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Natural Remedies for Body Odor

Improved Dental Hygiene
Posted by Stacy (Brooklyn, NY) on 05/03/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I've had body odor for years now, nothing I did helped, or would help a little but never eliminated my problem completed. My odor was bad breath, underarm, and feet ...Went to doctors for years and no one could help me.....The only thing worse than body odor is the way people treat you...Just horrible, this is an isolating, debilitating condition....I bathe every night and shower every morning...and use wipes during the day...just exhausting and the odor still there ...

I went to a new dentist a few months back he told me I had a lot of decay under a filling, a cap I think...and he had to take it out and prepare for an implant....I told him I didn't feel pain and no other dentist had told me this before and didn't know it was possible to get a cavity under a filling....this was before covid....but once the pandemic hit, I was scared to leave my house, ..anyway it started to bother me so I called the dentist office, they promised me it was safe to come in, they pulled the tooth and cleaned out the decay and bacteria..the hygienists told me my gums were bleeding a little and that is a sign of early gum disease....and she told me what to do..and she cleaned my gums....anyway about a week after going to the dentist I noticed no odor...I thought that was odd...

.I didn't do anything differently in my hygiene habits except my teeth cleaner... it's been a month now and no odor!!!! Hallelujah!! ...I'm finally cured, I can't believe it, this odor problem has been from my teeth all this time, how could that be??..I don't know how?..Tthe bacteria and decay from my teeth caused my body odor?... No more bad breath, no underarm odors...all odors gone!!! ......I feel like I can finally have my life back....I luv this site and come on here all the time and wanted to post my experience and maybe this can help somebody else