Natural Remedies

Top 10 Natural Remedies for Flu

Cold Showers

Posted by Gerald (Sydney, Australia) on 06/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have taken a cold shower in the morning for over ten years, and can attest that I suffer less cold and flu symptoms than other workers in my office. In fact when the flu virus strikes Sydney each winter, I am normally the only one unaffected. When I am in the shower I also do some stretching. I hold onto the top of the shower screen and stretch my spine, to release stress. Which is great, because I have a stressful job. For years I have told others my theory about the benefits of cold showers, but am usually met with derision. So I am glad I found on this website a community of like-minded enthusiasts. I had my blood tested and my white cell count is three times higher than average. So I am sure that a wider scientific study would verify the health benefits of the cold shower. Gerald.

Posted by Tim (NSW Kitchener, Australia)
5 out of 5 stars

I decided to finish every normal 'hot shower' with a blast of totally cold water, after reading a book by an old healer by the name of Jethro Kloss. Anyway, I am a bad asthmatic, and used to get sick around 6 times per year. When I got sick it really affected my chest, with huge amounts of mucous, and real bad asthma.

Now I rarely get sick (it boosts the immune system as well as circulation), and if I do it's usually just a mildly sore throat. I wish I could better explain the massive difference this has made. Even if you feel sickness coming on, a cold shower will often stop it in its tracks.

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Jennywren (Australia) on 09/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

YEAH. I had a full-blown flu virus and could barely move for the aches and pains. After day six, I gave up on OTC medicine and turned to colloidal silver. I had been taking it in 5ml doses morning and evening but it clearly wasn't cutting the mustard. I upped the dose to gargling and swallowing 20ml every 3-4 hours, and bought a colloidal silver in nasal spray form to spray up my nose every hour or so. I also nebulised colloidal silver into my infected lungs for 5 minutes morning and night. It's important to treat nose, throat and lungs (and even ears) with colds and flus. By day 2 it felt noticeably better and by day 3 it was pretty much gone! (Note: It's important to drink lots of water and take a good probiotic when ingesting this much silver.)

Posted by Pr (Houston, Texas) on 01/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had the unfortuned experience of getting the flu this year. I will say my normal herbal and vitamins remedies did not budge this flu. Infact I relapse 3 - 4 times. Just when you think you where done it was back worst. I had to finally use colloidal silver 1/2 cup three times a day to get rid of it and keep it away. I started with 1/4 cup and worked up to the half cup. I am still taking 1 oz two times a day for maintenance, don't trust this strain. Xylitol nose spray was a huge help and you can spray this as often as needed. Sometimes I sprayed it every five minutes. As you feel like you are drowning in mucus and than it settles in chest which is hard to get rid of. I also sprayed colloidal silver in nose mixed with Xylitol. The netti pot helps too.

Colloidal silver and Manuka Honey

Posted by Katzie (Calgary) on 12/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My 14 yr old son had the 'flu for 4 days while at his father's house. When he came home he was still feverish and hadn't been eating. I gave him 1 TBSP Colloidal Silver and 1 TBSP Manuka Honey in the evening. The next morning he was better, eating, drinking, no fever, and he was smiling again. I got the idea to try these from this awesome site! It should be noted that this same "cure" also worked equally as well on his head colds.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Katzie;

You gave him the CS only once? Might take more if he starts regressing. Twice a day for four or five days. If he has a sinus infection maybe show him how to sniff up into sinus cavity. Hard for a kid to do that, I know. But a life time of benefits to know how to do an "irrigation." Sinus plus ears with ear syringe.

Replied by Katzie

Thanks, Dave!! That is good advice. I will do that.

Colloidal Silver, Wild Oregano Oil

Posted by Maddy (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire) on 05/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have not had a cold or the flu for 4 years despite having asthma and COPD (brochiectasis). When I feel that my nose gets a bit stuffy and sometimes get a bit shivery I immediately take 1 tablespoon of Colloidal Silver which I keep in my mouth for 1 minute (it gets absorbed through the mucus membranes) and then swallow and 2 gel capsules of P73 wild oregano oil. I repeat at night and cold or flu does not progress. This way I also avoid having the flu jab which used to make me ill. Hope this will help someone. Regards, Maddy.


Posted by Barb (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 09/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This is to address generalized immune issues: colds, viral and bacterial infections. I won't go into our long and drawn out medical history but, believe me, when your doctor says to you that there are only two remaining antibiotics left to try - something goes "boom" in your brain! I took extreme issue with our doctor as to medication over prevention practices and, to his credit, he took a big risk and did, finally, step up to the plate. he told us that we were not to tell anyone where we got the information he was about to pass on to us and, to this date, I have not (and I will continue to never divulge his name) but I tell everyone I can about echinacea. we took a. vogel echinacea tincture and have never - N. E. V. E. R. - been sick since. we took the maximum dose everyday until we stopped getting sick - around a year then we took the maintanence dose for about two years afterward. when we realized that we were not getting sick at all anymore we slowly stopped.

I also agree with eating foods that keep the body in an alkalized state. that's all I have to say on the subject except maybe that everybody's system reacts differently to mainstream as well as alternative therapies and some therapies may not have been stuck with long enough to show results.

Elderberry, Vitamins C and E

Posted by Cl (Florida, US) on 01/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Everyone in my family had strep and flu, I was just beginning to feel bad. I read somewhere on this site that Elderberry tea would help, and Vitamin C and Vitamin E. I could not find the Elderberry tea so I got Sambucol Elderberry Extract, I took a teaspoon a day with a small amount of water in it like the box said (The internet said take 3 times a day for 5 days, however I only took it once a day and it worked), I also took 1500 mg of Vitamin C Chewable and 400IU Vitamin E a day along with that, and it knocked it out by day two, I was trying to avoid the strep, right before Christmas when I took my granddaughter back to the doc for a second strep test. I had not been sick at all, but my throat that morning a felt a little scratchy, but I ask the Doc to run a strep test on me while I was there and it was positive, which she put me on an antibiotic, however I never ran a fever or anything with my strep so I think the home remedies helped there and I never did get the flu. I made sure I did not take my Vitamin C within 4 hours of taking my antibiotic.

Now everyone is getting the flu again and I felt like I was trying to get it so I started back on the Elderberry, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. I also do the Emergen-C orange or raspberry if I don't have the chewable C with me and it works really well.

Essential Oils

Posted by Christina Gonzales (Us) on 03/19/2017
5 out of 5 stars

FLU SYMPTOMS So I came down with these symptoms after taking care of several people in quarantine for influenza type A. No, I didn't go to the doctor, it is an uncomfortable waste of my time, sitting on a hard plastic chair for 8 or 9 hrs. awaiting a diagnosis with a prescription for modern medicine that I cannot afford. Okay, symptoms: aches, fever, chills, stuffy head, severe headache, nausea, vertigo, ears popping, waves of intense abdominal cramping.

What I did about it. I diffused these "flu bomb" essential oils into my breathing space non-stop, Oregano, Lemon, Frankincense, Thieves (thieves is a mixture of 10 drops of rosemary, 15 drops of eucalyptus, 20 drops of cinnamon bark, 35 drops of lemon and 40 drops of clove).

The other things I did, at first I religiously rubbed Lansinoh (its a cracked nipple cream over the counter at Walmart) on the inside of my nares, this helped with the drippy nose, I also used ZICAM, this did not work this time like it does for the cold virus! So I finally ditched it after a few days, this is also how I figured out I must have the flu and not just a cold/sinus infection.

At times I rubbed pure Shea butter inside of my nares, this seemed to really calm down the itchy, drippy symptoms. Lemon on my temples and rosemary on the back of my neck helps with the headaches. Then, last night, I rubbed several essential oils onto the soles of my feet, making little 'sections' and I am not even sure of where to put anything as I am not trained! But I must say, when you are miserable, you will do Anything.

Big toe, frankincense, second toe, anise star, third toe, clementine, fourth one ravensara, pinky toe, nerolina, section under pinky cedarwood-himalayan, next section over in a sweeping back and forth style, lime essential oil, then litsea, caraway, niaouli, lavender, finally sweet marjoram.

I slept without waking for 10 hours!! I felt a little headachy this morning, but nothing like yesterday! Still a little congested, I started using coconut oil inside my nose, actually sucking it up as high as I can get! I am much better now! I am still diffusing the first ingrediants I listed earlier all day, and I will more than likely put more oil on the bottom of my feet tonight. I did not mention that I already take what I believe to be the best vitamins in the world--Shaklee so for age 47 I believe my health is pretty good, and so a two or three week illness will only take off two or three days of my life! Wonderful all the natural remedies we have readily available!

Feverless Flu

Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 05/07/2009

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced a strange 3 day "flu" with normal temperature (98.6 ). It's going around here, and I just came out of it. Extreme tiredness and weakness, some chills, sore throat for exactly 3 days, with no fever (taken with a liquid metal thermometer under the arm, adding 1 degree). I figured it was viral because of pain in the muscles around the eyes when I moved my eyeballs. If it was a common cold it would last longer than 3 days. I was practically on bed rest for almost 3 days. Others are also coming down with it. My son, age 12, got it first and we treated it aggressively right away with Echinacia/Goldenseal 900 mg, GSE (15 drops in gel cap 3X a day), Oregano oil in capsules (full capsule 3x a day), vitamin C, and sleep, and his lasted about one day. I was out of town away from my supplements when it started so I was several hours too late. I had just never experienced the weakness/tiredness/slight dizziness without fever before, and I trust my thermometer. Strange!

Flu Shots

Posted by Bradshad (North Providence, Rhode Island) on 01/19/2013

Every once in a while I watch the scam artist show called Dr. Oz. So a panel of 4 people were on the show and he asked if they would tell people to get the flu shot. 1st guy worked for the CDC so you know his answer (yes), 2nd was a Dr.that worked with him (yes), 3rd was a man with a brain and said negatives outweigh the positives, and 4th lady said she does not but if you are over 65 years old possibly. Then Dr. Scam said he thinks everyone should get it. I'm just an average evryday person and I just like everyone else can go to the CDC website and read that mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, Msg, binders, fillers, are in the vaccine just to name a few. When I asked a friend of mine who is a College Professor and a Naturopath, also an engineer, he said the flu vaccine crushes the immune system. Poison. And then after after getting the vaccine its only 60% effective. More people than ever are getting sick from it. My kid got the vaccine, broke out in hives the next morning and 3 days later got a upper respiratory infection and missed 5 days of school. Great. Stay healthy all.

Posted by Mollie (Riverside, California, Usa) on 01/08/2012

I have a friend (female) in her 80's. We were discussing my fear of flu shots and she told me that she and her husband who has had a triple-by-pass have been taking flu shots regularly for about 20 years and have not suffered from the flu in 20 years!

She lives in southern California U.S.A. This lady told me that not getting the flu is a must for her husband due to his triple-by-pass surgeries.

My husband and I have been terribly ill with the flu since November and are now just getting over it.

This makes me wonder if flu shots might help some people? This coming October my husband and I are going to get flu shots to see if it helps.

By the way we are seniors.

Replied by Ds
Nwa, Ar

I'm 53. I've never had the flu. I've never had a flu shot. Placebos help a lot of people.

Replied by Teresa

I'm a nurse and we are forced to take a flu shot whether we want it or not, even though they teach in nursing school that the single best defense against the spread of illness is hand washing. For the past three years I took a flu shot, I still contracted the flu in February. My question is how can we know for sure what's in that vaccine without sending it to a lab to be tested ourselves? I no longer trust the CDC. Why put something foreign in your body (side effects include allergic reactions and Guillain Barre syndrome) if it doesn't work. I have accused the drug companies of producing watered down vaccines.

Fresh Aloe Vera

Posted by Sharon (Tampa) on 06/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars

When l lived in Puerto Rico, l learned of a local cure for "La Monga" a sickness that would hit with fever, pain, flu-like symptoms. They would take a whole medium aloe leaf (about 6-8 inches) and puree it with a cup of their favorite juice (pineapple or sweet citrus offsets the bitterness of aloe. Drink it immediately, and by the next day, a miracle. Many groceries now sell giant aloe leaf in the produce section for a dollar or two and it can be refrigerated. Makes about 5 or six doses due to the size.


Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, Bc Canada) on 09/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I always knew that raw garlic was good for you, but I didn't know how to take it in a way that wasn't offensive. One day I researched it, and here it is: when you feel like you're coming down with something, crush a whole clove of raw garlic, allow the allicins to develop for 15 minutes, then swallow whole or in pieces, if necessary, without chewing. I do this just before bed, chase it with a hot drink of water, lemon juice, a little baking soda, maybe some ACV and honey to taste. I don't smell, I don't burp it up, and by morning I feel great again. Then, just to be sure, I usually do it another night or two. Other friends have tried it, and it works for them too. This stuff is amazing!

Posted by Kathryn (Owings, Md.) on 03/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was so sick of being sick that I got up and took one strong garlic capsule an hour (from hepapro) and started colon cleansing Sonne 7 and 9. It worked. This garlic capsule is worth eating 10 garlic cloves that is how strong it is. I also hydrogen peroxide ears.