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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Liquid Kelp Mineral Water
Posted by Teri (Elkhart, IN) on 04/10/2007

re: PH (remedy), Iodine (remedy), Hirsutism (ailment)... I'm a woman, and for years I suffered from strong body odor. It was diagnosed as hormonal (too much testosterone) because I also have mild-moderate hirsutism hair growth, and I was put on oral contraceptives to remedy this problem. It helped some, but I didn't want to stay on medications forever as they had many side effects.

Based on what I learned from this site, I used PH strips and found that my body was VERY ALKALINE! That strong body odor was an amonia-like smell that my body was producing because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

I was having other symptoms that related to exhausted adrenal glands, and found that iodine sometimes helps this. I started taking liquid kelp drops and in a few days my PH was in the normal range, and the body odor was gone. Completely gone! I'm going try Lugol's next because I can't get my body temperature all the way up to normal and my skin is still sucking up the iodine quickly when I paint.

I am still trying to figure out how to handle the hair growth (chin, abdomen), and I am experimenting with mega doses of folic acid (and B12), as I hear that this has helped others. Licorice root, Omega 3s, ridding my body of metals, saw palmetto, etc. didn't help. I also now only drink mineral water. If you have any ideas, I'd love to know of them. I love this site. Thanks.