Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

Epsom Salts  

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Posted by Catherine (Wellington, New Zealand) on 10/25/2008

My journey into nutrition started in the 70's with Adelle Davis' books. She recommended magnesium (epsom salts) for Epilepsy. I have told this to various people over the years and offered them the books to read, amazingly they didn't want to do the research, preferring the allopathic methods of treatment. Ms Davis was also a strong proponent of folic acid to prevent spina biffida! This has only recently been taken seriously..but her evidence could have saved much untold misery for unfortunate families during these intervening years.

In one of her books Ms Davis referred to another nutritionist from the 40's who opined that unless magnesium levels in the diet were improved, within a generation we would't be able to tell from the backview the difference between boys and girls!!! Well girls used to have waists (18" to 22") and boys always had physiques, maybe lack of magnesium affects the hormones somehow.

Replied by Jualsy
Costa Blanca. Spain

Adelle Davis is my favourite natural health guru.....I have all of her 4 books, and have used the remedies for all things over 40 years. Here in Spain I have not been to a doctor for 16 years....natural remedies are amazing It's not what you take, but how much you take re vitamins and there is a cure for cancer too, which no one wants to broadcast. That cure has been around for about 40 years.....B17....laetrile, kills only the cancer cells. It works!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 11/16/2007 522 posts

Look in any pharmacology book and it will tell you that magnesium (Epsom salts is one form of it) is the second most plentiful cation of the intracellular fluids and is essential for the activity of many enzymes and plays an important role in neurochemical transmission and muscular excitability. Deficits cause a variety of structural and functional disturbances. Epsom salts is given IV to prevent seizures in pre- eclamptic/eclamptic women to prevent seizures. Mg is a co- factor of all enzymes involved in phosphate transer reaction. Mg deficiency causes increased irritability, disorientation, convulsions (seiures) and psychotic behavior.It also had a direct effect on the neuromuscular and cardiovascular system. Hypomagnesium (deficit) occurs with vomiting, diarrhea, diuretic meds, and alcoholism (also our fast, junk food diets. You have lucked up and discovered what I often tell people" IF YOU CAN CURE THE PROBLEM WITH A VITAMIN OR MINERALS, THE PROBLEM IS NOT DISEASE, IT IS A DIETARY DEFICIENCY. Neurosurgeon Russell L. Blaylock, tells that excitotoxins also cause seiures, so I urge all readers to type in excitotoxins and hit go: copy the names they hide the excitotoxins under, then head for your kitchens and read ingredients on all foods there (including your raw, must be cooked chicken and beef), your canned foods, salad dressing, and sauces. You will learn that your food chain is as monosodiumglutamate laden as any stir-fried Asian meal. You just might find what is causing your seizures in the food you eat. If yours are caused by excitotoxins, we might ask Ted if magnesium is an antidote for MSG. If it is, then perhaps we should start giving alzheimers, Parkinson diseae patients Epsom salts 7 watch for improvement. The lovely part of taking epsom salts instead of anti-convulsants and anti-hypertensives is that it will quickly tell you when to quit by the diarrhea which is an early side effect. The medical field is not going to tell you to take epsom salts for seizures, even though it gives it for the same, because they can't patent, nor do you need to keep coming back to them for presciptions. But in defense of the individual doctors (a few of which would like to tell you about it), if they did and the AMA (the strongest union in the country) would jump on their case in a hurry and find some way to re-voke their license to practice medicine. Let's all say "THANK YOU, GOD" for the Ted's in this world.

Fish Oil, Spirulina  

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Posted by Bill (Portland, Oregon) on 11/23/2016
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Fish oil and spirulina for intractable epilepsy.

I started spirulina in Dec.2014 each day and added fish oil last year plus vitamins: as of Nov.2016, I haven't had major (collapsing) seizure for over three months. Also take 5000 IU Vit, D3 (liquid for under tongue) because I am celiac w/leaky gut: as well as vitamins E, zinc and B6 and tyrosine and 3000 mg taurine.

Believe I am over-medicated so have reduced my medication occasionally with no effect.

Fluorescent Light Connection  

Posted by Jen (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/14/2009

I use to work in a grocery store and we had a few people have seizures in the store. The fluorescent lights can induce a Seizure.

I now work in the field of sleep disorders and use to do EEG (brain studies to rule out (R/O) Seizure disorder and other anomalies) studies and we would have the patients come in sleep deprived and flash lights at varying speeds to try and induce/produce some type of epileptiform (AKA a Seizure) activity.

Frankincense Essential Oil  

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Posted by Melanie (Mountain City, Tn) on 05/20/2016
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After struggling with signs of stroke for 2 weeks after 4 vaccinations in one office visit, my 2-year old granddaughter has been left with a seizure disorder. Since her pediatrician refused to help us heal her, we looked for natural cures while searching for another doctor. Frankincense essential oil has been a lifesaver. She is seizure free unless she contracts a cold, but even then only has a few while asleep and not the hundreds each day that she was having initially. We are waiting to be seen by a Functional Medical practitioner for some testing to see if we're dealing with heavy metals poisoning or gut dysbiosis, but being able to mitigate as much brain damage as possible and provide her some quality of life in the interim is priceless. Since she's so small, we dilute the Frankincense - 3 drops per 1 tsp of carrier oil which, for us, is typically fractionated coconut oil.

EC: Dear Melanie, thank you for your feedback on frankincense oil.

Can you please give us more information (in both of your posts) on where you applied the frankincense oil on the body? Also, did you spend time massaging it in? Thank you very much!

General Feedback  

Posted by Flowerlady (Crossville, Tennessee) on 08/13/2011

A Dr. diagnoised my 17 yr old grand-daughter with epilepsy. I'm am not convinced of his diagnosis. She had a one time passing out and no seziure activity was present. She went to the ER and all they found was she was dehydrated. Her brain scan was normal and her MRI was normal. The EEG she had was slightly abnormal. The 72 hour EEG she had had some peaks and a small amount of high electrial activy? areas. She has a headache occ. and does not sleep regulary or eat properly. She is under alot of stress and has anxiety attacks occ. But she is your active average teenager in her senoir year of school and makes very good grades. They want to put her on Lamictal but I'm not convinced that she has epilepsy and the med has way to many side effects. The Dr. said if she took the med for 5 yrs and did not have a seizuer she could come off it. My other concern is what damage will it do to her body in 5 years. Having trouble getting a second opinion. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca

Not sure why you're having trouble getting a second opinion, but that's the route I would go for starters (and for certain). Definitely a second opinion.

A "slightly abnormal EEG" can be caused by many things, including things as benign as a migraine, drug/alcohol use and attention problems.

I have a daughter the same age as yours and I would absolutely get a second opinion no matter how many hoops I had to jump through to get it.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Flowerlady, sorry to hear about your daughter.

Here is an article from Dr. A. Hoffer on using Niacin to stop anxiety. It is vitamin B3 totally safe.

If you are worried that she "may" have a seizure then Magenesium would alleviate that.

Please read both articles but the 2nd one states that Magnesium deficiency can lead to seizures. You would need to have her "Magnesium Blood Levels checked". Anyway read the article. There is a lot of info on the below site.

Hope these help. Cheers

Replied by Sandhya
Kihei, Hawaii, Usa

I was an epileptic for 41 years..... Started petite mal and went soon into grand mal..... Doctors said idiopathic.... No known cause. EEG 's were normal. Had to take 4 tegretols per day. I found out that more than half of all seizures are caused by a hit on the head.. Doesn't have to be significant. Years later seizures begin due to scar tissue which has formed. I did a test with an affiliate using Brain State Technology.... Called a brain map. It was the best EEG I ever had.... It not only said I had high seizure activity but where the activity was located. After 20 sessions I felt my brain waves to be different and asked for another Brain Map. Sure enough it had corrected the neurons sufficiently for me to use GABA amino acid (makes neurons fire regularly) and get off the meds within two weeks. It has been two years and no hint of a seizure. It also corrected PST which is inner anxiety and brain injury from a car accident... Whiplashed badly.

With your daughter I would begin here. You can't lose with this treatment as it improves your life in many ways. If you have to take meds while doing it make sure they are on the low level when doing the sessions.. Just before you have to take them again or you may be wasting your money or it will take longer as some medicines block the effect...

Lancaster, Tx

20 sessions of what, the brain Map? Suffering with seizures for over 55 years and the medications the neurologists have me on are killers. Desperately looking for alternatives that really works.


Hi Ruby,

A fairly easy diet to try is the modified Ketogenic diet for epilepsy. It is a modified Atkins diet that, although high in fat, can actually cause a reduction in weight, the opposite of what we are taught. Here is a link that may be helpful:

Best wishes!


20 sessions of what??? Please, let us know <3 I have similar issues. Thank you!

Glutamic and Aspartic Acid  

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Posted by Jem (Austin, Tx) on 09/11/2011
5 out of 5 stars

one cause of epileptic seizures is an overdose of glutamic and aspartic acid.

many foods contain these amino acids in their free state which creates a shutdown of neurotransmitter production in the brain, along with oxidizing it.

i don't mean to be 'selling' anything, I have written a book on the subject of how dangerous these free form amino acids are to the brain affecting/causing everything from bi-polar disorder, anxiety, panic, rage.. to physical symptoms such as epilepsy, stroke, parkinson's, altzheimers..

the info is too vast to write here, however the main things to avoid are msg, which is freed glutamic acid and all things high in freed glutamic acid... there is a list of food substances in my book.

also, aspartic acid in nutrasweet, fried foods.. processed foods..

the biggest culprits, cooked food, soy, oats, barley, wheat, grains, nuts, seeds, .... The obvious processed foods/foods that outright contain msg... and aspartame...

hope this helps. My book is about to be launched through a site, if you contact me through this thread (as in, let me know you read this here) I'm happy to send anyone suffering from epilepsy a copy of my book.. you can donate later if it helps.

it will be the last version before being edited for the upcoming launch.... Not the final version... the info is valuable

the book is geared toward those who suffer from emotional disorders mild to severe and raising consciousness through live food

Replied by Angella
Jamaica, West Indies

My daughter who is now 22 years had her first seizure at 17. At the time she was diagnosed with a panic attack, especially because it was the night before a Major exam in Physics. She later went on to college, and 2 years later was diagnosed with epilepsy and placed on Epilim. She was non compliant as so one night I was called from a gym where he had another attack, hence the conclusion. This was in 2012. My observation however is that she seem to only get an attack whenever she ovulates and sometimes when she becomes upset or anxious. She seem pretty fine otherwise but the situation stresses me as I am afraid that this may occur when there is no one there to assist her.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U ANGELLA, , , , , , , , been down that black out trail from age 30 to about age 45. Went to all the biggies, Temple White, UBA, Mayo's and others. All said I was hyperventilating and I knew better. But I now think they were right and I was wrong. You can hyperventilate without deep breathing.

Stress will cause you to breath shallow and fast and not have time for your CO2 to build up. A Little Rock doctor put me on Dilantion, which is for epileptics and that drug wasted my bones away and now I have osteoporosis. I finally grew out of that condition and no longer have the black out problem, but I now have problems from the drugs that were prescribed for me.

If your daughter is a hard charger, then that may be her problem. Let me suggest that she learn how to breath. Babies know how to breath. Adults don't . I would go down lots of trails before I got on the Big Pharma Road. You will cut off your nose to spite your face. Take her to Dr Shallenberger or Dr Robert Rowen .

These drugs will haunt her until life's end.


Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 09/11/2011

A really good book on seizures and glutamic acid written by a Neurosurgeon is "Excitotoxins, the Taste that Kills" By Dr. Russell Blaylock. He has done extensive study on the subject.

Gluten and Casein Free Diet  

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Posted by Jim (dallas, ga) on 12/19/2007
5 out of 5 stars

We started the gluten / casien free diet about a month and a half ag. I have noticed that my 4yr lod daughter's constipation has all but gone. We have started seeing a natruropathic dr. found that she had fungal yeast overgrowth in both the large and small intestines, mercury, and vaccines in her body. Since seeing the new dr. she has started getting some of her words back and being alot more affectionate towards everybody especially her older sister of 5yrs. old. Not to say it is a cure but GOD has opened doors for me and after 4yrs. of battlling seizure after seizure, and now autism, I think our tunnel is getting brighter.

Replied by Sharon
Rio Rancho, New Mexico


I'm not sure about a regular doctor who does this, but I go to Lifetime Chiropractic in Rio Rancho, NM and for $25 you (or in this case, your daughter) can do a foot soak that will pull the metals out of her body. After that, they give you a tablet to take that replaces the good ones that got drawn out as well.

I am also on a harmonious foods diet. This means that I buy mostly organic foods so not to get the chemicals from the processed foods, and that I don't mix starches and protiens. The diet is based on digestion. It might be something you want to consider. You can find the food chart at

Ingredients to Avoid  

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Posted by Dolores (Noti, Oregon) on 07/09/2012
4 out of 5 stars

Hello I was looking for help with seizure control because my 17 year old son will be going off medication by the end of this month, no insurance (husband lost his job). As I was reading some of the remedies from others I thought I could add something.

I have always controled my two boys seizures by diet. The information I read when they were 3 and 5 years (their first seizures) was from a naturopath doctor. She listed what needs to be avoided: chicken and chicken eggs. black and red fruits (plums, red apple skins, blueberries, strawberries, purple eggplant skins, red tomatoes etc. It is the pigment that is the seizure trigger also manmade dyes, so marshmallows with blue dye to make them white, milk will sometimes have blue in it, etc. READ the LABELS, then the man made stuff other than dyes... BHA, BHT, and MSG. So, BHA and BHT are in oils and fats... If the product has less than 2% of the chemical the manufacturer does not have to list it so you need to stick to your natural oils and butters or call the individual companies and ask if they have either of those chemicals in their products. MSG is everywhere. Look up "truth in labeling" they have a list and explanations about MSG (very good information).

This list of things to avoid has always proven true for my boys. If they would have a seizure (about once every 6 months or less) I could always pinpoint what "got past me" and caused it. One boy has stopped having them. But the younger still has them if I am not careful. The reason we went to mediation is because over the years I didn't realize that MSG was being put into so many more products under so many more names and he was starting to have little seizures regularly. He is sensitive and I want more help. I am going to try the baking soda and lecithin and vit C and magnesium as extra support for him.

I hope this list will help others, it has been very good for us. Also stress affects my boy, fever, overwork.

Good luck

Ketogenic Diet  

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Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa ) on 09/09/2014

Do some research on Ketogenic diet. I have read where it helps with seizures.

Posted by Mominchi (Chicago, Il) on 12/29/2012

We have tried Keto diet for my toddler's epilepsy and have now switched to a high in good fats diet. The issue with brain fats as far as I read with Keto is that long chain trigylcerides like veg oils burn really crappy as brain fuel and lots of fats pick up free radicals when you cook with them or become derranged or transfats as they are more commonly known. Those actually prevent the brain from using fats to repair itself (brain & nervous system is comprised of saturated fats).

My understanding of the reason the old school version of ketogenics worked best is because ALL the fat was short chain triglycerides from milkfats they burn cleanly and leave less metabolic waste (ketones) of course now since milk is superheated thru pasturization and derranged thru homogenization the diet is far less effective than the 20's version. Coconut oil is a medium chain and that was why MCT version of keto gave decent results. It is a good saturated fat (they actually prevent the oil from becoming a transfat when heated) and all cooking is ideally done with coconut, butter, or ghee. They gave excellent results on KD as compared to the terrible formula readymix loaded with calcium, aspertame, and vegetable oil.

Posted by Nelson Narciso (Toronto , Ontario) on 04/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I highly recommend the ketogenic diet my son is 6 yrs old and has had all the seizures you can name and the meds are garbage. This diet can help to stop them with out meds please try this diet it really works you have to be very strict but its worth it.

Replied by Osiris
New York

My wife and I are going to try the Ketogenic diet with our son since nothing's working. The only that seems to work is Depistat but then he spends most of his time drowsy and non-responsive. Wish us luck.

Replied by Rsw

Hi Osiris,

We all wish you the best of luck helping your child with the Ketogenic diet. John's Hopkins hospital in Baltimore was the birthplace of the diet, and it is described in Julia Schopick's best seller book, "Honest Medicine." Another resource is The Charlie Foundation, created by a man in Hollywood after researching and finding success using it with his son Charlie. He made a movie about it starting Meryl Strep called "First Do No Harm" or something similar. Here is a resource to that foundation:

Best wishes and please let us know how it works out for your son. The diet is also effective for adults.

Learn to Stay Calm  

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Posted by Neurosky (Vancouver, Bc) on 04/10/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Another thing that has a major effect on seizures is sleep. Lack of sleep and stress can cause epilepsy. I have a really mild case of it and that's the only time I ever get epilepsy is when I am stressed or haven't been sleeping much or going to bed late.

Posted by Anonymous (Anywhere, USA) on 01/18/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I had to write to you because I have been in a seizure situation for many years and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so I thought I would pass it on.

First, a quick story about me. When I was around 18 in 1989 I started having petit mal seizures and no one knew why or what brought them on. Looking back, I remember I was getting to the end of my high school years, and one day in celebration, me and a bunch of friends went swimming. And, in the pool, I was so excited to be in the pool...swimming so fast, I did a flip turn no knowing there was a seating area in the pool and bumped my head. I walked off, trying not to make a big scene...just let the pain go away on its own. A couple of days later at a graduation party, I remember having a few wine coolers...more than normal (that is not a lot..but it was to me!) and I had a seizure. I heard about it the next day. (Looking back and reading more about seizure causes, it could have been an acid buildup in the area of tissue that was disrupted and then the acids put in my body made it to the brain..and seizures were formed). Well, at the time I thought it was a one shot deal and didn't tell mom and dad. Well, time went on..a year or two and I was going through college and living abroad in France and I noticed they were coming back...more often now. So, I went to a doctor in France while I was on my study abroad and to make a long story short, I was told I had epilepsy. I was put on pills and I thought that was it. I got back to the U.S and I was still having them. At first, I wasn't the best about taking the meds religiously...but as time went on, I WAS taking them...all of them, like clock work. And, still having seizures. I tried MANY different drugs with no positive outcome. SO, in 1995, after getting different doctors opinions (looking back, from doctors that were almost identical) I had brain surgery to help get "rid" of these seizures. Well, what the surgery got rid of was my great memory and my ability to read. Following surgery I didn't know anyone's name...I didn't remember the states...or even something basic like the word "flower." Well, it finally came back (before surgery I was a foreign language teacher...French and Spanish...that was gone following surgery. But, the French came back...not perfect...after about 8 months) So, with a 6 month speech therapy class, my reading came back...not perfect...and my memory is not as sharp as it once was. Am I angry? You're damn right I have been angry, depressed, confused, name it! Why me? I was a great student in high school...number 9 in the class, went to a great college...felt like such a strong and independent woman! And now I am reliant on everyone else, can't drive, feel weak, memory is not the sharpest,..and the meds I was one got me even more depressed...and I was STILL HAVING SEIZURES!!! Well, I decided a year and a half ago, I wanted to see a change! I took myself off those pills that were killing me. You know, going in to see if my LIVER was still Ok. every few months just didn't seem right to me! You know, in my opinion, the BEST doctor in the world is IN ALL OF US...In OUR body! Let me figure out this doctor and see what needs to be done. The first couple of months off those pills, I think I was SO happy, feeling strong and IN CONTROL and I didn't have ONE seizure! So, again, to make a long story short - what controls our seizures? Well, that would be our emotions! As time went on, as I started getting USED to not having them, I let small things bother me. And, well, to make a long story short, I started having them again. SO, I read more, and came across a nice book.

First one:

Nice, encouraging, natural approach to seizure control. What a nice, refreshing outlook.


After reading this and seeing that there was someone who could come and HELP me with controlling my seizures...and someone who has been through it HERSELF helped me. She had encephalitis herself MANY years ago...had ALL the seizures OFTEN and was told by doctors - sorry, there is nothing we can do. Well, to get to the point, she taught HERSELF how to control them and it has now been...what are we up to..30 years!!! Seizure free! So, I had her come on over to my home for 4 days to train me how to control them. Do I have it PERFECT yet? No. But, do I know that at one point, I will have this DOWN! YES! You know what makes it hard? We ALL have emotions. We are human! That is normal and NATURAL. However, if you have epilepsy, you have to learn to take it all in stride. Don't let emotions get the best of you. Well, that isn't as easy as it may seem. BUT, it is possible. What makes it easier is the warnings our brain/body DO give us. Ig is kind of saying, "Watch out...a seizure may be coming." I NEVER though I had warnings...that must be what those other lucky people have. But, not me. Over time, I did realize, WOW...that IS a warning. There is a long list...I will let you read about the different warning signals. But, once you do get to know yourself and SEE or FEEL the warning, just BREATHE. Take DEEP, RELAXING breaths. That is it. When you feel it coming, BREATHE. Change the direction of the negative activity of the brain. Now, I told you, I don't have it perfect yet. Here is a recent example. I am a massage therapist (damn good!) and I was VERY busy yesterday. One client after another. Well, I needed to go and have lunch. The healthy, friendly, open arms, cute Thai restaurant I go to often was closed. I was sad, surprised and just decided to go to the other Thai place. I had been there once and didn't like it as much. But, had to eat and run. SO, go over, Maureen! I went in and waited for about 10 minutes to be seated so that didn't start off well. There was barely anyone there! Why so long? Then to get the menu and for them to help me...and when they DID come to me, they were annoyed I was there. So, to say the least, a lot of negative engery took over in my brain. And, a few minutes later, seizure. Petit mal. When I came to, I was frustrated and angry. But looking back, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Come on! Obviously I was annoyed! Why didn't I just BREATHE and let positive take over. With breathing, my brain could have looked at this differently. It could have turned this around saying, "Maureen, maybe these waitresses are having a bad day. Maybe something bad happened to them today. They are human. Smile at them and let them enjoy the rest of their day." But, I didn't. Do you see how something so simple could have turned it around? But, I am human and negative took over. Soon, I WILL grasp this 100% ..but not yet. =)

So, stay positive and the seizure will be a thing of the past! A NEW, WONDERFUL, DIFFERENT life could come! You COULD control those seizures and help OTHERS do the same. Getting this word out is needed. Not EVERYONE NEEDS drugs to control their seizures. BUT!! don't just STOP taking the meds. This needs to be well thought out. Read the books I have sent you. Keep a journal.

If you want to go one step further, have Dr. Donna Andrews come to your home to work with you. Here is the info.

If you have any other questions, let me know! Good luck everyone!

Oops, one last thing. After reading Ted's last post on Ph water balance in the brain to control seizures, I have been doing that myself the past few months which has been helping me and I will put that together in another story. Drinking water with a higher ph can help MANY ailments. More in a couple days. Right now, go get those books!

Replied by Sporkonafork
Corpus Christi, Texas

Relaxing has helped me thruout the years to avoid seizures im currently taking xanax, before I would just drink chamomile tea, that chamomille tea has saved me many times from having a seizure, I had sleeping trouble valerian root works very well to sleep I never had any nocturnal seizures while having a valerian root tablet before bed. Its only $5 for a bottle of 100 tablets!! Also replace your pillow with a new one I felt a nocturnal seizures coming if my neck was cramped with a pillow that wasnt good

Also take vitamins!! I take 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt in morning at 5am, later on I have Vitamin E, omega 3 fish oil. & centrum multivitamin! exercise too!! I felt much much better on days ive exercised just sacrifice 30 mins a day to exercise at home youll feel a diference!

also I personally keep something holy close to me I feel comfort during my worst of times (oncoming seizure) if im holding my rosary.. I pray for guidance to help me beat this illness... Ive had occasional simple partial seizures(2-4 a year) since 11/2004

Replied by Dubby
Lagos, Nigeria

My son had herpes simplex enchephilitis attack some 4 years ago. He was in coma for 4 days and after the coma came became paralysed. Since then he has been having myloclonic jerks and siezures, at least 20 times a day, during which he loses contol of every part of his body. Mostimes he falls face down on the floor, during the attacks.

He has been on Eplim and Kepra(medication) for over three years but there does not seem to be any sign of improvement. We even flew him to india where he was put through oxygen therapy... This also didnt work. We have seen various neurologist worldwide, including children's hospital, but no improvement.

I was so desperate at one time that I sent a mail to the popular Dr. Ben Carson, but didnt get a response. I would appreciate any advice on the way(s) to arrest this frequest seizures and jerks he has daily.

Replied by Mark

Dear Dubby, If you have not tried the ketogenic diet I would do that. Also avoid glutamates and aspartates. That means NO MSG and in fact, no processed foods at all. The ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates and protein based on body mass. A 150 lb person may only have something like 10 grams of carbs a day. That can be entirely gained just through eating a few vegetables. So a diet high in natural fats and mostly green, mostly raw vegetables washed in distilled water. I would supplement with vitamins that have as much vitamin c as possible, and supervised body-temperature-ish baths (like 100 deg. F, NOT hot) with epsom salts. A shy person may bathe with the undergarments or a swimsuit on for privacy.

There should be more than one bowel movement per day on average, also take 1/2 tsp of epsom salts as needed to make BMs regular. This is required to clear the body of toxins.

if this is working you should see the effects within a matter of weeks or possibly even days. You can gradually increase the carb intake as long as they are good natural carbs, I.e. carrots, nuts and rice but not breads or grains with the exception of oats and flax.

To keep enough calories in his diet you will likely need to supplement with oils that are almost all fat. Use natural coconut and olive oils but not hydrogenated oils. Meals like spinach salad with other veggies and dressing made of vinegar and olive oil and a small helping of some fatty not-processed meat are a good choice.

Best of luck to you and your son!