Natural Remedies for Basal Cell Carcinoma

Preventing BCC

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Posted by Ds (Sydney) on 09/18/2016
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Hi, I am Australian (skin cancer capital) and a medical scientist. I have had about 60 BCCs since age 18, now aged 43. First treated through surgeries/ grafts/ MOHs, then Aldara for many years. Unfortunately before internet I didn't know of more natural options and was not told of Aldara's side effects.

If you have sun damaged skin there is good evidence now of usage of vitamin B3 and curcumin (both orally and topically), see Sydney Uni studies etc. They may also work on already established BCCs (even my very left brained doctor told me about trying these). My skin cancers have almost halted since I used these and Vit C in past years.

If you are 'told' to use Aldara, PLEASE google it! I have ended up with Parkinson's disease, unfixable vision loss, shingles/ postherpetic neuralgia (excruciating pain through 2/3 of my body), coeliac disease, skin rashes on chest and neck etc. As severe symptoms happened overnight on my last dose, I can connect the dots easily.

I tell the doctors as I don't want others to suffer, they all go into denial and cover it up (as they have prescribed it often for decades for BCC or genital warts). I post this info on medical websites and it does not get posted (they are 'selective'). I don't want others to suffer :) Better to get cut out if need (the surgeons are pretty good stitchers often! ) Otherwise use Aldara minimally. There are class action court cases.

Replied by Steven
(Cairns, Queensland)

Hi, unfortunately my doctor put me onto Aldara under its generic name DS. I've had some bad effects and am getting checked out for dementia pre-Alzheimer's because of sudden bad effects, not just low grade of what is like a pre-Alzheimer's it turns out. Parkinsons is in the family and it was suspected that it might he causing previous issues before. However, I'm here about vision. My vision seems to have degraded a bit more. I would like to ask what the vision degregation mechanism is DS? Because if it is because of demylination only, I have in the past treated mine with natural myelination cofactors and much improved my vision back. But if one doesn't treat fast enough the demyelination results in progressive nerve cell death over time that can't be repaired. So while things are better it doesnt get 100% and when it happens again the 100% of what remains can be lower. Worth looking up remyelination. Another warning, the effects seem to come up when my immune system came up.

Replied by Carol

Whether you get it cut out or use the natural remedies you are still only addressing the symptons. You need to also treat the causes using diet and lifestyle changes. To develope all the other problems you mentioned sounds like you eat a poor diet and possibly a sedamentary life style. I don't like medicines either but I doubt if you can blame all the problems on a medicine you took. I don't think that can be proven.

Replied by Sue
(Bellingham, Wa)

Can you be specific about the type of B-3? Niacin, or the "no-flush kind, " (does it make a difference?), also amount and dosage? Likewise with the Curcumin? Thank you so very much in advance. Had one mohs and would love to avoid more cancers developing.

Replied by Margeaux
(Los Angeles, Ca)


Nowhere in either of the previous posts did I see any mention of their diet, nor sedentary lifestyle. Sure, everyone ideally should work on themselves to that end. But we don't have to sound so soap boxish about it either.


Preventing BCC
Posted by Peter (Phila, Pa) on 09/01/2013

BCC on tip of my nose... Biopsy from Penn pathology says BCC... They recommend MOH's surgery and then plastic surgeon to graft other nose skin over hole left on tip of nose. One week after biopsy nose has no bleeding or pimple like bumps showing. Could biopsy have removed BCC or is this temporary? What treatment will prevent further outbreaks and stop the need for MOHs? Peter

Replied by Patti

Hi Peter,

there are several video's on youtube about skin cancer cures. I know that anyone can post on youtube but most of them have open comments on them also. A lot of them that I've seen were claiming that the product or products worked. These are not pharmaceuticals, so they are not trying to sell you anything. The reason I responded to your comment was b/c I used to be a big sun worshipper, and I lived on the Jersey Shore beaches all summer long. Now in my 50s, I get a little paranoid if I see a new freckle. I wanted to do some research on my own in case a Dr ever told me that I did have skin cancer. So while I'm not exactly giving you any answers, I'm hoping I was able to help you look into some other options that might help. You may want to search black salve on youtube or one video in particular on there was about BCC and the man documented his progress. You can see it here,

Hope that helps.

(Jacksonville, Florida)

Just diagnosed with BCC on the area in between my eyes, just above the bridge of the nose. Its is very small and has been there for about 25 years!! It has not grown bigger and in fact has gotten smaller since applying Vitamin C serum to my face for wrinkles. My concern is that it is nodular BCC and they say that this type of cancer goes deeper and grows roots. If I can use these natural remedies to remove the exposed area, how do I know if the roots are gone? Are there tests that docs can do to see inside??

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Debbie, mine was in the exact place that you describe. I eventually had it removed, leaving a noticeable scar, but I was just "testing" my face with ACV to see if there were any spots that reacted to the ACV. There are none, thank G-d, but I wonder if it's a good test to see what's what. I got the idea from reading the ACV pages and noticing that when people used it for BCC, it went after the tentacles too.

Red Wine Vinegar

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Posted by Don (Usa) on 08/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

2 red lesions popped up on my chest in 2012. I decided to swab it with red wine vinegar (RWV) since that also cleared up some kind of red lesion on the side of my nose in 2010. that one was a bit oily, but no dripping. it was also a bit sore/tender if lightly touched with my finger. the ones in 2012 were not sore/tender and had no oily discharge. I applied the RWV 2-4 times daily to those. 5 weeks later they were quite faded. 3 weeks later, gone. Another one popped up about 1 yr ago. Did the RWV again. Caught this one earlier. Took only 3-4 weeks of RWV. Now, 4 more have popped up in the last week: 2 on stomach, 1 on chest, one on shoulder. I think they may be basal cell (BCC) carcinoma, but not sure. They sure look the pics of BCC on the internet.

Anyone have any suggestions of ridding myself of these things? - other than a doc which is a last resort.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Don, there must be a reason they are popping up. Food? Feelings? Explore!

Replied by Don
(Long Beach, Ca)

Feelings? I don't know about that one, but I guess ones outlook/attitude on life (if that's what you mean by "feelings") can have an effect on health. I have a very negative outlook on life; plus, I rarely exercise. I'm thinking maybe some exercise might help as I was waking up in the middle of the night a few yrs ago caused by a tad of vile wanting to come up from my stomach into my throat. I started jogging (not because I thought it would help, but because I had planned on getting some exercise before the vile). The vile subsided a bit more with every day of jogging until it went 100% away. I stopped jogging after a few weeks, but the vile hasn't returned.

As far as food goes, I don't think I'm eating anything different before the lesions.

Being blond/blue, and now 54 y/o and having many sunburns in the 70/80s I was thinking that may have something to do with the lesions. but most of the sunburns were on my arms, upper shoulders and back. no lesions there.

Thanks for the reply.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Don, yes, that's what I mean by "feelings". And, btw, exercise does help with negativity.

About food: Sometimes, eating what your body doesn't like, builds up and builds up until it shows and tells you.

Replied by Ramaram
(Arizona, Usa)

SUGAR FEEDS CANCER. All kinds of cancer. So if you really want to stop a cancer from recurring, eat ZERO sugar and cut your fruit/fructose intake to low or none.

Replied by Carol

Cancer is not just a surface problem. I wish everyone could heal as easily as a little Apple Cider Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Some must go deeper. By that I mean treating what caused the cancer in the first place.

Vitamin C

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Posted by Jean (Wheeling, Il) on 10/16/2018
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My husband was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on top of his head. I opened several 1000 mg capsules of vitamin C, added a drop of water to form a paste and applied it twice a day. Within a week it was gone.

Vitamin C
Posted by Blindedbyscience (Asheville, Nc) on 09/24/2011
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Vit C powder for basal cell skin cancer

I had a very small spot on my nose that started to bleed and wouldn't heal so I'm pretty sure it was a basal cell. I read that some people cured there bcc with Vit C. First I tried Sodium Ascorbate paste made with water and that was going slowly. Finally I went from eating dairy everyday (lactovegetarian) to a vegan diet and tried Ascorbic Acid powder in a paste with Aloe gel. Ascorbic acid will sting unlike sodium ascorbate. The second application it started to bleed and scab, like a small dark purple scab. I think I applied it one more time after that, then I left it alone. A week later the spot is healed with no scar. For almost 3 months that spot had a mind of its own, turning red or bleeding. Now finally it looks like normal skin. Cool!

Replied by Brandy
(San Juan Capistrano, Ca)

I have been using buffered vitamin c on a cancerous spot. It has taken a few weeks but it is finally scabbing up and shrinking. I emptied out a buffered c capsule into a cup, wet a qtip, dipped it in it until it bubbled and put it on the spot three times a day. At first it itched, then after a week it stung a little and then it started to bleed and scab. Now it is about half the size. I'll let you know if it clears up completely.

Replied by Tuuli
(Detroit, Usa)

I would like to know how can you be sure that the cancer is completely gone once the scab falls off? Did anybody have any tests done? Can the cancer go deeper into the tissue?

Replied by Nikki
(Providence, Ri)

I'm going to have a biopsy on my face tomorrow. Just because I want to know what I am dealing with.

Afterwards, what do you suggest I put on it to help it heal since it will be freshly opened and 'take' a natural cure better???

I hope to avoid Moh's surgery if it is skin cancer, which I am almost sure it is. I'll have to wait about a month or two between the biopsy and the possible Moh's surgery.

Thank you!

Replied by Freedomforscience
(Asheville, Nc)

I had a feeling I couldn't have treated my spot enough in my first post but because of work I let it go on for months since it wasn't too noticeable, less than 1mm and flat but then it got a little bloody one day so this is what I did. First, I'm not advising anyone to do this, I'm a DIY junkie. It matched the description for BCC but I didn't have a biopsy (my Dad is always having them burned off). The first day I cleaned it with H2O2 and put a paste of ascorbic acid. This makes the surrounding tissue very red so the second night I switched to Sodium ascorbate. After my showers I also used H202. By the 4th night I had like a raised white scab thing and I was to work on the 6th day so I quit putting vit c on. I used h202 but I didn't try to pull the white scab off because I was afraid it would look worse at work. It was an ugly blemish on the side of my nose.

By the 7th night after work the crust was real hard and I tried to pull it but it started to bleed from under it. The bleeding stopped when I washed it with H202 and I nervously went to bed (what have I done now! ?). On day 8 I took a steamy shower which softened the white dead skin and applying peroxide with an eye dropper I easily debrided the white skin leaving a clean red mark. After that I used peroxide acouple times a day which caused less and less of white exudate and now day 10 I have a non reactive spot of skin that looks pretty fabulous. You can just barely see a slightly redder color of skin where it used to be like a healed scab. I really can't believe it so I will follow up on this post periodically to say whether it comes back.

I also couldn't maintain the vegan diet from last post and had started eating dairy. I did go vegan for 10 days right before I started this treatment again but got too tired at my job and ate some cheese. (lactovegetaian 30 years). I'm gonna attempt to keep the dairy at a minimum. I must say I'm gonna feel relieved at work today that it appears I have not just made something worse! Last time I used Vit C I didn't use peroxide at all so maybe that's the key. You have to get that white bubbly growth of exudate, I don't know unfortunately, I'm just saying so far this is less painful than going to the Dr! Oh yeah, and cost less than a couple bucks. Sodium ascorbate powder is expensive but my jar was like 4 yrs old so I'm not sure it was active but it didn't look oxidized

Replied by Sigurður
(Oberlin, Ohio)

The simplest way to remove a small basal cell carcinoma is with the head of a nail heated on the stove or with a propane torch, it does smart a bit and scars a little more than freezing it out with liquid nitrogen, but it's vastly less expensive. Just use common sense, go slow and easy, and don't thrust it violently into the skin as in some old cowboy movie.

Replied by Tony
(Nacogdoches, Tx)

Alcohol and antibiotic ointment have been a successful therapy for a basal cell next to my ear that was removed and returned. Had to be the combo as each by itself was ineffective. Cleared in scalp as well. Please post.

Replied by Richard
(Hong Kong)

Hi, I am delighted to hear that you are all having success with your natural treatments. I wish you all luck and health.

However, being a long time sufferer of BCC I have to say that the Mohs and plastics surgery I have had has been amazing and if you can afford it it has been a good option for me. Several of my colleagues have had large BCC removed from their faces and due to the good auspices of an american trained plastic surgeon are good as new.

The only other thing I would add is if you cure yourself please invest some $ in a biopsy to make sure. I have had a bcc "heal up" only to be active underneath requiring a 2" hole in my neck and a skin graft.

On the subject of melanoma please don't delay I have also been down that route and am still here 16 years later and have seen my kids grow up due to surgery. The prognosis isn't great if it gets out and about.

I'd love to try your cures but for me I can't take a chance with the "experiment".

With very best wishes to you all.

Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Richard, glad that Moh's surgery has worked well for you. Many of us with BCC/SCCs end up in alt med because of recurrence.

I had a BCC removed by Moh's. The incision ran from the outer corner of my eye to the inner corner and then down my nose to below my upper lip. Caring for such a large open wound near my brain was truly terrifying.

About a month after the surgery, a new growth started up on the opposite side of my nose. Eight months after my surgery, a new growth started up right on the Moh's incision line. This is not unusual for cancer surgery patients to experience.

Moh's surgery does not guarantee skin cancer will not recurr in that spot or other spots. Like black salve, vit C, etc., it is treating the symptom, but not the cause.

My point is that conventional medicine is no better off than we are in keeping cancers from recurring. It is simply a different way of removing cancer growths. Removing them does not necessarily cure the patient of cancer.

Replied by Dk
(California, US)

Has anyone seen that peroxide and baking soda keep getting mentioned? Has anyone treated healthy skin with both of those products as purely a preventative measure to avoid cancer cells from developing in the first place??? Would love to know....DK

Replied by Julie
(Carbondale, Co)

I've been using vit c, frankincense, aldera, baking soda, peroxide, castor oil. My Basal Cell Carcinoma just seems to be getting raw and bigger with little cyst looking particles. The area just seems to be getting larger and worse. Anyone tried bloodroot or have any suggestions? It's on my chin near lip so I'm truing to avoid surgery. Please help if you have any suggestions.

Replied by Timh
2081 posts

Julie: Try to find a salve w/ Bloodroot as one of the ingredients. I have a salve product called "Tumorgone" that contains bloodroot.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U JULIE, , , , , , , , Black salve or blood root will get this but it does not know when to stop eating and will disfigure you. Please investigate Curederm, which is made from the egg plant.

If you need confidence, then buy and read the book.

It worked for me. =======ORH=======

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Julie, I've tried all of those things (minus aldara) and more for over a year. Nada. So I've made an appointment for surgery, and am just leaving it alone for now. Lo and behold, it looks a wee bit better, but very crusty and flaky, so I dab on a tiny bit of virgin olive oil once in a while so that it won't look too scary. If there is any significant difference by the time surgery rolls around, I might cancel it.

What I'm thinking is that maybe, just maybe, all those things actually DID work and now it has to heal. Who knows?!

Replied by Blindedbyscience

O.k. Here is my update. My spot that I had for years on the left side of my nose although looking like a scar where the biopsy was, I knew it wasn't right. My new biopsy came back BCC infiltrative focal pattern. Perhaps I didn't treat myself long enough with the natural treatments or even effudex. I am 9 days post MOHS. I feel very blessed that it hadn't spread further. Still Doc took out probably a centimeter or more and reconstructed the site. I was very lucky to have a skilled MOHS surgeon. she did a fine job as far as I can tell so far. Yeah, so for me for now, I'm probably going to be very vigilant about going to the Dr if something crops up.

Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate, Hyaluronic Acid

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Posted by Frozintime (Madbury, Nh ) on 09/25/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have found 3 small 1-1.5cm bsc's on my upper chest. Both my brother and mother have had extensive MOHS and various skin cancer removals. I noticed one small scar on my upper chest, almost my shoulder and it changed to a scar look, and became ringed with teeny blister bumps. Well...I had noticed the spot about 3 months ago and so it isn't too old. Then I looked and I had two others....although apparently just looking like scars and not discolored.

I decided to try Vit C sodium ascorbate and hyaluronic acid. Basically about equal part vit c and HA and then add about 8 times the water until it becomes gel like without solid crystals. It is then saturated. I try to make small batches using about 1/4 tsp vit c and HA, with normally a teaspoon and a half of purified water....sometimes 2 tsp...not exact but it gels up. There are 2 types of vit c, sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid.... supposedly your supposed to use the sodium version, although I started with the Ascorbic. The ascorbic after the first treatment turned my spot that had the tiny blisters crusty and black spotted....within 3 days it fell off.

As of now....about 11 days it has gotten a tad smaller, the blisters are gone and it has changed color to a more skin tone(normal). I can still see it...the other 2 I can barely see in bright light, but I know where they are so keep adding the vit c. Anyhow, I plan to do this for at least a month.....and I put it on at least once a day, but normally twice. I think we are supposed to do it 2 to 3 times a day.

Anyhow....that's it. I sent photos to my Mom who was rather surprised. I will check back as this progresses. Oh....I used the ascorbic acid and it seemed to work too....I started then switched as the hyaluronic recipe is actually a skin wrinkle recipe to help smooth skin. That's all I know as of now. Will check back.

Replied by Nadine

Hi Frozintime! Do you have BSC (baso-squamous) or plain BCC? I'm very interested in your treatment with VitC and HA. My mom got her biopsy today and it's BSC. I'm so worried, I want to find all nature ways to get rid of BSC on my mom (in parallel with MOHS and Aldara). I'm so frightened, any advice? She got MOHS, but a new pearl-like nodule appears near his nose bridge...maybe can I use Vit. C?

(Madbury, Nh)

Mine are just plain Basal Cells. I am still applying the mixture as of today. I forget now and again, or only apply when I remember since they have really shrank, and I think are non aggressive now. All 3 of mine are less than half the size of original, and the color tones are almost totally normal, but they can still flare color wise for some reason. My mother gave me a lotion that indicates whether the cancer cells are active(it was a very expensive skin lotion that is used to treat skin cancers), about 2 months ago....I tried it and got no reaction which supposedly means they are not active or regenerating at this time and are most likely dead.

I would definitely try the Vit C/Hyaluronic just to see what the reaction is. If you get a reaction it is good....if not, stick with traditional Dr. and treatment. I wish I had a better guarantee, but it seemed to work for me, but I cannot say it will work on Squamous cells.

Best advice I can try....I got everything online for less than 45 dollars, and it worked for me. Best 45 I ever spent. When I showed my Mother she was completely stunned.....she couldn't believe the reaction and how well it had worked. Neither could I....good luck to you, I wish I knew or could tell you more.

(Madbury, Nh)
4 out of 5 stars

OK...I went and looked and my Mom had given me a small dab of Efudex. She told me to be careful and a little dab will do ya! I got no reaction from an efudex application after having used the VIT C/HA for 4 months, so I believe the BCC's are non active and most likely dead. I can say the cancer is not active now...but because I can still see albeit about half their original sizes or less, and just one or two shades darker than my normal skin. If this continues I will be back in another 6 months (I will quit applying in a few months) and give this a cure assuming it doesn't come back again. I need to check with my mother too since she has really been through the ringer and was going to try my treatment. I have been using the Vit C/HA for almost exactly 6 months.


Hi Matt! What's the name of that lotion? I'm very really shows where the cancer cells are?

Replied by Ben

Basal cell carcinoma is real easy to cure. An element extracted from eggplant called BEC-5 stops this form of cancer in a hurry. It works quicker and safer than other treatments like black salve which can leave a painful scar where the tumor used to be.

Now one big word of caution, do NOT use hyaluronic acid near that tumor! Hyaluronic acid makes the body tissues more easily breached by cancers which choose to go metastatic.

A very simple and safe cancer treatment is dmso applied several times a day. Wipe on with your clean finger NOT a Q-tip because of the glues used on the Q-tip being in contact with dmso.

Now one more caution. Doctors scare people telling them the sun gives you cancer therefore slather on tons of deadly carcinogenic sunscreen. Woops, hmmm sunscreen is carcinogenic? You bet it is. Very carcinogenic! More than 150 brands were tested and the vast majority had cancer causing agents in the formulation. Very few were safe and effective. Some of them are loaded with nano particulates which pose a severe danger! Nano materials penetrate through skin then travel to organs, the brain, and even find their way into cancer cells. Some sunscreens even had lead and mercury in them. In lab tests many animals got cancer from exposure to various sunscreens. The fda allows virtually anything to be put in cosmetics applied externally just like it didn't soak through and penetrate the skin.

Boral of the story: Be careful what goes on you, and be careful what goes in you.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Nadine, vitamin C hurts quite a bit and makes it raw. I never did it long enough to see if it really worked.

If I had to do it again, I would use h2o2, baking soda, ACV and green clay.


Thanks everybody! I read in this forum when you apply H2O2 over tumor it turns to white because oxygen in h2o2. But my mommy have a 1 pearl-like lesion (no bloody or open wound), and it doesn't turn works in this way? By other hand she's using Aldara + mupirocin (antibiotic). Can I test with ACV + h2o2 on same day?

Replied by Margeaux
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Hi Ben,

Saw your post of 2016. So you say the eggplant BEC treatment is pretty good, and safer. I've been reading how aggressive the black salve can be.

I came across mixing vitamin c and dmso. I understand that dmso becomes a transporter for other things, and that one has to take precaution using it, since it opens up the area to which one applies it to, but also very effective. When I read this I became a bit scared to use it. I just received some in the mail along with my vitamin order, and only did a skin patch test. I can tell it's rather strong, because the arm I did the test on, I could feel my elbow itching and tingling later on. Did you use vitamin c with the dmso? O.K., thank you for the information shared.

It is so good to read others experiences using different protocols.


Replied by Justin
(Chiapas, Mexico)

Hello Mmsg from Somewhere Europe,

my name is Justin and I just came across your posting because it was related to Zappers. I don't know a whole lot about Zappers though I did buy one some years back ....I got the Terminator.

I'm not sure if anyone has already suggested this but are you familiar with a substance called "black salve"? I think it is primarily made from a few plants that grow in the dessert of SW USA, though for all I know people are also making it in other parts of the world. Anyway it is all natural. I first learned aboat it by reading something Jim Humble had written aboat using both MMS in conjunction with this specific black salve called "Indian Herb". Google them and you will find their web site. people with cancers and other illnesses have been treating them selves externally and internally with this salve. And from all that I have read and the Youtube videos I have seen the stuff really works. There are video blogs of people who apply black salve directly on top of there carcenomas and within a few days the salve actually eats down into the cancer and pulls it out by the roots. Leaving behind a clean hole where the cancer was and Then in time the skin just grows back and the body heals itself. I read aboat one guy who had prostate cancer and he cured himself by smearing black salve directly onto his cancer. Really I think it is a miraculous medicine, though I can not speak from personal experience seeing as I have never used it.

I purchased this salve some years back and called the business just to ask about the product and I got the owner on the phone. And she was super sweet and took the time to answer my questions.

cool well I sincerely hope you find the remedy and treatment to heal yourself. I wish you all the very best.....justin

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