Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

Tabasco Sauce

Posted by Grayfox88 (Colorado Springs, Co) on 11/12/2009

I had Atrial Fibrillation and whenever my heart got going real fast, I would take a teaspoon of tobasco sauce. I was taking the hydrogen peroxide in the morning and the tobasco sauce killed the taste. I did get the procedure but I still wonder if I could have got by without it. The tobasco sauce was because it was the only source of Cayene pepper I had.


Posted by Annie (Sheffield, Uk) on 01/19/2012

LASALOCID, veterinary antibiotic residues of the IONOPHORE class found in all meat and dairy, eggs and poultry. See
Also I found that porridge oats caused the exact same effect as the lasalocid - I thought it could have become cross contaminated with some animal feed so I abandoned the porridge and no more AF. Wheat may be causing ectopics too. Not sure if it's pesticide related or gluten or something else but ectopics are much reduced since going wheat free.

Replied by Vonbraun
(Los Alamos, New Mexico)

Your article is interesting. I have been in A-Fib now for about a month and the hospital could do nothing to get me out of it. Just before the episode occurred I consumed large amounts of Alcohol, Metamusal which is wheat based and a large volume of chocolate. I am now here at this site to try and come to grips with how to get out of A-Fib. I'm currently taking Inderol and 325mg of Bayer aspirin daily as the doctors that can't get a patient into NSR believe that "Rate Control" is the best approach.

I have had A-Fib the first time about 10 years ago while doing an army airborn diet of eating just one small can of chicken a day in the evening and I lost 30 pounds in 30 days. Works like a charm but it may have depleted my minerals far too much and far too fast causing a shock like reaction. Shortly afterwards I went into A-Fib that lasted 3 days and while in the hospital it went back on its own despite doctor's best efforts.

The second time it happened was two years later when I ate two plates of home made spaghetti and drank a glass of milk and then went directly to bed and woke up at 4 am with A-Fib and to the hospital I went. 3 days later it went back on its own as before.

The third time it happened a year and a half later was when I made 4 BLT sandwiches and drank a glass of milk and went directly to bed and awoke at 4 am with A-Fib and to the hospital I went and no drugs worked and the heart went back to normal on its own after 4 days.

The fifth time it happened a couple years later I ate two large plates of Tuna casserole and a glass of milk and went directly to bed and, you guessed it, awoke at 4 am with A-Fib and to the hospital I went and again none of the drugs there converted me back to Normal Sinus Rhythm, but instead my heart went back on its own after 3 days......anyone seeing a pattern here???

Now, this time is different because its not going back to NSR. I consumed a large portion of Metamusal earlier in the day, then I had some whiskey a couple of hours after that and then I ate large amounts of chocolate then a few hours after that I ate two large plates of Rigatoni and a glass of milk and went directly to bed, got up at 8 am with A-Fib after not having it for about 4 and a half years. What is going on here? I learned my lesson NOT to go to bed with a full stomach after my fifth episode but I forgot and did it again.

So I surmise that a loaded stomach may be weighing down on the Vegus Nerve and while the stomach contracts and "rolls" around, the heavy stomach must be artificially stimulating my Vegus Nerve causing the signal to the heart to be scrambled which confuses the heart's atrial nerve clusters at the cluster's entry to the heart or its atrial nodes and this stimulation continues to occur while I'm sleeping in a layed down position allowing this nerve communication to occur for sufficient time to trick the heart into a new rhythm which thusly becomes A-Fib and after a few days of food restriction in the hospitals the stomach must be emptying and thusly releasing the pressure off the Vegus nerve allowing everything to return to normal. But why is it now still in A-Fib for the last month instead of just the typical 3 day period? I am completely perplexed!!!

Anyone have a theory? I am ssssooooooo glad I found this site, now I know I'm not a lone ranger in this affliction. I'm going to try everything you guys are talking about. I want my Normal Sinus Rhythm back. I'm a scientist and must be out doors a lot among other things and need my perfect health.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Sounds like you ate and drank a lof of stuff that would use up water to digest and then went to the hospital and got an IV with electrolytes and water. Many people go to the emergency room dehydrated and after an IV they feel good enough to go home. The stuff you ate also had a lot of msg which would decrease your taurine and low taurine can cause heart attacks.

Hope you feel better soon.


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Posted by June (Cincinnati) on 05/20/2016

I was able to reduce my afib with a drop of clear potassium iodide and more protein (red meat). However, if I get it, 100 or sometimes 200 mgs of tryptophan completely eradicates it. This answer came to me through a dream. Strange, I know!

I have started taking about 50 mg of tryptophan before bed and I sleep great. I don't know why it works so well in my case for afib!!!! Might be worth a try. I am using a pretty low dose. I've had afib since I was 3 years old. I agree that taurine is good too. But that didn't actually stop my afib. Tryptophan completely stops it within an hour!!!!

Hope this helps someone!

Replied by Kevin

What manufacturer do you use? I am highly suspicious of the vitamin world in general, who makes a good one. Specially a liquid form.

Veterinary Antibiotics

Posted by Richard (Nottingham, Uk) on 04/19/2012

One known trigger of atrial fibrillation are veterinary antibiotics. This has been confirmed and they are present as residues in meat and dairy. See

Vitamin C

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Posted by Jerry (Yucaipa) on 12/30/2015

Started having A-Fib episodes 2 weeks ago . First one lasted about 30 minutes really scared me, then felt dizzy and unstable on my feet for the next week. Called the Dr.was told no appointment for 2 more weeks! Had another episode while waiting to go to the dr. Started researching and found Earth clinc . Read about the different Afib remedies and decided to try vitamin c. I could still feel fluttering in my chest and rapid heart beat. Took 1000 Mgs vitamin c capsule, within 15 minutes fluttering and rapid heart beat stopped!

I now take 1000 Mgs vitamin c with breakfast and with dinner.

Afib has not returned! Going to get checked out by dr just to be sure, but won't be taking any drugs if I can help it!

Thanks Earth Clinic and everyone who has posted.


Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta) on 10/04/2015

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