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Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Young&hopeful (Brooklyn, New York) on 12/21/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm telling y'all! If you don't want to go to the doctor and go through the painful treatments, or spend months doing natural home remedies, just go to drugstore and purchase generic regular wart remover-you know the ones that say "not for use on genital warts"!! I'm telling you I could've saved money and an embarrassing trip to the doctor had I just used the regular cream for like $7. It almost makes me laugh how simple it was. I'm 19 years old (quite young, so if anybody reading this is young, don't feel ashamed), I had warts in my perianal area and some on the inside of my buttcheeks (NOT anus). I was prescribed a painful ass prescription of $675 condylox and my life was HELL, particularly around my homecoming time. Most of my skin peeled down to the flesh (particularly because I used it incorrectly but also because the shit spreads). When it only got rid of two warts, I sought out another prescription to take care of the rest. After a while I said what the hell and purchased GENERIC Wart Remover and voila! My warts were removed!

-I applied the gel to my warts which stung like hell I have to admit.

-I let them dry to a white film like substance, it kinda looked like dry toothpaste. This is recommended before pulling up your undies, let them dry completely first.

-When I showered, I cleaned it and applied some more product after drying off. I noticed with each application the warts got smaller and smaller until eventually it was all gone. OR what you can do is just peel and pick at the white substance until you just end up ripping the wart off!! Keep in mind in ripping the wart off, you're ripping off the skin. It'll look simply like a very small scab, remember warts are the virus under the skin. If you're reluctant to try, sure I get it but just try it on one or two warts to test it's effectiveness if you'd like.

-Repeat as desired!! It's been a happy 3 months since my first and so far only warts outbreak.

Also try looking into Echinacea and Goldenseal supplements, it's a powerhouse for your immune system.

Trust me everyone, I hope this treatment finds you well, I too felt hopeless and depressed looking for natural remedies myself that's how I know about this website in the first place. As previously stated I'm 18 and I was SCARED so I wouldn't purposely try to steer anyone wrong. Mind you this is for "EX"ternal warts ONLY (meaning warts on the outside of the body)! And living with HPV is NOT bad, there's far worst conditions to live with, especially in the black gay community this is the least I can have.

Anyway practice safe sex all! :)Happy living without warts everyone!

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Sam (Atl) on 02/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I literally tried everything. I started with tea tree oil and vitamin c to going to the doctor to have them removed to buying warto online. The only thing that slightly made a difference was going to the doctor.. but they didn't go away and came back times five. The thing that FINALLY got rid of them was over the counter liquid wart remover that I got from Kroger. It hurts like hell and you have to keep putting it on until it scabs and its not a pretty sight but I promise you that it gets rid of them. When the skin grew back it was patchy and miss colored but after a few weeks its all back to normal!

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Jake (Glassboro, New Jersey) on 04/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Despite regular condom use, I ended up with genital warts at the sides of the base of my penis and in the pelvic region. At first, I tried podophyllin treatments at the dermatologist's. Nothing happened. Then, he froze them off with liquid nitrogen, which was quite painful and left the areas raw and bright red for a while. Several months later, I had either a recurrence or new warts (4 or 5) but no medical benefits, so I tried Thujia as reccommended by a naturopath. I followed the directions on the tube but got no results after weeks, so I tried oil of oregano and then taped garlic. No results with any of those treatments either...just pain and redness. Finally, I was so frustrated I got a do-it-yourself kit (from CVS I think) for freezing (burning) warts. Use on genital warts was contraindicated in the directions, but embarrassed and with little recourse, I tried it anyway. I followed the directions and after fifteen seconds or so the warts dimpled and make a popping sound. It definitely hurt, but not as much as the nitrogen treatment though they basically died off and scabbed over the same way. I did each wart weeks apart and got the process down better each time. I picked the first off and a small scar remains. So in consequent freezings I let the scabs fall off naturally. Warts in the pubic region were less sensitive and seemed to heal faster than the ones right on the penis. Infection was a concern, so I put some triple action antibiotic cream where I froze and took some internal echinacea and reccommended amounts of vitamins after topical surgery (consult google and the net for those). I had a few more recurrences for the next year but in slightly different areas. Nothing regrew on the scar tissue, which, fortunately, except the area that I picked, isn't visible unless I shave the pubic hair down entirely and look quite closely under bright light. Hope that helps.

Wart Remover Medication
Posted by Allen (Dayton, OH)
5 out of 5 stars

I'have a somewhat painful, but seemed to be a very good way to reduce my outbreaks. wart remover for genital herpes. im a bit quirky on my ideas alot, but for me this worked well. i have no medical training whatsoever, but i often wonder about things. i remember having normal warts on my hands and wrist. i remember that the wart remover never seemed to work till it had eaten or burned its way through the wart to somewhat of a raw skin, most cases just slightly bloody, just like a small cut that burns with rubbing alcohol, not meaning in anyway that it was severe bleeding. i got genital herpes in my early 20's. i was getting an outbreak about once a month, give or a take a week or so. nothing doctor gave helped. so after learning a bit about all viruses, i was shocked to learn we have never cured a virus ever. we have slowed and controlled viruses, and nearly wiped them out with imunizations, but never actually cured any. i came up with this thought, lots of imunizations involve using dead virus cells. i also wondered why outbreaks were happening only at certain spots not others. i thought maybe when wart removers work for me only at the point where it burns down to raw skin, it may be that at that point, the wart remover kills a few of the viruses, then maybe those enter the blood stream almost like a immunization shot, and the body can then develop the proper defense.i thought this because one year, i had a large amount of warts on my wrist, i was a cashier at the time, so i could not have nasty lookin warts or white medicine showing on my hands and freaking out customers, so under my long sleeve shirt where there were ever more warts, i really laid on the wart remover thick. once i killed a few under my shirt sleeve, the ones on my hand just disappeared on their own,so i thought then that killing the other warts helped build defense against the warts on my hand. also i wondered about the skin texture, like why was the out break of herpes only at certain spots and not others, and could the mild chemical burn create a thicker skin sorta like scar tissue, and would this thicker skin be less likely to have outbreaks. so off i went, putting the leading brand of wart remover on my outbreak area. it was very very painful, had to bite on a rag. A month or so later, i got an outbreak, i was upset it didn't work, but then i noticed something very remarkable. the area with the new out break was different than the previous. so i tried it again, and sure enough, the next out break was in yet another spot on the skin. i never documented this, it was too embarrassing to do so for me, but, after a few months, i stopped getting outbreaks as often, and every new outbreak i did get was in a new area, never ever in an area that i had applied the wart remover. after a year or so, i reduced the outbreaks, and the size and area of the out breaks. that was about 15 years ago or so, and i now get outbreaks approx once a year, as opposed to once a month.and the out break is now never more than the size of a bb, and is easily taken care of in a couple of doses of valtrex and gone in 48 hours or less.