Natural Remedies for Eye Floaters

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Carri, Rmt & Stress Reduction Practitioner (Boulder, Co) on 03/12/2014
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I would like to share some topics I found through research after experiencing my own floaters. Tight neck muscles can cause stress on the muscles around the eyes influencing the flow in the vessels that feed the eyes & numerous other facets of eye functionality. Weak liver, kidney & adrenal function may all play a part. Mental stress for the same reason as tight neck muscles. Imperfect vision. Stress from the above added to contact wear, glasses wear & computer work.

What helped; easy access to public for free:

~Shiatsu massage weekly (or research and learn how to work all the muscles around the eyes (refrain from pushing on the eyeball).
~Reflexology points on the hands or feet daily to promote health in the liver, kidney & adrenals.
~Stretching the neck: specific to scalene muscles, upper traps, occipital region. Minor stretch with oil if excessively tight as overdoing a stretch can worsen the pull on vessels and cause inflammation.
~Develop mental healing skills. If stressed try EFT (tapping).
~Nutritional helps: B vitamins, beet juice or supplement, vitamin C, liquid chlorophyll a few drops to a bottle of water, vitamin A
~Exercises to improve vision. Research the Bates Method. He has a free e-book online that explains much about vision. Many individuals have copied his free material & placed packages for sale.