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Posted by Rhonda (Lakewood, Ca) on 08/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I want to make this site my home page! Ted from Bangkok could just save my life if I continue to get better. I am using his baking soda remedy for a fungus I got from taking antibiotics. Although I still am suffering, I can now at least eat. Doctors I've been to have failed me and in fact, got me in this situation in the first place with their prescriptions for antibiotics and acid blockers. My fingers are still crossed as I am only on day three of his two-week treatment but at least I can say that I no longer feel like I'm on death's doorstep for most of the day. I look forward to healing completely with Ted's remedy. Thank you so much.

EC: Can you please tell us which of his baking soda remedies you are taking? He has posted quite a few of them! Thanks...