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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Demarie (Enterprise, Florida) on 07/09/2017
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I have been drinking Apple Cider Vinegar with water for two years. I drink it throughout the day to control blood sugar. Although it works for me to lower my blood sugar (look up studies), it does absolutely nothing for my cholesterol. I am vegan... on 75% healthy fat diet with veggies. My cholesterol is through the roof with the exception of HDL. Although high fat low carbs works for most in substantially lowering cholesterol and lowering weight, for a small group it actually substantially raises it.

ON the advice of my naturopath doctor, I have switched to a fat free low carb diet which my body evidently needed because for the first time in two years I am losing weight. I also am drinking lemon water with organic cayenne pepper every morning. All numbers dramatically reduced.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mr. Mccoy (Houston, Tx) on 06/15/2015
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I tried 2 tbsp. in 8 oz. water with honey (with the mother) for 6 months. Not only did my bad LDL go up, but my HDL went down and TGL went up. Only slightly but there was NO reduction. My diet has not changed and my exercise regimen has been the same. Caveat Emptor...I hope it works for you but didn't work for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Alan (Oldham, Lancashire) on 07/31/2011
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What a disappointment after using Apple cider vinager for sometime now I have just been re-assessed with my doctor and the conclusion is that I have now got Accute pancreitis this seems to be my main trouble so now I am on a high quantity of flax oil two desert spoons and two high fish oil tablets, for the moment I have given up the ACV. I am due to go back to the doctors for another blood test if this shows that my AP problem has not reduced I will accept Statins and a high fish oil content capsules

I must stress the AP problem is not related to drink

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Derrick (Atlanta, GA) on 08/26/2007
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First, thanks for the website. I, sadly, have NOT found that ACV lowered my cholesterol. In fact, my LDL and overall Levels are actually UP (slightly) since my last blood test. However, (and this is a big however) something else odd happened in the 9 weeks I have been taking ACV (dosage: one mouthful each morning). After almost a year of no change in my Triglycerides, they dropped a whopping 32% since my last blood test. There simply IS no other explanation other than the ACV - none. The only "possible" reason for this - is that in the last 2 weeks I started a low GI diet. Even then, 2 weeks of not eating watermelon is hardly a reasonable explanation for a 32% drop in blood fat (triglycerides), and often what is good in the low GI - is blacklisted on a Triglyceride diet - such as apples, oranges, peaches etc....all of which I have been consuming recently in carnivorous fashion. For the record; Everyone needs to keep in mind that 80% of your Cholesterol is produced by your body...but Triglycerides are nearly 100% dietary and exercise related.