MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble


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Posted by Thamas (East coast australia, nsw) on 03/02/2008

Has anyone tried mms for dogs? If so how much did they give and what were the results?

Replied by Raffie
(Boston, MA, USA)

For answering Thamas, Australia ... I saw the MMS support site in Curezone that some people also gave MMS drops to their pets and said pets love it, drink more water. One the MMS broshure it states 3 drops per 25-lb as standard.

Replied by Thamas
(East Coast, Australia)

To Raffie from Boston, MA, USA Thankyou for that info on MMS for Pets I will try it.

Replied by Airwreck
(Austin, Texas)

please, does anyone know where to get mms in boston? thanks

EC: MMS is typically sold online, not in health food stores.

Replied by Annie
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

My sister used MMS on her sheep in Adelaide Australia as 3 sheep had pneumonia & it assisted the symptoms very much.

I gave a wild cat who was living downstairs at a condo property in KL - MMS drops in her tuna & as it was the wet season she started sneezing. The sneeze dissipated very quickly & cleared up her dripping eyes. All was well with Dollface.


Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, Usa) on 05/04/2011 115 posts

Does anyone know the exact amounts to make small portions of MMS? I do not mean just before you injest it. I mean how much water, how much sodium chlorite(sp) to mix together. I have checked several places, but there instructions are not clear. Merryanne in Central Florida

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 06/10/2008 495 posts

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever can be fatal. I would recommend Jim Humble's MMS be taken ASAP. Humble's dosage is 2 drops per 25 lbs. for children and pets. As stated in prior message re new mom with C diff - the homeopathic remedy I found on the internet is the same, but I would still use Humble's way of taking it, for adult I'd probably start with a l0 drop dose, a tablespoon of ACV, swirl it around in glass, wait 3 minutes - add 1/2 glass of distilled or spring water and take it. If no increase in symptoms indicating too many organisms killed at once, I would increase dosage to l5 or 25 drops 2 -3 hours later and probably repeat dosage again 3 - 4 hours later. In Jim Humble's book he states that MMS also kills Lyme (another tick borne- deer tick) disease but it sometimes takes up to a year. He didn't say but I am assuming that this is when it becomes a chronic thing instead of the initial onset. By now you should have received 3 different articles on MMS or Dioxychlor (the homeopathic version) to pick & choose from to quickly get information to RMSF.

You should have the message I sent telling EC readers how to log in and download the first half of Jim Humble's book, which is well worth the time & effort for them to do. Downloading the last half will cost them $9.95 cents which is darned little payment for the effort this man has put into getting it to the public which so badly needs it.

Scalp Infection

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Posted by Shelly (Baltimore) on 06/09/2013

I had a terrible scalp condition where my scalp would flake and peel. It had a horrible smell. I went to several dermatologist none of the medication worked. I researched MMS and let me tell you I would pour the mixed solution on my scalp and let it set before shampooing my hair. I have not had any scalp issues. My hair smells great now. Keep with it. I used it three times before I noticed a huge change.

Replied by Victor
(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Hi Shelly from Baltimore. How much and how apart did you apply it?

Severe Heath Conditions

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Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 01/14/2016 2063 posts

OK, I am excited at the major progress Jim Humble and his little band of health warriors have made over the last few yrs. in regards to Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). I have purchased & read the first 2 publications Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Solution Of The Twenty-first Century Parts 1 & 2,4th Edition

Without going into detail of all the major interventions in my severe condition, of both pharmaceutical and natural remedies, I can say from personal experience, that these words "breakthrough" and "miracle" are not simply or exclusively marketing slogans. I have used MMS sporadically for a few yrs to now and among the arsenal of medicines & remedies I have used to keep myself above ground with a pulse, that MMS is the top gun and no matter how bad I get sometimes, I always have MMS that absolutely has the power & potential to stop the dying process.

MMS is so powerful a pathogen killer that it must be administered in small doses and increase slowly, as is recommended by Jim and his team. As a way for illustration, Jim describes one molecule of ClO2 as a Tasmanian Devil in the cartoon and he get's off the bus where there are five evil pathogen thugs ready to kill the people coming onto the street, but Taz licks em' because he has the power. In chemical analogy or language, 1 molecule of ClO2 forcefully accepts 5 electrons from the nucleus of whatever number of pathogens (proly 2-3). That is, ClO2 is a powerful reduction agent. When the nuclei of the pathogen looses it's orbiting electrons, it becomes entirely unstable and explodes (which causes the herx reaction in the partaker).

As a "killer extraordinaire" of pathogens, MMS is proving that many of the degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular, cancer, etc have a common item of fugal, bacterial, or viral that exploits the defenses. Once the pathogen is killed and inflammation subsides, then natural healing can occur.

By way of introduction aside from the strict measurements outlined by Jim, let me suggest something I most often do which works very well. Make yourself a container of low sugar Limeade or Lemonade (I prefer Limeade for better taste) with no added Vit-C (most commercial products do contain very small amounts but most not enough to negate MMS) as Vit-C negates the MMS. Pour a small glass, maybe 4oz and place 2 drops MMS into the beverage and wait 5 minutes for the conversion to Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). Drink this and sit down while the pathogens die. I have reached a 6 drop dose range in a 6oz glass of cooled Limeade that is very effective in my case and sometimes up to 8 drops but get a little sick to my stomach, once a day. Yes, you will taste the chlorine and it is a little uncomfortable and maybe adding a little more natural sugar will help with the Lemon or Limeade.

Jim & company have developed many different and effective protocols of MMS but I thought this little method I do is a good introduction.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Thanks Timh, MMS is recommended by Mel of Morgellons site as a remedy but used in a slightly manner from Mr Humble's method.

Replied by Jamal Alim

Question about mms:timH - the drops of mms you use with lemonade is it activated, or not activated.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

J: I use 28% liquid Sodium Chlorite drops which converts to Chlorine Dioxide in the Limeade or Lemonade in about 5 minutes.

Sinus Infections

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Posted by Lisa (Buffalo, Ny) on 01/20/2013

I develop life threatening infections due to problems with my sinuses, bad teeth, and bone loss in the upper structure of my mouth. If I do not get antibiotics soon upon getting one of these sinus infections, I get so ill I cannot get out of bed. They have even caused me to slip into a coma 2x. I never get better only worse without them, so getting the antibiotics becomes a battle for my life.

I was warned this would happen unless I was able to get a certain operation I never could afford, to rebuild the bone in my mouth and patch up the skin that had deteriorated letting in contaminants.

Ignorant doctors and hospitals would sometimes charge me outrageous fees or hospital bills just to tell me they don't like to give out antibiotics because people are becoming immune to them despite I have years and years of records with this problem, and often I would be forced to leave without the help I desperately needed. I would have to incur more bills until I found a doctor willing to prescribe them to me to save my life.

I was really too ill to get out of bed much less go through all that drama and expense because of such ignorance and ridiculous attitudes. I already had a multiply handicapped son that relies on me solely for his care, so without me he would have to go into some kind of home at the government's expense, as if things were not bad enough for us without any other help or family.

Then one year I applied for good old MEDICAID to try to get some medical help with my problem, something I hoped would possibly solve the problem. Medicaid sent me to a clinic where I was treated like a drug addict.

I have never been on any illegal drugs in my life, I am a straight laced Christian who can't afford to go out much less leave my son alone and go enjoy myself on drugs. I never saw a doctor there, but some sort of nurse who sent me to another clinic in a hospital to see an ear nose and throat specialist.

I went to that appointment where I was led to a room and seated in s chair that reminded me of a dental chair. A doctor came in who could not really speak English to any understandable degree. He said something I did not understand and left for about 20 minutes. When he came back he opened my mouth and sprayed something down my throat.

Within minutes my mouth and throat became numb, he left again, and I could not breathe! I began to struggle to try to scream for help. By the time someone found me I was unconscious. After that, I began to have serious panic attacks in my life any time I would get stressed out or began to feel like I had any sinus problem blocking my airway or stuffed up. I never had panic attacks in my life until after that day!

So I began to go online and look for something else I could use. I found MMS. I have been taking it now to solve my problem for years now. I take 6 drops of MMS with 30 drops of activator 2 times a day for 5 to 7 days upon developing these infections or getting ill now.

MMS has saved my life so many times now not to mention the thousands in doctor and hospital bills. It takes about 5 days to get rid of one of my sinus infections with MMS. I take it in a tiny glass with very little water in one gulp and afterwards a chase of one mouthful of some juice to kill that after taste. The key to not getting nauseated is to never take it on an empty stomach.

Also, getting nauseated from MMS only happens only when I am ill. If I take MMS when I am not ill. I do not get nauseated. Folks, if you are ill, do not take MMS until after you have eaten something or you will most likely either become nauseated or throw up.

Because I dislike the taste so much of MMS, I only take it either when I get sick or there might be something going around I do not want to get. Taking MMS despite its awful taste is so much better than what the so called Medical Professionals put me through to fight for my life!

This is my story for "MMS Cures"! Hope my years of experience with MMS helps someone else.

Replied by Larry
(Fairfax, Va)

Thanks for your post on EC. Please tell me what the abreviation "MMS" stands for. - Larry

EC: MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement

Replied by Nicole

Hello, if you can't handle the taste of MMS, get some gel capsules from a health shop. Put the drops in2 them... Cheap and excellent

Replied by Judith


I have taken MMS for about 20 years and it really helps a lot with a lot of things.
When I first started taking it the taste and smell were so horrible I would almost gag but then I realized if I didn't breathe through my nose and only threw my mouth I couldn't taste or smell it anymore. Problem solved.

Sinus Infections
Posted by Mark (Somewhere, USA) on 05/10/2008

I have been getting increasingly bad sinus infections as i've gotten older.They run in the family. Finally I had one last for 4 months! I had been thru (3)anti-biotic treatments, steroids twice, along w/ nasal sprays during the 4 months. Finally the ear- nose- throat Dr. decided I was a canidate for surgery to clean out my sinuses. I found out about MMS & cured my chronic sinnusitis in 10 days! Started w/ 2 drops .I increased 1 drop per application ( 2 times/day) I was amazed how well I could breath after the 1st application. When I went to the dr. for my pre-sugery appt. they would not let me speakafter I told them I was fine. They tried to take credit for my healing saying the "nasal spray worked, didn't it" What a joke ! What a racket ! I hope this helps someone else to give it a try mark

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, TN)
495 posts

Hello Mark, Glad you finally got those sinuses feeling better. But if you start having the problem real frequently again, you might take a lok at what might be causing it! Number 1 question is "Do you smoke"? Number 2 question is "Do you use aftershave or cologne?" I used to work with a nice guy who always had on some strong scent that he said was his aftershave! When he had surgery for his sinus problems the 2nd time in about 5 years, I asked him had he ever considered that his aftershave might be his underlying problem with his sinuses! He also smoked! I couldn't tell any difference in his complaints (or looks) after his 2nd surgery and this tells me that surgery didn't correct the problem.

Replied by William
(Dallas, Tx)

I have always had sinus problems and it was not caused by cologne, or anything else I could be allergic too....just a cronic problem. I used and continue to use MMS and it was shocking how well it worked. I want to add that I did not need as much MMS as prescribed for it to work. It does and has worked for me on gum infections and for my cold and sinus infections. I was very skeptical. It did work for me.

Replied by Rare1walking
(Vernonia, Oregon, Usa)

Sinus infections are often because of Candida overgrowth, as are UTI's, prostatitis, etc. I take a multivitamin with biotin, as that keeps the yeast from going to the fungal form and traveling through the intestinal walls to any organ in the body, including sinus's. After killing pathogens, what is necessary is building the immune system with nutrients, and especially balancing gut flora with a Probiotic that works. Candida is also a sign of metal toxicity. Vitamin C and other nutrients help chelate that out. Jim Humble tells us that MMS is not a substitute for nutritional deficiencies, which most have, and that sets up the diseases with weak immune systems. Thanks everyone for sharing about your MMS experiences.

Replied by Ashfromst.louis
(St Louis, Mo)

Can anyone mention how long you take a 3drop mms dose...? One gulp? or sipping over an hour?

Replied by Bill B
(Chgo, Il, Usa)

Reply to: "Can anyone mention how long you take a 3 drops MMS dose... ? One gulp? or sipping over an hour?",

Well, I too had sinus problems in the past, and I don't smoke and don't wear cologn. What I have found that taking MMS as one gulp is best. It's harder to get down just sipping it. I also found out that if you mix it with apple juice vs. water it goes down a lot better! After a few days my sinus are clear--

Also, I have used MMS because of my teeth. We need to all brush better and having healthy gums is very important. I used MMS 3-drops for 3 days and it cleared up a problem that was starting. MMS did not turn my teeth Black or another color because I also brush my teeth with Arm & Hammer - Complete Care tooth paste afterwards. I feel the key is not to take to much MMS or you WILL see side effects like anything! If your making many trips to the bathroom, have sick feelings, like the Flu, then you should think that you just may be taking to much and should STOP till things settle down. To MUCH of anything is not good! Do you really want "nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, which can lend itself to dehydration. " So- for myself at 190 Lbs, I try to stay in the range of 3 to 7 drops max a day when I'm getting sick or having issues. Otherwise- I suggest looking at ways of staying healthy, happy, and rested. Note: This is not to replace a Doctor's visit but- It helped when everyone was sick in the house and the Doctor kept seeing four of us one at a time and then round robin we would be back! A true cash machine for the Dr! It took MMS to truly break that cycle.

So, I would like everyone to consider using MMS in times when they are actully sick and don't want to get a Flu shot because of what's in them! The best thing is to stay healthy, by having a good digestive system, make & eat foods that contain Salba - aka Blanco Saliva - Rich in antioxidants, Omega-3 and Fiber, have some Yogart, and of course have a glass of Resvertrol each day.

Consider this: A lot of people don't follow Doctors advice and get sick and Die! Now- If you OD on MMS and get sick you want to sue- See: lawyer working for consumers and injured people and is pussing for the FDA to pull MMS off the shelf! Why- Because people don't READ and FOLLOW directions and STOP if something goes wrong and let things settle down. The bottom line is to have some common sense when you eat, take medication, herbs, or anything else. The FDA approved Aspartame and I knew two people who drank diet pop with it, both died from GBM Grade 4 Brain Cancer, others have MS and other Neurological problems. So, have some common sense- don't go crazy with anything.

Replied by Mark
(Waterford, Michigan)

I'm the mark who had the sinus infection problems in may of 2008. I don't smoke or use cologne etc.. I live a healthy lifestyle & am an athelete. I am still healthy, in fact I never get sick now. When I feel a little down I take a 2-3 drop dose. This experience has made me very skeptical of our modern medical system in this area. The Dr. was so mad that I decided not to have surgery & that I cured myself , for a $25 investment, it's worth a try!
Thanks... Mms & Jim Humble

Skin Cancer

Posted by Douggy (Alexandria, Va, Usa) on 01/28/2010

I was informed by a friend about MMS. His Chiropractor was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. They looked like several beige circles. He said that chiropractor was drinking 11 drops of MMS everyday for six months and that his skin cancer is total gone. My friend who has the same skin cancer started drinking it for 30 days and his physicians said that they noticed that his skin lesions look lighter. He has continued his use of MMS. I read somewhere on Humble's website that the new protocol is to drink 2 drops of MMS every two hours for (8-10 hours) daily. I also read that to get rid of the HIV virus, one had to drink 3 drops of MMS every hour for 8-10 hours for 3.5 weeks. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know "personally" of anyone who has been cured of AIDS/HIV with MMS or any other regiment? Looking for real answers, please.

Replied by Nasira
(Springfield, Ma/usa)

It should be noted that Humble points out in the book the antibodies will forever remain with an HIV/AIDS person due to the exposure..... So the only way to tell if a person is recovered is "health" and a good WBC count... (you get what I am trying to say... Right?)


Replied by Tcharles
(Corona, Ca)

What are you trying to say? I'd like to know. I'm considering of purchasing MMS for this particular ailment, but I need to know if it will make the virus worse or make it undetectable. I do not want to start taking HIV meds cause I know it's a form of poison. I'm searching for alternatives methods of treatment, namely natural remedies, to treat this ailment. Please help.

Replied by Mweather
(Riverside, Ca, Usa)

What she is trying to say is that if your body defeats a virus, you will have antibodies. Permanently. The antibodies don't mean you are still sick. Unfortunately with HIV, there is no test that will say "You are now cured", only a test for antbodies, which it is claimed will always mean you are still actively infected. Since it is assumed by the medical industry that there is no cure, it is also assumed that any HIV antibodies must mean you are still sick. So... They will never say "You are cured". Is that a bit clearer?

Spider Bites

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Posted by James (Kent, WA/USA) on 02/11/2009

Miracle Mineral Supplement: This new supplement used at the 15 drop twice a day dose allowed my body to heal itself from five wolf spider bites within two weeks. In Texas one brown recluse bite could not be cured using oral then intravenous anti-biotics and required surgury to remove the infected area. My research found that the hobo, wolf, and brown recluse spider bites, as well as staph and mrsa infections, all propogate in a very similar flesh eating and tissue destroying manner most likely due more to our weakened, overburdened immune systems (because of toxins accumulated from diet,air,water, ect.), and not because bacteria and spider venoms are evolving into newer stronger forms.This supplement is actually a strong chemical called chlorine dioxide and must be prepared in stages according to specific directions outlined in a book by Jim Humble. I am not a doctor yet, and this is not medical advice of any kind, only a testimony that this supplement used properly apparently removes enough toxins from the body so that it may heal itself and should aid in healing needed for any condition.

Sugar Cravings

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Posted by Lori (Nyack, Ny) on 12/08/2009

age 40 - female- Trial run for MMS - Positive Results-
Wanted to rid body of virus causing a reoccuring wart.
Also, cravings for sugar (candida).
I bake for a living and try very hard not to sample cookies anymore, as I have gained about 8 lbs.
I'm losing the weight by giving up sugar/wheat gluten.

Started with 1 drop:5 drops lemon juice twice daily.
worked up to 11 drops:1/2 tsp of vinegar. Once at 11drops experienced vomiting/diareah/cramping for 14 hrs. Next day no appetite, but able to eat soup - did not take MMS.
Third day feeling fine, and have NO cravings at all.
Went back to 10 drops of MMS 1 x per day and increase to 15 1 x per day.

I believe it cleans out the microorganisms that feed candida. Now have regular bowel, no gas and no cravings.


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Posted by Dach (Santa Rosa, Ca.) on 03/01/2017

I woke up in excruciating pain two days after a piece of broken glass in the garbage stabbed the middle finger on my left hand to the bone. The pain radiated from my right hip down my leg to the knee. As I got up and moved around the leg loosened up and the pain and stiffness decreased tremendously. On day four however, the pain and stiffness did not subside at all and I was in tears because of how bad the pain was when "trying" to walk. I then remembered that I had MMS and knew that I could tolerate a 6 drop dose, thinking at the time that I would need to do at least a few doses over the next few days (or however long it took). I took the 6 drop dose at bedtime and imagine my surprise when I woke up the next day without any pain in the leg whatsoever. I had already read how harmful vaccines were to the brain and body so was determined to not get one ever again, even though everyone online was saying that emergency room personnel told them that without the tetanus shot they would die. I had also read that large doses of vitamin C were effective against tetanus so I did increase the amount of ascorbic acid I was taking as well. I don't remember exactly how much I took - I believe it was 1 - 3 tablespoons per day - which is well above the recommended daily dose of a quarter teaspoon. Apparently it wasn't enough to kill the tetanus but may have helped so that the one 6 drop dose of MMS was all that was needed.

FYI, vitamin C inactivates MMS so they do need to be taken at least a few hours apart from each other.

Throat Cancer, Diabetes

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Posted by Jim (Roseburg, Oregon) on 10/18/2015

I am a user of mms.

I have used it in a spray bottle for toenail fungus and it works.

I am presently taking mms2, step 2 for throat cancer due to asbestos and it has taken away my perpetual sore throat for now but not sure its gone. I was short of breath but that has gone away. I have ordered the online cancer test to verify the cancer and continuing mms1 and mms2.

When I first started the treatment I first ordered the book. Its stated in the book that some people are cured of diabetes in the three week suggested treatment. Three weeks is kind of a short span of time to cure something that has been in your system for a long period time. I have diabetes and it is improving, my Blood Sugar readings are where they should be now. This protocol affects your pancreas and corrects your underlying diabetes problem.

MMS is the wonder treatment for all ailments BUT you must use the prescribed protocols and go slow it is not an instant cure.

Replied by Vivian

Jim in Oregon,

What is an online test for cancer? What types of cancer will it detect? Will you post the company name? Website address? or phone number?

Thank you, Vivian

(Springdale, Nl)

I would also like to know more about the online test for cancer. thankyou

Replied by Bobbie

Could you post an update, and how to either obtain or make mms? Thank you!

Ulcerative Colitis

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Posted by Aggie (Chicago, Illinois) on 09/09/2008

I was browsing the Internet for anything that would help my Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it for about 10 years (I may not have it any more though ;-) ). The thing that worked for me was Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). Most people are skeptical because of the word "Miracle", but I highly recommend it. "Don't knock it, until you've tried it." It's basically Sodium Chlorite / Chlorine Dioxide. You may want to do a little bit of research, but it wasn't that bad for me at all. I would go into details, but it takes about 20 pages to describe.

I can eat virtually anything I want (I'm still getting used to being normal again). The "treatment" took about 2-3 months, but I feel BRAND NEW!!!!

Replied by Kathy
(Camano Island, Wa Usa)

I would like to read your blog too. Thanks.

Replied by Anne Marie
(Qu?bec, Canada)

I started taking one drop in 4 Oz of water 1/4 every hour increase every day, I'm up to my full 4 Oz every hour. What do I do after that?


Take around 27 days. Other protocols to add on in Jim Humbles book. Hope you have given up Wheat, sugar, carbs, and corn! There are many protocols. Some on Facebook MMS,

Replied by Jake
(Norwich UK)

I was just wondered what the best protocol is for treating ulcerative colitis.

Many thanks

(Middletown, Ri)

Water fast for one day and then green smoothies for two days. Also start taking right away (during water fast also) slippery elm powder 3 times a day (1 tsp stirred into warm water - sprinkle into water while you are stirring so it doesn't clump up then let it sit for 10 minutes before drinking); drink aloe juice, and acidophilus. No wheat, sugar, or dairy. My daughter did this after being diagnosed in Emergency. This stopped all symptoms. She is okay now and it has not reoccurred. Good resource book is Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's by David Klein, Ph.D. Good Luck! Available on Amazon

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasites

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Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 12/15/2021


HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I am on a tear. After treating my Tractor Driver with CDS for her shingles and she recovered in a week, I am in high cotton. Tried to go back into the EC archives about MMS or CDS, but that is futile at best. Won't go there but want to spark interest in others what CLO2 can address and get some input. It can address viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and small parasites. It is truly a miracle compound that is a no brainer to make and addresses problems internal and external. I made the dang stuff for almost 40 years, breathed it and had to but on a gas mask when it got loose. But I used it to make pulp white and not for my health. So, if you think I's 'bout half smart then start thinking CDS for some of your ails and post on it. Probably there is a maintenance dose that will keep you safe this winter.


Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

ORH, how did you administer it?


Hi mmsg -

I had bookmarked the following website on my computer some time ago but I never got around to reading it. I will now .. .

There is an 80-page PDF called: The Universal Antidote - The science and story of chlorine dioxide.

There is also a 2-hour long video about the history of chlorine dioxide. Although I haven't watched all of it, the part I did was fascinating. The video also includes testimonies of people and doctors who used it.

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Take care,


Replied by ORH

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I can't find what I want. I want a ClO2 protocol that will keep the bugger bears away. We new at this and the first program was for a novice. It worked for my wife and since I can't find a maintenance program. This may be it. I ain't doing MMS, I understand CLO2 and will stick with that. So convinced that ClO2 is the way to go........ I suggest you do this first regardless of your ailment. In 1987 NASA said that CLO2 was the solution for all ailments . Big Pharma made sure that was retracted. Doubt me....... research. We are controlled by the media. I am my own man. I did not take the jab. I still have a brain. Do you understand what a NORMIE IS? ====ORH====


Hi Robert,

I spend a lot of time on this site and love it. Seeing your posts makes my day. Your bluntness and no bullshit approach is refreshing!! I'm glad you are doing well and have a brain like me to avoid the poison. Hope we get to read your wit from your 100 yr plus brain!! Live long my friend xx

Replied by Rob

Hello ORH

This is the recipe I follow. Hope it helps.

How to use Chlorine Dioxide:

Liquid Drops:

*Place 33 drops Chlorine Dioxide (Part A) and 33 drops Phosphoric Acid Activator (Part B) into a measuring spoon to pre-mix.

*Let mixture react for 5 minutes to ensure full activation (it will turn yellow color).

*Put Part A & B mixture into a 1 liter bottle.

*Fill container with (1 liter) water.

*Shake or stir.

*Water is now ready for use. Enjoy! Do NOT take vitamin C supplements while taking Chlorine Dioxide!

Drink 3oz in a shot glass every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots). Repeat next day with a fresh batch.


ROB,,,,,,, ORH here and thanks for the input. I follow Andreas Kalcker and not Humble, so drops are not used and you only get CLO2 and not the spent acid also. In the paper industry, you use salt, NaCl, NaClO3 and add Sulfuric Acid in a large lead lined generator that has a water cooled jacket around it because much heat is generated with mixing of and acid and a base. Air is injected in the bottom which sweep both CLO2 and Cl2 gas out into a 40' absorption tower where the CLO2 gas is absorbed in 40 degree water. Almost all the Cl2 gas passes into a smaller tower where it is absorbed with NaOH and that product is NaOCl or the bleach your wife uses to brighten her wash. The spent acid is neutralized and the sulfur recovered, as sulfur is the main ingredient in dissolving lignin from the wood chips thus leaving cellulose or fiber.

All this is told to you as to why I don't care to use MMS because it has the residual acid and all I want is the CDS. I know MMS works, but think CDS is the better way. Your protocol is the same used by a guy who cured his Melanoma cancer with MMS. He has since switched to CDS.

Rob, I am not a novice in making ClO2, but am a novice in the health aspect. I am smart enough to know that if NASA said in 1987 that it is the best universal antidote for all ailments, then we need to learn all we can. I am consumed by this subject and also the possibilities of what KAATSU can do for my failing heart. Anyway, I never miss reading your posts, as you are a bright guy. The generator at my last mill made 35 tons of ClO2 / day and that could treat everyone in Tenn.


(somewhere, europe)

Rob, I just received a bottle of 100ml. of 0.3% Chlorine Dioxide of a company called Ancevia.

Would you know how to use this? There is no mixing of 2 elements.


Well done. Same here. No d e a t h jab.

I don't quite understand your writing about this product.

I am pretty clever and have been researching prostate cancer for 5 yrs and this covid this NGK for two yrs.

so a quick intro to this product might be helpful to me. Thank you from England.

(North Carolina)

I have the book "mms health recovery guidebook" by Jim Humble. I suggest people try to find this even though it will be difficult at this time. The 33 drops of MMS and activator that Rob from Kentucky is suggesting would give Jim Humble a heart attack. Do NOT follow these instructions! No more than 3 drops per hour MAX! Before you take this, please find the book or do your own research.


Hello Rob,

From where can we purchase part A and part B?


I believe what he's saying is 33 drops Sodium Chlorite, Part A (not MMS) with 33 drops Hydrochloric Acid, Part B.


@ Karen the dosage is coming from frontline doctors in Ecuador, Columbia treating patients in hospitals with covid19. I'm sure Jim Humble would approve of frontline doctors using his discovery to combat a global plague and the dosage required to kill it.

1 liter = 33.81 fl oz

33 drops Part A (25% sodium chlorite) and 33 drops Part B (50% citric acid) = 66 drops finished liquid (chlorine dioxide) = 2.5ml

3oz in a shot glass will equal to 3 drops actived “key word there” Clorine Dioxide

In the study below, patients were instructed to put 10ml of chlorine dioxide into 1 liter of water! This is 4 times more than I have suggested.

Per a study conducted by Genesis Foundation in the Hospital Fhsj and San Carlos Hospital in Bogota, Colombia ---

On the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19

Assignment of study medication Each patient will receive, in order of admission to the study, a consecutive patient number and the corresponding study medication. Patients will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

7.1 Dosage and route of administration. Medication: chlorine dioxide 3000 ppm. Fco x 150 cc. 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Both the original dioxide bottle and the preparation for the day should be kept refrigerated.

Each patient will receive the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide base preparation with written and precise instructions on how to prepare and take the dilutions.

: 10 ml of 3000 ppm chlorine dioxide are added to 1 liter of water, per day. One part is taken every hour, until the content of the bottle is finished (8 to 12 shots).

Researchers claim 100 percent cure rate vs. covid-19 in 100+ patient trial conducted in Ecuador, using intravenous chlorine dioxide


Video: Andreas Kalcker with Health Ranger Report, reveals the REVOLUTION in medicine that humanity needs right now: ClO2


I am not familiar with that product. It states it is from Germany. I would follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to take it. If it's written in German, good luck. I have a hard enuff time speaking german and understanding them.


That is 3 drops per hour if mixed as directed in a 1 liter bottle. 10 - 12 times per day.


Clearly you are not a novice, Rob!

Can you help those of us (myself) find a source and the directions for using it?



Read the book by the man who created/invented the use of Chlorine Dioxide for human use:

The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium by Jim V. Humble

It is available as a PDF Download off the internet.


I don't, nor would I use MMS. I suggest and trust CDS. But thx.


I agree with you ORH. MMS is too harsh and prefer CDS. I too prefer following Andreas Kalcker Universal Antidote and his book, protocols etc. I know it seems much simpler to just use drops and mix but not a good outcome in my experience. Thx for your knowledge and time.


I found a resource from this show:

I haven't gotten them yet but have big plans for when they arrive. Have you ever put CLS in a diffuser? I do that about 3 times a day. It healed my dog's skin problem (I think she had mange) and my skin problem (rosacea). I don't like drinking it so I use the diffusers instead. I also clean with it. If I had a swimming pool I'd put it in there.


What about a maintenance program, to keep the buggers away?

Igmu Tu

Hi to All.........with the proper protocols MMS or Chlorine Dioxide will remove most if not all pathogen and virus ..correct protocols are the is stated here when using Sodium Chlorite "PartA". and ACTIVATING it with HCL "hydrochloric acid" same as in our stomach at 4% dilution mixing the two will give off Chlorine Dioxide.

Sodium Chlorite can be activated with many different acids eg..vinegar, lemon, citric acid, once you have taken a protocol of max 3 ACTIVATED drops per HR for 8 hrs a day and completed your protocol for whatever you were trying to remove, and had been successful removing condition, a MAINTENANCE DOSE of 6 activated drops per day if over 65, under 65 I think from memory was 4-5 I may not be correct with the last statement......there are many different protocols with the use of chlorine dioxide that have been tried and tested by experts in the field using dmso, moringa, and many other things .. learning how to use it correctly before using is critical to safety and outcome......

this book is the students' workbook for Clo2:

And here are the training videos for each protocol:.

Replied by J

This is the most powerful most suppressed cure-all in our world. If the truth got out big pharma would be out of business. I've been using this for years.


HI U J,,,,,,,,,, ORH here and respectively ask that you explain how CDS has helped you. I want to get off all the Rx and supplements we take and think CDS may be the answer. I tried to stir the pot, but need facts, not STUFF. My Pharmacist friend told me at church today that she is full of energy since she started on CDS last Thursday. We are starting it today at 100ml once a day. Know Cancer folks take that amount 10 x a day. Having made ClO2 for 40 years, I am not interested in taking MMS because it has what is left after the reaction. I only want the CDS. Not throwing rocks, but spent too many years making the stuff in industry. The MMS and CDS confuse folks. CDS is chlorine dioxide only. MMS is CD and what is left after the reaction. That was what was needed for simple solutions. It works, but is not what I want. I want only CDS. We started our program today and will go slow. The cancer cure is 100 ml every hour for 10 hours. We will start at 100 ml /D, and work from there. Only want to avoid colds, and flu this winter. ====ORH====


For anyone interested in the book, "mms health recovery guidebook" by Jim Humble, Amazon does have a Kindle Edition for instant download.


KAREN, ORH here and nail meets hammer. I ain't dumb but this drop crap messes up my Ga Tech mind. We have measurement tools, use them. Humble was first dealing with tribal folks, we past that crap.He did what he had to do at the time. When you mix an acid and a base, a reaction takes place and you come out with two products. I want the CDS for my body and the other to clean up my kitchen or toilet, but not put into my body.

Folks have already been down this trail, they just don't know how to passes this mumbo jumbo on. I speak from making ClO2 for 40 years to bleach pulp and not to injest for your health. We used Sulfuric acid because you have the spent acid you have to deal with and we could use a sulfur compound in our recovery process. What MMS does is to take this into your body as a by-product. That is BS. It will not kill you but it has nothing to do with healing you and confuses the issue.So what we have is illiterates speaking in tongues and trying to have an intelligent conversation. Ain't gonna happen. Forget Humble, follow Kitcher as he is a scientist and not a missionary. No disrespect to Humble. He did his thing at the time. Yeah, Big Pharma is going to shut this program down if they can. All need to understand that we are dealing with evil people. Hey, I don't mean just bad people, I mean folks that worship Lucifer, the devil. I would not miss this game for any amount of money. We are fixing to go through a world of hurt. Me, at 85, I have been to my rodeo. I am as ready as a Redneck can get. Bring it on. ====ORH====


IGMU, ORH here and appreciate your post as I can convert to the CDS system I use. Ran the equation out and the residue from the MMS is just table salt. It is probably not a deal, but I had rather just work with CLO2 alone, in distilled water. I do know that controlling the pH and temperature of a pulp bleaching tower controls the CLO2 reaction rate. The brightness and viscosity of the pulp fiber tells you that. That little trick is one of the ways I got mills out of the ditch and customers happy. Most mills did not measure the process as thoroughly as I required. ====ORH====

Where to Buy: Australia

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Posted by Elaine (Australia) on 04/27/2021

Regarding MMS drops

Having a hard time trying to get this simple water purification product but Evil Australian govt deems it dangerous when they are all for the genocide vaccine that is far more dangerous and lethal. Can anyone advise how to get this in Australia, please?


Replied by Mark

Search for CDS instead of MMS. You may find more sources.

Replied by Debra
(Sydney, Australia)
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I am in Australia and bought some on Ebay a couple years ago called Oxy-MMS by Naclo. I used it for a few months and then took a break but I used it on the dog next door who I think had an Esophageal tumor because she was choking and gagging daily. I gave her snacks with the MMS mixed in and it stopped all her gagging.

The neighbors moved so I don't know what happened after that.

I'm using it again now for severe sinus and kidney infection that I think may even be cancer.

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