid... Never other way... Do not hazard with your health.

Replied by Steve
Colorado Springs, Co

People Please! Read Jim Humbles book. He has a free pdf that explains all this. Search for "Jim Humble MMS free pdf".

Many people on this list are taking MMS wrongly. You MUST activate the Sodium Chlorite solution with an acid - Lemon or Lime juice, or citric acid. Each of these is a 10% acid solution. Use 5 drops of acid for EACH drop of Sodium Chlorite solution. I personally use a 50% solution of citric acid and water, and it takes only 1 drop.

The MMS has prevented my youngest daughter from getting sick, it's healing bug bites on my wife's legs, and on my arms. I've been taking 2 drops activated MMS an hour for about a week (10 hours a day), and feel like a new man. In his full book, Jim Humble tells how to make it in your kitchen. We're buying a lifetime supply of the chemicals to make sure we always have enough. It is fantastic! Just MAKE SURE you're taking it correctly.

Replied by Jim
Roseburg, Oregon

You are dosing wrong!! 1 drop mms to 1 drop citric acid and wait 20 seconds.This stuff is powerful in our bodies so be careful how and how much you take.

If you take too much too fast your body will react terribly. Go slow, small drops(1/4 to 3)to begin, up to a maximum of a 3 drop dose per day for three weeks.

That's 24 drops mms and 24 drops citric acid in 32 oz water for a daily dose.

FDA Warning  

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Posted by Karmala (Ca, US) on 08/02/2014
1 out of 5 stars


I didn't see anything posted about the warning from the FDA on using mms and the dangers with it. I always take their comments with a grain of salt, but this seems to be a serious matter. Thought I'd present it so that people have all of the information available.

Replied by Timh

We are also being warned about the many dangers of Marijuana, even though no one has ever overdosed as a direct consequence of using. No one has ever died from MMS.

Be warned, no one has ever died as a result of using these natural remedies!

Many, many people have died as a direct result of misuse or simply as directed use, of otc or prescription pharmaceuticals.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Timh, I am sorry to have to disagree with you about MMS. It is a chlorine bleach and is dangerous. You may not be aware of it but Jim Humble [ what an ironic name ] for a man who considers himself a God....Oscar

Replied by Timh

@Oscar: I have read two of Humbles e-books on MMS and have personally used it on & off for about 3 yrs. The "danger", to be specific, is the fact that CLO2 is a very powerful almost exclusive non-discriminatory anti-pathogen. A rapid house cleaning, one might say. CLO2 like O3 treatment causes major die-off. This is why Jim has always insisted that one must begin w/ small doses and slowly work up; same goes w/ H2O2.

I have had some temporary nausea and I always decreased the dose so that doesn't happen again. My standard dose is 8 drops. The chlorine taste & occasional nausea is enough to back one away from this substance. I also find H2O2 offensive so very rarely use it orally. Colloidal Silver and/or Lipo-C seems to be the least offensive and most effective natural antibiotics going.

As for character and alternative medicine advocates, read up on the escapades of Ed McCabe and compare to Jim Humble. These guys have endured persecutions for promoting oxygen therapy for the good of the general public w/ very little monetary gain (mostly book publications) for their contributions.

I also hate to disagree w/ you as it seems apparent we need to be helping each other out, what w/ all the problems and all, BUT I really don't see Jim Humble along w/ a Jim Jones type sociopath deceiving & leading potential hundreds or thousands of people to their death.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Hi Timh, Well, just maybe low levels of chlorine bleach [ MMS ] can kill off said pathogens. But I would never say it is safe. Chlorine bleach kills ALL living cells including all human tissues. You have stated you have ongoing health issues including hepatitis C. My point being: If this MMS is so good at killing pathogens why do you still have hepatitis C ? And why all these other health issues ? The BHT will NOT work if you take MMS. I do see we have an entirely different take on all this. I like you but can never endorse treatments such as MMS and OZONE. In fact both OZONE and MMS will totally deactivate BHT. Both are powerful oxidizers and will render BHT useless....Oscar

Replied by Timh

@Oscar: It is well to put our thoughts to air and w/ any luck gain some ground and no feelings hurt. Wrestle it out in good faith and shake hands when the game is over, like any good athlete would do to the guys on the other team.

First, I stated that my mother contracted Hep-C and that I have very likely the Chronic Active Viral Hepatitis from Hep-B vaccine 20 yrs ago. As of lately, I am slowly making progress from severe environmental illness which has twice almost killed me. Heavy metals, parasites, and pathogens (viral/bacterial/fungal) as a result of very dysfunctional P-450 detox enzyme system plus very dysfunctional immune system. I take a foot spa every night fallowed by 2 oil pullings then 1 250mg BHT fallowed 15 min later w/ 3 caps Echinacea w/ good results. At some other time in between the BHT, I take Chanca Piedra also w/ good results. For me, it seems the BHT and Chanca work almost immediately so I never worry about anything that would negate these remedies later on. This method undoubtedly works for me, but may not for others, so not worth drawing any conclusions on.

Back to MMS. The bare facts. MMS is a lay term, pinned by Jim Humble, for Chlorine Dioxide. One must do kitchen chemistry of mixing Sodium Chlorite w/ Citric Acid to yield ClO2. Chlorine Bleach's chemical formula is Sodium Hypochlorite or NaClO. From Bleach, drop the sodium and add an oxygen and you have a very different molecule. This extra oxygen is what makes ClO2 much more powerful a germ killer and why I refer to it as another member of the Oxygen therapy group. Jim says that one molecule of ClO2 accepts 5 electrons from pathogens (ever how many are rotating around their mother nucleus). Immediately fallowing robbing these electrons, the nucleus becomes entirely unstable and literally explodes (thus the severe die-off reactions of nausea & vomiting the FDA warns of).

If you have time, try and download Jim's first book (I think it's a freebie) MMS Part 1 or Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty First Century Pts 1&2 4th edition.

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York

Dear Timh, Well, I do NOT in any way pretend to be a person who knows much or anything about so called MMS. But it does seem to be the same thing I buy called chlorine bleach [ sodium hypochlorite ]. This stuff is so powerful I use it around my property to destroy large ant colonies. Hills of ants about 3 feet or more in diameter and about 1 foot high. I simply take a spade shovel and dig out a shovel full of the ant hill, then pour in 1 gallon of the chlorine bleach in and replace the dirt. That colony of ants is dead. I do not know how deep these ants dig in. Without a doubt this stuff will kill just about anything. Plants will not grow on an area so treated for about 1 year. A great, the best, way of dealing with large ant infestations. A local farmer told me about this. So it is great for killing ants. So I do NOT see how such a deadly compound can be safe to ingest. This stuff costs about one dollar a gallon at THE DOLLAR STORE....Oscar

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U OSCAR, , , , , , , , , , first , let me say that I love you , but please don't comment on stuff that you have no clue. You can cause great harm to folks that don't know either. I am a Ch. E and spent 40 years in the paper industry bleaching pulp with both these compounds. One is Sodium or Calcium Hypo Chlorite or Clorox. The other is Chlorine Dioxide or MMS . They are two different compounds and have different chemical reaction effects on your body.

======OLE ROBERT HENRY========

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hi, Robert Henry ---- MMS is a blessing for millions at low cost. Jim Humble appears to me as is his name. Just to think how many people are now free from malaria! I have had good response from MMS even though I do not take it daily. Especially my eyes and teeth.

It is worth researching and knowing the gov't hates Jim for what he does.


Replied by Cindy
Illinois, Usa

It's nothing like "chlorine bleach". Which is why they use it in elemental chlorine-FREE (ECF) "bleaching" because what you're calling "chlorine bleach", which is sodium hypochlorite, is a bleaching AGENT and extremely nasty stuff which is why. "Bleach" isn't an element or chemical, it's an action or result of many things including sunshine, lemon juice/citric acid and hydrogen peroxide. Information about this kind of stuff is best not sought from buddies, politicians, pharmaceutical sector press releases or message boards. If you're not interested enough to explore it, why talk about it?

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.

HI U CINDY, , , , , , , , , , please read my earlier post on this thread. Chlorine Dioxide is a far stronger oxidizer. What delayed its use in the paper industry was developing materials to handle it.

Lordy, you are dangerous. Chlorine gas will kill you in natural minute, but the world uses it to disinfect water. Knowledge is the secret. I can handle all these bleaches safely and did so for 40 years in industry. So take your own counsel and read up on the subject.

The FDA does not want you using MMS (ClO2) because it is too effective and too cheap. You messin with their income.


Replied by Paula
Mississauga, Canada

if the FDA is saying it is bad than you KNOW it must be highly effective and beneficial.

Replied by Jim
Roseburg, Oregon

MMS is not chlorine in any form.

If you don't want to use it then don't but misleading the readers here with false infomation is not helping us.

Maybe you ought to read the book or go go to jim humble's website and read.

Replied by Frances
Cabarlah, Qld.

I would like to add that a Mr Friedman claims that he cured morgellons by using MMS as well as supplements and dietary measures.

General Feedback  

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Posted by Kathleen (Southwick, Ma., Usa) on 02/27/2013

Dear Ted, I love you and appreciate all the work you do for us out here. my query is: I would love to try MMS, but I know I can't because I have hashimoto's. I pray, maybe you stabilize it with iodine or something, as after 20 yrs of being told I'm depressed (insomnia and crying) I finally got a diagnosis (from a blood test) of two types of lyme disease and an active epstein barr virus. I knew I had osteoporosis, now I have cataracts and kidney stones. I had a bad case of the flu this year and a recurring sinus infection. the doctor has me on so many pills; probiotics, antibiotics, anti viral, anti fungus, vitamins, but things seem to be spiralling out of control. Bad brain fog and panic at times. I get sick sitting in a drafty room. I have brown age spots for many years now, lately, many more, especially if I'm in the sun. I'm only 58 (live in new england). I had to go on disability. with love from the heart. any advice? would like to live again. Sincerely, Kathleen

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Kathleen, Study THC oil on the net & medical marijuana, plenty of sites on the net.

Replied by Guruamrit
San Francisco, Ca, Usa

Hi Kathleen from Southwick. I recomend you e-mail to Jim Humble's website and ask for a specific protocol for your case. They seem to have updated information on these kind of hard issues. I hope you do get in touch with them and don't give up. I am sure you'll find some if not a lot of benefit with MMS or CDS or one of the variations somehow if you follow the right protocol. But ask them directly, don't give up.. Warmly, Margarita

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 01/21/2013

HI YOU GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , ,

Are you aware that ClO2 is used in the paper induatry as a bleaching agent and made by the thousands of gallons at each mill? Some of you may reconize it as MMS. If you had this compound available to you....... How would you use it? Our gov shut down using Chlorine but Chlorine Dioxide is good. Notice that you can't use Chlorine to bleach pulp any more because it causes cancer , but it's good to go in your drinking water. If you want to figure out all this then bring up the novel Synagogue of Satan on the net. I raise this question because I can get the CLO2 but don't know how to use it for my health. I used it for 40 years in the bleaching of pulp. Without it you would be talking 70 brightness paper instead of 88. For you novices, that newsprint vs letter paper. Tell me how to use this straight ClO2. And I'll dance at you next wedding.

====ROBERT HENRY ======

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

R.H., This may be a little off the Jim Humble recommendation, but this is a method I have used several times w/ good results. Make up a batch of Lemonade w/ limited sugar and limited Vit-C (no added C if possible). Make it kinda on the strong side. Simply add 4 drops Sodium Chlorite to a 4oz lemonade, wait 8 min then drink. You will smell and taste the Chlorine, but it's really not too bad at this low dose.

A 4 drop dose 2x daily is a good start, then slowly increase. I am rather steady @ 8drops (without nausea). I have lacked any kind of daily commitment w/ MMS, but I am convinced that it is all it's hyped up to be. It's a much more powerful oxidizer than H2O2, and the Chlorine atom that houses the O is something special. I always feel better and energized fallowing an 8 drop dose.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Not going to rain on Jim Hubbles parade because he found a way to get around our government's control of compounds that can keep you healthy. That compound is Chlorine Dioxide. When I started school in the 40's we had tablets which had a paper brightness of about 70. Now students write on paper in the 90's. Why is that? Well back in Paw Paw's day the paper industry had 3 chemicals to bleach pulp with. That was Chlorine , Sodium Hydroxide and Hypochlorite. That was it. In the early 50's the paper industry came up with Chlorine Dioxide and now folks would not accept less.

Let me draw this out a little . Before the Sulfate Process to dissolve lignin and make paper there was the sulfite process. It was an acid process and one paper mill could produce enough vanilla to supply the world. It never did because it would destroy all the folks making vanilla. One pulp mill today could make enough Chlorine Dioxide to supply the world and solve most of the world's health problems. Why is this not done? First, Big Pharma will not allow this to happen and neither will the AMA. Second behind Energy, is health in our economics. You cure health problems and you destroy our economy. That will not be allowed. Hey, Chlorine Dioxide would also be the end of supplements. Now you are between a rock and a hard place. You have just killed medicine and now you kill Earth Clinic. Yep it's that critical. But never fear, this will never be done. We will always need EC. Everyone looks at the little picture, this is the big picture.

Understand that this is radical, but hope it makes you think. Like I told my buddy Mike 62 in Denver. I am smart, but not so delightful.

=========OLE ROBERT HENRY ==============