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White Vinegar
Posted by Loko (London) on 07/12/2016


I found out I had genital warts a few days ago I hate doctors and my receptionist are nosy as hell so I usually avoid going on embarassing issues.

So obviously I do research seen what mother had in her cupboard and borrow the white vinegar......

l tried a few different techniques as a women I can't exactly sleep with it on with tape so this is what I do....

1. Antiseptic soap the area (hurts)

2. Take some cotton buds and place it on each wart for 10 minutes each night (try doing it twice a day of possible or for additonal time)

This will hurt not lying here. Burns and stings!

3. Keep repeating

Most of mine has gone now or very small, after alot of try and fail or sucess

Don't do this

I'm a women so don't leave overnight between you vagina or other areas as this will burn the skin and it hurts!

Yes it did get rid of 4 warts.....but also caused the area to be raw and painful.

Leave for longer than 30 minutes another big ouch but not half as bad as the above.

Keep the area clean, unless you have major dermatology issues like me you don't want to go running to the doctors for antibiotics due to imfection without an excuse or reason. So keep the area seriously clean

it's working here, but be very careful vinigar. Great on fish and chips and wart remover not very good at working out good skin and bad skin :)

Good luck