Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

Ingredients to Avoid
Posted by Dolores (Noti, Oregon) on 07/09/2012
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Hello I was looking for help with seizure control because my 17 year old son will be going off medication by the end of this month, no insurance (husband lost his job). As I was reading some of the remedies from others I thought I could add something.

I have always controled my two boys seizures by diet. The information I read when they were 3 and 5 years (their first seizures) was from a naturopath doctor. She listed what needs to be avoided: chicken and chicken eggs. black and red fruits (plums, red apple skins, blueberries, strawberries, purple eggplant skins, red tomatoes etc. It is the pigment that is the seizure trigger also manmade dyes, so marshmallows with blue dye to make them white, milk will sometimes have blue in it, etc. READ the LABELS, then the man made stuff other than dyes... BHA, BHT, and MSG. So, BHA and BHT are in oils and fats... If the product has less than 2% of the chemical the manufacturer does not have to list it so you need to stick to your natural oils and butters or call the individual companies and ask if they have either of those chemicals in their products. MSG is everywhere. Look up "truth in labeling" they have a list and explanations about MSG (very good information).

This list of things to avoid has always proven true for my boys. If they would have a seizure (about once every 6 months or less) I could always pinpoint what "got past me" and caused it. One boy has stopped having them. But the younger still has them if I am not careful. The reason we went to mediation is because over the years I didn't realize that MSG was being put into so many more products under so many more names and he was starting to have little seizures regularly. He is sensitive and I want more help. I am going to try the baking soda and lecithin and vit C and magnesium as extra support for him.

I hope this list will help others, it has been very good for us. Also stress affects my boy, fever, overwork.

Good luck