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Posted by Maggie (Idaho) on 07/19/2020 36 posts

Lemon for body odor works great. I use bottled lemon juice because I don't normally have fresh lemons on hand. I put some in a small spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator.

Posted by Melanie (Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) on 11/11/2012

I was looking at Apple Cider Vinegar uses and came across post. For underarm odor. Rub underarm with lemon, cut the end off rub on, when it looks done cut off the slice and use new end. I have to tell you I was not convinced, but happened to have a lemon so thought what the heck do I have to loose. I used it and went to work, I did take my deoderant just in case. I am blown away! I had really strong body odor and persperation and had to change deoderant often as they would stop working.

This really works for me! No odor or persperation at all. I had to share and thank you to the original sharer! I love Earth Clinic!!!

Replied by Dale
(Picayune, Mississippi)

You have to be careful if you have sensitive skin.. I tried this and it burned my under arms terrible.. I was miserable for a week.

Replied by Funkedafied In Texas
(Houston, Texas)

This made me smell even worse than I did before. I don't know why?

Lemon and Water

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Posted by Ssk (Toronto, Ontario/canada) on 08/13/2010

Lemon and water cured my body odor
I have been suffering from very bad body odor all my life. I have to wash twice a day and use antiperspirants (which I am not so comfortable with). Then a friend told me about lemon water and it works wonders. First thing in the morning mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with a cup of water and drink. Make sure you don't have anything before it. Basically what it does is detoxes your liver so it has to be the first thing through your system. After a couple of days the odor was gone! No more antiperspirant! I do this everyday. If I miss a day, the odor returns. I have been doing this for about 8 months now and it is still just as effective.


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Posted by Charles (Ghana) on 08/22/2015


It's there any maximum duration for the use of lime in curing under arm odor? I've been using lime for the past one month now but whenever I don't apply deodorant after bathing I get some slight smell under my arm, am getting confused now whether to continue using the lime or quit and continue with the deodorant. Kindly advice.

Replied by Tiw
(Los Angeles. Ca)

Well if you are a meat eater then yes you will get a musty smell under your arms because the meat is rotting in your tummy and coming out through your pores when you sweat. I noticed that when I ate no meat that the limes worked for me but when I ate meat even just one day I'd get a musty smell when I sweat so food for thought ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Jane (Durham, Oregon, Usa) on 11/08/2010

Fresh limes, (not lemons for some reason unknown to me) cut in half and save half in fridge and use other half under arms and pits at top of legs after shower and allow to dry (I use blow dryer) lasts 2-3 days for me. Three limes of any size a week should be enough unless you are a daily shower person. We are all individual but the salt deoderant stopped for me and I learned of this and it works amazingly for me!! Gotta love it!

Replied by Icy

Lime is more acidic than lemon: that's why it's more effective.

Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 06/01/2010

I have tried almost all of the remedies posted on Earth Clinic for body odor the past few years -- apple cider vinegar, baking soda, milk of magnesia, magnesium oil, hydrogen peroxide, the thai crystals -- and they've all been pretty good... However, none have had long lasting results (ie, 24 hours) like lime juice.

I have been testing fresh lime juice on my armpits the past week and have to tell you all that this is BY FAR, the best home remedy for body odor that I have ever tried! After a shower, I squeeze a dime-sized amount of fresh lime juice into my palm and to apply each arm pit. The effect lasts all day, even through rigorous workouts and walks in the hot, humid weather with the dogs! What a phenomenal remedy.

Oh, by the way and in response to recent posts on the site about milk of magnesia for body odor, the reason why milk of magnesia may be effective for body odor is that one of the ingredients in it is chlorine (goes by the name sodium hypochlorite on some bottles of Milk of Magnesia)!! We confirmed it with manufacturer last year and stopped using it shortly thereafter. Read Connie's thread here for more info:

P.S. If you apply the lime juice soon after shaving, it will burn for a good hour or more! I try to wait an hour or two before applying or I shave at night and then apply the lime juice first thing in the morning.

Posted by Lora (Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands) on 03/21/2010

Hi, first post here, love the site.

Against body odor i use lime under my armpits. Works like a charm and is oh so cheap. i keep half of a lime in a small container in the bathroom and use it maybe three days and than use the other half that i have refrigirated.
My job involves some heavy work and also with workouts nd i would sweat so much, that i couldnt get it out of my clothes, but then i remembered this old, simple remedy and i am sticking to it. It worked for me on the very first day. But some people need to use it for a week, but it is amazing

Maybe lemons will do the trick to, but this is the way that it has been done in my country for ages.

Hope it helps.

Replied by Naturallyodorfree
(The Triangle, North Carolina Usa)

Lemon Water Spray Deodorant

Lakewood organic lemon juice from Whole Foods. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. There may be a little pulp at the bottom of the bottle. In an 8-ounce misting spray bottle, fill 3/4 of the bottle with lemon juice and 1/4 of the bottle with tap water. Don't get any of the pulp into the spray bottle; it could clog the spray tube. Shake well and apply 5 pumps* to each clean underarm. I fan my arms for a few seconds before getting dressed, but you don't have to. The citric acid in the lemon juice prevents bacteria and odor from ever forming under your arms. You still perspire, which is good and healthy. The spray has lasted well into the next day for me. The best thing is that I am not allergic to it: no skin tenderness, no itching, no rash.

I had been using baking soda in every possible recipe and ratio as an excellent deodorant, BUT, it created the worst itchy skin rash that left my armpits tender and darkly discolored. Even though it was effective, the discomfort under my arms wasn't worth the continued use.

So after researching other natural deodorants, I discovered that people used sliced lemon as an effective deodorant. I thought rubbing actual fruit would be cumbersome and costly, so I decided to try lemon juice to make a spray. It's truly natural and organic compared to baking soda and it works! Plus, within the first week of me using the lemon water deodorant, the lemon significantly lightened the darkness under my arms that the baking soda caused. My 9-year-old was using a less synthetic deodorant (Lafe's) that contains mineral salts (I wasn't totally crazy about that, even though many people think it's natural), but is now using lemon water spray too, and has had no odor, no sensitivity, and is quite happy with it.

I hope someone here can benefit from it as well. Just remember to use organic lemon juice, NOT the stuff in the plastic lemon-shaped bottle with chemicals in it. Keep the opened lemon juice bottle in the refrigerator until you are ready to refill your deodorant spray bottle.

* 5 pumps may seem like a lot, but it's really not for a sprayer that mists fine droplets. The mist will distribute over your underarm skin more evenly. A sprayer that produces larger droplets won't get good coverage and will have the liquid running down your sides and make the application of the deodorant messy. Good luck and enjoy!

Replied by Daryl
(Rolling Fork, US)

Do you use deodorant after putting lime juice?

Liquid Chlorophyll

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Posted by Sandhya (Makawao, HI) on 02/09/2007

LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL has helped me drink more water, stop body odor and stop a rash on my bottom. One or two teaspoons a day in drinking water sipping on it or drinking it all at once does wonders. If I stop I notice the difference in a couple of days. NOW brand with mint is good. Once I asked a doctor what to do about the rash as I had never had one. She said she had a rash too and did not came with living in the tropics. I understood Ted from Bangkok saying that the body's ability to oxygenate itself was suppressed and this was a cause. Living in Hawaii I sweat more than other colder places I have lived and bacteria grows easily here on the skin. Also I do not have a spleen which makes my blood not as clean if I do not take something to clean it or oxygenate it. I tend to be acidic by nature and the foods I eat lean in that direction even though most would say I am health food person. I am going to try molybdenum that Ted speaks of so highly.

Liquid Kelp Mineral Water

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Posted by Teri (Elkhart, IN) on 04/10/2007

re: PH (remedy), Iodine (remedy), Hirsutism (ailment)... I'm a woman, and for years I suffered from strong body odor. It was diagnosed as hormonal (too much testosterone) because I also have mild-moderate hirsutism hair growth, and I was put on oral contraceptives to remedy this problem. It helped some, but I didn't want to stay on medications forever as they had many side effects.

Based on what I learned from this site, I used PH strips and found that my body was VERY ALKALINE! That strong body odor was an amonia-like smell that my body was producing because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

I was having other symptoms that related to exhausted adrenal glands, and found that iodine sometimes helps this. I started taking liquid kelp drops and in a few days my PH was in the normal range, and the body odor was gone. Completely gone! I'm going try Lugol's next because I can't get my body temperature all the way up to normal and my skin is still sucking up the iodine quickly when I paint.

I am still trying to figure out how to handle the hair growth (chin, abdomen), and I am experimenting with mega doses of folic acid (and B12), as I hear that this has helped others. Licorice root, Omega 3s, ridding my body of metals, saw palmetto, etc. didn't help. I also now only drink mineral water. If you have any ideas, I'd love to know of them. I love this site. Thanks.

Replied by Crzybeau
(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)

How did you take the liquid kelp drops? was your body too alkalized and was that the reason for your bo?

Lye Soap

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Posted by Sandy (Tulsa, Ok) on 01/02/2010

For the past few weeks I have had a terrible body odor. Read on here the other day. A couple of days ago I went to health food store to get a new bottle of ACV. Also picked up a bar of Lye soap. The next morning I decided to use the Lye soap. It worked! No longer have that odor. Washed my clothes and shaved some Lye soap in washer. They no longer smell either!

Replied by Crzybeau
(Las Vegas, Nevada, United States)

Hello, what was the exact brand name of the lye soap you bought? thank you

Replied by Ryan
(Oakville, Ontario, Canada)

Hi, what kind of body odour did u suffer from and what did it smell like? Can u describe to me the smell of the odour? was it fishy, garbagey, fecal body odour, etc, etc? Also, I'm interested in hearing what kind of brand of lye soap u used!! Please let me know, by either replying to this post or send me an email! Thanks and take care.


Milk of Magnesia

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Posted by Tonya (Fl) on 08/09/2020

Hello I'm 52 and never had arm pit oder but I think the change in hormones has changed my chemistry. I'be tried so many natural deodorants and I just smell myself through the scent.

M.O.M (milk of magnesia) has been the savior! If you put it in a roll-on deodorant bottle you can add one drop of lavender or lemon oil or whatever antibacterial essential oil you like. it's all day odor protection.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Rose (San Diego, Ca) on 12/16/2013

It's a miracle!!! I'm an avid Earthclinic reader so when I started stinking in my armpits non-stop about 1.5 years ago I started trying the suggested remedies. I tried ACV, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda...well just about everything and nothing worked. I smelled extremely strongly of some musky scent that was overpowering. It would go into my clothes and they reeked. I finally was at my breaking point when on 2 recent occasions I had someone ride in my car and they practically were gagging and clawing their way for air - how humiliating. I had never had a BO issue and did not have to use deodorant in the past. I recently ordered a bunch of products on the internet, including Hibiclens which users said will wipe out the bacteria that causes the BO. In the meantime I tried MOM (Milk of Magnesia). I poured it in an empty roll-on container and applied it to my pits. I couldn't believe it, but after a few hours I was smell free. My clothes were smell free too! I have been using MOM when I get up and when I go to bed and it has eliminated the problem. I'm not sure if this will continue to last, but hoping it will because right now I am so happy and relieved to be smelling like a rose.

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Jennywren (Perth, Western Australia) on 06/17/2013

Body/underarm odour. Yeah.

Milk of magnesia has long been used to get rid of body odour. Alas it is no longer available for sale in Australia, but there are aluminum-free deodorants online made with milk of magnesia. It worked a treat for my smelly pits - finally, something that worked!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Leesa (El Cerrito, Ca, Usa) on 11/14/2012

Milk of Magnesia is AWESOME! I have had an odor problem and tried so many things that did not work. I would start to smell after taking a shower? All I know is the MOM works like a charm for me. I emptied one of my old roll-ons and added MOM and ready to go. Must dry before you put your clothes on. Good Luck. Thanks!

Milk of Magnesia
Posted by Back2nature (Washington, Dc) on 07/13/2012

I have struggled with body odor all of my life. I was always the kid that got the "outdoors" smell after playing. I was using Arrid XX-Dry as a pre-teen. Then, I was forced to rotate deodorants and soaps/body wash to tame the BO problem. Arm & Hammer's Naturals line was working for me up until recently when my BO started to rage. I stumbled upon the MOM solution. I'm not sure why it took me years to locate this type.

MOM gets the job done. Here are a few tips to making MOM cure you BO:

1. Thoroughly wash your trouble area(s) with a CLEAN and/or new cloth.

2. Either use a natural soap or home ready that will clean your arms pits (note: a loofa maybe helpful to in eliminating dead skin).

3. Clean your clothes thoroughly. I used Odoban in my rinse cycle to cut the odor and/or bacteria that may have harvested in my clothes.

4. Get a small spray bottle and add MOM. Apply to clean and dry arm pits. Allow to fully air dry before applying on clothes. For those with darker complexions, applying oils after the MOM has dried will eliminate "deodorant" stains on the arm pits.

Now go out and be BO free :-)