Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

Posted by Georgia Mommy (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/04/2013

I ran across this article in The British Medical Journal from October 1921, and thought it might be helpful to someone. It talks about sodium biborate (borax) successfully treating epilepsy.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Pam (Osaka, Japan) on 02/19/2013

I'm 35 age. I'v had epilepsy since 27yrs old.

My friend just told me about coconut oil a week ago, and start to have every day. Does anyone take a medicine as well? I usually need to take two kinds every morning and evening plus, one of them in between. I duly stop to have medicine though...

B Vitamins
Posted by Granny On The Go (Waco, Tx) on 12/30/2012

As far as I can tell, at least some kinds of epilepsy are from an inborn need for extra B6. Read Adelle Davis' book Let's Get Well chapter on epilepsy.

It also is what must be given for a genetic mutation that causes cavities and gum diseases in children and young adults. I have found that it also is important for adults that seem to get cavities even when they brush and floss.

Ketogenic Diet
Posted by Mominchi (Chicago, Il) on 12/29/2012

We have tried Keto diet for my toddler's epilepsy and have now switched to a high in good fats diet. The issue with brain fats as far as I read with Keto is that long chain trigylcerides like veg oils burn really crappy as brain fuel and lots of fats pick up free radicals when you cook with them or become derranged or transfats as they are more commonly known. Those actually prevent the brain from using fats to repair itself (brain & nervous system is comprised of saturated fats).

My understanding of the reason the old school version of ketogenics worked best is because ALL the fat was short chain triglycerides from milkfats they burn cleanly and leave less metabolic waste (ketones) of course now since milk is superheated thru pasturization and derranged thru homogenization the diet is far less effective than the 20's version. Coconut oil is a medium chain and that was why MCT version of keto gave decent results. It is a good saturated fat (they actually prevent the oil from becoming a transfat when heated) and all cooking is ideally done with coconut, butter, or ghee. They gave excellent results on KD as compared to the terrible formula readymix loaded with calcium, aspertame, and vegetable oil.

Posted by Phips (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/29/2012

Magnesium for epilepsy. If magnesium is giving you side-effects (dry mouth, numbness in extremities, light headedness, low blood pressure, weakness, lethargy, sleepiness, felling hot, low blood sugar, profuse sweating, irregular heart beat, or slow heart beat, etc, you are probably calcium and vitamin D deficient. Or you have taken an overdose of magnesium. Overdoses can also be lethal. Remember, magnesium is a natural antagonist to calcium. So taking too high a dose of magnesium can depress you serum calcium levels. If this is a problem with you, take smaller doses 2-3 times daily. Also make sure you supplement with calcium and vit D to prevent magnesium side-effects.

Natural Remedies
Posted by Susan (New York, Ny) on 11/08/2012

Everything from the pharmacutical industry helps one thing but damages 5 other things in your body. My only questions is why was he driving so soon? Why didn't he wait till he was free of seizures for a year when he was trying something new.

Posted by Deel~ (Flint, Mich./usa) on 10/31/2012

Additional research(:-) a deficiency of Magnesium, can be implicated as a cause of almost all ailments, esp'lly Seizure disorders, & adding B-6 helps it absorb, but is better to take a B-Complex, as they all work together, so about 500mg Mg 100mg B-6 B's> assist metabolize Carbohydrates, Brain fuel.

Calcium D also assist as does a Multi-Vitamin; as Anti-convulsants deplete D, Folic acid, & others.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Binah (Dublin) on 10/28/2012

Just a fyi, Patricia Murphy died a few years ago, 2008 I think, she was 55 approx. A seizure played a part in her death, whether it was SUDEP or an accident I don't know, its quite hard to get info on the net about it. I have her book and I think its great and I think she was a pioneer, there's lots of great info in it. I suppose whether we're on meds or using natural seizure control the possibility for breakthrough seizures is always there. People could easily use this death to dismiss the naturopathic model of epilepsy treatment (I think thats why there is such little info on her death), I don't, I think she did what was best for her and for a quality of life she could live with. There's no point in living a long life half asleep on meds, perhaps without adequate seizure control, when we can strive towards and hope for, a long life of quality, may she rest in peace.

Taurine, Tyrosine, B-50 Complex, Acupuncture
Posted by Binah (Dublin) on 10/11/2012

I take Taurine as well, I take 3000mg twice daily though, along with Vitamin B complex 50mg twice, I take them together as Taurine uses Vitamin B6 to carry out its functions. I started taking it last year and have managed to reduce my keppra dose from 2750mg to 750mg per day and I am determined to get off it because the side effects of it are horrendous, I do get fairly good control with keppra but would rather look for natural ways to control seizures. One thing that keppra did to me was it caused arythmia and the Taurine has also stopped this and this is a great relief to me. I'm still on Tegretol Retard unfortunately but am considering reducing that too in the future. Taurine is an amazing anti-convulsant imo and I'm so grateful because I was suicidal and exhausted and losing my hair and angry on keppra, I couldn't concentrate, follow a film or read a book, and books were my refuge.

I take spirulina too since last May which has helped with insomnia and energy levels and complex migraines and the nerve damage in my hands that was becoming a problem for me, its full of B vitamins and neuroprotectant amino acids.

There is new research out since last month on Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) these can be bought in the health shop, they contain Leucine Isoleucine and Valine, the research was done on a small number of people who had Autism with Epilepsy and they found between 7-10 grams in powder form given over the day in about four doses had dramatic effects on both conditions. They specify that the work was only carried out on people with Autism who had a genetic co-morbid epilepsy but I think it is reasonable to wonder if this may work too for the general epilepsy population.

I'm starting hopefully this week to start drinking ionised water, about 8 pints a day, a friend of mine has done this for his daughter and he says it reduced her seizures by 50%. It is used for many illnesses and in hospitals in Japan for its anti-oxidant effect. The machines can be expensive but I made my own for a small fraction of the price. There are a few good clear videos on how to make one on youtube.

Never give up hope, there are lots of options out there to try, blessings everyone x

Learn to Stay Calm
Posted by Dubby (Lagos, Nigeria) on 08/14/2012

My son had herpes simplex enchephilitis attack some 4 years ago. He was in coma for 4 days and after the coma came became paralysed. Since then he has been having myloclonic jerks and siezures, at least 20 times a day, during which he loses contol of every part of his body. Mostimes he falls face down on the floor, during the attacks.

He has been on Eplim and Kepra(medication) for over three years but there does not seem to be any sign of improvement. We even flew him to india where he was put through oxygen therapy... This also didnt work. We have seen various neurologist worldwide, including children's hospital, but no improvement.

I was so desperate at one time that I sent a mail to the popular Dr. Ben Carson, but didnt get a response. I would appreciate any advice on the way(s) to arrest this frequest seizures and jerks he has daily.

Learn to Stay Calm
Posted by Sporkonafork (Corpus Christi, Texas) on 08/07/2012

Relaxing has helped me thruout the years to avoid seizures im currently taking xanax, before I would just drink chamomile tea, that chamomille tea has saved me many times from having a seizure, I had sleeping trouble valerian root works very well to sleep I never had any nocturnal seizures while having a valerian root tablet before bed. Its only $5 for a bottle of 100 tablets!! Also replace your pillow with a new one I felt a nocturnal seizures coming if my neck was cramped with a pillow that wasnt good

Also take vitamins!! I take 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt in morning at 5am, later on I have Vitamin E, omega 3 fish oil. & centrum multivitamin! exercise too!! I felt much much better on days ive exercised just sacrifice 30 mins a day to exercise at home youll feel a diference!

also I personally keep something holy close to me I feel comfort during my worst of times (oncoming seizure) if im holding my rosary.. I pray for guidance to help me beat this illness... Ive had occasional simple partial seizures(2-4 a year) since 11/2004

Natural Remedies
Posted by Johnnyboy (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/01/2012

People who suffer from epilepsy are legally banned from driving a car, if they do so, sadly they are putting the public at risk, the same way an intoxicated driver will.

Posted by Johnnyboy (Melbourne, Australia) on 08/01/2012

I continue to have improved health and control of my epilepsy after beginning a japanese water diet; drinking 1 pint of pure water every morning and waiting 45min. Before eating breakfast. At first I was having strong dreams, I assume it was possibly because I have ceased my evening dose of tegretol/ keppra and wasn't sleeping in a drug induced state. I do feel as if I have cleared my mind somewhat because the dreams were unpleasant at first, but now, after 1mth. they are not. I will most likely continue with this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Water Diet
Posted by Johnnyboy (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After living with epilepsy for 14years, result of assault, I am tired of countless different meds, their claimed effectiveness and their draining side effects, so, after stumbling onto a website which supplied info about a japanese water diet, which claimed to help people with many health probs, also epilepsy sufferers, I decided I would give it a try. It's quite simple in method, consume a certain volume of clean water every morning and wait 45min. before eating. Since I began this process I have not only had no seizures and noticed an improvement in health, but I have halved my medication dosage, i.e., ceased my evening dose. Now, before I get bombarded with comments relating to how I shouldn't change my dosage without a doctor's approval, I would like to know if anybody has tried this and has had similar results.

Posted by Me (Somewhere, In The Usa) on 07/17/2012

UPDATE: Thank you for all your replies. I have tried the chiropractor a while back but it did not help me. And the ketogenic diet requires consumption of heavy cream on a daily basis and lots of oily and fat foods which I dislike immensely so I am really hoping to find a vitamin or mineral that will provide relief for me.

On the third day I did not take any epsom salts and slept well and woke up feeling normal with no tingling or numbness feelings. In the morning of the 4th day I decided to try 1/2 teaspoon epsom salts again and several hours later I again started experiencing tingling, numbness in face and brain fog. I wish I can find out why this is. Will try a different form of magnesium now and some coconut oil.

Posted by Oldriska (Prague, Czech Republic) on 07/17/2012

Hi, have you had your spine looked at? Epilepsy, frequent headaches and insomnia... I think it would be worth checking if your neck spine is properly aligned. I have trigeminal neuralgia which shares some of its features with epilepsy and some people claim to get relief from bone adjustment (not my case as I'm type II - atypical but I believe that loads of problems are related to the spine). Good luck with your treatment!

Posted by Rsw (Uniontown, Oh) on 07/16/2012

Have you looked into the ketogenic diet for epilepsy? It was developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital, involves no drugs and works very well for many. Also look at The Charlie Foundation for other resources on the diet. It was founded by Jim Abrahams whose son, Charlie was suffering from over 100 seizures a day and went to 0 seizures in 48 hours after starting the diet. Best wishes!

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 07/16/2012

Exhausted, take Epsom salts BATHS instead of taking it internally.

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 07/16/2012

Try magnesium citrate capsules instead. Epsom salts cause water separation and can influence nutrient absorption if you aren't careful. Also try magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) spray on your skin for tingly hands or legs etc.

Posted by Exhausted (Somewhere, In The Usa) on 07/16/2012
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I have Epilepsy it has just turned from absence type to the scary biting tongue, falling down nocturnal type. I'm interested in magnesium as a possible cure since mine started as a teenager and I also have had headaches often.

My QUESTION: I took about a teaspoon of epsom salts dissolved in some fruit juice once per day- two days in a row in the evening. My problem is now I am experiencing racing thoughts at night, tingling hands, some numbness in the face (especially when I try to sleep) and really bad insomnia. I can only sleep a couple of hours and I wake up again. Plz help it feels like I am buzzing with electricity. I am exhausted. What's wrong with me?? :( Btw, I was fighting off the dreaded feeling of an oncoming attack for several days prior to taking the epsom salts (i have one every 2 weeks) and after taking magnesium the dread feeling is mostly gone so I feel like magnesium may be helping except for this new problem.

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Dolores (Noti, Oregon) on 07/09/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hello I was looking for help with seizure control because my 17 year old son will be going off medication by the end of this month, no insurance (husband lost his job). As I was reading some of the remedies from others I thought I could add something.

I have always controled my two boys seizures by diet. The information I read when they were 3 and 5 years (their first seizures) was from a naturopath doctor. She listed what needs to be avoided: chicken and chicken eggs. black and red fruits (plums, red apple skins, blueberries, strawberries, purple eggplant skins, red tomatoes etc. It is the pigment that is the seizure trigger also manmade dyes, so marshmallows with blue dye to make them white, milk will sometimes have blue in it, etc. READ the LABELS, then the man made stuff other than dyes... BHA, BHT, and MSG. So, BHA and BHT are in oils and fats... If the product has less than 2% of the chemical the manufacturer does not have to list it so you need to stick to your natural oils and butters or call the individual companies and ask if they have either of those chemicals in their products. MSG is everywhere. Look up "truth in labeling" they have a list and explanations about MSG (very good information).

This list of things to avoid has always proven true for my boys. If they would have a seizure (about once every 6 months or less) I could always pinpoint what "got past me" and caused it. One boy has stopped having them. But the younger still has them if I am not careful. The reason we went to mediation is because over the years I didn't realize that MSG was being put into so many more products under so many more names and he was starting to have little seizures regularly. He is sensitive and I want more help. I am going to try the baking soda and lecithin and vit C and magnesium as extra support for him.

I hope this list will help others, it has been very good for us. Also stress affects my boy, fever, overwork.

Good luck

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Babyangel (Sinton, Texas, Usa) on 06/26/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hello, my name is Katie. I had mild epilepsy since 11/12/2004 when I had my first grandmal it was induced by stress from seeing my mother stay in hospital 1 month (shes ok now) I took phenytoin 500mg for 11 months, the side affects were HORRIBLE! I was fine for years I knew to avoid foul stong odors such as from nail polish and hair coloring that made me feel I may have a seizure if I was around that odor long. I had a few close calls I drank herbal tea called chamomile to relieve the "yucky" feeling I may have a seizure. I let the tea bag sit in the coffee cup of water I put in microwave 2 mins sit in the water 15mins to make it stronger, if it was an emergency I would get the chamomile tea stems and chew on it like gum, I had 1-3 mild nocturnal seizures each year I knew it was about to happen when I felt the extreme "deja vu" feeling. I started to take a herbal vitamin called valerian root since I had trouble sleeping.. This worked very well 2-3 each night and I had no more nocturnal seizures

I started getting older so, like many other young adults drinking became common for me. My finst few yrs I was fine having 6-8 beers. Then around oct 2011 I started to binge drink 10-12 beers at a time 2-3 times a week until I had a simple partial seizure feb 15 2012 from the bad hangover that triggered it. I did not see a doctor right away I just stopped drinking and smoking tobacco. I still did not feel well I had "close calls" daily and had 2 more simple partial seizures. I finally saw a doctor march 16 2012, I explained to the doctor I never want to take dilantin again. It was so horrible, so the doctor gave me something thats helped ALOT, .50 mg alprazolam (generic xanax) I feel relaxed now, I havent had anymore seizures or closecalls. I break the pill 1/2 so I take only .25mg of xanax at time. I still drink chamomile tea. I also like to drink either cinnamon tea or take 2 cinnamon capsules in the morning that HELPS ALOT the cinnamon, I also take 1 Vitamin E tablet, and 1 omega3 daily.

Whats helped me most is exercising or staying busy on feet!! I havent drank or smoked in over 4 months now . And if you're taking a medication make sure you read online of warnings what may contradict that medicine thats very important.. and if you believe in god, keep something holy closeby. I personally carry a ring rosary always in my pocket with me and next to my bed when im asleep..

I hope I can help someone that reads this.. I wanted to post here hoping to help someone.. God bless you

Coconut Oil
Posted by Rosie (New Orleans, La, Usa) on 05/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had epilepsy since about 17 yrs old. Now am 34. Because I had partial temporal lobe type, I never took meds (scary side effects!!! ). But last year I started having seizures more frequently and I wanted to do something about. Did ketogenic diet (strictly) for about 3 weeks, then switched to low-carb. Still had seizures. By the way, seizures seemed directly linked to my protein/fat intake. Ate lots of almonds, etc. Not as many seizures, but not cured. About 8 months later, I started drinking teas on a regular basis, teas that aid in kidney and liver function. Still had seizures.

Then I got organic good coconut oil and started using as lotion every day 2x or more. 2 months into the coconut ritual, I had allergies/cold so I took massive amounts of Vit. C, zinc, echinacia, etc. I This was in dec and january of 2012. I realized about 3 weeks ago that I have not had a seizure in about 1-2 mnths.

I think it is the coconut. That is the only thing I do every day without fail. And I have only been putting it on my skin!!! I plan on eating a little bit every day.

Of course, my Dr. has no interest in my "cure."

All along, I have noticed a direct relation between my seizures and food intake, and in particular protein/fat. It's not protein, though, it's fat that I need.

Also, my seizures started when I was in high school and started skipping lunch and eating candy and drinking Cokes.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Hippocrates (Odin, Missouri, U.s.a.) on 04/28/2012 9 posts

Hello all, This is my first post. I figured that this information could possibly help someone. So here goes:

My grandmother once told me a story about her mother's sister, my great aunt (I knew all three women).

Way back when, when she was an infant/toddler, she had massive seizures. They called the doctor and he came out to where they lived and looked her over. He left and came back and gave her an enema of Blackstrap Molasses. I do not know the molasses/water ratio. I do not know if there was possibly anything else in the enema solution. As far as my grandma remembers, the doctor only did it the once, but was unsure if the family continued treatment on their own or not.

But soon after, she was cured of her seizures and never had any more for the rest of her life (died recently of old age).

Blackstrap molasses are high in Potassium. I postulate that either through direct mechanism or more likely through a Potassium deficiency being rectified by the addidion of Potassium into her system in large quantities, that it somehow cured her.

Again, not sure if this can help a child or possibly an adult with seizures, but I am just putting this story out there not as medical advise, but as something that has worked for someone in the past.

General Feedback
Posted by Sandhya (Kihei, Hawaii, Usa) on 04/21/2012

I was an epileptic for 41 years..... Started petite mal and went soon into grand mal..... Doctors said idiopathic.... No known cause. EEG 's were normal. Had to take 4 tegretols per day. I found out that more than half of all seizures are caused by a hit on the head.. Doesn't have to be significant. Years later seizures begin due to scar tissue which has formed. I did a test with an affiliate using Brain State Technology.... Called a brain map. It was the best EEG I ever had.... It not only said I had high seizure activity but where the activity was located. After 20 sessions I felt my brain waves to be different and asked for another Brain Map. Sure enough it had corrected the neurons sufficiently for me to use GABA amino acid (makes neurons fire regularly) and get off the meds within two weeks. It has been two years and no hint of a seizure. It also corrected PST which is inner anxiety and brain injury from a car accident... Whiplashed badly.

With your daughter I would begin here. You can't lose with this treatment as it improves your life in many ways. If you have to take meds while doing it make sure they are on the low level when doing the sessions.. Just before you have to take them again or you may be wasting your money or it will take longer as some medicines block the effect...

Ketogenic Diet
Posted by Nelson Narciso (Toronto , Ontario) on 04/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I highly recommend the ketogenic diet my son is 6 yrs old and has had all the seizures you can name and the meds are garbage. This diet can help to stop them with out meds please try this diet it really works you have to be very strict but its worth it.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
Posted by Jeff (Florissant, Missouri) on 03/26/2012

On products containing aspartame they do put a warning for those with Phenylalanine, a nervous disorder that has caused adverse reactions to Aspartame, including seizures.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Julia (Colchester, Vermont) on 02/05/2012

Yes, common misconception about saturated fats, I did some research and found that the FDA kind of led America to believe that all saturated fats caused heart problems, untrue (there wasn't quite any solid research to back up those claims). Coconut oil is extremely good for you. I've just received an order I placed and am hoping it might help with my epilepsy and perhaps my memory which has been diagnosed on the 'lower end of normal'.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Harsha (Bangalore, India) on 02/03/2012
4 out of 5 stars

After reading the great effects of coconut oil on a Alzheimer affected person, I started it in the new year. In a month I am seeing gradual results for my mild and frequent seizures.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Jtdds (Rochester, Ny) on 11/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I think I'm on to something regarding magnesium for seizure control. Before you spend a fortune like I did on Liquid magnesium, transdermal magnesium and Magnesium oxide supplements, try this...

Buy a small quantity of Epsom Salt from the drugstore. In a coffee mug, crush it into a very, very fine powder. Stir 1/2 to one teaspoon of the powder into a small sip of orange juice, open your mouth wide and swallow, being careful not to leave any magnesium granules at the bottom of the glass. My seizures are cured. DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR SEIZURE MEDICATION UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THIS SUCCESSFULLY FOR AT LEAST ONE YEAR AND EVEN THEN TAPER OFF OF IT SLOWLY WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN'S ADVICE!

Eliminate Wheat, B Vitamins
Posted by Maisie (Portland, Or) on 11/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I recently brought my son to Portland Family Homeopathy in Portland, Oregon. He's had seizures for the whole first year of his life. Sometimes hundreds at a time. We were given a pretty bad diagnosis from a neurologist who wanted to put him on all sorts of meds. I asked her if there had ever been research about the long term developmental side effects of giving these meds to babies... She said no. So we chose to try to find other treatment options.

A friend of mine had recommended that I try Portland Family Homeopathy and so I did. We went and were given some really basic dietary information about what is good and bad for kids with seizures. Since we've cut out wheat and been giving him vitamin B supplements daily, he has been seizure free for 6 months now. Sometimes the answer is so simple.

Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
Posted by Jody23 (Fort Worth, Tx) on 11/05/2011

I heard that Pfizer added Aspartame to the seziure drug Dilantin, when they changed the look of the capsule back in 2007. There is no proof that Pfizer added Aspartame to Dilantin, but why are some people having seizures who have not had a seizure in 5-10 years while taking the "old Dilantin"(Parke Davis 100mg kapseals). I called Pfizer and asked them if the formula had been changed. They said the look of the capsule was changed, but not the formula. I think something was changed, but Pfizer wasn't going to tell me.

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