Effective Natural Remedies for Burns

Plaintain Tea, Nettles
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 08/23/2013

Yesterday my teenage son was seeding a bunch of jalepeno peppers without gloves (even though he knew he should use gloves! ) After he did that, his fingers were burning up and he was very uncomfortable. He washed his hands well but it didn't help at all. He has a pretty high pain tolerance, so I knew it must have been very painful. He tried a burn salve but it didn't help. I made a strong plantain tea (and cooled it) for him and he soaked his fingers in it. That gave immediate relief. But as soon as he took his fingers out of the tea, the pain returned. He soaked his fingers on and off all afteroon, but that was getting old. He was getting ready to take Tylenol for pain when I thought of Nettles. If you touch the nettle plant, you will sting your fingers. And nettles (in tea or capsules or tincture) is the cure for this pain. So, I figured, since nettles cures skin pain caused by nettles and other plants, perhaps they would help his jalepeno burn. (He had no noticeable redness or blistering or anything. ) He took 4 nettles capsules and 20 minutes his was no longer in pain! Praise the Lord for such strong medicine in such a humble (but apparently not so simple) plant!

I don't know that nettles would help pain from other types of burns, but I would expect it to work well with burns from plants. However, I may just try it to help pain from any type of burn in the future!

By the way, his jalepeno recipe turned out great and he will surely make it again... With gloves on. :)

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~