Eye Floaters - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Eye Floaters. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Vitamin B12

Posted by Coodlepoodle (Pilottown, LA) on 05/24/2018

For probably 2 years have been trying to customize a cure for eye floaters. Eye Floaters became real obnoxious with menopause. Florescent lights and sunlight were real tough situations for me. I stumbled upon Vit. B1 in researching. The article said Vit. B1 was directly related to the movement of the eyes. That was exactly when the floaters were bad for me. When I moved my eyes back and forth. Vit. B1 made a significant difference. Right now I am tinkering with the individual Vit. Bs to find out what works best ie. Vit. B Complex, B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Years ago I got the weak stomach acid and that is a sign of Vit. B deficiency also. So, the floaters were not the only symptom. I have not seen many cures that mention this but Adelle Davis in her book hit upon this. Finding this is a huge relief because it is a very manageable solution. The capper is that Vit. B increases your energy by better processing your food. Who would have guessed!!

Beet Juice

Posted by Akilah (Chicago ) on 02/09/2017

So I use earth clinic as a first source for pretty much everything and it is ALWAYS helpful but I understand that natural remedies sometimes take a little longer to work than western medicine. Therefore I always use it over a trial period and expect gradual results over time.

Well, with eye floaters and beet juice I can honestly say that this post has come an hour after eating about half a can of canned beets. The reduction in eye floaters is amazing.

Long story short 2 years ago the vision in my right eye started changing. I got tons of testing and they couldn't find anything wrong but they were able to confirm that I had reduced vision in the center of my eye. Fast forward two years and I suspected that there was a possibility it could be a floater just in a very uncomfortable place ( the center of my eye) causing its presence to be more inconvenient than the norm.

So I came onto earth clinic, decided to try the beets and VOILA! A mere hour later, while the floater is not completely gone and I don't know if it will stay gone, it is AT LEAST 50% better than it was just an hour ago!

I work on a computer pretty much 10 hours a day so it's very noticeable, but hey if you have eye floaters try this, worst case scenario it doesn't work and you now have your daily dose of vitamin C!

Comfrey Tea, Castor Oil

Posted by Pam (Livonia, Michigan) on 10/29/2015

I developed eye floaters in my left eye a month ago. It was like looking through black lace. I went to an opthmalogist to make sure that I didn't have a detached retina and thankfully it wasn't. So I began trying to cure the floaters with things I have on hand.

I began drinking comfrey tea three times a day (I grow comfrey in my yard) I mixed raw honey onto it, putting about a teaspoon full of honey into a quart of tea. I used an eye dropper of the tea (cooled) three times a day.

The floaters started to diminish after four days. Comfrey is high in lutein which is great for your eyes and also a cell prolifilerator- so I figured it was a win win.

I continued to research and found out that castor oil (hexane free) - a drop in the eye at night also helps heal, so I began doing that also.

I am happy to report that my floaters are gone!

My doctor was amazed but ayurvedic medicine has known about castor oil for centuries.

Beet Juice

Posted by Pbatech (Us) on 04/08/2015

I had two large floaters in my eyes and many smaller ones. I find that every time I eat beets the floaters get smaller and fainter. I eat canned beets and notice an improvement every time. I would not drink beet juice because it does not have all the good benefits of whole beets. When I stop eating beets my floaters remain the same until I start eating them again. For me, beets are the only things that work.


Posted by Mr. Ree (Usa) on 08/05/2013

Taurine gets rid of my floaters in one day and my eye sight improves dramatically as well.. One tablet (500) mgs/ day.. Miracle stuff.