Natural Remedies for Basal Cell Carcinoma: Safe & Effective Options

Red Wine Vinegar
Posted by Don (Usa) on 08/01/2015

2 red lesions popped up on my chest in 2012. I decided to swab it with red wine vinegar (RWV) since that also cleared up some kind of red lesion on the side of my nose in 2010. that one was a bit oily, but no dripping. it was also a bit sore/tender if lightly touched with my finger. the ones in 2012 were not sore/tender and had no oily discharge. I applied the RWV 2-4 times daily to those. 5 weeks later they were quite faded. 3 weeks later, gone. Another one popped up about 1 yr ago. Did the RWV again. Caught this one earlier. Took only 3-4 weeks of RWV. Now, 4 more have popped up in the last week: 2 on stomach, 1 on chest, one on shoulder. I think they may be basal cell (BCC) carcinoma, but not sure. They sure look the pics of BCC on the internet.

Anyone have any suggestions of ridding myself of these things? - other than a doc which is a last resort.