Atrial Fibrillation - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Atrial Fibrillation. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Salt Tablet

Posted by Bob. S. (USA) on 11/21/2020

I suffer from A-Fib. I have it 24/7 but I have cut it down to a smooth rhythm with just a salt tablet, plain sodium chloride tablet you can but OTC or online at Amazon. I got the idea from taking liquid hydration for muscle cramps and running to the bathroom hoping I would not leave a trail. I think it was due to high potassium levels & not enough sodium in pure form in controlled amount but it did what no MD could do in a day, no less, it started to smooth out, it`s not perfect but vast improvement.

A foot note, US Soldiers in areas of high temperature in SE Asia had to take a salt pill every day to keep from dehydration & an anti malaria pill hydroxychloroquinee daily to prevent malaria. No reported side effects either.


Posted by Janet (Mt. Juliet, TN) on 02/28/2020

Two words: Motherwort Tincture.

I have the palpitations, skipped beats, slow heart beat, fast heart beat, high blood pressure, panic attacks, etc.

I read a review of Motherwort tincture that convinced me to give it a try. Why not, I've tried everything else. Magnesium, potassium, Arginine, Lysine, dehydrated beet powder, cayenne, garlic, ginger, hawthorn, etc, etc, etc.

Many of these have helped immensely and kept me from dying. Motherwort stops my sudden high heartbeats, and palpitations as soon as it starts. It's cheap, and tastes like hell, but it may be a real help. Order a bottle and let us know how it has helped you.


Posted by Don (Michigan) on 11/22/2018

Infection Causing AFIB.

I have been overseeing the care of a dying parent the last 6 months.

Anxiety, hospitals, caregivers not doing their jobs and zero communication between shift changes, etc.Those of who have gone through this know exactly what I mean. I would go all day on black coffee then get home and gobble down food so fast it would sometimes get stuck in my food pipe, which is ironic because I am a notoriously slow eater. It was all natural foods, mainly cashews, almond, seeds, squash, apples, etc. I had been suffering from mild diverticulitis and a small hiatal hernia for several weeks with pain in left abdomen and just below center ribs.

The last few weeks had been having mild tachycardia episodes of 115 - 130, skipping and fluttering which I attributed strictly to anxiety. You should also know that my normal resting heart rate is 45 - 55 with no standing dizzy or any negative symptoms, just normal.

One evening I came home and gobbled down spaghetti squash, fried onions and a raw jalapano pepper. The pepper had been frozen for about a year and I usually boil them in soup. When I ate this one raw I did notice the seeds and inside were all black but I gobbled it down anyway. About an hour later I developed severe pains in those two areas and was sweating and my forehead was hot. The pains would travel as stinging lines up through my chest, shoulders and neck. I tried my usual raw horseradish for gut problems but it did not work. I suffered through the fever, pain and tachycardia for several days. My resting heart rate was now continuous at 115 -130. I was having drenching night sweats.

I tried all the natural antibacterials like pau d arco, olive leaf, oregano oil, tea tree, etc etc. Then I ate some raw garlic slices and almost instantly all symptoms reduced dramatically. I could feel the garlic working. After 3 days of eating 4-5 cloves of garlic a day I woke up with my head cool, no pains and absolutely NO AFIB. That was 3 weeks ago and my heart rate has been rock steady every since. And my entire gut feels natural.

FINDINGS: I believe I had been suffering from mild bacterial diverticulitis and inflamed/infected hiatal hernia for some time. Also I think the raw jalapeno pepper was contaminated with salmonella or some other pathogen. I believe my AFIB had nothing to do with diet or anxiety, but strictly from a pathogen infection.



The correct treatment will react immediately.


Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 03/24/2017

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN,,,,,,, got my mule scared this morning when I went into A FIB and it was not caused by low oxygen due to sleep apnea. My oxygen was at 98 and my pulse was at 172. I'm exasperated that I have not found a solution to prevent this from occurring. What I do know is how to get out of the problem and that is 5 drops of cayenne extract in about 1/3 glass of warm water. That is about as hot as I can stand. The solution works in about 5 minutes.

The Rx I take is Cartizem and supplements are magnesium, hawthorn, nattokinase and taurine. I have changed from taking this in the morning to taking it at night. This is not the solution, but I can promise you that if I miss taking these, then I have a spell.... so it has to be helping. I truly believe that our stressful times are affecting me personally as I stay involved with the current news. That is just my life style and I opt not to change.

I read and almost wept when a poster related how she almost died when treated by a doctor for her A FIB problem. I have yet to read of a successful medical laser treatment. Got to go, as our football player is due to help me put out brush beds to draw crappie into our lake dock. I cheats as all know.



Posted by Pat (Pa) on 04/07/2016

AFib: I had the most success when I began using Dr.Carolyn Dean's "ReMag" & "ReMyte" which you can find on her website which helped with the magnesium deficiency and mineral deficiency as per Dr. Dean. But the other supplement to absolutely try is Taurine! I take 1500-2000mg a day in 2 doses A.M. and P.M. It was a life saver!

Off the meds now except for a very small dose of metapropol (12.5). I also take Hawthorn, Fish oil, and "Heart Calm" from "Vitabiologics"(2 capsules a day) and a few other basic supplements(Vit c, etc) that I always took! I would advise anyone to get on these and see the results!

Good luck to all and a big "Thank You" to"Earth Clinic" because that is where I found it all!!!!!

EC: Pat, thank you for sharing with us with the names of the supplements that have helped you. Congratulations on finally getting results!  We know how hard you, Hwkmn05 and Bee have been working to figure out a cure for a-fib for a long time now!

Vitamin C

Posted by Jerry (Yucaipa) on 12/30/2015

Started having A-Fib episodes 2 weeks ago . First one lasted about 30 minutes really scared me, then felt dizzy and unstable on my feet for the next week. Called the Dr.was told no appointment for 2 more weeks! Had another episode while waiting to go to the dr. Started researching and found Earth clinc . Read about the different Afib remedies and decided to try vitamin c. I could still feel fluttering in my chest and rapid heart beat. Took 1000 Mgs vitamin c capsule, within 15 minutes fluttering and rapid heart beat stopped!

I now take 1000 Mgs vitamin c with breakfast and with dinner.

Afib has not returned! Going to get checked out by dr just to be sure, but won't be taking any drugs if I can help it!

Thanks Earth Clinic and everyone who has posted.

Back Injury Connection to AFIB

Posted by Terry (Beverly Hills, Ca) on 03/18/2015

There is indeed a connection between back injuries, nerve trauma/inflammation and A-Fib. Dr. Joel Wallach speaks about this in interviews and his books. For many people according to him, A-Fib has to do with the vagus nerve function being impacted by nerve issues related to back injury or misalignment. There are some scientific papers looking at this association you can find online.

Sodium Bentonite Clay, Probiotics

Posted by Ron (Tavernier, Fl) on 12/27/2014


In my search for a cure I realized I was using crutches in the form of many supplements. I have also found the root to all conditions such as afib, or all chronic conditions such as asthma, cancer diabetes etc is either toxicity and or deficiency. I have also discovered that the best way to eliminate the toxic conditions in the body is with bentonite clay, food grade sodium bentonite. Small amounts do not cure, large does. The stools should be massive, and daily, not small and occasional.

My AFIB is getting less and less to the point that I seldom have an attack and if I do a large bowel movement usually corrects it. Benonite not only pulls toxins from the colon but also pulls toxins from the organs and blood but and it takes at least 5 tablespoons taken daily to work or in pill form up to 80 pills.

Bentonite combined with probiotics will work for 80% of all afibs.The others are heart conditions mine was a colon condition which most of us have. This needs to be done for a year maybe two depending on the individual. I had all day every day 24 hour afib. I would wake up at night or in the morning with run away heart beating loud and fast. I could feel my heart beat in my ears. It was all irritation of the vegus nerve that also controls the heart, the source of which was inflammation coming from toxic conditions in the colon. Other symptoms were heavy mucous after eating, heavy mucous in the morning upon waking and showering. Heavy mucous coming from my nose when having a bowel movement, tinnitus, constipation or diareaha, in a cycle. The constipation would get better until it losened to diareaha , then back to the constipation. Back and forth and back and forth. Now its all healing up nicely with the bentonite.

I also use psyllium and or oxy colon cleanse because the bentonite can bind you up a bit when you take a lot but those massive stools sure move out the toxic waste. If you are not having well formed stools at least once a day you are accumulating toxic matter that could be affecting the vegal nerve that affects the heart. This was the holy grail for me.