Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

| Modified on Feb 04, 2022
Castor Oil, MSM
Posted by DKL (Mayflower, AR) on 02/04/2022
5 out of 5 stars

Castor oil and MSM work. Last summer had my eyes filled with ants when looking at the sky - thought something serious was happening. Went straight to the eye doctor, said that I had floaters, caused all the ants running around, then they turned into wormlike bundles, said the vitreous fluid drying and pulling away was the issue, I am 65. So.... went online, since eye doc could do nothing for me - said vision was fine!! Worried me, search and find.... MSM drops, ordered dexterity health drops... use them daily. then read castor oil can help, filled up a cleaned out Visine bottle with the castor the drops every night in my eye, removes your eye makeup really well - two birds :)

then about a week later, noticed all floaters shrinking... I am going to be continuing this forever, don't want those pesty floaters around.... good luck all - worked for me

Flaxseed Oil
Posted by Carla (Flint, Mi) on 02/04/2022

How did you use flaxseed? Please give details!

Beet Juice
Posted by Marsh (CO) on 12/12/2021

Peripheral flashes began about a month ago (while beading jewelry, not the best of light). Opthamologist said the same - vitreous fluid separates causing the flash. Have to return in January as they want to keep track of it. Finished the project and they stopped. THEN, I noticed computer work at home rather than in good office light, they started up again. Could it be eye strain? Like Garth Brooks sang, "I'm too darn young, to be this darn old". LOL. Decided to limit screen time and up the wattage in light fixtures.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Presouz (Sunny Ville) on 09/11/2021

Have you tried doing a gallbladder liver flush? I am on my second day of preparation. you really have to prep for it so I will definitely look into it do six days of getting your stones in your gallbladder and your liver soft so they will go out easy. Because liver congestion is a big issue with a lot of our health issues I have personally suffered from a few gallbladder attacks over the past year and I'm ready to do this! But prep is the key and you can do it several times a year until you are flushing out no more stones

Beet Juice
Posted by Leah (Cleve) on 07/11/2021

I had the flash of light too. Went to eye doctor. Had exam. It was explained to me that the vitreous fluid with age, separates, and that is what caused the flash of light.

Supplements, Eye Exercises
Posted by Sandra (NY) on 07/04/2021
4 out of 5 stars

Eye floaters do not necessarily come from one aging. No one in my family has eye floaters, even my mom who is in her 70/s. I used a mascara that was given to me from Sephora brand which I never used before. Upon using their brand my eyes were all red and was burning. I went to the doctor and was told a chemical in the mascara. I am a very sensitive person when it comes to certain products. I never used any of these products again. However, I am using origins plant based mascara and did not have this problem. My eyes were extremely red and inflamed from the chemically mascara. I am taking lysine, digestive enzymes' and taurine. When I am stressed they show up more. The only thing I am able to control them with proper nutrition and some eye exercises along with a good eye vitamin.

Posted by sharon (tn) on 05/26/2021 4 posts

Thanks so much. I recently bought MSM eye drops with vitamin c. Have been doing a few drops several times a day. Haven't had any changes in my two floaters yet. But patience is a virtue.

Posted by Gene (USA) on 05/02/2021

Hi Sharon, There was a recent comment on a Mercola article where the person puts a tsp of MSM (with no other ingredients) in a glass of water - then puts drops into the eyes. I'm going to start this practice. I have the MRM brand which has no fillers, etc. It's just a jar of powder. Also consume some every day.

Oil Pulling
Posted by sharon (tn) on 04/22/2021 4 posts

What is oil pulling for eye floaters? Do you pour oil in your eyes? I'm curious. Thanks.


Posted by sharon (tn) on 04/19/2021 4 posts

Do you use MSM drops in the eyes or internally with capsules? Where do you buy and how much do you take? Thanks.

Oh and what brand organic multivitamin?

Castor Oil
Posted by Sharon (TN) on 04/18/2021 4 posts

How many weeks did it take for the castor oil take to cure your eye floaters? Thanks

Beet Juice
Posted by Kelly (Seattle, WA) on 03/10/2021

One caution with beets -- they're EXTREMELY high in oxalates. So if one has joint pains or especially are prone to kidney stones, you want to avoid beets at all costs. Plus, not sure why they would help with floaters as they have nothing to do with collagen and/or blood issues.

Beet Juice
Posted by Kelly (Seattle) on 03/10/2021


Yes, a detached vitreous humor is probably the MAIN cause of 'sudden' larger floaters. That happened to me about 2 years ago, and then again just today at lunch. It came on fast two...within a minute so I knew it was a bleed. And I had some garlic w/my lunch which is a well known blood thinner (see below). They checked and found that it hadn't detached, but there was a small amount of blood at the bottom of the last detached area. When they're repaired with lasers, they can't really close the detachment, but they laser around it to prevent it from detaching further. Those pin-tip size floaters at tiny specs of blood -- so it's best to back off on any type of blood thinner -- natural or drug-based -- because you'll continue to get them and/or they're get worse. Mine were better like I said for a little more than 2 years...but something caused the bleed today, and now I'm back with 'windshield-wiped' type floaters, and those little tiny, tiny black dots, but I'm determined to find every way I can to make them go away. Will update my post as I (hopefully) improve.

Posted by Jasmine (NJ) on 05/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Organic Multivitamin and MSM.

I didn't even realize my eye floaters disappeared until I thought about it since they never bothered me really. They have been with me for a decade and now they're mostly gone since MSM! However, just be careful cause the timing also coincides with my dry eyes, which is why I was scanning through Earth Clinic.

Posted by bodulica (Barrie ON) on 03/13/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone tried pineapple (Bromelain)? According to this study it works.

Beet Juice
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 10/04/2020

I just experienced this in early 2020 and again in September. I saw huge floaters that looked like handlebar mustaches and then huge carpenter ant floaters. Flashes of light as well. An eye doctor is in order in case it is a retinal detachment. Mine was a detached vitreous humor both times. There is nothing that can be done. The eye doctor I saw said your brain eventually ignores the floaters. Now I just see a whole sheet of pin tip size floaters. Good luck! Getting old is not for sissies.

Castor Oil
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

Sri Lanka, see if you can find online Can-C eye drops (with L carnosine). I have seen photos of before and after 6 months, of a full blown eye cataract from a trial. Gone. So it is a proven eye drop solution, doctor developed, for humans and animal cataracts. The box one buys comes with TWO eye-drop bottles.

Budwig Diet
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

I hear you! That is why I soak raw seeds or nut in some powdered Vitamin C for about 10 minutes for flax seeds, overnight for all others.Then I rinse them in a sieve before using. Walnuts and other nuts I dry by cotton kitchen towel, and ten place in sun on a cookie sheet with rim. If it is cloudy I dry them on lowest temperature my oven has, perhaps even with door slightly open. Then save in fridge.

Beet Juice
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

Looking in medical books I found floaters are sometimes even from time of birth, when extra capillaries inside the eye do not dissolve. So nothing to do with sleeping position. BUT they have ALL to do for me with eating sweet things, and bread. So perhaps they might even be candida related. So staying off breads seems to help me a lot.
I make occasionally raw beets to rejuvenate my liver. Formula is easy to make by anyone. All you need is a greater (or food processor).

1/3 raw beets, 1/3 good extra virgin olive oil, 1/3 fresh lemon juice. (Or lime juice when I cannot find good lemons here). Grate beets, mix with olive oil and lemon juice, place in glass dish with cover, refrigerate. Eat 1 tablespoon on its own, or in salads daily. Good for skin too. Original recipe I had said that when we eat this 1 Tablespoon each hour it can completely regenerate the liver. (Unless someone is in a live and death liver situation, I would stick to the 1 then 2 TBSP daily, or one could regenerate the liver, while experiencing major detox. )

Beet Juice
Posted by Jeanne (Colorado, Usa) on 11/19/2018

You say that you work for 10 hours daily on computers. I have floaters too, and here looking for some ideas. But regarding computer use my eyes really enjoy a Yellow night driving clip-on for glasses. If you normally don't wear glasses you can get Yellow night driving glasses in Walmart for about $ 10. I just purchased 2 more as gifts, as my eyes are much less stressed from the blue computer screen light, and so current floaters are so much less of a bother.

Vitamin B12
Posted by Coodlepoodle (Pilottown, LA) on 05/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

For probably 2 years have been trying to customize a cure for eye floaters. Eye Floaters became real obnoxious with menopause. Florescent lights and sunlight were real tough situations for me. I stumbled upon Vit. B1 in researching. The article said Vit. B1 was directly related to the movement of the eyes. That was exactly when the floaters were bad for me. When I moved my eyes back and forth. Vit. B1 made a significant difference. Right now I am tinkering with the individual Vit. Bs to find out what works best ie. Vit. B Complex, B1, B2, B6 and B12.

Years ago I got the weak stomach acid and that is a sign of Vit. B deficiency also. So, the floaters were not the only symptom. I have not seen many cures that mention this but Adelle Davis in her book hit upon this. Finding this is a huge relief because it is a very manageable solution. The capper is that Vit. B increases your energy by better processing your food. Who would have guessed!!

Beet Juice
Posted by Akilah (Chicago, Il) on 03/09/2018


The correction the beet juice gives doesn't persist. A few hours after I take it each time, I can see the floaters again. I have not been using it consistently however, and maybe it's a cumulative effect. I use it when it gets really uncomfortable, outside of that I have just learned to work around it.

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 01/24/2018

Thanks for updating, Alex. I have floaters, too and have considered this remedy but you are saving me the trouble!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki) on 01/23/2018
1 out of 5 stars

I used serrapeptase for my eye floaters for many months with zero results. I took it away from meals. That period a callus I had scrapped off easily with a pumice when taking a bath.

No side effects to me.

L-Carnosine Eye Drops
Posted by Agustin (Dallas, Texas) on 11/20/2017

Awesome, Thank you for your Comment I'll try this eye drops because I have very heavy eye floaters from the vitreous like clouds on the Sky, I can't see the signs when I driving and lot distractions, Thank you

N-Acetylcarnosine (NAC) Eye Drops
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 10/28/2017
2 out of 5 stars

I've use a 5ml bottle of Can-C eye drops (N-Acetylcarnosine) with NO RESULTS for my eye floaters as the site which produces it says. One drop every day for weeks. No side effects either

Comfrey Tea
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 10/20/2017
2 out of 5 stars

I've used about 150gr of Comfrey tea with zero results. Every time I did a tea I also put 1 drop of the tea in my eye in the morning and one in the afternoon. Zero results for me with no side effects either.

L-Carnosine Eye Drops
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 09/22/2017

CAN-C's active ingredient is N-Acetylcarnosine not L-carnosine.

Beet Juice
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 07/14/2017
2 out of 5 stars

Have being dring beet root juice for a week with zero results. Didn't drink large quantities though. For another period of time I have also tried eating a lot of beet roots. All my floaters are still there. I got my floaters from being myopic, reading too much without plus lenses and thus overheating the vitreus chamber. Maybe inflammations while using contact lenses when I was a teen added to the problem.

Beet Juice
Posted by Mz (Nc) on 07/13/2017

Did the flashing lights go away too?

Castor Oil
Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 06/30/2017
1 out of 5 stars

Castor oiled failed for me. I used cold pressed, hexane free castor oil not only for 8-9 days as Al Miller have suggested, but for a whole month with no results. My eye floaters still remain. I used one drop per day in the afternoon. I had no infection at all even though the castor oil is not sterile. If I used it just before bed time though I had much eye in the morning so I abadoned night use.

Be carefull, because it is oil, if someone has a RCE (recurrent corneal errosion) it can deteriorate the cornea and make the epithelium stick off with ease even while not sleeping! I had that case and stopped the use in my left eye allthough it was fine for months.

Serrapeptase, L-Arginine
Posted by Alan M. (Mexico City) on 06/15/2017
5 out of 5 stars

One of the best things to get eye floaters out is the enzime l-arginine...this wonderfull enzima comes from the silk worms they use it to get out of the cocoon...and its also helpful for people with blood clots, plus l-arginine augments circulation and irrigation....serrapeptase 2 to 3 times daily l-arginine 3 grams in the morning before breakfast 3 grams in the afternoon..2 hour after food....

Beet Juice
Posted by Soazburrolady (Southern Az) on 06/15/2017

Hi Katalyst,
I know you said you have no vision insurance. Vision insurance usually refers to refraction (glasses measurement). Floaters and flashing lights, on the other hand, are considered a medical problem and should be covered by medical insurance, as would things such as glaucoma, cataract, and macula degeneration for example. Hope that helps.

Beet Juice
Posted by Rsw (Oh ) on 06/14/2017

Flashing lights in the eye can be a sign of a detached retina, which needs immediate medical care if your vision is to be maintained. Unless you are talking about what you know to be the flashing lights of a migraine or an ocular migraine, a visit to an eye doctor, immediately, may be wise. I love alternative medicine and don't mean to alarm you, but this may need help from an MD.

Beet Juice
Posted by Katalyst For Change (Brevard, Nc) on 06/14/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Got spontaneous eye floaters 2 days ago along with flashing light at the corner of my eye. Came to this sight for insight and remedy, as usual. Last night put Colloidal Silver drops in my eyes. A little burning, no better. Today, for lunch I drank fresh beet and carrot juice, about 3 cups through lunch and beyond. I washed the unpeeled carrots and beets and juiced them. Yum! Eye floaters gone right now! One hour later. Well, there is a little one left - negligible. I'll drink more later and tomorrow. LOVE this sight and all of you! Thank you for posting and for your help and wisdom.

This is so great because yesterday, I went to sign up for health insurance. LOL! I could pay a premium of $38.25 and my deductible was $14,300. No vision, no dental included. Shocking! What can we do to change this, folks? We all say yes to this debacle. There has got to be a different way. Meanwhile, I'll keep coming back and making myself a guinea pig.

Castor Oil
Posted by Al Miller (Usa) on 03/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I developed floaters years ago [I was told if you were near sighted, and lived long enough, that you would develop floaters]. Recently I developed dry eyes along with itchiness. I applied 2-4 drops of Castor Oil at bedtime. The first treatment removed the dryness 90%, so I continued nightly for 7-8 nights and my eyes feel almost 'new' my surprise, my floaters have reduced 90% as well [treating for floaters was not in my plan] :)

Beet Juice
Posted by Akilah (Chicago ) on 02/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

So I use earth clinic as a first source for pretty much everything and it is ALWAYS helpful but I understand that natural remedies sometimes take a little longer to work than western medicine. Therefore I always use it over a trial period and expect gradual results over time.

Well, with eye floaters and beet juice I can honestly say that this post has come an hour after eating about half a can of canned beets. The reduction in eye floaters is amazing.

Long story short 2 years ago the vision in my right eye started changing. I got tons of testing and they couldn't find anything wrong but they were able to confirm that I had reduced vision in the center of my eye. Fast forward two years and I suspected that there was a possibility it could be a floater just in a very uncomfortable place ( the center of my eye) causing its presence to be more inconvenient than the norm.

So I came onto earth clinic, decided to try the beets and VOILA! A mere hour later, while the floater is not completely gone and I don't know if it will stay gone, it is AT LEAST 50% better than it was just an hour ago!

I work on a computer pretty much 10 hours a day so it's very noticeable, but hey if you have eye floaters try this, worst case scenario it doesn't work and you now have your daily dose of vitamin C!

Castor Oil
Posted by Lalin (Sri Lanka) on 01/02/2017

I have floaters in both eyes and emerging cataract. Read about castor oil for cataract and got down some oil (USP) packed by a company called Humco in Texas. According to the label it is to be used as a laxative. Unfortunately I am not sure about the purity of the castor oil here that is why I imported it from USA. Could I use this for my eyes? Regards

Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 11/24/2016
1 out of 5 stars

I used crystalline taurine every day for six months with no results to my eye floaters.

Beet Juice
Posted by Pankaj (Hyderabad) on 07/09/2016

Hey Jay, I am Pankaj. I am happy to see your post regarding beet juice affects on floaters. Even I am from Hyderabad and facing the same floaters. So please will you let me know how your floaters exactly are?, and is this beet juice really effective?

Posted by Elaine (Indianola, Wa, Usa) on 06/21/2016

Om, how do you apply the castor oil, to the eye lids?

Beet Juice
Posted by Shirley (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 05/30/2016

Hi Pbatech

There is magic all around us my friend. It's called the human body's ability to heal itself with the correct nutrition. You just have to know where to look. Jay may be correct in what he says. Everyone's body is different.

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