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Posted by Pam C. (Ohio) on 06/06/2019

I live in Springfield Ohio. My daughter, soon to be 41, is epileptic and has been having seizures since around 16. They have worsened and more frequent as she gets older and usually happens around or during her menstrual cycle. When she was between the ages of 10-14 she was sliding down a rot-iron railing outside and fell backwards, hit her head on a cement step. I always thought this was the cause of her issues but the doctors say it is hereditary. There are no relatives that had or has epilepsy. She had the vagus nerve implant surgery and it doesn't help. Doctors have used her as a guinea pig with many different medicines, all of which I'm sure reeks havoc on all other internal organs. I'm desperately searching for some sort of natural relief for her can anyone help?

Replied by Kelly

Pam, I too have had seizures since my teens and I am 44 now. My menstrual cycle/hormones have played a role as well. The seizures got increasingly worse as I got older AND after I had my daughter. I recently started putting coconut oil in my coffee in the morning and in my tea at light (about 1 tbsp. at a time). I also eat a spoonful of peanut butter every day and add a little butter if I eat bread, toast, bagel, ect. Anyway to get a little fat. I only eat fish (no red meat or poultry) so I found this works for me. Avocado is also an option. It has been working for me. No medication has ever worked.

Almost a month seizure free. Its worth a try, the coconut oil can't hurt. Good luck!!! :)

(Portland, ME)

Wow. You sound exactly like me with the seizures. I am glad I came across this. I will try it all out!

(Maine, USA)

I should have asked you how often did you have the seizures and what type? Petit mal?

Replied by Hannah B.
(United States)

you should look into grounding/earthing. it grounds your body to the earth, and normalizes everything electrical in the body. It has helped reduce seizures significantly in my daughter.

Replied by Mammagrande
(West Coast, USA)

Lita Lee's 1987 (?) book, The Enzyme Cure, has a valuable chapter on epilepsy... It goes into detail about seizures at certain points in menstrual cycles, etc. She advocates certain enzyme herbal supplements as well as progesterone. Don't know if she's still alive but was in Portland, OR, last I know of.

Seizure Triggers

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/28/2018

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN,,,,,,,,,, have a neighbor in her 40's and she has had several seizures, with shakes, eyes rolled back and blacks out. Her husband has witnessed this several times. She just reported that all her medical tests came back negative and so there is no explanation for her problem. She was delighted with the results. Bull. She just has not had another seizure. Her case is still not closed. I think I will get a call with her next seizure.

Before, when I related that an infant of a friend had seizures and Vanderbilt, nor the U of Tn Medical school could find the problem and both recommended exploratory brain surgery. Instead they took the infant to my Natural Doctor, who took it's DNA, which revealed a brain parasite. With homeopathic drops the infant was back to normal within a few months. No trial surgery, no big medical bill. What was so traumatic for my friend is this was his December son. He was a grandfather by his three grown daughters. He teared up telling me the story.

When I related this story to my neighbor she instantly dismissed the possibility. Hey,,,,,, and she is a nurse.

What is so sad is that lots of folks have this problem and when the surgery finds a parasite, they call it a tumor because insurance will not pay for a parasite. The doctors then call the worm a tumor. $$$$$$$ Game over.

My doctor also took on an airline executive that all the Big Names could not find her problem. That too turned out to be a parasite she had picked up in Thailand. Doctors knew all this stuff prior to Big Pharma controlling the medical schools.

The U S is # 1 in Trauma medicine. It is #37 in common sense, right behind Cuba, who leads the world in Ozone Medicine.

ATS,,,,,, ====ORH====


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Posted by Rex (Sarasota, Fl) on 04/21/2017

Ketogenic diet stops epileptic seizure in a significant percentage of children. Read below.

I believe this excerpt from Thomas Levy's book deserves an additional cure for ketogenic diet. The book is called "Curing the Incurable" 3rd edition, ebook page 316 of 7745.

In one of the more recent references in the April, 2000 issue of Pediatrics eleven studies on the ketogenic diet were reviewed. The authors concluded that the ketogenic diet completely stopped medically unresponsive seizures in a significant percentage of children. The diet also reduced seizure frequency by over 90% in an even greater percentage of children! Similar articles were found in the various neurology and epilepsy journals. Sadly, it would seem that many pediatricians and pediatric neurologists do not know what is in the most current issues of their primary and specialty journals.

Stay on Your Medications

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Posted by Blue (Hammond, Indiana, Usa) on 11/22/2009



I TURNED IN MY DRIVERS LICENSE AFTER A FATAL ACCIDENT WAS REPORTED IN THE LOCAL NEWS PAPER AND THEN THE LIGHT BULB ON MY HEAD WENT ON BRIGHT. As an epileptic since I was 8 yrs old and taking the dreaded dialantin sodium & phenobarbital has kept me sane and grand mal seizure free. One doctor took all my prescribed meds for 2 weeks-he wanted to see what would happen-well i had a grand mal seizure while on my stationary bike, fell off, bit my tongue and had a severe headach for days and stayed home from work just to get my body back to where it was prior to obeying this Dr. If I could find something but after 70 years I will stick to my apple cider vinegar in V8 or water while it still not hurting but helping my arthritis and osteoporosis. Annnd shiny hair too.

Please stick to your meds until you are truly sure and that your examiner thinks you can go ahead with alternatives. It physically hurts badly to not use the safety first method. I pray for all us epileptics especially the kids. While I was a kid I had to fight the kids for all their ugly remarks that made me cry in anger and then I began to fight them back because this is not my fault. You are all in my prayers.


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Posted by Layla (Melbourne) on 06/03/2015

I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 22. I was having seizures for about 2 years before getting an MRI and EEG. I was having mild seizures only lasting between 1-2 minutes. I had a poor diet and life style and if I didn't get enough sleep or had low sugar level or consumed alcohol the night before feeling stressed, I would nearly always have a seizure. I was having about one seizure every 2 weeks and was bruised nearly all of the time and my tongue was swollen most of the time. I traveled from the UK to Australia and started to see a naturopath regularly. (natural health doctor) I took all the vitamins that I got prescribed and started living alot more of a healthy, stress-free life. I've lived in Australia for two years and I've never had a seizure while living here.

I was in a house fire when I was 19, which left me with an 85% burn so the stress and high doses of painkillers I had taken contributed to my seizures, but I was still having regular seizures a year after I stopped taking any kind of pain killers, so I'm guessing something in my brain needed to neurologically heal and it did. I no longer take Lamotrigine medication and am still seizure free

Taurine, Tyrosine, B-50 Complex, Acupuncture

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Posted by Ritchie (Huntington Beach, CA) on 03/06/2008

I have been taking Taurine (500mg), Tyrosine(500mg), and B-50 complex. This has helped me control my seizures. I take The Taurine once in the morning. I take the Tyrosine 3 times a day, and B-Complex 2 to 3 times a day. If I take it 3 times a day, it sometimes keeps me up at night because it raises my energy levels up; instead, I take it 3 times a day only for more control or energy. I'm taking medicine still but at a minimal level because of these additional items I'm taking. Accupuncture helped me as well. I went from the full dosage of regular meds. to half the amount. The accupuncture takes some time though, but is worth it in the end.(The type of acupuncture I used was the approach treating the whole body - not just the ears for example.)

Replied by Binah

I take Taurine as well, I take 3000mg twice daily though, along with Vitamin B complex 50mg twice, I take them together as Taurine uses Vitamin B6 to carry out its functions. I started taking it last year and have managed to reduce my keppra dose from 2750mg to 750mg per day and I am determined to get off it because the side effects of it are horrendous, I do get fairly good control with keppra but would rather look for natural ways to control seizures. One thing that keppra did to me was it caused arythmia and the Taurine has also stopped this and this is a great relief to me. I'm still on Tegretol Retard unfortunately but am considering reducing that too in the future. Taurine is an amazing anti-convulsant imo and I'm so grateful because I was suicidal and exhausted and losing my hair and angry on keppra, I couldn't concentrate, follow a film or read a book, and books were my refuge.

I take spirulina too since last May which has helped with insomnia and energy levels and complex migraines and the nerve damage in my hands that was becoming a problem for me, its full of B vitamins and neuroprotectant amino acids.

There is new research out since last month on Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) these can be bought in the health shop, they contain Leucine Isoleucine and Valine, the research was done on a small number of people who had Autism with Epilepsy and they found between 7-10 grams in powder form given over the day in about four doses had dramatic effects on both conditions. They specify that the work was only carried out on people with Autism who had a genetic co-morbid epilepsy but I think it is reasonable to wonder if this may work too for the general epilepsy population.

I'm starting hopefully this week to start drinking ionised water, about 8 pints a day, a friend of mine has done this for his daughter and he says it reduced her seizures by 50%. It is used for many illnesses and in hospitals in Japan for its anti-oxidant effect. The machines can be expensive but I made my own for a small fraction of the price. There are a few good clear videos on how to make one on youtube.

Never give up hope, there are lots of options out there to try, blessings everyone x

Replied by Kdd

Hello, I am wondering how you are doing? Did you get off the keppra? My 14yr daughter had her first 8 seizures since March 2016. She is on 500mg a day of the keppra but still had 3 seizures while on it and Neuro just wants to double the dosage but I don't want to and want to wean her off eventually of it for good. Still working on being seizure free though, whole foods supplements, all the B's, mag, taurine, omega 3.... now looking into the cbd oil...Thanks for sharing...hope all is well!

Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS)

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Posted by Ola (Gdynia, Poland) on 09/22/2010

Hello, my name is Ola and I'm 26. I have epilepsy for 6 years. Nobody could help my, becouse medicines don't help me. (on average 5 times a month I had epileptic seizure -not hard only - unconscious). My doctor suggested my VNS THERAPY. I didn't know what to do, I affraid. He didn't tell me about side effect. But I decide that to go on operation. After this operation I felt horrible. I couldn't speak for 0, 5 year. And I don't see an effect. Noone in my country could help my. I feel terrible pain when the stimulus is on. Maby it is badly implant? Epileptic seizure are the same or worse. It could't be adjust becouse I feel horrible pain. Now I don't know what to do. What should I do? could somebody help my?


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Posted by Hunter (Michigan City, In) on 07/31/2016

All these work for my frontal lobe seizures : Valerian. Also Yogi Caramel bedtime tea and Celestial Seasons tea with valerian.


I need to find a Dr in South Bend, In. or Chicago downtown, that treats frontal lobe epilepsy. I will refuse all medications unless they are natural. I take valerian for my seizures, it works fine. I was harshly criticized by a Neurologist for this, but I DO NOT CARE.

Replied by Barbara
(Aiken, South Carolina)
23 posts

Please be careful of Celestial Seasonings teas as they have pesticides in them.

Water Diet

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Posted by Johnnyboy (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/22/2012

After living with epilepsy for 14years, result of assault, I am tired of countless different meds, their claimed effectiveness and their draining side effects, so, after stumbling onto a website which supplied info about a japanese water diet, which claimed to help people with many health probs, also epilepsy sufferers, I decided I would give it a try. It's quite simple in method, consume a certain volume of clean water every morning and wait 45min. before eating. Since I began this process I have not only had no seizures and noticed an improvement in health, but I have halved my medication dosage, i.e., ceased my evening dose. Now, before I get bombarded with comments relating to how I shouldn't change my dosage without a doctor's approval, I would like to know if anybody has tried this and has had similar results.

Replied by Johnnyboy
(Melbourne, Australia)

I continue to have improved health and control of my epilepsy after beginning a japanese water diet; drinking 1 pint of pure water every morning and waiting 45min. Before eating breakfast. At first I was having strong dreams, I assume it was possibly because I have ceased my evening dose of tegretol/ keppra and wasn't sleeping in a drug induced state. I do feel as if I have cleared my mind somewhat because the dreams were unpleasant at first, but now, after 1mth. they are not. I will most likely continue with this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.


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Posted by Suzanne (Abbotsford, Bc) on 08/07/2011

I know someone who has had epilepsy since he was a young teen and has been on phenobarbitol for years. Most of the time it was controlled, but occasionally he would have a grand mal seizure and more often, petit mal seizures, particularly in the morning. However, my sister-in-law told me that in Africa where they lived for a number of years, there were many cases of epilepsy in an area that was zinc-deficient, so I suggested he start taking zinc. Since taking 25 mg of zinc (1/2 a tablet) every night, he hasn't had any trouble, except once when he was taking another brand of zinc. I don't know if I can mention the store, but the good brand was from SuperStore and the other was from an online vitamin place.

Replied by Chidi
(Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

Pease, what brand of Zinc was from the Superstore? Thank you.

(Abbotsford, BC)

I'm pretty sure it would've been Equate, the store brand. I also order from Swanson's Vitamins, their brand. Lately I have been getting their chewable zinc/echinacea/vit. C tablets, which he enjoys.

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