Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters


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Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 11/24/2016
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I used crystalline taurine every day for six months with no results to my eye floaters.

Posted by Tish (Texas) on 04/02/2016
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My floaters made vision in my right eye foggy. Any glare made it difficult to see.. Like sun or TV. After three weeks taking 1000 mg of taurine they are almost gone. No more foggy vision or glare problem. I'm 65. I'm taking taurine for the rest of my life!

Posted by Stephanie (Framingham, Ma) on 08/14/2013
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I take 500 mgs Taurine and they dissappear the next day and my eyesight improves dramatically. I now take one very day and no more floaters and great eyesight... Miracle stuff in my opinion.

Replied by Bess
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Hi Stephanie from Framingham - Your post regarding taurine and eye health intrigued me so I did a bit of research into what else taurine can do. The list is quite impressive! From what I read it helps with eye health, tinnitus, liver health, seizures, diabetes, heart health, etc. My brother (severely overweight) has just been diagnosed with diabetes - he is already experiencing neuropathy. However, he refuses to change his diet/lifestyle. He will take medication but will not do anything else (including reading about his disease). I'm going to see if he will at least try taurine. Thank you, Stephanie, for opening my eyes (and eye health) to taurine! Cheers, Bess

Replied by Chad
(Ohio, US)

Stephanie- Is this Taurine you're taking the same stuff they use in energy drinks? Are they in the form of eye drops?

Replied by Cjuan
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Taurine? I used that a lot for type 2 diab. It did not show any results. I also have floaters. No improvement as well, so don't get your hopes too high :)

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

To Cjuan (Malaysia) ---

For floaters as well as other eye diseases, apply cold pressed castor oil to the eye every night. It takes patience but it does work. Do 5/7.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Elaine
(Indianola, Wa, Usa)

Om, how do you apply the castor oil, to the eye lids?

Posted by Mr. Ree (Usa) on 08/05/2013
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Taurine gets rid of my floaters in one day and my eye sight improves dramatically as well.. One tablet (500) mgs/ day.. Miracle stuff.

Replied by Siva

Hi Ree, this is very good news. How did u come to know that this would work? Wanted to take exactly same brand of taurine suppliment. Do we need to take any other suppliments too with this? Can you please give us some more details around it. V. taruntej (at) gmail [dot]com. Thank you.

Replied by Frank
(Thunder Bay, On)

FWIW, I have taken a 500 mg capsule of Taurine everyday for five days now and I don't see any noticable difference in my eye floaters so far.

I have also taken with the Taurine a 50 mg zinc gluconate tablet, a 40 mg manganese capsule, a 100 mg vitamin B6 tablet, a vitamin A&D caplsule and a lecithin capsule as these are supposed to be synergistic with Taurine.

Replied by Prioris

Just a suggestion. I would experiment with N-acetyl-carnosine since it addresses a broad range of eye problems and report back on the results.

Vitamin B12

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Posted by Coodlepoodle (Pilottown, LA) on 05/24/2018
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For probably 2 years have been trying to customize a cure for eye floaters. Eye Floaters became real obnoxious with menopause. Florescent lights and sunlight were real tough situations for me. I stumbled upon Vit. B1 in researching. The article said Vit. B1 was directly related to the movement of the eyes. That was exactly when the floaters were bad for me. When I moved my eyes back and forth. Vit. B1 made a significant difference. Right now I am tinkering with the individual Vit. Bs to find out what works best ie. Vit. B Complex, B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Years ago I got the weak stomach acid and that is a sign of Vit. B deficiency also. So, the floaters were not the only symptom. I have not seen many cures that mention this but Adelle Davis in her book hit upon this. Finding this is a huge relief because it is a very manageable solution. The capper is that Vit. B increases your energy by better processing your food. Who would have guessed!!

Vitamin C, Pantothenic Acid (B5)

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Posted by Pro8688 (Southcentral, Nj) on 09/03/2010
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Eye Floaters: Taking 1000mg of Vitamin C in the form of Magnesium Ascorbate works for me, as does Pantothenic Acid in the form of 'Pantethine', 450mg occasionally, as needed. Adelle Davis, in her book 'Let's Get Well' p. 351-352 recommends both the above and along with Vit. B2 and B6.

Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

Thanks Pro8688, all the information on eye floaters is very welcome because there isn't much on this very irritating problem! I had a look at the reviews on Adelle's book on the Internet but she seems to be quite controversial and the book is quite old, do you find it a useful read? I also suffer from allergies and she seems to talk about that as well...

Replied by Sharon
5 out of 5 stars

l have used Adelle Davis' book for many years, and the information in it has helped me tremendously to avoid a lot of problems suffered by most people. I used it successfully in my 3 pregnancies as well, and everything she says is true, except using potassium for colic in infants. The reason it is controversial is that nobody wants to know that they can successfully stay healthy by eating properly and getting the correct nutrition, especially your physicians, who need you to be sick to make money. She has some quick fixes as well as long term fixes for most health problems. My favorite book is "let's have healthy children". I found online, an attorneys statement that 2 families tried to sue her when they erroneously tried something in her books that clearly were not suggested as remedies, just after notes of interest. One other of the families had given their small child 1 million units of Vitamin A daily. They settled out of court for small amounts.. Most of her ideas were harmless unless carried to extremes. She died at age 70 with bone cancer, and people immediately fixated on this, never mind that she lived to be 70.

Replied by John

Hi Sharon, I also have an Adele Davis book that I bought in about 1970. It's "Let's Eat Right to Stay Fit. " I have referred to it as recent as last week. The pages of my book are yellow it's so old. If something worked 40 years ago it still will work today... The book has everything in it... I have read it many times.. Much much information... She was many many years ahead of her time.. A brilliant lady... God Bless her..

Replied by Frank
(Thunder Bay, On)

Hi Francisca, Sharon and John. I also have used Adelle Davis' books Let's Eat Right and Let's Get Well for at least 30 years and have found solutions to many health problems through them. The way I have come to look at our bodies is that they are biological machines and like any machine require certain things to operate properly. I we look at a car and you didn't have gas in the tank, or water in the radiator, or air in the tires, etc. , you'd have problems. The same is true of our bodies. If you don't have vitamin B1 you get beri beri. If you don't get vitamin A you go blind. If you don't have enough vitamin C you get scurvy. In fact, a vitamin can't be classed as a vitamin unless it can be demonstrated that you'll get some specific disease without it. Similarly, minerals play an important role in our bodies. Without iodine your thyroid gland can't produce thyroxin. Without iron your body can't produce hemoglobin. And sodium and potassium play an important role in maintaining the proper balance in bodily fluids, transport of substances into and out of cells as well as energy production and messaging in the body. In short, our bodies are a tremendous conglomerate of many systems that make use of many chemicals and minerals in the fulfillment of their functions. The reason I mention these things is that Adelle Davis among other things held a Masters of Science Degree in Biochemistry. As a result, she was able to gain unique incites into how the body functions and what illnesses might result from the deficiency of an essential nutrient necessary to a certain body function. And, if you reverse that she was often able to see that certain illnesses were the likely result of some nutrient deficiency. Adelle didn't have all the answers and the knowledge of biochemistry is increasing very quickly, but if a scientific fact was really true back then, it will still be true today like water will always be H20. After I read Adelle Davis' Let's Eat Right, I was hooked. It explained in simple understandable language the effects of so many nutrients and their functions within the body. Ever since, I have been a student of nutrition and I don't just accept things like there's no cure for dry eyes of eye floaters like my optometrist said a week ago. I seem to have already found a solution to my dry eye problem and am reading this forum looking for ideas on eye floaters. I have often found that it is like detective work. You just keep searching and reading. And, you pick up a clue here and a clue there until you get and understanding of the problem and then hopefully a solution. I believe Adelle Davis' Let's Eat Right should be read by everyone. It's not all knowing but a great place for anyone to start their researches. IMHO.

Replied by Debbie

I do not agree that if something worked 40 or even 30 years ago it will work today.

Our food is being modified at an alarming rate. More GM foods are being released into the food supply and goodness knows what effect that is having on our bodies. MSG and Aspartame are more rampant in food today. Fluoride, chlorine in our water supply.. Etc. etc.

To be healthy today you really need to stay away from processed foods and GMO foods.

Wheat has also been modified so much that people are putting on huge amounts of weight and are getting sicker and sicker. Research modified wheat and weight gain or illnesses. Research amazing health turnarounds in people going gluten free today.

Wheat also raises your sugar levels more than sugar and candy bars, may raise blood pressure and even cause arthritis.

What we ate 30 or 40 years ago may not be the same foods today. Look at the autism rates and ADHD rates in kids.

Replied by Frank
(Thunder Bay, On)

Hi Debbie. The chemistry doesn't change but the chemicals can. 2 parts hydrogen will always combine with 1 part oxygen to produce water, H2O and vice versa. But, while the chemistry of water doesn't change the quality of that water can and does change. Today we must be wary of where that water comes from and what's in it. The water may be stagnant with a high bacterial count, or it could be polluted with chemicals from industries, etc. I am fortunate where I live, about 400 miles from the closest major city to be able to buy local spring water for drinking rather than Lake superior water delivered in the house taps. We buy or meats from the local Abattoir or local farmers not the super market. And, our local farmers do not use growth hormones nor are the animals grain feed. The animals are free range fed. The same with our chickens and eggs. We buy our milk also from the local dairy not the super market. Our sausages come from local suppliers also. When we buy canned fish we buy wild brands not farm fed fish. Our oils come from the local health food store and we are careful about how they are processed, such as cold pressed, in nitrogen atmosphere where appropriate, virgin and properly refrigerated if appropriate. We never but commercial oils sold in the super markets as per Dr. Johanna Budwig. We are careful when shopping not to buy products that have preservatives in them or are genetically modified. Our rule is not to buy anything processed more than once, because that enables producers to bury the facts about ingredients used in the preparations. We buy no frankenfoods such as McDonalds milk shakes that don't contain any milk. Or snacks scientifically engineered to appeal to your taste buds with regard to the balance of fats, sugars and salts. Speaking of salts as table salts we use Andean, Himalayan and sea salts for their natural mineral content that we mix half and half with potassium salt so as to balance to balance out their sodium content. We eat little wheat but what we do is whole wheat. Our bread is mostly rye bread made at the local bakers that contains no preservatives and we keep it in the fridge with the milk. We eat a fair amount of rice, but only brown rice for the fiber content as well. Our ideal is to try and eat like our grand parents did 100 yrs ago. Our meals are meat/fish and vegetables not Kraft dinners or the latest quick fix franken meal from the Superetta. While visiting a local mall recently I was amazed at the condition of the young people are in. One point there were six young women walking ahead of me. They looked like a herd of elephants sauntering along. They were all 2.3 to 3 across the behinds. I almost seemed that it would be easier for them to roll along than to walk. When I was in high school there was only 1 to 3 fat people in the student body and they had a thyroid problem or something. Today governments want to go after the fast food shops over the condition of the young people. While that may well be justified, but it is only part of the problem. They should also ban the franken foods and commercially produced oils as well. When I was young, it was a fast half hour walk to school and another 15 minute walk each way to and from restaurant for lunch. And then in the evening after your home work was done it was a 20 minute walk to a cafe' where we danced to music on the juke box or half hour walk each way to go down town. In short, we used our bodies as intended to get us around burning a lot of calories both from the exercise but also to keep ourselves warm. Imagine how many calories we burned up over the years. We also ate heartily with burgers and french fries with grave and cokes but we burned it all off with walking, playing sports, dancing and keeping our bodies warm through exposure to the cold Today our children are bussed to school from day one and entertain themselves with video games, movies and TV two of which we didn't have when I was young. I walk each Saturday and Sunday morning 3. 5 miles each day for a total of 7 miles a week. Recently a friend of mine and my son offered to walk with me. When I walk, I walk up a hill and down again 3 cycles for a total of 3. 5 miles. This young man had trouble keeping up and had to quit after one cycle and he is a practitioner of mixed martial arts. The young people today do not think of walking for exercise or to get around. It's foreign to them. I agree with you that food buying today is a mine field. You have to read the labels of what you buy for preservatives and GMOs. People need learn to buy the best and leave the rest. I feel sorry for people living in today's megalopolises, where there air is toxic to breath and may be counter productive to walk or exercise in it, where they may have little choice food wise other than the super market's commercially processed and franken foods or a fast food restaurant because mom is too tired after working all day to slave over a stove to prepare a healthful meal of basic food. Every generation has had its dejour. I my day it was polio today it's cancer and like you say Autism and ADHD. I believe it is a violation of a person's basic fundamental rights to require children before they are old enough to concent to have vaccines or they can't be educated but it seems to go hand in glove with the current drift away from democracy and basic human rights toward control, totalitarianism, despotism and voiding of concerns for the individual. In short, not only are the young not being given to opportunity to have clean unadulterated foods and water, but they are not being taught the need to be judicious in purchasing of foods. They are not being educated with regard the need to avoid preservatives, GMOs, and commercially prepared franken foods. They also don't know what basic unadulterated foods are and what healthy meals should consist of. Neither are they being taught the importance of clean water without the chemicals deposited in the water by leaving plastic water bottles in the sun; nor the importance of regular exercise in order to live healthily. I realize that I am blessed with where I live and the resources I have available to me that not everyone has. But, the task today is for people to educate themselves so that they know what healthy foods and water are and to seek out good sources of them. People should also strive to understand what various nutrients are and the functions they perform in the body and how to eat healthily. To that end, Let's Eat Right by Adelle Davis is a great starting point for their studies. Also, we need to realize that our bodies during our evolution were kinetic and did not leave us disposed for a sedentary lifestyle. JMHOFWIW.

Replied by Frank
(Thunder Bay, On)

I apologize to all for how my above post came out as one long paragraph. I typed it up in MS Word and copied it over. I should have checked it before posting but it lost all the breaks between paragraphs in the process. Sorry.

Replied by Debbie

Wow, John you are certainly well informed and eating everything right. You are so lucky to be living where you are where you have access to such great food. It sounds like a good book.

I have a farmers market near me. The guy that was selling oranges had no idea that roundup was a deadly thing to spray on the roots of his orange trees. Even the apple seller was using Roundup at the base of his apple trees. Roundup takes minerals out of the soil and the plants in it which we then eat. I used to use roundup myself until I found it is a Montsanto toxin. Deadly in our soils. The organic eggs I was buying, the hens were being fed grains. I am thinking of buy a laying hen and feed it herbs.

You are right that kids today should be educated about food. I myself am learning new things every day. Thank goodness for the internet.

Do you eat any fresh herbs? That would be a good thing to add to what you are eating. A few herbs that I recommend if you can get them are Gotu Kola and Brahmi. They are both Ayurvedic herbs and are renowned in India as being longevity herbs as well as amazing for the brain (can reverse many brain ailments). They are blood purifiers also. The Gotu Kola can reverse arthritis and clear the arteries.. And many, many other amazing stuff. Another herb which is amazing is Herb Robert if you can find some, especially as a blood purifier and for cancer. The Gotu Kola you can even use like they do in Sri Lanka in a fresh salad every day. If you grow it fresh it grows very fast and you can access to free salad greens every day.

Stinging Nettles is also considered a weed but are a great source of calcium which is organic unlike calcium in pasteurized milk which is inorganic (because of heat) and unavailable to the body. Raw milk is definitely better if you can buy it.

People buy a lot of herbs in a bottle these days but forget that they are usually very easy to grow and won't have additives in them like the bottled ones do. Also you don't know if the seeds in supplement herbs were even organic seeds not or treated with something.

Herbs that you grow are cheap and an easy source of vitamins and minerals and have no pesticides in them). You can also dry them in the good months and have them as a tea or even sprinkle the dry herbs in cooking over the winter.

Even Dandelion leaf is great in a salad and is a good source of magnesium as well as other minerals.

We also need to be saving our non-hybrid seeds for future generations.

I feel very worried about uninformed kids of today and what their lives will be like. In Australia we are seeing more and more overweight kids and adults.

I will seek out the book you are recommending because it sounds like a good book to have on the shelf. I am buying books so my son can access some education about our foods today.

Replied by Frank
(Thunder Bay, On)

Hi Debbie. Adelle Davis books are out of print now but you can still get them from as used books. Also, for some incite into why our children are so over weight, look into Dr. Johanna Budwig. Food oils are nutrients that the body uses but commercial oil production removes everything useable from the oils so that they have a long shelf life and don't go rancid. But in so doing, the oils can no longer be used or burned in the body and so just accumulate in the body. Budwig explains all this and the information is probably available on the internet. I have all three of her books that were translated into English.

Dr. Budwig was a phd in physics and chemistry, a pharmacist and was studying to be a doctor when her clash with the commercial oil industry caused her to relent from trying to be a doctor. Dr. Budwig was the person who you had to submit your products and science to in Germany in 1950-1951 for approval to sell them to the public. She was Germany's FDA. She had laboratory facilities available to her to do whatever tests were necessary. She was a brilliant lady and made several important discoveries. But, some of the discoveries she made brought her into conflict with the medical, chemical, and food oil industries. She was nominated something like 7 to 9 times for the Nobel Prize supported by about 90 other scientists but the medical, chemical and food oil industries suppressed her nomination each time and continually pursued her in the courts on one charge after another to impoverish and punish her for speaking her mind but she won all of the cases. They also prevented her from publishing her findings in scientific journals, so she published them in books instead. They then prevented the books being translated out of German. Only recently have a few of her works begun to be translated into English. I think she wrote about 27 books but only 3 have been translated into English. Her story is most interesting and would make a great movie.

Regarding herbs I haven't done much because it comes down to which herb grown where. For instance, they say bananas are a good source of potassium but is that true if the banana is grown in potassium soil? So a herb may supposed to have a certain property but then where is the testing to prove it is actually so. So, I have tended to stick to things where studies have been done to demonstrate the efficacy of it. If I can find such studies done on herbs then I would use that herb for the stated purpose. However, I can make a killer salad. :) Other than for Dandelion I don't think the other herbs you mention would be available to me here. They sound quite tropical. I hear what you say about the seeds. I heard recently that they have extended immunity from prosecution to Monsanto. I wonder why? ;)

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