Natural Cures for Atrial Fibrillation

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Waltz (India) on 12/04/2015
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Hi Joy,

Triggers from Loud Noise and Emotional Disturbance both are big symptoms of Magnesium deficiency. Try massaging of Magnesium Chloride oil (from Life Flo or Ancient Minerals) twice daily totaling 20-30 sprays everyday, preferably on the chest and back. You can also orally supplement with Magnesium glycinate pills which do not produce diarrhea like other forms of magnesium. In all 500 to 800 mg of Magnesium per day should start helping you within few weeks.

How to Stop Atrial Fib Attacks
Posted by Rick (Long Beach, Ca) on 05/25/2013
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I have had arrythmia (atrial fibrillation) for many years and discovered certain procedures to stop the attacks.

Drink Ice Cold Water
If you experience these super rapid heart beats (approx. 180 per minute) you may find relief by drinking ice cold water. Sometimes just a few swallows will do the trick within a minute but drinking a large glass and then lying down maybe required at other times depending on your condition.

Exhale Through Nose
Another technique I discovered was to inhale through the nose to the count of 4 and then exhale through the mouth for a count of 16. You may have to purse your lips to slow the exhalation sufficiently. Do this 4 times and then wait. It may take several minutes before your regular heart rate suddenly kicks in

Stretch Arms Over Shoulders
Lastly, sometimes just stretching your arms and shoulders over your head as far as you can as if to touch the ceiling and holding it for 10 seconds or more can do the trick. This can also be done lying down.

Another variation of this would be to hang on to something like the molding over door way and stretch. Keep your feet on the floor.

Take Fish Oil
I have had little or no problem with arrythmias when I started taking a good quality fish oil for several months. I don't think I can recommend brands here but it should be high in EPA and DHA and you should take the maximum dose.

Hope this helps.