How To Cure Food Poisoning Fast!


Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 04/07/2016
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My huge family went out to a seafood restaurant. After the meal, my mother offered everyone garlic capsules because, she said, you can never be careful if the food is actually fresh and free of harmful bacteria. Within an hour after the meal and when everyone had gone their separate ways, family members who had refused the garlic caps were calling that they were sick (dizzy, nauseous, throwing up.) My mother rushed over to their houses and gave each of them them 6 garlic capsules. Within 15 minutes they were fine. The ones who refused it, suffered a few more days before they called her and asked if she would come over with the garlic capsules. Now, no one leaves home without a package in their car or their purse. My husband and I take them after every meal we eat at restaurants.

Apple Cider Vinegar also has the same bacterial fighting ability and we add a TBsp to hot tea at restaurants. We carry our own prep bag (a small black bag that fits inside one of my big purses) that contains garlic capsules, homemade salad dressing we grab from the fridge, my special salad seasoning, and a small bottle of ACV.

Posted by Vloz (Seattle, WA) on 02/28/2015
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Garlic gets rid of food poisoning very quickly. Finely mince one medium to large size garlic clove and swallow, chew if you can stand it but it's not necessary. I went to a potluck many years ago and came home with food poisoning. I was extremely ill for a couple days (leaking from both ends) and a friend told me to call his iridologist for some healing tips, which I did and he told me, "no problem take garlic, nothing can live through garlic! " I swallowed some garlic and my stomache jumped for a second and I thought I was going to vomit but didn't and almost immediately started feeling better. I was completely fine within a couple hours.

A few years ago my adult son was hospitalized due to dehydration from vomiting. He had symptoms of food poisoning in my opinion but the doctor disagreed and thought he was passing kidney stones. They never did find any stones in the urine or fecal matter that they collected "and they collected everything that came out of him". When he was released he was still feeling sick so I gave him fresh garlic and it did the trick. He asked me why I hadn't given it to him sooner.

Garlic, Oregano Oil

Posted by Genevieve3 (Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom) on 04/13/2012
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My daughter suffered a tummy bug which caused her to feel nauseous, and gave her a very bad migraine. I wasn't sure what it was she was suffering from or what kind of bug she may have had, but I gave her a crushed raw garlic clove, some handfuls of fresh basil leaves and some colloidal silver. I also gave her some paracetomol for her migraine. After half an hour she fell asleep for about six hours. She wasn't sick and had no diarrhea and was hungry for food when she woke up, which she ate with no problems. (She does have a habit of biting her fingers and we have a dog she is always cuddling, so we thought that may have been the problem.)

The next evening I gave her some cold chicken kiev and some cold potatoes to eat. A few hours later she felt unwell. We decided it must then be the chicken kiev which probably had not been re-heated properly. I promptly gave her again a raw crushed garlic clove, some fresh basil and instead of collodial silver (I had done some research since the previous evening), I gave her four drops of oil of oregano in a small glass of water. I also gave her a paracetomol for her headache and again she fell asleep for about six hours without stirring. After which time she awoke and was starving hungry and ate all the Easter food I had prepared along with her chocolate eggs. The remedies I had given her obviously killed the bacteria causing her food poisoning. Normally if the children suffer stomach upset they would suffer for a few days and I would avoid giving them any dairy, just maybe some dry toast and water, although in my day it would be black sweet tea.

Just thought I would share this information with Earth Clinic. I had read previously that fresh basil can be just as good a pain reliever as paracetomol and also fights nausea and kills certain bacteria. Oregano oil kills salmonella bacteria and raw garlic is said to kill bacteria too.

I knew myself that raw garlic was a wonderful remedy as I had gone onto this site when I had severe tooth pain for an abcess. I tried all the remedies mentioned and the tea bag cures and managed to get a good nights sleep for seven hours. When the pain started again I managed to curtail it by taking co-codamol as paracetomol and ibuprofen would not touch the pain. The co-codamol killed the pain within five minutes, but I knew it was dangerous to just douse the pain as the bacteria causing it could spread.

I then read on your site about garlic. I put a slither against the gum of the tooth pain and it killed the pain that night. I did the same the next day. The burning pain from the garlic made me cry but I was determined to keep it in place until I managed to kill the infection. It seemed to do the trick and the pain disappeared. But a few weeks later an abcess appeared on the gum by the same tooth, but this time there was no pain. As it had taken four days for the subsequent ulcer, caused by the burning of the garlic, to heal (I ate pumpkin seeds daily and put some bee propolis onto a cotton bud and rubbed onto the ulcer), I didn't wish to go down this route again.

After reading some more of the remedies mentioned on your site, I tried swallowing raw crushed garlic cloves with a glass of water. Later the same evening I could feel the lumpy abcess reduce in size. I took some more garlic the next day and by the evening the abcess was completely flat. To be safe, I repeated the same remedy for a few days more to make sure the bacteria causing the abcess had completely gone. I am still pain free two months later. This remedy saved me £1, 000 in root canal treatment.

I mentioned this treatment to my dental surgery, but they said that there was no guarantee that the abcess won't come back. But as I have read that 97% of terminal cancer sufferers have had a root canal in the past, I am certain that I will never go down that route.

Replied by Marygoround
Fairfax, Va

Snopes (non-biased internet myth busters) tells us that this claim about 97% of terminal cancer sufferers have had a root canal is... FALSE. It is completely false and could be dangerous if someone decides to defer treatment for an infected tooth. Please carefully consider claims like this.

As for the rest of this story, good for you. I am glad your daughter, and you, feel better.

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Snopes is unreliable. They further orthodoxy and you can't get any more orthodox than dentistry.

Replied by Michael
New Hampshire

"non biased myth busters", Yet they won't disclose who funds them. How do you know they're non biased then?


Posted by gus (elko, nevada) on 01/05/2008
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I have been sick with some kind of stomach virus when I found something in a pamphlet about using ginger to help cure stomach pains and cramps. I asked my mom about itand she said she had some ginger root and ginger tea I tried the tea but that just made it worse. I tried a pill with ginger root in it and the pain went away within the hour. you can get ginger root at any drug store without a persciption. Also if you are puking so much you can't take pills try some ginger ale it doesn't have as much ginger in it so it won't work as well, but it could calm your stomach enough to take a ginger pill. take one pill wait 10 minutes and take one more pill. This ginger remedy helps with nausea, really works.

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Posted by kerri guthrie (salt lake city, ut) on 01/01/2008
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Grape fruit seed extract is the very best for a stomach ache' 5 to 6 drops in a cup of water. It works also if you swallowed some bad water while swimming or drank some bad water while traveling in a different country. It has a very bitter taste. helps kill the germs and bugs.My child after throwing up and trying many different things was able to go to sleep and rest without pain. It has worked even for my friends!!

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Deshawn (Chicago, IL) on 11/25/2007
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Hydrogen Peroxide 3% works wonders for me. I used one cap size of HP (the cap on the hp bottle) and one cap of bottle spring water. I simply tossed the hp/water solution in my mouth and swallowed it. I did this three times a day for one day only. I had eaten some food that had badly upset my stomach (my stomach kept making rumbling noises)and it was cramping up so badly. the same day I immediately swallowed 1 cap full of hp and one cap full of spring water (hold the cap of hp in your mouth then chase it down with the capful of spring water). That same night I sleep like a baby and I felt so good in the morning. I hope that you have the same experience because food poisoning is never a good thing but quick relief is a miracle. I took this mixture immediately after my stomach started cramping.

Lemon Juice, Cayenne

Posted by Cybersavy (West Palm Beach, Fl) on 03/14/2015
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Consider a small amount of Lemon juice with all meals diluted with 4-5oz water or Aloe.

My wife and I cannot count the times we have picked up a stomach virus from eating in restaurants. Especially when we travel. In addition its known from my research bring a small bottle of Cayenne 515mg. 40,000 heat units and take until symptom are gone. I know how it works because its pretty strong.

Example! While I was in Orlando area we ate at a well known buffet restaurant. I ate turkey that may have been sitting to many hours on the line of foods. It didn't take long 3 hours later I could not stand and my head was spinning and stomach pain. I'm so glad we came across this remedy. 20 minutes later I started to feel better. And the next day I was fine. But, still took the same course of action.

Lugol's Iodine

Posted by Pamela (Houston, Texas) on 11/16/2008
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I had a chronic case of salmonella food posioning. I read in Dr. Hulda Clarks book 6 drops of Lugol's iodine 4 times a day would get rid of the salmonella. I forgot how long she said to take it. I usually take the iodine for a couple of days after I feel better. Lugol for me works every time I pick up any salmonella bacteria from eating out.

Posted by Jan (Buffalo, NY) on 04/18/2008
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I travel extensively and carry a small HDPE bottle of Lugol's for the inevitable food poisoning that occurs in restaurant food. When I get a case of it, I take 15 drops of Lugol's in water and it takes less than 15 minutes to stop the cramps. Dr. Hulda Clark does recommend Lugol's Iodine. I buy my Lugol's in pint bottles at the local pharmacy. I tell the pharmacist that I use it for staining tissue slides for microscopy. It works every time.

Posted by Jamie (Fairmont, Minnesota) on 12/15/2007
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Hello you WONDERFUL people! Thank you SO much for this resource! I was in the middle of my third serious bout with salmonella in a year and feeling little relief from the antibiotics after 8 days. After reading a book by Dr. Hulda Clark I am convinced that I was picking up Salmonella from milk products. Hulda says that Lugol's kills vicious stomach bacteria including salmonella so I got online looking for it when I found this site. I read through all of the comments and went looking for the iodine. Someone said I could get it at walmart so I tried. The Pharmacist had no clue about iodine deficiency and wouldn't give me the iodine he had ordered for me. How disgusting and irresponsible! I ordered the book by Dr. Brownstein, Iodine: Why You Need It and Why You Can't Live Without It along with a 2 oz. bottle of lugol's solution from I was very discouraged by the fact that there was no overnight shipping option available on the site. A day or two after ordering I emailed them expressing my discouragement and they responded with a toll free number that could be used to get overnight shipping. My Lugol's arrived a day earlier than expected and I tested for allergy on my foot. I knew I wasn't allergic since I have had iodized salt for ever, and I had no irritation from the iodine on my foot. So I began the dose recommended by Hulda for salmonella which is 6 drops in a half cup of juice after meals and at bed time. After reading the book by Dr. Brownstein and looking at the Optimox site I knew that 6 drops 4 times a day is equivalent to 150mg of iodine a day. The relief from the Salmonella began nearly immediately but was nearly complete after a day of the scheduled dose. I had no symptoms of taking too much iodine, so I continued to the third day at that dose (as recommended for treating Salmonella in Hulda's book). Then I cut back to 6 drops 3 times a day to counter my newly recognized iodine deficiency. Just so you know, the Salmonella are DEAD!!! And I feel ALIVE!!!

5 years ago I should have been diagnosed with fibrocystic breast disease but was told that my lumpy bumpy breasts needed vitamin E. I didn't take it seriously as I wasn't diagnosed with anything. I had just had my first child. Over the last 6 months I have had pain in my breasts not just before a period but at intervals during the month that wouldn't even allow me to hug my (now I have 3) children. I had no idea until reading this site and the information from Dr. Brownstein that I had fibrocystic breast disease, the precursor for breast cancer (which is so prevalent in this area that it should be a CRIME that people are not handed iodine by the government in giant sized rations!) The great lakes basin is the worst in the WORLD for iodine deficiency-we are the reason salt is iodized-only well enough to fend off goiter and mental retardation which were becoming a problem in the early 1900's in this area! The actual need for iodine by your body is 13.5mg a day and that's after fixing a deficiency. And that number does not take into account the other factors we are exposed to. (Halogens which replace iodine in the body everywhere around us-chlorine, bromine, fluorine-in bread, in toothpaste, in water) THIS IS EPIDEMIC!

Two days into my salmonella killing spree with iodine, I began my menstrual period without cramps. I have had such terrible cramps from my period that I have a stock pile of ibuprofen. (which makes your stomach bleed and hurts your liver) but what are we to do? IODINE! I have been on Iodine for 4 days now and each morning I wake up with cramps but almost as soon as I take my 6 drops of lugol's my cramps are GONE! It's like the cramps are there because my ovaries are begging me for much needed iodine to clean me out. I am so thrilled about this! By the way,my breast pain has diminished to almost none, and they feel like 16 year old breasts. No kidding. My energy level has sky rocketed and I am losing weight. (I should mention that I am taking the iodine with a liquid B complex supplement because Dr. Brownstein says it is possible to get heart palpitations and/or symptoms of iodine allergy if you are deficient in vitamin b2 and b3 since they are needed to transport iodine throughout your body. I can feel my metabolism normalizing - it feels GREAT!

For a long time I have wondered why my ears hurt - I thought maybe I was taking an autotoxic (something toxic to your ears) drug, I wasn't taking any drugs other than ibuprofen, so I wasn't convinced, but I was becoming afraid that I would eventually lose my hearing. I have also become slower in the brain over the last few years. I attributed it to the mercury in my fillings after reading Dr. Clarks book, but having seen the symptoms of iodine deficiency including hearing loss and cretinism I now believe I am severely deficient in iodine and I am so excited to not get any worse. I am getting better!

Multiple Remedies

Posted by Same (Cambridge, Ma) on 07/17/2016
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Hey Peeps, this phytoplankton poisoning ain't no joke. In tropical regions, reef fish eat it and then are eaten by predator fish; fish like Tuna(Ahi)! After eating a big piece of fish at a Fourth of July barbecue, I'm not sure I will ever eat fish again. Constant diarehea for two weeks. Uggh.

Research shows that the bigger the fish is, the more poison it can carry. Ciguatera shows up as a neurotoxin in the host, and after ingestion can be stored in our fat cells for an eternity. There is no cure. Immune compromised people will be hit harder and for a longer duration (months or possibly years.) Maybe a dose of activated charcoal early on, could have nipped this in the bud but as it stands, I was a little late to that game. After a week it got worse so I did a couple of days of the charcoal which felt harsh on my system then moved to a regimen of acidophoulis before small meals, a cup of coconut water mixed with aloe vera juice (2tbsp daily) and spirulina mixed into a banana smoothie. Couldn't stomach anything at all the first week. Now all I can handle are breads and fats like cheese and butter. Weird right? Anything acidic is out, no tomato sauce and my fresh pineapple I watched grow for 6 months is now ripe and untouchable.

So prevention is the key. A friend of a friend got the illness from canned tuna. Apparently it doesn't matter how fresh or well cooked it is, even freezing doesn't affect the toxicity of the fish. I normally eat a good amount of Tuna and I think the reason I have never gotten sick before is that I always buy it fresh, myself. My rule is, if it isn't the color of rubies or garnets, don't buy it. At the party I attended, it was dark and I was half way done eating the darn thing before the chef said he had never cooked it before. Politeness got the better of me. Learning the hard way, as per usual.

Posted by Yuriyanna (Orlando, FL) on 02/06/2009
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I was at work on Wed. and around 5pm I started feeling cramps and gas pains in my entire stomach. It started to go away when I drove home from work but as soon as I ate dinner and tried to go to bed MASSIVE cramping started to occur. I have never experienced pain like this before. Around 1am I was in so much pain I actually went and woke both my parents up with tears streaming down my face. My dad had food poisoning 3 years ealier and actually went to the hospital for it for a couple of days. My dad studies homeopathic medicine and went out and bought garlic tabs, arsenicum album (helps with diarrhea), charcoal activated (captures unwanted materials and gas), and kelp with iodine (helps with metabolism). I already take an ounce of ACV everyday so needless to say I'm feeling awesome on day 3. Not saying in order to feel better you have to go out and buy all this stuff but it's great to take even if you're not sick...I prefer all natural remedies with any sickness. Just a couple of suggestions that worked wonders for me.

Oregano Oil

Posted by Epione (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 07/31/2017
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As soon as the first symptoms of food poisoning appear, dissolve 5 drops of wild oregano oil in a glass of water, stirr well and drink it. It works really fast!

Peppermint Oil and Probiotic

Posted by D. Arro. (Phoenix, Az) on 12/04/2016
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Got FP last night after spaghetti sauce cooked with frozen broccoli, pinto beans, onion, with gluten-free garlic bread. Before that I had egg casserole with onion, chard, squash and potatoes. Could have been the onion or the egg, but I didn't feel queasy until I finished downing 3 small pieces of the garlic bread with olive oil (the bread was refrigerated but probably ~2 mo. old)...Then I was burping the toast for the next 8 hrs. Threw up around 10 am, super chunky but not everything came up, had hourly diarrhea for the next 3-4 hrs. Still felt weak and gurgly for the next 8 hrs. (That meal was sitting in my stomach for a good 16 hrs and would not move).

Took 1tsp. Activated Charcoal mixed in water, then 2 T Apple Cider Vinegar with water. Still felt nauseous for ~5 hrs. Took 1 drop peppermint Essential Oil mixed with water a few hrs later. An hour after that, I opened a can of peaches and drank the juice/ate a few a long with taking a strong probiotic from my ND. Now my stomach finally feels empty and I feel ok. I think the peppermint helped move it through and the probiotic is helping too.

Salmonella Infection Remedies

Posted by Kate (Nebraska) on 10/20/2013

On Sept. 1, 2013 I started having a severe back ache. It got much worse real fast, and two days later I was admitted into the hospital with a full blown case of Salmonella Bacterial Blood Infection. I am just really starting to feel better. I have fought weakness and back spasms from the beginning... I was a pretty sick lady. As I understand this type is rather rare. Some of the doctors believed that I contracted it through my skin. I did not eat the bacteria as far as they believed. This is only the second case like this the infectious disease doctor had seen. Anyone had something similar and how long before you got over the back pain? It is better, but has a good ways to go.