How To Cure Food Poisoning Fast!

Food Poisoning and High Alkalinity

Posted by Carlos (Fountain Valley, Ca.) on 03/02/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Before I ran across your wonderful website, I had been doing my own internet research since 2004. It was primarily for family and friends with cancer that I set off on this trek. I had my own bouts with high blood pressure at that time. When I learned of checking one's body PH, that was a low budget eye opener!

Currently I have 18 people that have used the info that I shared with them, and are cured! Unfortunately for some of my family and friends, they did not believe what I was telling them. So it's been a road of joy and heartbreak!

Two years ago, I got food poisoning while at work. I was vomiting and did not get diarrhea until I got home. I just dropped dead with my work clothes on. I woke up the next morning, and decided to check my PH, as I thought I would be highly acidic. I registered the highest alkaline PH ever!

So that leads me to believe that when people get the flu, it's your own bodily immune system trying to heal you! It can only be compromised by invaders that will start living inside the human body! Microbes, viruses, bad bacteria, funguses, molds, and parasites.