Natural Remedies for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Posted by Jeanine (Battle Creek, Michigan) on 02/23/2012
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Recently three moles on my face were biopsied as basal cell carcinoma. I've had skin cancers surgically removed in the past and have the scars to prove it. Thanks to I found out about using iodine tincture to remove moles and skin cancers. Over the course of a few months I removed the last three skin cancer spots by dabbing iodine tincture on them 2 or more times per day. They became very dark and hard, eventually falling off. I used generic iodine tincture. It's been over one month since they've all healed. One spot still has a tiny scar, which may still go away, the other two don't. Thank you earthclinic! I love you all!

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Posted by Nikki (Providence, Ri) on 01/25/2012

I'm going to have a biopsy on my face tomorrow. Just because I want to know what I am dealing with.

Afterwards, what do you suggest I put on it to help it heal since it will be freshly opened and 'take' a natural cure better???

I hope to avoid Moh's surgery if it is skin cancer, which I am almost sure it is. I'll have to wait about a month or two between the biopsy and the possible Moh's surgery.

Thank you!

Vitamin C
Posted by Tuuli (Detroit, Usa) on 12/09/2011

I would like to know how can you be sure that the cancer is completely gone once the scab falls off? Did anybody have any tests done? Can the cancer go deeper into the tissue?

Vitamin C
Posted by Brandy (San Juan Capistrano, Ca) on 10/24/2011

I have been using buffered vitamin c on a cancerous spot. It has taken a few weeks but it is finally scabbing up and shrinking. I emptied out a buffered c capsule into a cup, wet a qtip, dipped it in it until it bubbled and put it on the spot three times a day. At first it itched, then after a week it stung a little and then it started to bleed and scab. Now it is about half the size. I'll let you know if it clears up completely.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Linda (Astoria, Or) on 10/14/2011

I live in Astoria Oregon. Where did you find it in Seasdie?

Vitamin C
Posted by Blindedbyscience (Asheville, Nc) on 09/24/2011
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Vit C powder for basal cell skin cancer

I had a very small spot on my nose that started to bleed and wouldn't heal so I'm pretty sure it was a basal cell. I read that some people cured there bcc with Vit C. First I tried Sodium Ascorbate paste made with water and that was going slowly. Finally I went from eating dairy everyday (lactovegetarian) to a vegan diet and tried Ascorbic Acid powder in a paste with Aloe gel. Ascorbic acid will sting unlike sodium ascorbate. The second application it started to bleed and scab, like a small dark purple scab. I think I applied it one more time after that, then I left it alone. A week later the spot is healed with no scar. For almost 3 months that spot had a mind of its own, turning red or bleeding. Now finally it looks like normal skin. Cool!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il) on 09/02/2011

update - h2o2 for skin cancer - Melatonin/coconut oil paste.

Turns out back in December 2010, I was premature declaring victory over the cancer on my nose. It did in fact come back once again a few weeks afterwards. I continued to fight it then, but I was unable to totally eradicate it. The problem was that the cancer had several roots and even though I'm pretty sure I got one of the roots out - the biggest one - the constant bleeding that is part of the normal attacking of the site with the h2o2 obscures the rest of the area, so that it was not easy to see where to strike these other roots residing in the same area.

After several months of this, I was becoming quite frustrated, and of course, the constant comments from family and friends everytime the new h2o2 attacks reopened the nose area leaving new scabs and worse that looked pretty horrendous, it was disheartening. Could they in fact be right - was this was finally beyond me, and did I need medical attention?

One physician treating my 94 year old mother looked at me, scanned closely, and volunteered more than once - and again as we left - that, yes, my nose needed to be looked at by a dermatologist.

Searching everywhere for new ideas, I came across Mike's (from Durham, NC) amazing report for his success Under Melanoma cures, against what may or may not have have been a Melanoma, with Melatonin mixed into coconut oil. This report by the way should be generally available on more than the melanoma site, as it applies to all skin cancers and skin issues. Mike reported success grinding melanoma pills into a powder and then a paste with coconut oil and rubbing it in.

I already had melatonin in powder in my capsules and I mixed it in coconut oil and tried it on the three sites on my nose. They succumbed within a week to ten days. It was amazing. Almost no bleeding and the white areas of unhealthy skin rubbed off each day, then every other day, eventually simply healed up with almost no fuss. I could hardly believe it after the months of constant battling and bleeding with the h2o2.

A small red spot appeared a few weeks ago and I treated it again quite easily. I at this point am declaring it finished. I still have a slight indentation - but nothing compared to the hole I had dug with the h2o2, and at least as good as the slight indentation left on the side of my forehead by the Moes surgery done by the Derm at Northwestern Med Center several years back. There's a slight color difference - slightly less pink, a little whitish in spots if you look closely - putting my face way up to the mirror, but generally it looks as normal as other slightly sun-damaged skin. You can't even tell there is an indentation actually unless you run your finger over the area, so I think I did a better job than the doctor, since that forehead indentation is visible if carefully viewed.

Thanks so much to Mike and of course for this wonderful, wonderful site which has helped so many of us help ourselves.

Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 07/09/2011

Hi Sue, you should get the skin cancer looked at by the dermatologist as soon as possible. If it was smaller you would have more time to try these remedies like cancema, but it is already too big and you could lose your nose over this. If you insist on using the lotion then I suggest you purchase it right now and don't waste anymore time. If it doesn't work then get to the skin doctor. I have just had one removed from my nose that should have been diagnosed and removed a long time ago and it would have saved me a lot of grief. Best wishes Lily.

Posted by Hope (Sacramento, California) on 07/08/2011

Here is a video of a gentleman who used it on his face - It is a short film showing the beginning of the process and then how his skin responded over several days. It is quite impressive.

Posted by Sue (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 07/08/2011

Hi. I found this site recently, and I'd like to know about Cansema that Paula and Cameron mention. Is this safe to use on the face? I have a place on the side of my nose that I've been putting h2o2 on (just the kind available in the grocery stores), and I now have a spot at the corner of my mouth. When I put the h2o2 on, it turns white and gets inflamed, then after a few moments it settles down. I've been dealing with the place on my nose for a year; it would shrink down to a pinpoint, then come back. Now the area that turns white is rather large, maybe 3/4 of an inch or more. I would like to get rid of it, obviously, but don't want surgery or anything that would leave a scar. So, has anyone used Cansema on their face successfully? Any other recommendations? I have not had a biopsy, but my doctor told me last summer that it was very likely a bcc and he sent me to a dermatologist. I didn't go, for several reasons. Thank you.

General Feedback
Posted by Sfm (San Francisco, Ca) on 12/25/2010

The 70 year old gentleman with the large facial basal cell carcinoma should have it treated by a radiation oncologist (NOT a medical oncologist. ) Large facial basal cells can become infiltrative and burrow deep into the skin. In a few weeks of facial radiation treatments (about 2 minutes a day), he can eradicate that cell. I've saved my ear from Mohs surgery by having radiation. I've just had a large infiltrative lesion from my waistline treated with radiation as well. I'm going to try the Iodine treatment, but only on small lesions on my scalp. There is a huge difference between small lesions which can be treated topically and large cells that can spread to vital organs.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il) on 12/13/2010

Donna, You need to be aggressive with the H2O2. I rub vigorously with a q-tip turning the bad skin white and/or eventually breaking the skin and getting it to bleed. I do not let it recover and stay with it, attacking it 2 or 3 times a day. When I'm eventually satisfied that I have perhaps finished it off, I let the scab form, stop with the h2O2, and put some iodine on it once or twice or three times over the next days, to soak down beneath the scab to help the new skin form.

Sometimes I have to go back at it again, if the skin does not look completely normal, as the skin surrounding it. I am not afraid to make it bleed, because that is part of the attack and the eventual cure, I believe. Sometimes it does not want to bleed but if I'm convinced I do not have it all, I keep digging until it does. Sometimes I'm not sure after the scab has come off, but the test is more h2o2 to see if any of the skin still turns white. If so, then I go back on the attack. I had to learn to not be afraid to dig in, and sometimes over and over, 2 or 3 or even 4 times, but each time I knew I was getting closer. I don't let those around me persuade me to stop when I have it on the run. The process can take weeks and even months.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Donna (Drexel Hill, Pa) on 12/12/2010

Hi Jake, I was very interested in how you are getting rid of the skin cancers you have. I have been dealing with a large growth on my upper stomach about the size of a nickel for a while now. I have used hydrogen peroxide on it but not as often as you. Lately I have been applying 2% iodine tincture to it about once a day. Occasionally it will crust up and a layer of skin will flake off, but I haven't had any bleeding or reduction in size. I was wondering if you might be a little more specific about how you apply the hydrogen peroxide (do you dab it on or soak a cotton ball and tape it to your skin). I would really appreciate any additional information because I am really tired of dealing with this thing. Thank you for your time.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Jake (Chicago, Il.) on 12/11/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have used hydrogen peroxide for skin cancers - mostly basil cells I believe, but perhaps for the more serious types, Squamous cell or even melanoma, as well. I really don't know for sure. Without question though some of the growths on my chest and on my face and on the side of my jaw bone went very deep and took many days of deep digging and bleeding to finally remove. Whenever the new skin following the scabbing turned white with reapplication of 3% h2o2, I knew the job was not finished and I had to go after the cancer again. But each time the area to be attacked was smaller and that told me not to give up, that I should persevere. Many times I thought I'd finally come upon a situation that would be my match, finally calling for medical intervention, but in each case, the cancer finally succumbed.

My latest success is on my nose. The latest scab falling off shows pink new skin with no trace of aberrant skin, and with no white skin forming with the application of h2o2. On my nose of course I was nervous and of course everyone had a comment over the month or so that it took to finally get rid of it. I did not dig deep as I did before, but just had patience, applying the h202 day and night. When a scab formed, each time I applied iodine several times to help the new skin beneath to form.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Joellen (Nampa, Id; Usa) on 12/06/2010
4 out of 5 stars

In response to 7-1-10 Mike, I am a true believer of the hydrogen peroxide (h202). I had a nodule on my chest for about 2 months that looked like it was a zit. A white head never formed and I was concerned, because for about 2 years I noticed a 1/2 inch freckle (for a lack of better word) that had appeared on the same spot, and then this nodule showed up in the same spot. So I looked up skin cancers and it looked identical to the Basil cell carcinoma. I tried popping it and nothing happened, so I decided to use the h202. This nodule reacted by becoming about a silver dollar size hard spot, that raised a 1/4 of an inch, this soon turned into a scab. The first day of using the H202 I used it every half hour, the next day maybe 4 x a day for about a week. Then I stopped using it and allowed it to heal, by putting neosprin on it. The scab is gone, and the skin looks almost totally healed. It has a slight dry patch. I'm going to continue the neosporin, until the dry patch is gone, and then I think I'm going to see if the h2o2 reacts again in that area.

During the use of the h202, I did notice some slight stinging, off and on, and that it itched. I also read that a vitamin c soln was good for BCC. All I had was a vitamin c tablet, that I let dissolve, and I did use that paste some. (not sure if that helped any, but I did use it a couple days before I started the h202. ) I do believe in prayer and I prayed a lot. I also believe the scripture that says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge. " and I feel God allowed me to find these websites, and He gave me this wisdom. Thank you, Jesus!

Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Carol (Glasgow, Scotland) on 11/29/2010

For around 2yrs I had a sore on my head that wouldn't heal, it was risen around the edge and depressed in the middle, kinda like a crater. I had a bad habit of picking it and assumed that was why it wouldn't heal so I decided to leave it alone and I put a paste of water and bicarbonate of soda on it at night for a few weeks and it cleared up in no time even although I would forget to put the bicarb on for days at a time.

A few months later a similar eruption appeared nearer the crown of my head and shortly after that another smaller one near it. This time I used 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as I could put it on throughout the day without the hassle of the caked bicarb in my hair. It felt like a needle being stabbed into my brain the first few times I done it, I got such a shock but it only lasted a minute or two and by the third of fourth application I didn't feel anything. Both sores cleared up within two weeks.

Now I couldn't see these sores on my head so don't know what they looked like, only what they felt like so last year when I noticed a small, raised, whiteish circle on my arm I didn't associate it with the things i'd felt on my head until recently when it started to pit/depress in the middle and felt just like them. This time I done a bit of research on skin problems that won't heal by themselves and as soon as I saw pictures and read about Basal Cell Carcinoma I am certain that is what these sores are. I will buy some Hydrogen Peroxide this week and do a follow up in a week or twos time.

Posted by Paula (Perth, Wa, Australia) on 07/01/2010

Hi all, this is my first post. Alarm bells have rung with this comment on cancema from Cameron from Brisbane. I do agree that cancema works really well, but I've only ever treated small BCC's & sunspots with it (about 15 spots so far & 1 mole)& it has been very successful. Cancema is actually made from bloodroot (please see Susan from Texas's section above about bloodroot). This bloodroot paste is not to be messed with & please, please take Susan's advice & do some research before treatment. It can be very aggressive, but very effective. You can not predict how you will react to this stuff. Given the choice, I would recommend using bloodroot paste over surgery.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mike (Portland, Or) on 07/01/2010


I read your post on bcc. I think I have one on the forehead, I love the sun, 58yo very fit. I started the 35% and it does burn full strength. How long did you have to use it, how often a day and what finally happened? Mine seems to kind of crust up, it washes off in the shower. I own a business so do not want a big white spot at work. I use it during the evening 2-3 times and before bed. It bubbles and stings then the pain is gone. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks, Mike.

Posted by Cameron (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/06/2010

Hi Marshall, Cansema is what you are after, google it to find a source. I have used it with 100% success as have friends, my friend had a 30mm cancer fall out of his ear after 3 days. Cansema is nothing short of miraculous. Best of luck and don't forget to treat any other suspicous spots at the same time

Posted by Marshall (Houston, Tx) on 04/06/2010

My father is 70yo, very strong and vital as if he is 55. He has a very large BCC lesion on his face that he refuses to have surgically removed. He tried light therapy many years ago to no avail, then tried Black Cohosh (which had worked to eliminate later, smaller lesions he also developed). He has also tried other creams/salves with no improvement to the large lesion, it has continued to grow and is now the size of a large hamburger patty covering one of his cheeks on his face. Does anyone have a realistic suggestion as to the TYPE and/or brand of Iodine or Apple Cider Vinegar that could be applied? My father's diet is fairly good, but he can be a junk food junkie between his usual healthy meals. He also needs significant dental work. Suggestions and HONEST experiences are welcomed.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ron (Independence, Missouri) on 11/28/2009
1 out of 5 stars

i find at least 1/2 of the posts are phony. pushing stuff like apple cider vinegar and iodine, etc. i had a cluster of basil cell carcinoma (bcc) on my upper lip about 1/2 in diameter. i tried a soaking of hydrogen peroxide 3%, once a day. it would turn the scabbing white and when pulled off leave a open bloody wound. it would not make it smaller. all it did was start scabbing again.

i had surgery 8-4-09 for removal. it still seems to be healing. i am at this site to learn if something does work. most of your post on bcc are older posts. i am 70 y/o. if this returns i can try something different.

thanks, ron

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Will I am (Seaside, OR) on 06/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have had a basil cell carcenoma on my back for about a year.

It got a little bigger and I decided to get rid of it.

I have been using food grade h2o2 Hydrogen Peroxide (25-35%)

It burns but works great. Just use a cue tip dip it into the h2o2 and it burns the top layers of over a few weeks. It's better than the doctor and cost's about $1.00 worth of the food grade peroxide.

I will tolerate a little pain, no pain no gain.

Posted by George (Cave City, KY) on 02/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

skin cancer: Have been using 10 percent iodine on basil cell carcinoma on my face. It is working fantastic. Just remember apply many times per day. One of mine was the size of 1 plus inches in diameter and has gone down to 1/2 in in 3 wks, no soreness, no bleeding and no scarring as of today. I will continue until they are gone. Iodine is the best I have seen, having had moh's surgery, 11 hrs on my nose, they did a wonderful job, but this is a lot less painful, and is working wonders. Keep up the good work....I am 67 years old.

Posted by Susan (South Texas, USA) on 06/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using bloodroot products for approximately 5 years now. I have spent my most of my life in the sun at beaches and am paying dearly for it now in the way of skin cancer and I know that is my fault not the medical communities. I had been going to dermatoligists faithfully since the early 90's when I noticed what I believed to be precancerous plaques on various spots on my face. Doc's consistently said "no" when I requested biopsies. Mind you every year I went for a check up, I also have many moles. In 2002 I began to really worry and 6 months before the actualy diagnosis of BCC he was still telling me not to worry. So turns out tha ALL of the spots I was pointing out to them were BCC and I had Moh's surgery on my nose and lip, the other 4 spots were removed totally in the office. The result is a horrible scar that looks like I was attacked with a knife, I guess I actually was in a manor of speaking. It has taken time to get used to it, but everytime someone stares I know they are wondering "what the hell happened to her". I believe the plastic surgeon could have done a better job, but that is another story. On a recheck the dermatologist said that there were 2 additional ones and both biopsied positive for BCC. More Moh's surgery was suggested. This time I decided that I would search for alternatives. I probably got the last container of Cansema from altcancer before they arrested that poor guy. I used the product as directed and sure enough, both sites reacted as described. When using it I also have a "control" area with no blemishes, moles, etc., that I also put the salve and these areas have never reacted. I have used various formulas, all have worked. I have treated myself 10 times on spots that gave me concern due to a change in a mole, scaley spots, etc. I know the first 2 were cancerous and suspect the additional ones that I treated without biopsy were cancerous but will never truely know. Each and every time I was treating a spot, my body reacted with extreme pain, fever, edema and swelling at the site. I had to treat one spot on my face 2x but all the spots on my face healed with very minimal scarring. I treated various spots on my arms and hands. I also had some reffered pain when treating certain spots. But my reason for wanting to caution everyone about the potency and seriousness of treating unknown spots is this. Last year I was treating a mole on my back that was itching and had some changes in appearance. Years before this I had noticed a growing lump in the general vicinity of this mole. This "lump" had grown in the years since discovery, but I had asked doctors about it and they said, do nothing, it is a lipoma. It grew to approx. 5 x 1 " and was like a sausage under the skin. I was concerned about it but figured that it was a lipoma because I have other lumps in other places and had some of them removed. Not really thinking about this "lump" I put the salve on the mole above it and YOWZA, the "lump" reacted violently, and came to the surface, I was incapacitated for 2 months, was in regular contact with the makers of the salve I was using. I was ill to say the least. The pain was intolerable. I had to use pain meds that I had on hand. My family wanted me to go to the doctor, but what could they do? If it was cancer there was no way I was going to let them interrupt the process and I had to assume that it was. I was in mental and physical torment for 60 days. To top it off our daughter was getting married and I had to put it together. I was taking enzymes, AHCC, many other suppliments. So this huge sausage shaped tumor came out, just as the small ones did. Gross is too small of a word to describe it. It left a significant scar on my back and is still healing to this day. To add to this, several months later my brother was diagnosed with a rare benign growth that was IN his spinal cord. It was a 7" long and sausage shaped and he had it was successfully removed. When I was researching it, there is also a form of this growth that when it is outside the spinal cord it is normally a very agressive cancer, but I will never know. Several months ago I treated a spot on my forehead and ankle. The spot on the forhead was small and came out within a week. The one on the leg developed into a quarter size reaction area and it would not heal. After alot of trepidation I went to a dermatologist who cauterized the wound. At first glance he said that it looked like a brown reculse spider bite but when I told him how it got there he didn't have much to say and said that I shouldn't use the product. What else could he say? I don't know what happened with the one on my ankle, but it made me very ill also. I have done alot of reading on black salves and other cancer salves and they have a pretty deep history. Like many I just wish there could be some scientific studies done to see exactly what type of tissue it reacts with. I have read small mention of these type products reacting with tissue infected with fungi, virus and bacteria. I am not really concerned about convincing the established medical community. After the 2 very serious reactions I had, I am more cautious in using it. There is a book called "Cancer Salves" that had led me to a better understanding about cancers in general, but what she says is true...approach these salves with alot of respect and research. NEVER smear an area with the salves just to see if something is there. There seems to be a network that I could never connect to that probably has more help and info on the use of these, but could never find a practitioner in Texas. They all seem to be on the west coast. If there are any homeopaths, ND, etc., in my area I could never find one. Well that is my story on cancer salves. I believe they work, but I also believe that there is more to them and it would be nice if I could get some answers on the reactions that occured on my leg and back. Be totally informed before you use the salves, come to your decision to use it by your research, not on someone elses. And have potent pain meds available. You don't want to get half way into treating one of these and decide you can't take the pain. Good Luck.

Baking Soda, Castor Oil, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Stephen (Newcastle, NSW Australia) on 07/05/2008
5 out of 5 stars

BCC skin cancer removal: I had a multi-point BCC [Basil Cell Carcinoma] removed surgically from an area between my right eye and ear. A painful and nasty procedure with only local anestetic and skin graft leaving a circular scar about the size of a 50cent piece. I noticed that a part of the cancer may have been missed about 1yr later and my concerns grew after it hollowed out and expanded. I really didn't wish to have another op. so I tried a treatment that I was using for skin tags and moles. I placed about a table spoon of bi-carb soda into a small measuring cup and added a small amount of csstor oil BP to blend up to a fairly consistent paste, no lumps but firm enough so it wouldn't run when placed on my lesion. I covered this with fabric band-aids and replaced it before going to bed and in the morning. As these lesions tend to bleed and weep freely anyway it helped more so to have the band-aid coverings on not only to stop the bleeding and weeping running down my face but to also hold the paste on the lesion. Ugly and not fun for about 2 weeks then I realised the bleeding was slowing. After 3 weeks I removed the covering one day and noticed the affected area had flattened out and no more bleeding but the area below and around it was very red and sensitive as if the solution had been burning the skin. I allowed it to air for a day placing Hydrogen Peroxide all over the area. It scabbed up overnight and I continued to keep it covered for the next few days. The scab was trying to lift and I was a little concerned that all was in vain but once the scab came off it left a smooth almost completely healed spot. That was yesterday 4/07/08 and today even better. I slept on it last night without being covered and even showered today without concern and not a hint of problem thus far. I hope to leave a little more feedback over the next 2 weeks on progress and I sincerely hope this is of help to many others who have real concerns over BCC's.

Warning though, the compound stings a bit and the burning and redness of surrounds may be disconcerting but please try it for yourself. All the best to all with this ailment and I hope I have been helpful to you.

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