Top 5 Remedies for Food Poisoning

Garlic, Oregano Oil
Posted by Genevieve3 (Yarmouth, Isle Of Wight, United Kingdom) on 04/13/2012

My daughter suffered a tummy bug which caused her to feel nauseous, and gave her a very bad migraine. I wasn't sure what it was she was suffering from or what kind of bug she may have had, but I gave her a crushed raw garlic clove, some handfuls of fresh basil leaves and some colloidal silver. I also gave her some paracetomol for her migraine. After half an hour she fell asleep for about six hours. She wasn't sick and had no diarrhea and was hungry for food when she woke up, which she ate with no problems. (She does have a habit of biting her fingers and we have a dog she is always cuddling, so we thought that may have been the problem.)

The next evening I gave her some cold chicken kiev and some cold potatoes to eat. A few hours later she felt unwell. We decided it must then be the chicken kiev which probably had not been re-heated properly. I promptly gave her again a raw crushed garlic clove, some fresh basil and instead of collodial silver (I had done some research since the previous evening), I gave her four drops of oil of oregano in a small glass of water. I also gave her a paracetomol for her headache and again she fell asleep for about six hours without stirring. After which time she awoke and was starving hungry and ate all the Easter food I had prepared along with her chocolate eggs. The remedies I had given her obviously killed the bacteria causing her food poisoning. Normally if the children suffer stomach upset they would suffer for a few days and I would avoid giving them any dairy, just maybe some dry toast and water, although in my day it would be black sweet tea.

Just thought I would share this information with Earth Clinic. I had read previously that fresh basil can be just as good a pain reliever as paracetomol and also fights nausea and kills certain bacteria. Oregano oil kills salmonella bacteria and raw garlic is said to kill bacteria too.

I knew myself that raw garlic was a wonderful remedy as I had gone onto this site when I had severe tooth pain for an abcess. I tried all the remedies mentioned and the tea bag cures and managed to get a good nights sleep for seven hours. When the pain started again I managed to curtail it by taking co-codamol as paracetomol and ibuprofen would not touch the pain. The co-codamol killed the pain within five minutes, but I knew it was dangerous to just douse the pain as the bacteria causing it could spread.

I then read on your site about garlic. I put a slither against the gum of the tooth pain and it killed the pain that night. I did the same the next day. The burning pain from the garlic made me cry but I was determined to keep it in place until I managed to kill the infection. It seemed to do the trick and the pain disappeared. But a few weeks later an abcess appeared on the gum by the same tooth, but this time there was no pain. As it had taken four days for the subsequent ulcer, caused by the burning of the garlic, to heal (I ate pumpkin seeds daily and put some bee propolis onto a cotton bud and rubbed onto the ulcer), I didn't wish to go down this route again.

After reading some more of the remedies mentioned on your site, I tried swallowing raw crushed garlic cloves with a glass of water. Later the same evening I could feel the lumpy abcess reduce in size. I took some more garlic the next day and by the evening the abcess was completely flat. To be safe, I repeated the same remedy for a few days more to make sure the bacteria causing the abcess had completely gone. I am still pain free two months later. This remedy saved me £1, 000 in root canal treatment.

I mentioned this treatment to my dental surgery, but they said that there was no guarantee that the abcess won't come back. But as I have read that 97% of terminal cancer sufferers have had a root canal in the past, I am certain that I will never go down that route.