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Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Leah (Winnipeg, Mb) on 10/20/2015

Tea tree oil on GW works to an extent. I found a few on my vagina thinking they were skin tags and a yeast infection because I was really really itchy. I've been using tea tree oil mixed with aloe gel for a while and it's improved. But it has been about two months and I still have them.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Nina (Philippines) on 10/25/2014

I found on this site that ACV, garlic , castor oil and tea tree oil can cure genital warts, but I am afraid to use this product (I'm choosing tea tree oil, as this is I see to do not hurt, because my warts are on vagina opening). Please advice if it's okay or safe or I will feel burning on the area? Thanks.

Replied by Despicable Me

Tea tree will not hurt.. Acv is still possible though.. I don't know what it is called in english, I think it is q-tips. Use q-tips to put Apple Cider Vinegar directly on the wart and let it sink in, and repeat until the wart is "filled" with acv
I'm fighting this war as well.. Haven't had sex in over 2 years due to this and it really messed up my self esteem. This friday I got a sxdate so will be Apple Cider Vinegar 24/7 uptill then haha.. It better be gone by then or have to camcel (YES I DO! And if you all have a little moral and common sense you wouldn't go either!! )
with Apple Cider Vinegar I got the biggest of the biggest warts removed in less then a week.. Can't wait for this round to be gone gone gone.

Replied by Shelly

Did tea tree work for you? I have warts in the opening and have no idea what to put on them

Replied by Kate

Tea tree oil is really effective. It works wonders! It was gone after 2days. Just like that. What I did was, I put a tea tree oil on the cotton ball and put it on top of the affected area (skin tags/warts) and let it stay there. Yes, a minty feeling but its fine. Just font let it stay for very long time because I forgot mine and it was crazy.its like if I left it much longer it develops a burnt like looking skin (which was manageabl/tolerable).a day after it was gone. But since its healing, you need to always keep the area dry at all times and can be a little bit itchy while its healing. I hope this helps. Oh yeah, ive also got that idea from a website which I totally forgot which site. :( accudentally cleared the history on my browser.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Vicky (Lafayette,louisiana) on 05/17/2014

Tea tree oil for genital warts: After having my third child I had really bad hemorrhoids. Then I developed a couple of "bumps" on my inner thigh that burned really bad. After much research I realized that I didn't have hemorrhoids at all! It was actually genital warts! How lovely...I know. So the first method I tried to get rid of these warts was apple cider vinegar. I applied it to the ones in my inner thigh, too scared to touch my anus with it. I applied for four days twice a day two hours at a time. Burned like crazy so I stopped. Within a week I realized they had completely come off (must've happened when I was washing my self because I didn't realize.) So I was still stuck with a cluster of warts on my anus. Researched again, bought some Dr.Scholls freeze away. Did nnothing. Then coconut oil. Did nothing. Now I've been using hydrogen peroxide when I go to the restroom. And at night use tea tree oil. I kid you not, they are almost completely gone! It's pretty awesome!!! I'm super excited. I've also started iodine supplementing with lugol's 5% iodine to help keep them at bay. I heard that works as well.

Replied by Riko

hai friend... Would you like to tell me the mixture of the tea tree oil? Do you blend with something or just the tea tree oil? And what percent of hydrogen peroxide? Thanks a lot...

Replied by Jen
(East Texas)

Did absolutely nothing but burn.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Hopeless (Jaxn, MS) on 05/07/2009


First does anyone else have genital warts that just look like skin tags? I haven't been back to the doctor but I know it has to be genital warts because I was diagnosed with HPV about three months ago. Anyway, I have been applying tea tree oil directly to the warts and taking a mixture of echinaacea and golden seal twice a day for a week and nothing! I only have three of four now but I want these things gone before they get any worse! PLEASE HELP!!!

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Maja (Vancouver, Canada) on 10/25/2007

this will have been my 3rd post regarding my search and test for genital warts and more specifically vaginal warts. and as mentioned in my previous post, i've tried almost everything to get rid of these suckers. i've had them for 3 years!!!! beat that everyone. i've tried liquid nitrogen, podofolin, raw garlic, garlic gel caps, vitamin e, jobs tears, almost every vitamin and mineral, apple cider vinegar, almost everything. i got so frustrated i was going to throw in the towel and give Aldara a try; i bought it but was to scared to try it in fear of the side effects. but i've been reading some online write ups on Tea Tree Oil and decided either that or aloe would be my last shot so i headed to the health food store and got a bottle. i kid you not, it's been 3 days and i've seen drastic change! i still take my vitamins and minerals and drink my jobs tears every morning but the TEA TREE has done wonders for me. if you are like me and have tried almost everything and still no luck try Tea Tree Oil.

what i've been doing:

1) get a cotton pad damp with the oil and wipe the affected area in the mornings

2) before i go to bed again dampen the cotton pad and directly apply to the affected area for 20mins and wash.

you WILL feel a somewhat minty sensation (like vicks to the eyes) but for me it doesn't hurt. everyone is different so if one thing doesn't work for you try something else, then try something else, and TRY something else. it sucks, but for me the search is well worth it. since i'm only on day 3 i'll write back in a few weeks to keep you posted.

Replied by Joe
(Portland, OR)

There has been major clinical research done on Tea Tree Oil for treating yeast-infection, as well for herpes, and warts. You can google it using google scholar. It is an anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. I would personally use this before you try the ACV for 1 month. The reason being is, ACV is very painful the warts may return. With TTO, there is no pain. Just apply 3x a day. Use 100% TTO. You should combine this with fresh aloe vera leaves. Also consume Jobs Tears(Yi Yi Ren), garlic, and take daily multi-vitamins.

TTO should not be used for young children or young person still growing, as it may have estrogen (hormone) affects and can affect their development.

Thuya Occidentalis

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Posted by Manuel (Porto, Portugal) on 12/30/2007

Hi everyone...I just want to share my experience with you guys about my genital warts treatment. I have had GW for one year now and I've been trying lots of remedies with no result. I read about this homeopathic treatment and decided to try it. Three months ago I went to the homeopatic pharmacy and bought Thuya Occidentalis 9ch and stared the treatment. Eventhough I might have the virus still the truth is that I do not have any warts now. Just put 5 granules of Thuya Occidentalis 9ch under your tongue twice a day (morning and before going to bed) and let it dissolve by itself. Also take a pill of Vit C twice a day. Good luck.

Traditional Doctor's Therapy

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Posted by Vanessa (Flemington, NJ) on 12/03/2008

It is important to have a Pap test often, since HPVs can cause to develop Cervical Cancer. I decided to make an appointment at a Women's Clinic. Also mentioned that I had some bad experiences with rude Gynecologists in the past...

Once I met my super-nice lady doctor, I told her about my two Genital Warts... She did not judge or make me feel dirty at all, instead she said it is nobody's fault. She applied some kind of acid to the warts, used swabs to make sure the acid went to only the spots that needed it, but before that, some vaseline to protect the rest of my good skin. The whole experience wasn't bad at all!

I have to go back to see her after two weeks from the treatment, but only one week after, my Genital Warts fell off.

Now, my boyfriend got Somoxal cream and accelerator on the mail today, it came from New Zealand and it doesn't look like something that is going to work to me. Even if it does, this treatment will take 6 weeks before the blemishes disapear. In the meanwhile, we can't have sex and pass the warts back and forth from each other.

Personally, I'm glad my problem is gone for now. Hopefully it won't come back!

UV Light

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Posted by Louise (Sydney, Australia) on 02/12/2008

I am a nail technician who favours gel set under a uv lamp. A couple of years ago I had a regular wart on my left 2nd toe. This dissapeared about 1 month after I had gel toe nails done. The wart then came back on my right 2nd toe about 12 months later. I got my toes done again and it dissapeared. About 2 years later I got a wart on my finger. This wart has now disappeared what have I done - started using UV Light cured gel again. I only just put it all together in the last week or so it is the only thing in common with each other. I am now trying this out on my genital warts. I had tried Aldara until I read about the side effects and now my man wont let me use it either. I have just started trying to use it on my genital area as I am lucky enough that the lamp lid comes off so I can shine it on my genitals. The other ones took a couple of applications of the gel (the gel takes 2 minutes a coat to set and you need 2-3 coats for each hand or foot, an infill of the same time frame is about every 2-5 weeks depending - the strength of the lamp is 27 watts 3 x 9 watt light bulbs and there is normally about 5 minutes between UV blasts.) Asked my doctor about the ones on my fingers and he said it would make sense so I am test driving it on the genitals I have read keep them out of UV light but if it cured the ones on my fingers and toes with no pain then I am willing to try it on the genitals. I am lucky as they are on the outer lips and inner thigh not in the pink bits phew. This is totally pain free and I will keep everyone posted with how it works. Not sure how you'll go getting a uv lamp but try looking around for any second hand Creative brand lamps as the lid comes off making it accessible to the vag area. If anyone finds a portable style one then keep in mind that this one is 27 watts and needs about 6 minutes in 2 minute bursts would be interested to hear if anyone else has tried it or does try it and I will keep you all posted on my progress. Good Luck

Vitamin C, DMSO

Posted by Tim Up (La) on 10/29/2013

This is good remedy for genital and all other kinds of warts and face wrinkles too :)

Put quarter cup, half deciliter of clean non tap water (you don't want fluoride or other poisons) I use rain water, into a glass cup. Add one tee spoon of vitamin C crystals or powder into it. You can find vitamin C powder in vitamin store. And then add 10-20 drops of DMSO. Store in fridge, and make it in small patches.

Then apply it to warts 2-3 times a day. This solution will stain your underwear and can turn palms of your hands and finger nails yellow if they get in contact with it. But if you use your fingers to apply it, just wash your hands afterwards. I use this on my face too. For some reason it doesn't stain face. But it can stain pillow cases and clothing. But it comes off in the wash. I use small, cigarette size roll-on. It is handy. You can use small perfume bottle or dropper.

I think it is the vitamin C that gets rid of warts, but DMSO helps with absorption. This could also work without DMSO. I always use DMSO with it.

Wart Remover Medication

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Posted by Young&hopeful (Brooklyn, New York) on 12/21/2016

I'm telling y'all! If you don't want to go to the doctor and go through the painful treatments, or spend months doing natural home remedies, just go to drugstore and purchase generic regular wart remover-you know the ones that say "not for use on genital warts"!! I'm telling you I could've saved money and an embarrassing trip to the doctor had I just used the regular cream for like $7. It almost makes me laugh how simple it was. I'm 19 years old (quite young, so if anybody reading this is young, don't feel ashamed), I had warts in my perianal area and some on the inside of my buttcheeks (NOT anus). I was prescribed a painful ass prescription of $675 condylox and my life was HELL, particularly around my homecoming time. Most of my skin peeled down to the flesh (particularly because I used it incorrectly but also because the shit spreads). When it only got rid of two warts, I sought out another prescription to take care of the rest. After a while I said what the hell and purchased GENERIC Wart Remover and voila! My warts were removed!

-I applied the gel to my warts which stung like hell I have to admit.

-I let them dry to a white film like substance, it kinda looked like dry toothpaste. This is recommended before pulling up your undies, let them dry completely first.

-When I showered, I cleaned it and applied some more product after drying off. I noticed with each application the warts got smaller and smaller until eventually it was all gone. OR what you can do is just peel and pick at the white substance until you just end up ripping the wart off!! Keep in mind in ripping the wart off, you're ripping off the skin. It'll look simply like a very small scab, remember warts are the virus under the skin. If you're reluctant to try, sure I get it but just try it on one or two warts to test it's effectiveness if you'd like.

-Repeat as desired!! It's been a happy 3 months since my first and so far only warts outbreak.

Also try looking into Echinacea and Goldenseal supplements, it's a powerhouse for your immune system.

Trust me everyone, I hope this treatment finds you well, I too felt hopeless and depressed looking for natural remedies myself that's how I know about this website in the first place. As previously stated I'm 18 and I was SCARED so I wouldn't purposely try to steer anyone wrong. Mind you this is for "EX"ternal warts ONLY (meaning warts on the outside of the body)! And living with HPV is NOT bad, there's far worst conditions to live with, especially in the black gay community this is the least I can have.

Anyway practice safe sex all! :)Happy living without warts everyone!

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Sam (Atl) on 02/23/2016

I literally tried everything. I started with tea tree oil and vitamin c to going to the doctor to have them removed to buying warto online. The only thing that slightly made a difference was going to the doctor.. but they didn't go away and came back times five. The thing that FINALLY got rid of them was over the counter liquid wart remover that I got from Kroger. It hurts like hell and you have to keep putting it on until it scabs and its not a pretty sight but I promise you that it gets rid of them. When the skin grew back it was patchy and miss colored but after a few weeks its all back to normal!

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Jake (Glassboro, New Jersey) on 04/13/2008

Despite regular condom use, I ended up with genital warts at the sides of the base of my penis and in the pelvic region. At first, I tried podophyllin treatments at the dermatologist's. Nothing happened. Then, he froze them off with liquid nitrogen, which was quite painful and left the areas raw and bright red for a while. Several months later, I had either a recurrence or new warts (4 or 5) but no medical benefits, so I tried Thujia as reccommended by a naturopath. I followed the directions on the tube but got no results after weeks, so I tried oil of oregano and then taped garlic. No results with any of those treatments either...just pain and redness. Finally, I was so frustrated I got a do-it-yourself kit (from CVS I think) for freezing (burning) warts. Use on genital warts was contraindicated in the directions, but embarrassed and with little recourse, I tried it anyway. I followed the directions and after fifteen seconds or so the warts dimpled and make a popping sound. It definitely hurt, but not as much as the nitrogen treatment though they basically died off and scabbed over the same way. I did each wart weeks apart and got the process down better each time. I picked the first off and a small scar remains. So in consequent freezings I let the scabs fall off naturally. Warts in the pubic region were less sensitive and seemed to heal faster than the ones right on the penis. Infection was a concern, so I put some triple action antibiotic cream where I froze and took some internal echinacea and reccommended amounts of vitamins after topical surgery (consult google and the net for those). I had a few more recurrences for the next year but in slightly different areas. Nothing regrew on the scar tissue, which, fortunately, except the area that I picked, isn't visible unless I shave the pubic hair down entirely and look quite closely under bright light. Hope that helps.

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Allen (Dayton, OH)

I'have a somewhat painful, but seemed to be a very good way to reduce my outbreaks. wart remover for genital herpes. im a bit quirky on my ideas alot, but for me this worked well. i have no medical training whatsoever, but i often wonder about things. i remember having normal warts on my hands and wrist. i remember that the wart remover never seemed to work till it had eaten or burned its way through the wart to somewhat of a raw skin, most cases just slightly bloody, just like a small cut that burns with rubbing alcohol, not meaning in anyway that it was severe bleeding. i got genital herpes in my early 20's. i was getting an outbreak about once a month, give or a take a week or so. nothing doctor gave helped. so after learning a bit about all viruses, i was shocked to learn we have never cured a virus ever. we have slowed and controlled viruses, and nearly wiped them out with imunizations, but never actually cured any. i came up with this thought, lots of imunizations involve using dead virus cells. i also wondered why outbreaks were happening only at certain spots not others. i thought maybe when wart removers work for me only at the point where it burns down to raw skin, it may be that at that point, the wart remover kills a few of the viruses, then maybe those enter the blood stream almost like a immunization shot, and the body can then develop the proper defense.i thought this because one year, i had a large amount of warts on my wrist, i was a cashier at the time, so i could not have nasty lookin warts or white medicine showing on my hands and freaking out customers, so under my long sleeve shirt where there were ever more warts, i really laid on the wart remover thick. once i killed a few under my shirt sleeve, the ones on my hand just disappeared on their own,so i thought then that killing the other warts helped build defense against the warts on my hand. also i wondered about the skin texture, like why was the out break of herpes only at certain spots and not others, and could the mild chemical burn create a thicker skin sorta like scar tissue, and would this thicker skin be less likely to have outbreaks. so off i went, putting the leading brand of wart remover on my outbreak area. it was very very painful, had to bite on a rag. A month or so later, i got an outbreak, i was upset it didn't work, but then i noticed something very remarkable. the area with the new out break was different than the previous. so i tried it again, and sure enough, the next out break was in yet another spot on the skin. i never documented this, it was too embarrassing to do so for me, but, after a few months, i stopped getting outbreaks as often, and every new outbreak i did get was in a new area, never ever in an area that i had applied the wart remover. after a year or so, i reduced the outbreaks, and the size and area of the out breaks. that was about 15 years ago or so, and i now get outbreaks approx once a year, as opposed to once a month.and the out break is now never more than the size of a bb, and is easily taken care of in a couple of doses of valtrex and gone in 48 hours or less.

White Vinegar

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Posted by Latin Guy (Miami) on 09/17/2016

White vinegar is amazing, in just three days removed the genital wart, applying during the day 3 times per 30 minutes just on the top of the wart, and letting it over the night did the trick!!!

100% recommended.

White Vinegar
Posted by Loko (London) on 07/12/2016


I found out I had genital warts a few days ago I hate doctors and my receptionist are nosy as hell so I usually avoid going on embarassing issues.

So obviously I do research seen what mother had in her cupboard and borrow the white vinegar......

l tried a few different techniques as a women I can't exactly sleep with it on with tape so this is what I do....

1. Antiseptic soap the area (hurts)

2. Take some cotton buds and place it on each wart for 10 minutes each night (try doing it twice a day of possible or for additonal time)

This will hurt not lying here. Burns and stings!

3. Keep repeating

Most of mine has gone now or very small, after alot of try and fail or sucess

Don't do this

I'm a women so don't leave overnight between you vagina or other areas as this will burn the skin and it hurts!

Yes it did get rid of 4 warts.....but also caused the area to be raw and painful.

Leave for longer than 30 minutes another big ouch but not half as bad as the above.

Keep the area clean, unless you have major dermatology issues like me you don't want to go running to the doctors for antibiotics due to imfection without an excuse or reason. So keep the area seriously clean

it's working here, but be very careful vinigar. Great on fish and chips and wart remover not very good at working out good skin and bad skin :)

Good luck

Replied by Phoenix
(Nashville, Tn)

I'm currently applying White Vinegar (WV) to my genital warts. I've been having them for about a year now. It started off as a very small bump underneath my skin just below my anus. I've been trying the waiting game and also toothpaste to make them go away. The toothpaste actually worked, I woke up one morning and they went from a pinkish color back to the flesh color and the swelling went down but I needed them gone. After months of research, I found this website about ACV but all I had was WV. I've read the stories and was convinced that it would work. It's burning but not too much. I'll post an update in a few weeks. Hopefully this works. I have faith.

Replied by Loko

It went well however after some small research im on alot of vitamins and shittake mushroom extracts (contains ahcc).

On top of white vinigar (really hurts) and burnt so badly I have had to lay off it for a few days to a week.

Major improvement only got 2/3 left literally took one out earlier and by god felt better :)

So yay :)