Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation


Posted by Marko (Wisconsin, US) on 03/25/2015

I had my first Afib episode shortly after having a colonoscopy. My sense is that the colonoscopy was a contributing factor. I am interested in hearing perspectives from others. Could it irritate the vagus nerve and cause afib?

Replied by KT

It has been a piecemeal learning endeavor for over two decades that I have become aware of this. I have had four colonoscopies and my heart disturbance was reported while I was under anesthesia. The liquid magnesium citrate had been given prior to the procedures, when this had been reported.

Years later, I can't remember the time frame but I had heard that magnesium citrate was more readily absorbed so I stopped taking my regular magnesium and got the magnesium citrate. I started to have frightening palpitations and "flutters". I was scheduled for a stress test after reporting this to my PCP. It wasn't until I was resting after the test that the rapid flutters began again, right there in the same room. I was then diagnosed with PVC (premature ventricular contraction). I went back on the plain magnesium and they stopped.

Now, I may have a little "rumble" once in awhile. When I look back at what I've eaten, it's always been something in the food or the way it has been cooked. I hope this information will help you. The colonoscopy itself, I don't think would have caused your afib. This is just my opinion and what I have gone through.

Dental Issues

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Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, Usa) on 08/05/2012

Well it has been over 72 hours since my root canal infected teeth were pulled. The dentist showed me the pus that was festering in my gums and had to scrape pus and dead tissue from my bone, do a bone graft and fill a big hole where tissue had died. The other dentist really did a number on me. For years this infected mess called root canals that was suppose to safe was pumping toxic waste into my body affecting heart, my sinuses, and possibly my colon and liver. I was a toxic mess. I am sitting here still with the sore mouth the swelling has almost gone away, the afib is not being noticed at all. I have a bridge in my mouth, not as comfortable as the other teeth but not as deadly either. I suspect it will be much more comfotable when the stiches are pulled on the 15th of Aug. 2012. Any with afib should look up the dangers of root canals and you will see the most affected organ from root canals is the heart. I am sure I have cured my a fib and am continuing with my life as a juicer, a faster, and an aloe vera drinking man knowing now I will hit at least 100 years unless I go by accident.. Those years will not be sick years they will be healthy and wise years. The human body has the capacity to live 120 years yet almost no one in this country ever comes close while persons of other countries those that live in high fertile areas do. Maybe its because they drink that dangerous raw milk every day or eat that unpasturized deadly raw yogurt this sick and stupid country bans.

Replied by Kevin
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Thanks for sharing.

Replied by Donna
(Ct, US)

Just wondering how you are doing after the extraction? Did it cure your afib? I am contemplating getting the 3 root canals I have removed as I believe it may be causing my afib also.

Replied by My Cat Skittles
(Philadelphia, Pa)

Someone replied to this website stating that he had a fib and the dental procedure of root canal was actually causing tremendous infection. I have a fib and am scheduled for root canal of three teeth. Is there an alternative dental treatment other than root canal? Thank you.

Detox from Chemicals

Posted by Kathryn4 (Maryland) on 09/13/2013

Just to mention that Afib can be caused by chemicals that have gotten into the heart that you have been exposed to. Clear out those toxins and the heart could be better.

Replied by Pat

How would you suggest detoxing the chemicals from the body? Is "detox" tea once a day sufficient, do you think? Or supplements? Garlic? Thanks.

Replied by Patrick

WOW! you are RIGHT ON! My afib was caused by heavy metal poisoning from Chemtrails. For those of you who do not know what they are I suggest you research them because they are SLOW KILLING You, your kids and your grandkis!!!!

What happened to me was I was in the mountains and a huge forest fire started and I got caught in all the smoke. When Chemtrails are sprayed in our skies they fall to the ground after a few hours and land on the trees. When a fire burns the trees all the chemicals get burned up too and there are about a dozen VERY TOXIC Chemicals like aluminum oxide, strontium, barium, chromium, lead, arsenic, cadmium and even radioactive isotopes!

So my lungs were saturated by the chemicals and the next day I got pneumonia like symptoms that developed a huge bacterial infection in my lungs which damaged my heart and that's when my tachycardia started and shortly there after my afib.

All my doctors are not schooled on chemtrails or heavy metal poisoning and do not understand anything about chemtrails and don't believe me when I try to explain.

I have been taking Tangy Tangerine (look it up) and detoxing with Bentonite and Zeolite which is supposed to be the best toxin there is. Krewchef had cookies made with Zeolite and passed them out to all the children in Russia after the Chernobyl radiation innocent many years ago and it kept kids from getting Cancer and/or radiation poisoning.

It may take a long time for me to completely detox but until then I'm taking coreg, metoprolol, digoxin and linisipril for the heart failure high blood pressure I got too.

I was the picture of health before that ill faited day that I was forced to breath in all the chemical laced fire smoke.

Diatomaceous Earth

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Posted by Elaine (Canada) on 11/23/2016

I had a lot of trouble with A Fib for 2 1/2 years. May 21, I started mixing 1 tbsp of diatomaceous earth with water or yogurt or protein drink. 6 months later Nov 21/16 I still have not had another attack.

Prior to that I used lots of magnesium and tried valerian and cayenne but got no help from these. I urge anyone with this problem to try this method. You have nothing to lose. Very inexpensive and helps with other issues too.

Dietary Changes

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Posted by marian (britain) on 09/13/2023

For anyone with Atrial Fibrillation, try the following, stop eating chocolate (SOB) it has phenethylamine, which stimulates the heart. Even smoked foods can have an effect.. Also anything fermented, yes that includes yoghurt, cheese, cured meats and pickled foods. Even overripe foods can cause palpitations. l found that not eating chocolate made a big difference to my palpitations. Very sad!

Dietary Changes
Posted by GeeMan (Canada) on 09/28/2021

I had AFIB for a while, most of the time after eating and sometimes not.

I decide not to eat after 7.00pm and let my stomach rest. Also, I found trapped gas in the upper digestive system always started the AFIB.

I would force the burp but sometimes not enough, but a couple of days with not eating past my 7.00pm time and it has practically gone. I tried lots of supplements but I cut down on these and just not eating lots of different foods and only eating when your stomach signals (not your mind and the habits) it has saved me so far ( approx 3 weeks).

I think the foods produce gas that may push the diaphragm close to touching the Heart and so causing the AFIB ( my theory).

Foods to Avoid: Worchester Sauce

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Posted by Heather (Miami, Florida) on 12/04/2009


Over the summer I found a great turkey cumin burger recipe online. We made the burger at least once a week and I always used soy sauce even though the recipe also called for lea and perrins worchester sauce (1/2 soy, half lea & perrins). Towards the end of the summer I finally bought a bottle of lea & perrins to test out in the recipe. Well, within 10 minutes after eating my burger, my heart started to beat erratically. A loud thump and then rapid heartbeats. I figured it might have something to do with the L&P, but to make absolutely certain, I added it again to the recipe a week later. Shortly after eating my burger, my heart started the same erratic racing. I didn't add it to the recipe after that and I had no more issues. Well get this...Today my mother calls me and tells me that she was in the hospital yesterday and they had to restart her heart twice because of atrial fibrillation issues which were triggered shortly after eating. I asked her to go over what she ate shortly before the meal and she said, "scrambled eggs with salt, pepper, milk and a very small amount of lea & perrins". I screamed when I heard that and told her that the sauce had to be the culprit. We went over the lea & perrins ingredients...vinegar, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, anchovies, water, onions, salt, garlic, tamarind concentrate, natural flavorings, chil pepper extract. I jumped online and researched "natural flavorings" and what do you know, it is often a cloaked term for MSG!!!

Anyone with erratic heartbeat or a racing heartbeat should carefully examine the ingredients in the food they ate shortly before the episode. Maybe with the Lea & Perrins it was a combination of the MSG plus the corn syrup that caused a problem with the heart. Who knows. They now want to put a Pacemaker in my mother. Wow!

Replied by Kathleen
(San Antonio, Texas, United States)

While I would never defend MGS as a good thing, it may not be the culprit in this case. Unless you and your mother have a known problem with MSG, it is not likely that you have only had an issue with it in this one product (unless the MSG level is particularly high in this product). Unfortunately MSG and high fructose corn syrup are added to MANY products. You might want to consider some of the less common ingredients such as the anchovies or tamarind, maybe even the chili pepper extract.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, USA)

I do understand you are not defending msg, on the other hand I find it highly unlikely that anchovies, tamarind or chili pepper would be that offensive. These are all foods that are good for you. MSG is well-known to have lots of side effects and many people don't even recognize that it is one of the causes of their certain problem, whatever that may be. I, as a child, used to have a severe reaction to it whenever we would visit a particular Chinese restaurant. I would go extremely dizzy, my heart would feel faster, my body would feel numb and I would feel very strange and out of control. I was a very slight child so perhaps my size even contributed to the extreme reaction. My dad would always say I was over exaggerating. That was looong before they began to publicly inform everyone about msg and it became a practice for many Chinese restaurants to state in their menus that there is no msg in their food. I would have to say that I think Heather is onto something in this case for her and her mom. Kudos to you Heather for sleuthing this out!

Replied by Heather
(Miami, Florida)

Thank you Kathleen and Lisa for your response.

To respond to Kathleen, I don't know about my mother, but I eat tamarind, hot peppers and anchovies without a problem.I have been researching this subject the past couple of days and have found some interesting links......

Atrial Fibrillation and MSG

Here's a good page on MSG:

I also found references to corn syrup and racing heart on Earth Clinic! and

Replied by Jane
(Passadena, Ca)

Interesting links, thank you Heather. I found one of the website's you linked to about MSG and Taurine Deficiency very insightful.

"Taurine is the body's heartbeat regulator. Deficiency states can be induced by MSG because glutamate competes in the body with another sulfur-containing amino acid - cysteine. The body uses cysteine to make taurine - another sulfur-containing amino acid used as a neurotransmitter. A major complaint of MSG symptom complex sufferers is irregular, fast heartbeats, - atrial fibrillation. The same symptom also occurs from taurine deficiency."

Maybe you and your mother can try supplementing with Taurine?

Replied by Ron
(Tavernier, Fl)


Replied by Francisca
(Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France)

I was just intending to post a question asking people here how they feel about it. I have just read a very interesting book about MSG and Aspartame written by an American neurosurgeon: Excitotoxins: the taste that kills, and am now in the process of adapting to a life without MSG (I don't drink fizzy drinks anyway so I guess that I don't need to worry about Aspartame). It is not easy as it comes under so many names and then there also the additives that sometimes have it but sometimes not and the ones that often have it but sometimes not! I have come to the conclusion that if you really want to ban this stuff you can hardly eat anything you buy in the shops. But why have things come to this point? Is the quality of food so bad that otherwise nothing tastes anymore?

The other day someone here was saying that it is even injected in chickens and turkeys.... I have heard (maybe not true) that they spray it on fruit and vegetables and that medication contains it as well..... Right now I am using a specialized toothpaste for my gums and I suspect that it might contain MSG too! Why on earth is it used everywhere? Even stuff you buy in the health store contains it!

Now I am reading another book, about E numbers (the additives they add here in Europe) and there the author tells you that there is nothing to fear about MSG and how good all the additives are, only to go on about all the bad side effects! It is a mess........ I used to be a keen cook but right now I don't have the desire to cook at all anymore. Am I overreacting...

Replied by Leslie
(New Castle, Pa)

You think it's bad now... Wait until they pass Senate Bill 510 and the FDA has complete control over all of our food and supplements. Very scary.

Replied by Merryanne
(Orange City, Florida, Usa)
113 posts

Hello Francisca, No, I do not think you are over reacting, I also feel the same way about SOY products being in all the foods, even tuna, it is called vegetable broth and it is GMO. I make my own bread, and cook all my food myself, and wash the vegs good but it is impossible to find totally all clean and healthy foods and water, at all times, but keep trying, we must not get lax in our efforts.


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Posted by Don (Michigan) on 11/22/2018

Infection Causing AFIB.

I have been overseeing the care of a dying parent the last 6 months.

Anxiety, hospitals, caregivers not doing their jobs and zero communication between shift changes, etc.Those of who have gone through this know exactly what I mean. I would go all day on black coffee then get home and gobble down food so fast it would sometimes get stuck in my food pipe, which is ironic because I am a notoriously slow eater. It was all natural foods, mainly cashews, almond, seeds, squash, apples, etc. I had been suffering from mild diverticulitis and a small hiatal hernia for several weeks with pain in left abdomen and just below center ribs.

The last few weeks had been having mild tachycardia episodes of 115 - 130, skipping and fluttering which I attributed strictly to anxiety. You should also know that my normal resting heart rate is 45 - 55 with no standing dizzy or any negative symptoms, just normal.

One evening I came home and gobbled down spaghetti squash, fried onions and a raw jalapano pepper. The pepper had been frozen for about a year and I usually boil them in soup. When I ate this one raw I did notice the seeds and inside were all black but I gobbled it down anyway. About an hour later I developed severe pains in those two areas and was sweating and my forehead was hot. The pains would travel as stinging lines up through my chest, shoulders and neck. I tried my usual raw horseradish for gut problems but it did not work. I suffered through the fever, pain and tachycardia for several days. My resting heart rate was now continuous at 115 -130. I was having drenching night sweats.

I tried all the natural antibacterials like pau d arco, olive leaf, oregano oil, tea tree, etc etc. Then I ate some raw garlic slices and almost instantly all symptoms reduced dramatically. I could feel the garlic working. After 3 days of eating 4-5 cloves of garlic a day I woke up with my head cool, no pains and absolutely NO AFIB. That was 3 weeks ago and my heart rate has been rock steady every since. And my entire gut feels natural.

FINDINGS: I believe I had been suffering from mild bacterial diverticulitis and inflamed/infected hiatal hernia for some time. Also I think the raw jalapeno pepper was contaminated with salmonella or some other pathogen. I believe my AFIB had nothing to do with diet or anxiety, but strictly from a pathogen infection.



The correct treatment will react immediately.

General Feedback

Posted by Errol (Miami, Fl, USA) on 07/31/2012

I have recently read where doctor weston price years ago found out that root canals were responsible for many diseases. his work was overlooked and buried for over 70 years. it seems that these things leak bacteria with no apparent symtoms for years. only when the gums become inflamed and sore does one realize root canals are not what they appear.

then it dawned on me, the fact that shortly after getting 2 root canals in 1995 i started getting afib and tinnitus. could that be the hidden cause of my afib the doctors are clueless about? could that be the one thing all doctors overlook and all dentists say no way? could it be dental procedures are as deadly and dangerous as the poison drugs doctors give us? could it be the entire medical proffesion is out to kill us? i think maybe so. i will know tomorrow when i have these yanked out and replaced with implants. i will post any changes.

Replied by Alan

Many a true word was spoken in jest.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks

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Posted by Rick (Long Beach, Ca) on 05/25/2013

I have had arrythmia (atrial fibrillation) for many years and discovered certain procedures to stop the attacks.

Drink Ice Cold Water
If you experience these super rapid heart beats (approx. 180 per minute) you may find relief by drinking ice cold water. Sometimes just a few swallows will do the trick within a minute but drinking a large glass and then lying down maybe required at other times depending on your condition.

Exhale Through Nose
Another technique I discovered was to inhale through the nose to the count of 4 and then exhale through the mouth for a count of 16. You may have to purse your lips to slow the exhalation sufficiently. Do this 4 times and then wait. It may take several minutes before your regular heart rate suddenly kicks in

Stretch Arms Over Shoulders
Lastly, sometimes just stretching your arms and shoulders over your head as far as you can as if to touch the ceiling and holding it for 10 seconds or more can do the trick. This can also be done lying down.

Another variation of this would be to hang on to something like the molding over door way and stretch. Keep your feet on the floor.

Take Fish Oil
I have had little or no problem with arrythmias when I started taking a good quality fish oil for several months. I don't think I can recommend brands here but it should be high in EPA and DHA and you should take the maximum dose.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Pat
(Pa, US)

can you tell me the maximum dose of fish oil you recommend?

Replied by Artemis

Don't know how valid this is, but my Cariologist just the other day told me NOT to take "fish oils". I said to him, but I eat skinless/boneless sardines and, he said, no, that's OK?I mean the fish oils like the Omegas 3,6 etc. I was recently hospitalized twice with pneumonia and now am told I have AFib. Well, they totally destroyed my body and health in the damned hospital with the thousands of drugs they had me on 24/7. My hair has been falling out like crazy?I have sores all over my body and other damage to my health. I stopped taking all but 4 of the drugs and am trying desperately to develop my "natural remedy protocol" in addition to the drugs. Just wanted to tell you what he said about the fish oils. But of course I will research this and also see a more well informed doctor who also has knowledge with natural remedies. They are killing everyone in this freaking country with drugs?and our damned government is all paid off by Big Pharma and lobbyists. Sorry - my apologies for my ranting but it makes me crazy what I see every day and now I am a victim also?but not for long.

This site is a god send - blessings of the Universe to you all for all your support, advice and for just being there.

Replied by Bee
(New York)


I am sorry you went through this but you will no doubt be healing yourself and yes I know about big pharma ; doctors and their pills.. I was diagnosed with hbp two years ago and was put on pills but none of them worked. I didn't know what to do and I wasn't educated about it at the time.. then they gave me a beta blocker and it worked a little but then I started to get smart and found natural remedies and a better diet and sun and grounding and exercise.. well they wouldn't get me off the drug and so I weaned myself off but it was a small nightmare. I was confined to my house for about a year with horrific side effects.. I had every side effect in the book .. I am off the drugs now and using all natural things and I am so greatful that I am okay.. I am still learning and tweaking as I go.

Good Luck

Replied by Mat
(Brisbane, Australia)

Doesn't surprise me that a Cardiologist would say something like that, let alone any doctor. They generally have no idea! There's clinical data to back up Omega 3,6,9 supplementation and the benefits of diets which in them from natural sources. Don't be afraid of questioning your doctor. I did, and found an excellent holistic gp who is switched on!


Well the big thing here is vitamins And D which act like a see saw--take one and the other goes down. This is most significant when tslking about the heart because D routes calcium to the bones. Without it you end up with calcium where you don't want it (atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis-- I think, I'm no nutritionist). Ok so that's pertinent. So when you take fish oil see if its high in A and thus lowering D. Now, this is really key and some European countries are onto it: calcium's responsible for contraction, magnesium is responsible for relaxing muscles. Low magnesium can give people palpitations or cramps, contracted muscle problems. And calcium and magnesium are a seesaw pair. If you take magnesium you lower calcium levels in the blood and vice versa. Food manufacturers are putting milk powder in just everything and it's causing such a problem with my arthritis. Now I have AFib, lately with palpitations, and I suspect a connection with the calcium. But since I'm new I haven't figured out what.

I share your hospital sentiments. Mom's cardiologist was fabulous and said: "try to keep her out of the hospital." It's not the MDs, it's the nurses and others!

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Mat (Brisbane, Australia), I would be interested in knowing the name of your holistic GP.

Replied by Mary
3 posts

I think the drug Levofloxacin after a bout of pneumonia brought on my a-fib. The pharmacist verified that she has many clients that have reacted the same. She said sometime it is permanent and sometimes not. I just hope it is temporary. A-fib started April, 2015 .. It is August now and the attack frequency has lessen greatly. It has been 2 months with no attack .. and then 2 a.m. this morning ..I had an attack. I have avoided the drugs much to cardiologist's dismay. Magnesium works.. cold water works... and the breathing exercises. but scary every time. I do take the krill oil, coq10, R-Lipoic Acid and other stuff.

Several ER visits and one overnight at the hospital. Scary stuff. Feels like a heart attack. My throat gets tight and pressure in my ears and of course all the rest that goes with it. I will get more regular with the bentonite clay to get rid of toxins. So Thankful for this site. Thank you all for your input. Don't take Levofloxacin or any of the Levoquins if you can avoid it.

Replied by Patrick
(Mt Vernon, Wa)

I read that Omega 3,6 and 9 can be taken BUT the total amount can not exceed 3 grams (3,000mg) I take 2,400mg of Youngevity Ultimate EFA PLUS. I also take Tangy Tangerine that has Vit E and K in it but my blood thinner is being dosed with those as my baseline and I cant take any more than what I take daily

Replied by Joy
(Salem, Or)

Thank u for your input and I will try some of your suggestions except for the cold water which seems to actually trigger my attacks!! Other triggers seem to be; BENDING OVER change in blood pressure, LOUD NOÌSES, EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCES, ACID REFLUX and COLD DRINKS.

Replied by Waltz

Hi Joy,

Triggers from Loud Noise and Emotional Disturbance both are big symptoms of Magnesium deficiency. Try massaging of Magnesium Chloride oil (from Life Flo or Ancient Minerals) twice daily totaling 20-30 sprays everyday, preferably on the chest and back. You can also orally supplement with Magnesium glycinate pills which do not produce diarrhea like other forms of magnesium. In all 500 to 800 mg of Magnesium per day should start helping you within few weeks.

Replied by Pat

To Mary/Texas:

I have had it for 3 yrs now and always scary! But the supplements seem to help as well as the drugs for me with no side effects Try them too! The doctors don't have much to offer. Just the nasty drugs with side effects and ablation which doesn't have a great success rate either! Have to learn to "manage it" somehow. I have lorazepam for the anxiety that comes with it too. Just 0.5-1.0mg a day usually! Good luck

Replied by Mary
3 posts

To Pat/Pa : I too use the Lorazapam.. low dose .. It works for me. So far has kept me from a full blown attack. More and more my attacks seem to be anxiety related... I have also noticed that any upper respiratory problem..slight cold or allergies can also make me more prone to having an attack. The magnesium is major... can't miss that. I think I'm better.. have cardio appt next week, will probably wear a holter moniter for a couple of weeks just to be sure nothing going on that I'm not aware of. A-fib is crazy weird. :/

Replied by June

I've posted here before as a drop of clear potassium iodine in a little water really helped me. Tryptophan also helps when I get it.....about 200 mgs (not much). I also found I can completely knock it out by putting a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and drinking it in sips so it kind of stays in my throat. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Nmx

You might want to try Aconite Homeopathic 30x or c... big heart aid and can regulate the heart... said to stop some heart attacks in their tracks...

Replied by Sue
(St. Jospeh, Mi)

I would love to know more about this. Do you have more information or a reference? I have been trying to learn more about homeopathy.

Replied by June P.

I believe that afib is often caused by spasms in the colon, which irritate the vagus nerve, which irritates the heart. It's all a web! Sometimes a few tablespoons of olive oil can quiet the colon and taurine may help. Just my experience.

Replied by Pat

I agree! Spasms in colon always was what I suspected when I first got diagnosed.But how do you stop them? Olive oil? Will that stop the spasms?

Replied by Mark

What type of fish oil do you use?


Posted by Nancy (Woodstock, Ga) on 12/17/2014

Thank you all for your great suggestions and encouragement. I had an irregular heartbeat for about ten year before it became a-fibrillation. Since then, I have a-fib several times a week, sometimes lasting for three or four days. Calcium Channel and Beta Blockers made my a-fib worse, as did magnesium.

A-fibrillation can be a symptom of hyperparathyroidism, a (supposedely) rare disease. The only connection with the thyroid is that these four glands are located on the thyroid. Have your calcium serum tested and if it is high, even a little bit, check out for more symptoms and info. Mine had been high for over ten years; several doctors told me it was nothing to worry about. They were wrong! If it is high, insist on getting your parathyroid hormone tested. I found this out for myself after my doctor told me that my high calcium was nothing to worry about and that several other symptoms I have been experiencing were due to my age (57). It turned out I had a huge tumor.

Most of my symptoms are gone and the a-fib and irregular heartbeat were gone for the first few weeks following the 20 minute surgery. The a-fib came back when my cardiologist scared me into continuing my medicine. I took it for another couple of weeks, the a-fib returned, and I stopped it. I'm better off the medicine than on.

I am still working on getting this under control and have taken note of your suggestions. I tried the 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne pepper this evening and it worked! Thanks everyone for your comments. I am encouraged and will not take the new, even scarier, meds my doctor has prescribed.


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Posted by ORH (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/23/2020

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, reads alot and thinks. Read a few days back that cold water to your face will settle your Vagus nerve and calm down your AFIB. I's SJS, so I decided to do that with ice packs. Guess what neighbor........ it works. With my condition, I feel bad all the time. When I do the ice thing, then I am good to go. Working with my KAATSU guys on my heart problem. They cautioned me to go slow with their restricted blood flow program. Meet our friends at the farm in the morning to pick the rest of our corn. This will be probably 4 or 5 bushels. We will shuck it at the farm and put it up as cream corn in the freezer. We once tried to raise 4 planting of corn but that is hard work. We now only do two plantings. Pulled up our pinto beans the other day and have dried them. Normally we freeze them but running out of room. Purple Hull peas are blooming and will be ready to pick in a week or so. Am a sorry guy and bought a pea sheller a few years ago. Got to turn the crank, but is bettern your finger nails. Friends, when you work with the earth, you get a totally different attitude toward nature. I have little empathy with tree huggers. Most just talk the walk. I promise you that I have planted far more trees than these folks. Won't say what I want to say because I'm on a tight rope with D, and lots of EC folks think I am not a good guy. I beat my wife, etc. What most don't understand is that she can whip my fanny any day of the week. I told you she was a tough hide. Is life interesting or what? ====ORH====

Replied by Orh
(Ten Mile,Tn)

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here, and I must have dyslexia because I can't read. Did more research and AFIB disqualifies you for EECP. Thought that was my solution for my AFIB problem. Hey, not a problem. I am a trouble shooter and will wear this thing out, if I don't go out first. I tell all to read and need to take that advice myslf. ====ORH====


Posted by Denise (Oceanside, Ca) on 01/13/2013

I have been doing research on Arterial Fibrillation for my Father. He has been healthy and strong his whole life and a few years ago was diagnosed with AF. He came back from a trip from Africa with a blistering rash on his mouth and chin. He also had toe nail fungus and had them removed. Then he was diagnosed with AT. He had that heart reset procedure that would correct the problem for a while then lapsed back to AF. I found an obscure French study that stated that ALL AF patients they tested also had H. pylori infection. I have had a feeling there may very well may be a connection of some type of fungal and bacteria infection affecting the heart. Parasites can also disrupt the heart rhythm. I will start him on Olive Leaf and Iodine and Selenium, B 2 , B 3 , Coq 10, Milk Thistle supplements and see what the next EKG says. I will let you know.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Denise: if I am not mistaken, I wathced a YouTube video of the author of this study; a scientist with high degrees and a nobel to boot (if I'm not mistaken). He had enough clout to publish the truth and facts of a common health problem. Dr. Sinatra highly reccomends supplementing Carnitine in combo with the CoQ10 as they commpliment each other in a much better heart health result (he published a book on this but I don't know the title. He also has a youTube page). Also, supplementing the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is also reccomended. Also, Vit-E (mixed tocopherols and tocotreinols) work very well w/ Ubiquinol and Selenium. For pathogens, Grapefruitseed extract and Neem will work well in combo or rotate with the Olive Leaf. Oregeno is also indicated.

Replied by Anne
(Beaverton, Or)

Denise, are you able to post the study information for us to locate it? I've been searching, but don't seem to find that one. Thx.

Replied by Andrea C

About PACE MAKERS and atrial fib...

My father's side of the family all have bad hearts, except for his youngest brother who did, and still does, EVERYTHING wrong health wise. He smoked has been a big drinker from really young, always in bed, or over the pub. My Father, who did EVERYTHING by the book health wise, died young from heart problems and his Mother as well. There were 9 children in his Family of them and only 3 now alive. My uncle his second youngest brother, was told weeks after my Father died he urgently needed a pacemaker or he'd be dead very soon.

My cousin, his eldest daughter, became ill on the day he booked into the hospital for his operation, and he asked the surgeon could he reschedule the operation as his child was ill. The surgeon refused and told him if he left then he wasn't responsible for his death and refused to put him back on the waiting list. LUCKY FOR HIM!!!! All his siblings had heart operations and all ended up with worsening heart problems followed by multiple operations.

HE'S NEVER HAD A HEART ATTACK AND IS STILL ALIVE AND FIT AS A FIDDLE!!! That was 14 year's ago and he's now in his late 70's and no problem's and never been near a Heart Doctor, or his own Doctor for any Heart complaint since that day.

Love Andrea C xxxx


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Posted by Kela (Winston, Or) on 03/13/2020

I added propionyl L carnitine to my long regimen of daily supplements. 1000mg twice daily. It has greatly reduced my afib episodes, so much that I can actually function. and His protocol for CHF helps afib, also.


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Posted by Laura (Weyerhaeuser Wisc.) on 05/27/2016

Hi my name is Laura, and been suffering from afib for about over a year, been on everything from maltac, metrol, tikison, you name it I was trying some new drug, found your web site and decided to go the natural route, been cardioverded 6 times in the last year, still as I write am in afib but not as bad, they want to now ablation, started on magnesium. I ordered some hawthorn, vitamin c, CoQ10, taurine, cayenne, am still taking warfin to keep my blood thin afraid of stroke, seems in all your conversations nobody mentions blood thinners, and in afib you're at a high risk for throwing out a clot, any feed back on this? Thanks Laura

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U LARA,,,,,,,, been down this trail for a year or so and have done some hard headed things. My Cardiologist put me on Cartizim and it worked but I stopped, because I don't like taking drugs.

My A Frb came back with a vengeance. Thought I was a goner it got so bad, especially with my self induced stress.

My integrative doctor told me that sometimes we must do drugs until we find a natural solution. Thus, I'm now back on Cartizim along with Nattokinase to keep my blood thin; Cardiac Px which contains many herbs especially Hawthorn; Taurine;

I have not had a spell since on this regimen. I also do magnesium by mouth and trans dermally.

When I really get stressed out, then I take a .5 mg Xanax.

When I get in A FIB, I drink warm water with Cayenne extract as hot as I can stand. My pulse rates goes down within a short period of time. Country doctors used this trick in the old days to keep stroke and heart attack patients from dying.

Laura, I wish you well.


Replied by Jessie
(Woodstock, Vt)

Be careful of taking COQ10. That's a trigger for me - that and cod liver oil! Magnesium Chloride (the liquid kind) and the amino acid L-tryptophan work wonders!

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