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Top 10 Natural Remedies for Flu

Green Tea  

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Posted by La Tanya (Patterson, California) on 03/04/2008
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I have been drinking green organic green tea from China for about two years now. It certainly has excellent health benefits. Before drinking green tea I would normally come down with a cold or flu at least twice a year and it would last a good two weeks, but since I've become a green tea drinker I don't catch a cold or flu. I may get a little sniffle but they may be due to my allergies. Also I notice my energy is always up when I'm drinking my tea consistently. I drink a minimum of 3 cups a day and as an iced tea and I also drink the tea leaves as well.

Posted by Amith (Durban, South Africa) on 02/11/2008
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Green Tea boost my immune system. Green Tea is the most awesome tea, recently taken the world by storm. I drink 3 cups a day, which is the equivalent of eating 8 apples according to the daily mail. Tea can also rehydrate you so can be used as a substitute for water. I know this because my pee is mostly clear. I used to get the flu 4 times a year without failure. Even during the summer. I suffered for year. ie until I Started to drink Green Tea. My energy levels shot up. I only got sick once in the 2 years that I have been taking it. I think it was the airline food and the long thirsty journey that caused my Tonsillitis. I might have even died the Doctor told me if I didn't have a strong immune system. Well anyway. I haven't been sick drinking green tea.

Green Tea, Lemon Juice, Honey and Cayenne  

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Posted by Teri (Woodinville, WA) on 11/06/2007
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After suffering with swollen glands and a scratchy and sore throat for 3 days, I came across this website. I had been using honey in green tea, zinc lozenges, echinachea and Tylonol Extra for pain...

I tried 1/2 cup green tea, 1 tsp. lemon juice (bottled on hand), 1 tsp. honey and 1/8 or 1/4 tsp of cayenne!! It's only been less than 10 minutes and Boy what a difference!! The hotter you can stand the temperature & 'heat' from the cayenna, the better!! Wow!! It works!


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Posted by Stormie33 (Albertville, AL) on 12/27/2013

Use honey for any viral illness. Start taking it at first sign/symtom. If in doubt research honey and virus and will find out the great benefits of RAW honey.

Posted by Nichole (Stanton, Ca) on 12/07/2008
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Honey Rocks!!

I came down with the flu one day while eating dinner, it hit me pretty fast. I had just started eating and felt very nauseous, within minutes I was feeling very warm and had a fever and my body began to ache all over. I went upstairs and laid down to try and sleep but I couldn't I just felt so awful... finally I asked my hubby to get me a biscuit and the jar of honey. I dipped the biscuit in the honey trying to get as much down as I could, probably a quarter cup. I laid down again and fell asleep, a few hours later my fever broke and I woke up at that point I felt fine, great even! So I was so excited about how fast the honey worked but of course I began to be doubtful, thinking maybe it was just a quick flu. Well a month and a half later my husband came down with a stomach flu he was nauseous and had the runs for a couple days, he didnt take any honey. Then I came down with it, again I felt horrible really quick so I went downstairs feeling faint and nauseous and grabbed the honey and some soup. I filled my mouth with as much honey as I could and swallowed, then ate my soup and again swallowed a big mouthful of honey. Within a few hours I was feeling great again! My husband was still sick! So now I know for sure it was the honey I took! Just so you know I took Sue Bee's Raw honey, I can get it here for only $5 for 2 pounds... I have become an advocate for all things natural and tell everyone about some remedies I've found on here and others I found at different sources on the net.

A couple other honey stories to share, I use honey on my daughters diaper rash and its gone sometimes by the next diaper change and others the next day! I also used it on myself after I gave birth for the tearing and it not only felt soothing but it did indeed help my tears to heal much faster.

My sisters friend Chante was in a very bad accident 6 months ago and had a severe injury to her foot. The did surgery on it but it wouldnt heal closed, so they did a skin graft and again it wouldnt close, in fact they did 4 skin grafts that wouldnt take. So for 6 months she's been going through this and I told my sister to tell her about Manuka honey, she did but Chante didnt want anything to do with it. Well after this last graft they told her if it didnt heal they would amputate!!!! So she finally conceded to try it. She put it on at 4pm and checked it at 8pm, already the skin was healing! She was so excited she applied a new bandage with more honey and checked it in the morning. Again it was looking even better! I cant tell you how amazing her foot looks now and its only been three days! I have pictures of before and after and after again and again, if anyone is interested email me and I will send you the pictures!

Go HONEY!!!!


Posted by Jc (New York, Ny) on 01/13/2013

I read that keeping your bedroom humidified between 40-60% is optimal for killing flu viruses. Any higher than 60% will promote bacteria and mold, so you need a thermometer in the room which also measures humidity. I have been using a $30 humidifier on cold days and turning it off when it rains. Makes the room very cozy and peaceful to sleep in.

Hydrogen Peroxide  

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Posted by Paolo (Bloomington, In, Usa) on 12/18/2012
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Just eat fresh fruit especially the citrus ones. Worked like a charm for me. Also ginger is good for nausea. Try some all natural ginger ale. Finally a secret to getting over the flu super fast is taking h2o2 with water and a little juice. U need to research it but basically it kills all the bad stuff. My fiance got the same flu as me and was bedridden 5 days. I did the h2o2 treatments and was out of bed after one day.

Posted by Joan (Fresh Meadows, New York ) on 10/23/2010
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Just found your site searching about combining ACV and H202 and found out that was not a good combination. Also found all the testimonials about the benefits of ACV and the flu. Very excited, going to try that immediately.

Here's one for you. I have the flu. Been fighting with it for a week because I have not been eating correctly. I found that putting just ONE or TWO drops of food grade 3% H202 in a half glass of water and sipping it when I start to cough or get congested immediately clears up my head, takes away the sore throat, and gives me an hour of peace. Just like you said, it works for about an hour! Just one drop works! Amazing! Had to share that. Experimenting with H202. Even just a drop... Now I will try the ACV each day and see how that works. Love your site. Be very blessed. Joan

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ears  

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Posted by Bee (Florida) on 03/23/2017
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Yesterday I woke up with early symptoms of the flu. I had chills, body aches, and a headache. I went to work and by mid-day I could no longer stand the feeling so I went home. I read about the hydrogen peroxide cure so I put a few drops in each ear and went to sleep. I woke up about 5 hours later with my headache and chills totally gone and the body ache had reduced about 75%. Wow, I was impressed. So I did a few more drops in each ear hoping to completely kill the virus.

Unfortunately several hours later I experienced the same thing as another reviewer. My right ear began to ache pretty badly. I'm not sure if the peroxide ruptured my ear drum or what but the throbbing was quite bothersome. So I made myself a heat-pack with rice (rice in a sock and microwaved for 25 seconds). I put some cotton in my ear and placed the rice-pack just below my ear lob, as placing it directly onto my ear initially caused pain. After about 30 minutes the heavy throbbing stopped. I fell asleep and the next morning my ear is 95% back to normal. Will try it again tonight. Even though I was impressed with how fast the peroxide significantly subsided my flu symptoms, I will hesitate to use this cure again due to the ear ache it caused. But if this does happen to you, a heat pack will fix the issue.

Replied by Wb

Wanted to report an ear infection after using hydrogen peroxide in my ears. I can never recall having an ear infection but developed a nasty one after using hydrogen peroxide in my ears to cure a cold.

Posted by Jennifer (Henderson, NV) on 08/14/2008
5 out of 5 stars

In 2006 I worked in an office where a few women would literally be sick with colds, flu, etc. like every other week. No Joke! Well, they had small children at home and I'm sure this is where they were continuing to pick up viruses from. But they would keep coming to work -they wouldn't call in sick, so they would be coughing, sneezing using the phones, touching fax/copy machines, spreading their germs around continuously on the equipment that we ALL used. SICK of catching their viruses, my friend looked up remedies for the common cold. She found something about peroxide in your ears could stop a cold before it could develop. Well I tried it, and I have been doing it for the past year and a half every time I feel one coming on. If I feel a sore throat, runny nose, etc coming on I just use a small eye dropper and put about 4-5 drops of 3% peroxide (bought at any drug store) in one ear, (tilt head over the sink) and wait about 2-3 mins until you feel the peroxide stop bubbling and get thru the ear wax. Repeat in other ear. This has saved me so much time, money and kept me side-effect free, that I can't be grateful enough for finding out about it. This past winter I worked in another office where mostly women worked, and once again kept getting and bringing to work all the winter time viruses for colds and flu. If I felt anything coming on, I just did the peroxide remedy and am happy to say I remained healthy all winter long while surrounded by repeatedly sick co-workers. I told them all about the peroxide in the ear remedy, but they were skeptical and I don't think any of them tried it. Even when I challenged them to the fact that I was the only one in the office who had not been sick at all and had missed no work~
There should be a LAW :)

Replied by Teresa
Kenedy, Texas

Also, if my sinues are congested, putting hydrogen peroixde in my ears helps my sinues to drain.

Replied by Karen

As a child Mother used peroxide on us children to cleanse the ears out. I remember the fizzing and it would drain down to the inner ear and you could feel it drain down. I tried this remedy years ago and the hydrogen peroxide just sits in a pool in my ears and will not drain down. I mentioned this to my ears nose throat doctor and he informed me that I will need ear tubes put in and it will correct the drainage issues. I wonder if this is also what you are experiencing.

Replied by Elyn From Milwaukee
Oklahoma City, Ok, U.s.a.

Hey, I put a half a dropper of peroxide in one ear at a time for 15-20 minutes. I have a washcloth next to my head to catch the drips once I tilt my head to drain, and then I do the other ear. Peroxide DOES NOT STAIN the pillowcases! I've fallen asleep with peroxide in my ears frequently-- doesn't do any harm. :)

Posted by Regina (Seoul, South Korea) on 06/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I really can't believe this. But I'm an insulin dependent diabetic so my immune system is compromised and I get more colds. I felt a cold coming on but I have two finals next week and a thesis due the week after. In addition, I'm working and have my job duties to attend to too. Basically, I CAN NOT get sick. I found a great apple cider vinegar cure when I got a bad bout of food poisoning from this site and decided to see if there was anything on how to prevent that developing cold in its tracks. Well, I found the hydrogen peroxide remedy. It sounded completely crazy, but I figured what the hell - why not try it? It's cheap and at least my ears would be cleaner ;-) I tried it. I bought some peroxide on the way to the library. I set my cell phone timer for 10 minutes, had some tissue handy, tilted my head to the side, poured the peroxide in (I bought a small bottle with that has a nozzle so it was easy) and let the peroxide go to work. I switched ears and then did it again on both sides for about 5 to 10 minutes for each ear. It worked! That itchy throat I had is gone. That feeling that I was going to wake up sick tomorrow is gone. I truly can't believe it but I'll be doing this again at the first sign of a cold. This is great!

Posted by Milica (Santa Barbara, CA) on 04/30/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I am in my first year at college, and I am 4 hours away from home! Now when I get sick, it is a huge priority to get better as soon as possible so that I don't miss any class and my mom is not here to take care of me!! My friend and I got sick on approximately the same day with a terrible stuffy nose that led to a sore throat and headache that resulted from so much sniffling. My mom sent me the link to hydrogen peroxide therapy and with a little apprehension, I added the h2o2 in the ears, nose, and gargle to my vitamin c and oil of oregano cure. By the next day my stuffy nose was completely gone and by day 2 my voice was practically back to normal and NO sore throat. Now i'm at day 4 and perfectly normal and happy. P.s. My friend is taking vitamins as well as antibiotics and she is still sick! Now if that isn't a testament to the power of h2o2, I don't know what is!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Posted by Anil Verma (Fremont, CA) on 03/23/2007
5 out of 5 stars

yesterday, I was about to get get flu. I had sore throat & had started sneezing & sniffling. I knew for sure that I was gonna get flu in next 12 hrs. I found the H2O2 in Ear Cure on your website. Luckily enough, I found that I already had H2O2 at home. I went ahead & put few drops in one yr, waited few minutes & then tried it the other one. This morning when I woke up, I felt so much better. No Sneezing or sniffling. This stuff really works. I put it again in both my ears this morning. I still have the Sore throat. Any ideas, if inhaling will help with Sore throat. By the way, I am also Gargling with Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Powder ( as mentioned on your site). It seems to be fighting the sore throat as I can see Its not getting any works. Pl let me know if you have any more ideas for sore throat. Thanks for your website.

Posted by Michael (Seattle, Washington) on 03/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've found 3 percent hydrogen peroxide surprisingly effective in "curing" a cold or flu. I fill an eyedropper with it, like down on my side, and pour it into my ears, one at a time. When I have an infection it will bubble or tickle. (Sometimes it tickles intensely... the first time I used it, I couldn't believe how much it tickled!) I leave it in for five minutes, then drain it out. I've been surprised at how effective it is in speeding my recovery, or even nipping a cold or flu bug in the bud. Oddly, putting it in my ears also helps to clear my sinuses. I also use it as a gargle when I have a cough.

Posted by Debra (Sunnyvale, CA) on 03/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've only done one hydrogen peroxide application so far but it's either gotten rid of or greatly lessened my flu symptoms: headache, muscle aches, chills, extreme tiredness and nausea. At least enough so I feel like a human being again. I combined the hydrogen peroxide in the ear along with gargling in the throat. After a 3 hour nap, I felt much better. I could get up, take a shower and watch TV.