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Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 10/30/2022 64 posts

This post is about me staying well by taking zinc picolinate (ZP) capsules internally. I noticed that I tended to get a sore throat on the day following going shopping in town.

However, taking the ZP capsules stops the sore throat for me, and I suppose any virus before it can go to the lungs and be a chest cold.

Or as a maintenance dose taken daily every 6 hours, ZP prevents a sore throat from happening to me entirely in the first place.

For me, 6 hours maximum seemed to be the best dosage interval for ZP to maintain it's effectiveness.

As mentioned in a different thread, I reversed a sore throat 3 or 4 times last winter (2021-22) by taking PipingRock's 50 mg zinc picolinate capsules internally. The dose was 400 mg per day, which was 2 capsules every 6 hours. I noticed no side-effects on the 2 capsule dose, although 400 mg per day seemed like barely enough to overcome the sore throat.

So this fall/winter I have increased the dose to 600 mg per day which is three 50 mg capsules, every 6 hours which is 4 times per day.

Plus or minus 2 hours for each, I prefer using 6 AM, 6 PM, 12 AM and 12 PM for my dosage times.

I noticed that at the 3 capsule dose, I have to take the three capsules on a mostly empty stomach or before a meal and not after, or indigestion can occur. I believe food in itself is inflammatory, and that ZP could act to detoxify the food and cause indigestion.

Also, some loose bowels happened at first at that 3 capsule dose, which since went away, similar to the bowel tolerance dose of taking ascorbic acid vitamin C.

Other than that, I am confident that taking enough ZP could be the cure for the common cold/flu or things worse like Covid and variants.

I also tried taking zinc citrate powder last winter and it did nothing against the sore throat, so I quickly switched back to taking the ZP.

I am not concerned about a zinc overload or overdose because I feel fine and I accept the risks, if any, and especially if the ZP is being utilized which it obviously is, in deactivating the sore throats, colds, flus and worse.

Actually, I stopped taking the zinc picolinate on Nov 3, 2022 because of indigestion.

I will still try taking ZP for any sore throats but probably at the 2 capsule dose of 400 mg per day instead of 600 mg per day.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/10/2013 2073 posts

When I was young and otherwise healthy I would get 2 or 3 terrible colds (flu) per yr. Fast forward with aging and a severe and chronic toxic condition, I might get 1 cold per yr and then only briefly. I take nutritional supplements by the handfuls but one that seems the absolute essential immune support is Zinc. Zinc is one mineral that is terribly lacking in the western diet AND seems to be the cornerstone of the immune system, so it is almost necessary to supplement in every person to prevent such as the flu. A healthy Thymus is also critical. Some researchers believe that the power of Zinc is the strengthening of the Thymus.

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