Curaderm for Basal Cell Carcinoma

| Modified on Jul 14, 2024
Curaderm for BCC

Discover how Curaderm, a product from Australia made from eggplant, can help Basal Cell Carcinoma and other skin cancers, according to Earth Clinic readers who have tried this natural treatment.

Curaderm contains the active ingredient Solasodine Glycosides (BEC) and Salicylic Acid Urea at concentrations that assist BEC.

According to the website, studies have shown that Curaderm targets a receptor that is only on the cancer cells, making it safe to use.

The active ingredient in the cream is made from plants in the Solanaceae family; namely eggplant, tomato, potato, and bell peppers.

Where to Buy Curaderm

Check Google Shopping for authorized distributors by typing "Curaderm BEC5" into the search bar.


Continue reading below for more feedback from Earth Clinic readers who have used Curaderm for BCC. Let us know if you've tried this natural treatment and if it helped!

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Posted by Elle (New Zealand) on 09/08/2023

BCC or SCC - Trying baking soda/coconut and ACV after curaderm failed.

Hi, this is my first post. I've had a legion for a few years now, too scared to get a biopsy after hearing they will spread the cancer plus once in the medical system they'l suggest chemo cream, radiation and MOHS for which my legion is too big for. I have used curaderm for a few years which has kept it under control but suddenly out of nowhere it started to spread so freaking out. Doing extensive research including on here have started with the baking soda/coconut oil, but will add in ACV at night now too.

For the first two weeks its stung like all hell when I applied it and was trying to not keep it covered but think I now have to. It's a hell of a thing trying to hide cause its right on my shoulder so have a new summer wardrobe to try accommodate hiding this thing while treating it. Soooo after a couple hours reading on here today, I can add there is a hole where the original growth was, maybe 1cm by 1cm circle and a few little others have popped up around the area - scares the crap out of me but Ive read a few people here today say that normal and its pulling out the other legions.

Going to take apricot kernels, curcumin, serrapeptase and anything else I can throw in and be in a positive mindset - an affirmation I'm using is "life and death lies in the power of the tongue"... I've recently lost my child so my whole world was turned upside down and maybe the stress of that has accelerated things but hoping for the best and refuse to go down the medical cut/poison/burn technique. I do have black salve but would rather try this first. My new hubby doesn't understand so hiding from him as best I can but naysayers would never understand and I've read too many stories now of horrendous mohs etc only to have them grow back! Wish me luck, please and prayers my way as life hasn't been kind to me lately x

Replied by Tina

I am totally just like you. What has been your outcome. I am dealing with the same issue on my eyebrow. its been there for years. I am using curaderm but also trying baking soda and other stuff. how are you doing now?

Replied by Sue

Over a few years I have treated three basal cell carcinomas on my legs using organic oregano oil in olive oil (you can buy this in many places.) I applied a couple of drops on the bcc and covered it with a band-aid, repeating 2 to 4 times daily (didn't always change the band-aid, just pulled one side off to apply the drops.) It took 3 or 4 months but at the end the skin was like new, no evidence of anything.

It didn't sting much at all but I was careful to wipe any excess oil away from normal skin. This was not on my face, I have no idea how it would feel on more tender skin. And keep it covered until healed.

BTW, the first time I didn't know it was a bcc, it appeared so suddenly that I thought it was an insect bite and I applied the oregano oil as an infection preventive. Then I happened to see photos of a bcc on the web and realized that's what it probably was. But I kept on with the oil and it healed, so the next time I knew just what to do.

Hope this is helpful, good luck!

Posted by Annette (Durban, South Africa) on 04/15/2023

CURADERM for Basal Cell Carcinoma on nose

Diagnosed with BCC by dermatologist. Booked in for plastic surgery to remove the skin from the ear to do a graft.

I purchased CURADERM. It ate away all the CA & started healing quickly. By Day 40 it was only half the size it had been. Amazing! Then healing of skin appeared to slow down/stop. How do I speed up healing process? Do I only apply once a day? I am 73.

Can one treat sunspots ( as diagnosed by Derm ) with Curaderm?

Replied by Robyn

Hi Annette, wondering how you went? The instructions I have say minimum of twice a day.

Posted by Fairlie (ON) on 10/27/2022

My husband and I have used Curaderm BEC 5 for several basal cancers with great success.

Posted by Jackson (Midwest) on 10/27/2022

I used Curaderm for basal cell carcinoma, rather than have it surgically removed. That was over a year ago, and I've had 2 check-ups since with dermatologist and am all clear.

Posted by Doc (Mayfield, Utah) on 03/15/2022

I started with 3 small lesions at my hairline where basal cells had previously been removed "professionally." After a few stinging weeks, I saw huge progress at those original sites, but the tentacles began erupting across my entire forehead and down the sides of my face. As I continued treatment twice a day, bleeding lesions crossed my cheeks and are now approaching my nose, where I've had two basal cells and one squamous cell removed, and my right cheek has nine lesions down to my chin, with six on the left.

I'm now at 2 1/2 months and am tired of stinging and burning (and spending more and more money on Curaderm). Apparently, I'm atoning for those sunburns, but I'm still hopeful that the result will be spectacular.

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Doc, thank you for your feedback on Curaderm.

Curaderm should NOT be used on any skin cancer that has metastasized, so please be very careful and write the company if need be. Metastasizing skin cancer is one of the big contraindications for this cream.

Replied by Kathy

Hi, did the cancer ever completely go away.

Posted by Earth Clinic on 09/01/2021

We're excited to let you know that we just imported 20 tubes of Curaderm, the topical cream our readers have been raving about for more than a decade, directly from Australia to sell in our online shop! You can buy it at Earth Clinic here. We'll ship it starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 2nd.

Curaderm is used for pre-cancerous skin growths like Basal Cell Carcinoma. Read feedback about it from EC readers here. It is also used for Sunspots, Age Spots, and Hyperpigmentation.

Curaderm is incredibly expensive to import, so we're starting out carrying a small quantity. We're selling it for $144 a tube, which is the lowest price we're allowed to sell it at.

It ranks up there with Gallixa for awesomeness, even though very pricey!

EC: 09/26/22 Update:

Curaderm raised its prices in January 2022, so the online price per tube is now $198. No Curaderm Distributor, including Earth Clinic, is allowed to sell it for less than that.

Posted by Mrs Carter (US) on 05/06/2020

In reply to GertJr:

I have 2 questions about Curaderm, which I got for my husband. It says apply 3 times per day for 3 days--wash the area before each application or just put it on? As to the paper tape, his skin is so thin and tender that adhesives may damage it. Do we really need to use the tape, or can we just leave it open to the air? On face and ears, so easy enough unless sleeping.

Wash it before applying with a mild soap. Dry thoroughly. Yes, you need the tape, micropore is best but paper tape will work. Paper tapes in general are very mild for sensitive skin.

Posted by Margaret (Tampa, Florida) on 09/03/2019

Dear ORH or anyone who has tried Curaderm for SK, BCC or SCC,

I was wondering if you can advise please. After reading your posts on the subject (thank you very much!), I ordered curaderm online. Very expensive ($140) for a small tube that comes with tape and a book but I think it will last a long time. I bought it to use on my husband's back, which has a number of suspicious spots to me, but which the dermatologist deems fine each year (!)... a few of these "normal" spots look like pimples that keep bleeding.

I applied a small amount of curaderm on each one of them and covered them with medical tape but am unsure how long to keep going. It's now been 10 days. The book says apply for 3 days for SK and 30 days for BCC and Squamous Cell... I stopped applying on a few spots that smoothed over, since that is what the book advised. So my main question is... do you keep applying it every day until there is no bump left? It looks like he has cigarette burns all over his back! A few of them, the ones that bled here and there even before the curaderm, have itched him intensely after application. Thanks for help on this. I think it's powerful indeed, but want to know the most effective length of time to apply from those who have used it over the years.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Replied by ORH

MARGARET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, if you are speaking of Dr Cham's book, then I'd buy in. I don't have good vibes about my purchase from Walmart because there are too many knock off artist out there. The tubes look the same , but that's not a mountain to climb. I will go back and purchase directly from Dr Cham , even if it takes longer. I keep applying until there is no more reaction, nor burning sensation. I try to apply 2X day. Helping my Tractor Driver put up apple juice from 3 bu of apples. Our juice is 100% . After reading about Cheese, I wonder what % of apples are in Sto bought juice?


Replied by Margaret

Thank you very much for your reply, ORH. I will continue applying it and let everyone know how it worked out. I do think it was the real product from Walmart. I am more concerned (understatement) about counterfeit products from Amazon after receiving several questionable supplements with bad labels!

Posted by Kenneth M. (Ohio) on 07/26/2019

We have used curaderm for several years. It was made in Australia, not cheap but cures all cancer except melanoma. Also cured my wife of a pressure ulcer on her ear hole almost through. Eight days later new skin, no pain ever.. Unknown growth in ankle and other places healed. We love the products and have pics to prove what I say. My age is 79 and I want healed not symptom relief with side effects.

Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 06/13/2019

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, man, did not do my keratosis thing last year and my face is covered with a cancer of some sort. My dermatologist would change my looks forever if I allowed his knife. Instead , I am using Curaderm as I have for many years. He knows of it, but will not acknowledge. That's the way they are. The reaction is so drastic that I can hardly stand the pain. But it does subside in an hour or so. I have stopped my 2 treatments /D to allow my face to heal. It has now peeled and looks great, but I am not comfortable and will start my program again next week. I am wearing a long shirt this year and a straw shade hat. My ole Mississippi PawPaw knew this many moons ago. His skin was like an ivory soap bar. It never saw the sun. Now...... he did have a wrinkled red neck for certain. What is so amazing about Cruaderm is that it only reacts with cancer cells. Put it on healthy skin and nothing happens. Curaderm can be bought on line. I initially bought it from the Dr who made it. Now, I buy it from Walmart. There are scam folks here....... so beware. ====ORH====

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Hope it clears up fast ORH. Pls keep us posted.

Posted by Elle (Cape ) on 02/21/2018

For treatment of basal cell carcinoma please google Curaderm which is based from eggplant. You can research it and order it online. It is approved for usage in treatment of basal cell carcinoma in Australia. US FDA has not approved it (of course because it is much cheaper ) than the protocol that US MD's will recommend. Read the Curaderm website. I have personally used Curaderm multiple times with success that has given me 100% satisfaction. When I see a suspect site on my skin, I go to a dermatologist and have a biopsy. If the lab confirms that it is basal cell, I use the Curaderm. The dermatologist that I go to confirmed that he knows about Curaderm, but since it is not US FDA approved he can not recommend it. It is important to continue the application of the cream for the full cycle of destruction of the cancer cells and renewal of healthy skin. It may take day 21 days or longer depending on your situation.

Good luck.

Posted by Dee (Lake Arrowhead) on 10/26/2017

I used curaderm 3 years ago and was very successful, last year I had another spot and it did not work after more than 6 months of applying it day and night!!!

I am looking for something else? I hope the Apple Cider Vinegar will work!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

CURADERM WORKS, but it does not for Melanoma. I would go to dermatologist and Have it analyzed. Melanoma will put you in the grave. =====ORH====

Posted by Ana (Alpharetta, Ga ) on 08/16/2017

I have a tiny BCC on my left cheek right under the eye. I was thinking about using Curaderm cream. Has anyone used it on that area? Does it leave a scar there since the skin is very thin in that area. Thanks

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile)

HI U ANA AND OTHERS INTERESTED IN TREATING SKIN CANCER. I have used Curaderm for a number of years. I first bought and read Dr.Cham's book, " THE EGGPLANT CANCER CURE". Not only is the book educational, but it is also very interesting as how the Australian government first helped him and then tried to put him in jail when his cure took business away from the dermatologists.

There are numerous color photos and one is exactly where you say your cancer is.....right under the eye. The photos how the before and after so you can see that there is little or no scaring. My advice to all is to buy this book and read it 3X's. You add the cream and cover it with micropore tape. If your site is indeed cancer then a black scab will eventually form and fall off when the cancer is gone. Mine are usually gone is a month or so. The cancer is usually far larger than it appears on the surface. There are numerous sites on the net reviewing all of the above.

I wish you well.